Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Obamacare has democracy sick.

I was watching A Beautiful Mind with my wife last night and there was scene that just stuck out to me because when I first saw the movie, I missed a major clue about the man's disorder that was staring the audience in the face, yet everyone I know that saw the movie missed as well. This has become a metaphor of the leftist and their supporters. The scene was when John's Nash's roommate had introduced his niece to him and she was running around in the park that was infested with birds. What was missed was how NONE of the birds flew away. If anything comes towards birds, they fly off in fear. This was a clue that this girl was a complete illusion and didn't exist. That or the birds are all blind.

With Obama, with his latest antics, has shown him to be a complete illusion that's he's here to save America from this malaise and his here to destroy our country and our way of life. He is the Marxist and Communist that the right have been correct in protraying. That the hope and change that was believed to be promised of regaining constitutionalism is a lie and illusion for its destruction. Anyone to believe this man is for democracy, constitutionalism, and the judeo-chiristian values that formed this country is seeing that niece running around the park while ignoring the birds that don't recognized her. They're still seeing the delusion.

Obama now has put up on his website that he wants anyone spreading rumors and disinformation to write to an email address and turn in such propagandist. Well, the first one that should be on that list is Obama. Seems that Obama is at war with the American people. At least the constitutionalists of this country. Seems what he counts as rumors and disinformation are the segments of the bill that he's trying to hastily cram down congress' throat as well as videos of his own speeches. Never have I've ever seen in this country facts, especially those right out of his mouth and written on the bill that he supports, as rumors and disinformation and exposing such is to be treated as potential terrorist acts because this is exactly how they're handling it. Never have I seen the source as foundation of rumors and disinformation. We're to take the emperor's word that he knows what's best for us, that the bill is what he claims, not what we're seeing for ourselves. Other words, who are we to believe, him or our own lying eyes and ears? This is tyranny folks. It's downright fascism. If anyone doesn't see that at this points is either benevolent towards totalitarianism, which given the hatred, bigotry, and class warfare that our public schools teach so very well, wouldn't be beyond belief, or is just plain in denial about what form of government this administration is attempting to take us towards. I remember my wife telling me about the Marco's regime and the killings and stifling of free speech her fellow Filipinos endured. Our free speech is under assault right now. How long before he gets his NSF and the nightmare of Marco's become ours in the United States under this Administration?

Darth Sidious assaulted Anakin with the lie that through the dark side, he can gain the power to bring back the one he loves back from the dead or prevent her death to begin with. Seems with Obama's health care promise, we're being given the same lie. That we'll have have the best possible health if we have faith in the messiah. Only this is a false messiah. He doesn't care, as Darth Sidious didn't care as he was using Palamade to manipulate and control Anakin which ended up not only bringing the birth of Darth Vader, but the end of the Republic. This health care is going to be the same way. We're being promised free and total health but when one reads closely what's being promised and by whom, it's a lie that threatens to control our lives from cradle to grave while assaulting our democracy as well. The fact people are wise to this, he's now on the attack to scare those that believe in him to turn against those that disagree with him. Sounds like the plot to destroy the Jedi that were a threat and not buying into Palatine's benevolent plans for the Republic. The supporters are still complicit and in denial (or worse, completely support his plan to dissolve our republic) as Nash was about his delusions. Refusing to see what's right in front of him the evidence that he's living a lie (he was, believe it or not, able to reason later that certain things HAD to be a lie and then he was able to function in society). It nearly ended in disaster for Nash while it was a complete disaster for the Republic as it was destroyed with the death of liberty being with thunderous applause. Those of us fighting this, keep up the fight. We got the emperor on the run and the only way for him to win is to gain absolute power. As history has shown as well as our story tellers have demonstrate, the consequences will be grave as the grave in the cradle to grave care that we will get if this evil atrocity is passed.

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