Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Knowing thy enemy.

Lately, I've been watching a lot of crime shows on a website, mainly abductions abroad. I'm getting a hard smack in the head of how big of a risk I took when I first visited, at the time, my prospective In-Laws. I knew that traveling to the southern islands of the Philippines is risky as the state department religiously warns about and that Americans shouldn't travel there unless it's absolutely necessary and that we take our lives in our own hands as they can't guarantee our safety there. The abduction stories all have one thing in common, and you'll never hear it in the media because they don't want us to know that it was MUSLIM terrorist that attack us but man made disasterists, but all the abductions and murders are being committed by Muslim terrorists. What's worse is that it works as a money making venue and instilling their propaganda.
I've seen five of the shows, and with the exception of the drug smuggler who got caught in South Korea, they've been abducted and held for ransom by Muslims. Three of the episodes have been the king of kidnappings for ransom: The Abu Sayyaf. My wife refuses to watch those episodes with me. She's lived through it personally herself. . . TWICE. So she knows what kind of animals this group is. What really frighten me isn't the savageness these animals are in their tactics and spewing their evil BS. It isn't the danger I was end because being a westerner in the southern Philippines I stuck out like corruption at an ACORN event, but the reaction by those that get captured by these animals. I'm starting to understand why we've lost the war on terror.
Two of those abducted have been couples at resorts. The other is a man that was serving on a missionary. First, what makes me bump my head is that a couple goes to a resort in the Southern Island, another to Malaysia, a Muslim country, and don't know the dangers? One of the couples had done missionary work for 15 years and didn't think they were in any real danger. My God. Even I knew there was a real risk (Just not how high of a risk). To be so fool hearty to think that they're going to be not noticed or at risk by these groups shows the ignorance and boldness these groups are willing to take. For the most part they don't fear death or even getting caught. We tend to think that they're like us: fearing death and losing freedom. Oh, such foolishness. They embrace death and freedom is an illusion of the infidel West. Everything happens as according to God's will.
One couple was taken by the AS without masks on. This was a telltale sign of the trouble they're in. If a Muslim isn't wearing a mask, they're on a suicide mission. A Muslim will show their true self to their god by exposing their identity. They're not worried about being identified because they don't expect to live through their action. So if one is being kidnapped by unmasked hoodlums in a Muslim territory, be warned. That means they're willing to be killed. If they're masked, as with the Malaysian kidnappings, they're expecting to live and not willing to risk a confrontation. The gist of that one is that they knew it and just waited things out because as long as they're wiling to survive, they're not likely to do anything to bring the Filipino military in. Though they did rape some of the women, there were no killings or beheading. Libya eventually paid the ransom and were released.
The case with the missionary and the second couple wasn't so pretty. They were mask less and willing to face the military in an armed confrontation with one of them did which I will get through later. The missionary man, his escort, and cab driver were all taken by the AS. What I find interesting is that it was a perfect ambush though the driver went to the wrong entrance at the port and was lost. Yet the kidnappers knew where and when to attack with nobody to notice (they were surrounded by stacks of the metal cargo containers. Even I knew that being unmasked, this wasn't good. When they did their celebration, as our victim, it was known that it was the Abu Sayyaf. The problem with this man's situation, the kidnappers didn't know where the head of his missionary was for them to make the ransom demand. She didn't tell them before leaving, just the port they were to report to. Not believing him, they tortured and then beheaded the cab driver (whom I'm convinced was with them. No honor working with terrorists). Later they beheaded his escort, who was Filipino. Knowing that he was next, he played a desperate card with the terrorist interpreter who clearly wasn't a member, but a local who just knew how to speak English and was recruited. Asking him would his children and family be proud of what he was doing got this man of conscience to do something I doubt I would do even though I'm willing to fight these animals to the death because I know what they are, and that's risk his family in an escape. He released him while the guards and the others were passed out drunk (I thought drinking alcohol was a capital offense in Islam) and sneaked him out onto a boat with his daughter and brother to his home on another island where shortly there after, the Filipino military was informed where to find him. Knowing who his enemy was and playing the right card with the right person got this man out. For the next case it wasn't to be because she didn't understand or knew her enemy at all.
The couple that lived in the Philippines for 15 year and went on a vacation where the Abu Sayyaf operate is the story I find the most disturbing. Not because of what the terrorist did, but what the couple did or in this case, didn't do. They were abruptly awaken to find AK-47's pointed at them with a lot of screaming. They had their hands tied and put on a boat to another nearby island (which I suspect was Jolo). These men were unmasked, so they were willing to die in their fight as it was clear they were Abu Sayyaf when they did their chant as the couple knew it as well. Things went badly from there because the military knew who they were and where they were going. The fight on Jolo has been bloody and vicious. Most Marines fighting are found without heads in this fight. They get to their destination and the women were washing up when the Filipino forces found them and the shooting began. What the AS do is what they typically do as the cowards they are, get the civilians and put them between the soldiers and themselves. The couple had a chance to hide among some rocks away from their captures but they had the wrong mentality. They felt that the military was a greater threat to their safety than the terrorist because they were shooting at them. They viewed the AS as their protectors. They failed to see that they were using them as human shields. They were feeling safe with their captures despite being used as human shields. If they hid and went towards the military, they would had been out of their situation. Instead, things are about to get worse. Instead, two civilians were wounded as the terrorist flew and firing back with their human shields.
