Sunday, August 23, 2009

The marriage of Islam and Marxism.

With all the outrage, and rightfully so, of the release of Pam Am 103 bombing mastermind, there was a lot of statements about how societies that are embracing Marxism or Socialism, are also embracing Islam. What the $64,000 question for those seeing this, mainly from the left or from those in the center, is why. They don't understand why they support a religion, their word not mine, that supports the overthrow or destruction of their society is amorously embraced by the leftist in Western society. The reason is really simple and the expectation by both side are contradictory and if Islam completely takes over the populace of any one of the Western countries, and given the simple math eventually it will happen unless things change, there's going to be one heck of a rude surprise at the end of this marriage between Islam and the socialist.

The reason for the unholy matrimony is one word: SUBMISSION! Socialist's prime directive is to submit the populace to the will of the government. With Islam, it's submission to Allah. Since the Imam and politicians are viewed as ordained and placed into power by Allah, it's also the objective in Islam to submit the populace to the government that are placed by Allah's chosen ones. They're both about accumulation of absolute power and complete subjection of people for their own selfish desires. With the socialists, it's under the grossly misguided and proven failed policy of group unity for the good of the entire group, humans being flawed as they are, aren't able to keep such promises as their own corrupt traits seems to super cede the lofty goals. Not to mention those that benefit tend to abuse the system. Just look at Canada's health care disaster to see how that works. For Islam, it's the goal of martyrdom that drives those that aren't viewed as the chosen for it's the only free choice they have to assure their place in paradise. No war, no entrance.

You see, they have a marriage, but it's not for love of humanity or each other. It's a marriage of convenience. They have a common enemy and they are unified against that enemy. They believe that they will work harmoniously to rid of a pang that inflict them both: Christians and Jews Basically, those that believe in Judeo-Christian values. They're the ones that fight the tyranny of both Socialism and Islam. They both believe once they get rid of those evil Jews and Christians, then all the causes of the world's ills will die with them and then there will be peace. But like Palatine, just because you rid yourself of the Jedi's, doesn't mean the free will of man will just turn over and let evil reign without regrets or power conflicts. With just two surviving Jedi's, and one new one, the plans of Palatine, I mean Darth Seditious, were foiled and nobody mourned his death. However, it wouldn't even come to that, the marriage will go south as soon as this threat is destroyed. You see, Socialism and Islam have the same trait, subjection of humanity, but different ideas who should rule and why.

Socialist are in power to better the few over the welfare of the many. They use the guise that without them, we'll be in constant conflict. We'll be fighting over the limited resources we can obtain and process at any given point in time. To the Socialist, it's under the guise of fair distribution of the resources. In the end, it's an equal sharing of the misery. Islam's goal isn't so lofty. They're all about who's predestined to be in paradise, and who aren't. Those that are predestined to heaven are given the spoils while here on earth. It's all about the rewards and who gains them. The saying the ones that dies with the most toys, wins. Christians can say those that die with the most toys still dies. Not to Muslim. If you don't have the rewards, the power, the resources, that means that God in his will, has determined you're not worthy of paradise. You have been judged to go to hell and you can't do anything about it. Either you get the rewards by any mean necessary to prove you're worthy. Hence why in Islam, they don't fight for freedom, or for justice or moral imperative. They fight over which thug gets to be in charge. If your thug is in charged, then it must be God's will to go to heaven. If you die in the process, then you're a martyr and will go to paradise as well. They have no altruistic goals. It's all about proving they're chosen.

In the end, the Muslims will want to be the ones in charge and will not tolerate any infidel in position of power. It would be a stain to allah and a violation of their commandments. As soon as the Jews and Christians are out of the way or no longer relevant politically, they will turn on the Marxists. Since the Marxist have no desire to fight anyone that will kill them in return, they will cower and capitulation. Just look at England. They're tripping over their own feet in haste to bend over in surrender to them. France is fighting back and Germany is in the air. One thing for sure, this marriage that Marxist and Islam have can't last and given the history these two lovers have, all divorces aren't only ugly, but bloody. This could end up being the biggest blood bath in human history and if we don't realize that and stand up to these monstrosities, then history will judge us to be the weak, stupid, and apostates that our enemies think we are. I for one would rather chose to go down fighting than in the fetal position begging.

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