Thursday, August 20, 2009

Scotland's compassion for evil.

As I heard that Scotland has released the mastermind of the 1988 terrorist bombing of Pam Am 103, I wish I could had said I was surprised, but nothing from the left surprises me anymore. Many young voters weren't even around when the attack happened. I haven't forgotten because I have the air disaster episode with computer re-enactments of the bombing, the fires of the homes in Lockerbie from the debris, and the surviving eye witness accounts and it wasn't pretty. I would be flabbergasted that they would release an evil lunatic that murdered their own citizens, 11 of them in THEIR OWN HOMES!!! Actually, those killed on the ground were a bonus for this nut job. The plane was 25 minutes late and the bomb, cleverly disguised in a radio with a digital timer, was timed to explode over the deepest part of the Atlantic. The terrorists (this one was the only one Libya surrendered for trial) wanted this plane to never be found or the crime to actually be solved. It was to be propaganda that Allah can down planes at will and will if we continue our war against Islam. This before Bush 2 coined the term war on terror.

I don't know what to make of a government that will allow a unrepentant terrorist free. What's worse, they did as an act of mercy and compassion. Why? Why show compassion for an enemy that has no remorse, never asked for it til he got sick, and has no desire to refrain til his dying breath to continue his war against your society? A radio talk show host that the Brits have no compassion or desire to have in their country because they compare him to Hamas terrorists and racist murdering skinhead, but they do for a plane bombing killer, has summed it up best. Liberalism is a mental disorder, and a dangerous mental disorder at that.

Take a look at how this man was received in his home country of Libya. He was given a hero's welcome. No doubt will get a special blessing from an Imam to assure his place in paradise. The Scots are of the thought that by showing mercy, they will be viewed by the Muslims has being good and wise people. As his supporters are showing, they think of them as the penis less fools that they are. They don't respect them, they disdain them. Even worse because now they can cry pity me pity me and get the mercy they lack when they murder their citizens. This is complete stupidity at it's worse. The scots think they're being praised and thank like the jury during the Robert Blake trail. The jury, like Scotland, didn't have brains to realize that he (in Scotland's case, the Libyans) are laughing at them. This is not going to take the desire from further attack but inflame them since Libya hasn't done any more attacks, other than Pam Am 103, since Reagan bombed them in 1988.

I like to see where in the Bible does it says it right to show mercy and compassion to evil? If you do, send it to me. As far as I'm concerned, this man should have the cancer give him a slow and painful death. It still would be far more merciful than the compassion he showed his victims when he bombed that plane. It's more than the Libyans are showing the Scots as they let this animal loose. Remember, it took 11 years before Libya even admitted one of its citizen was actually involved and eventually hand him over for trial. It took 2 years to trial him. This wasn't out of compassion but out of political necessity because Bush had declared war on terror and Libya was on his list. Only after that did Ka-Daffy actually allow the extradition of this monstrosity. What I really fear. I hope the doctor that made the diagnosis isn't a Muslim. If so, he easily could had faked this to let him out. After seeing how this man is being praised at home, I'm finding that practicing Muslim are just down and out evil or supporters of evil. To aide in this evil isn't going to spare anyone of its wrath.

Frankly, England. You're nothing but a bunch of cowards. You'll ban a talk show host that doesn't even want to go to your worthless, stupid, leftist country, and your own citizens for hate speech for speaking out against Islam, but you'll let a murderous terrorist out of prison for "mercy" sake. Frankly, from now on, you get no compassion from me from now on when you get attacked by these animals. You have let them have their way for far too long and have no balls to fight them anymore. You've sided with evil in order to avoid fighting them. All you've done is embolden them more, gained even more of their disdain and down right hatred, and will be bringing the fight to your front door (again). In the end, all you've done, is ticked off good, God fearing (no, not the God of evil and death, allah) people to totally disrespect you (as well as the Muslim animals) and no longer believe in supporting you. Even Obama who's pretty much on the wrong side of everything, regrets your decision. OK, he's covering his rear end, but even this stupid fool can see how bad it is to let this guy go. So good luck in your fight for your survival. You're going to need it. In fact, put me on your ban list. I would consider that a badge of honor.

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