They went to an open road with a Jeepney waiting for them (those jeeps are interesting and unique to watch). However, there wasn't enough room for them all (there were several tourist and a couple of rich Filipinos with them). They had to leave two behind, so they took the rich Filipinos and beheaded them and then ran. As the cowards that they are, they drove and hid in a hospital. When the military surrounded them, the terrorist set up a barrier with the hostages keeping the most valuable, the Americans, furthest from the windows, then the animals thinking they would have a turkey shoot because they thought the military wouldn't shoot at a hospital started to open fire on the troops killing two of them. To every one's horror, the military fired back, killing two of the terrorists. Seeing this, as they got the husband to go out with a cell phone to telephoned that their were hostages and seize firing. It work til the terrorist decided to make their escape and again using them as human shields as they fired at the troops again and have this couple staying with the terrorist because they viewed the military as the bad men because they were going to kill them. They overlooked that they're firing back in self defense and it was the terrorist that were endanger them using them as shields. Why they missed this is beyond me. I guess if you're in a firefight, you tend to see the bullets coming at you as the bad ones, not the one from you that put you in danger in the first place. However if they went down and leave them open, they would had been an easy target, but they obliged in shielding them.
The terrorists and their hostages got away and made it to a mountain with rough terrain. Eventually they got to a village with their families as they made their ransom demands: $1 million for each hostage (there were 18 total). After a week, it was clear that the ransom wasn't going to be paid and they wanted to send a message by sending them one of the "white" hostages. Since there were only two white people, they fear it was going to be one of them. Instead they took a newly sworn American citizen and claimed they were taking him to a doctor. The next day the women noticed that three children about 8 years of age, and all armed with AK-47's were "playing" and one of them was exclaiming, "please, please don't kill me." Meanwhile another made a slashing motion while the other kid went to the ground and they all laugh about it. At this point she realized that these children had no conscience and that she heard the last words of the man that was taken away. She becomes friends with his fiancee and told her the ugly truth. She confronted the leader of this "band", the only courageous thing she did in this whole escapade. His word rang in her head. He kept his word and returned him to his family. . . without his head, and he laughed his head off over it. It would seen she would get a clue about what kind of "people" she was dealing with. They, as they're teaching their children, enjoy killing. They get pleasure out of murdering people, infidels in their eyes so they're less than human, and tormenting them.
Six months later, 12 hostages were ransomed and released. Three were killed so they were the last one. He gave them the news that their ransom was paid and they're going to be released the next morning. Well, never trust a Muslim because the next morning he decided $1 million each wasn't enough so he raised it to $4 million each as he taunted them. That evening, her husband was feeling guilt over the greed, hatred, and envy that he was witnessing. Not in the terrorists, but in himself over the food that they were eating, family time they have and wanting to kill these fathers and husbands of these families. I was like you got to be kidding. They've kidnapped you, killed 3 with glee as well as their children, their wives support them and they're guilt ridden over their reaction of crimes. She stated after her rescue that she learned from this incidence, but learned the wrong lesson. She was sympathetic, thought of them as freedom fighters, father and mothers who just wanted to provide for their families. Never mind that they're teaching them to hate, murder, and destroy other families without fear, conscience or guilt. That they would sacrifice any of those children for their cause (which they've had done in the past). They savagely kill and put innocents in danger without regard and she was guilty about her feeling towards them. I could only shake my head in disgust as she didn't learn a thing but to become a bigger cowards and have sympathy for evil.
Eight months later, the Filipino government have had enough of them and their changing of ransom and failure to follow through with their promises and finally caught up and found their village. A firefight ensued and her husband was shot and killed. She actually blames the Filipino government for his death. I guess lying and extortion at the expense of their lives was justified by these evil "people". It's the government's fault for fighting them. She didn't know her enemy, in fact, she became sympathetic to them. A bad case of Stockholm Syndrome. In the end, 25 terrorist, including 4 of the 5 leaders which included giggles over the beheading was killed. She would testify against 18 of the surviving terrorist (there were over 50 of them at first) and all got convicted. She also opposed them getting the death penalty (fortunately, the Filipino government knows how much of a lose lose it is to keep them alive in their prison so they make more kidnappings and demand their release and sentence them to death anyways). She now resides in Kansas City and set up a foundation for Christian and Muslim children in the Southern Philippines. Good job. In the end, they're going to get more money without a fight. She learned all right. All the wrong lesson because appeasement isn't going to work. Sympathizing isn't going to warm their hearts as it didn't for the 13 months she was held. Sending the message to the Abu Sayyaf that using hostages as human shields is good military tactics is going to curtail the savagery and criminal enterprise of this evil group. All she did was made them stronger and more embolden because she didn't learn what here enemy were: purely evil.
So when I see how people think Obama as made us stronger and more respected to the citizens of the world, especially the Muslim countries, I laugh and cry. When he wants to negotiate with Iran or disarm our nuclear capabilities, or apologize for our crimes, or wants to undermined our economy to make those of third world feel equal, then I realize his supporters are just like this woman: have no clue what are enemies are or what they are. They truly don't know their enemy and that's more frightening than anything the Abu Sayyaf could had done to me had they taken me. I know what they are and willing to die fighting them. Because that's what it is going to take to defeat this threat and frankly, too many people just don't know their enemy while they know us all too well. Hence as long as we stay ignorant or in denial, we have lost the war on terror.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

GB is right. McCain would had been worse for the country.

There seems to be a huge flap about what Beck said to Katie about how McCain would had been worse for the country than Obama or even Hillary. I'm not that much of a fan of the man, however in this case, the man is completely on target. Keep in mind that he never said that McCain would had been a worse President, but worse for the country. His frog and boil pot analogy is right on and here's why.

McCain, first, isn't a conservative or really a Republican, he's a RINO, just like Bush II. He would had been Bush 3 and a great deal of people knew it. Give Obama his due, he knew that people were sick of the Bush years with his compromises and his stupid statements and wishy washy policies. He painted McCain as another Bush and not only was he right, but it worked. Many moderates and right of center people voted for him (and yet he still plays the race card). It's McCain RINOism or what would had been a soft version of Obama that would had made him such a danger to America.

You see, Beck was using the frog analogy because it was made famous by a politician. A politician who was laying out his plan for destroy the West, especially Capitalism. That politician was Joseph Stalin. He didn't believe a direct assult was the best idea in destroy the West. He believed that by getting enemies inside the gate and piece by piece eliminating the foundation of freedom that a communist state could take over. Free people wouldn't be aware nor would do anything to resist or stop the takeover of their freedoms towards a socialistic state. By the time they realized they've become slaves to the government, it would be too late. If you try by force to do it all at once, the people will be aware of the takeover and the elimination of their freedom and will fight back and prevent the coup. This is what Beck is referring to.

McCain was all for cap and trade, amnesty, bailouts and everything that was wrong with the Bush Administration. Though the stimulus wouldn't had been as massive because a radical like Van Jones wouldn't had written it, the auto bailouts wouldn't had been that much or that long nor would Chrysler be owned by Fiat. Health care, there would be a softer version of reform with cost control, insurance being vilified since he is doing that in the senate even now, cash for clunkers, well who knows, but the nationalization of our financial institutions would had been going one since he voted for them, so the auto would as well. The thing is everything being done by Obama would had been done by McCain only on a smaller scale.

This smaller scale, in accordance with the media's bias, would had just had this become a Democrat vs. Republican thing. The Republicans in the congress would had been going along with this instead of speaking out as they are now. Tea parties? The only tea parties that would be going on right now are the ones in girls playhouses. There would be protests because the people would still be oblivious to what's going on. Like the frog in lukewarm water as McCain in his appeasement of the powers to be would be slowly turning up the heat. Do you think he would condemned ACORN or the filmmakers, only the people, especially the middle roaders, would come to support his belief that the filming was racial or bias and doctored. People would be soft sold on these issues and wouldn't be forming any parties, or even really debating the issues and little by little, the liberals who McCain would be all to willing to compromise with would be piece by piece dismantling the constitution. Worse still, these politicians wouldn't be worried about the midterm elections. In fact, they would be in position to make McCain irrelevant as things would still be bad and would have a serious chance of a super majority in both houses. Unemployment would still be about 10%, credit anemic, auto industry struggling, world markets down, galvanization against conservatives still at an all time high. Only now he would get the blame and galvanize the liberals to elect even more of their guys as well as many moderates and independents to elect the Democrats as well..

Look at what we have now. People are awaken to the dangerous situation we're in. This wouldn't had happened with McCain. Obama, who's Bush on steroids, is galvanizing the people on what's really going on that they're taking their country back. This man, who everyone claims to be the smartest in the room as well as worships Marxists, violent Islamics, and tyrants didn't learn the lesson from one of his most beloved heroes: Joseph Stalin. You never try to take everything all at once. Even the densest, dumbest, and ignorant members will be able to see that. Quadrupling of the debt, the whole cap and trade, the complete takeover of health care, these make the nationalization of our financial and auto industry more worrisome by the people and the Democrats are scrambling to save their rear ends for 2010. We haven't even gone over his obsession with Czars. Obama for the smartest man in the room, has made some serious and stupid mistakes and it's only been 8 months. As a detective once said, most criminals are stupid and we thank God for that. Well, thank God this socialist is so arrogant and stupid that he showed his cards all at once for all the people to see. With McCain, that wouldn't had been the case and we would be creeping slowly but surely to a socialist state with most of use not even aware it was going on. Right now, Obama's election is looking like a blessing in disguise. We know what we got with this guy now. As for McCain. Most conservatives didn't even noticed the RINO outfit he was wearing. I doubt they would see the socialist path that he would compromise us into. The 2008 voters were stupid, and perhaps we should thank God for that.

Monday, September 21, 2009

The real reason why unions are declining.

There seems to be much ado among the unions about the decline in membership in the unions. The biggest reason they give is that the likes of WalMart or Southwest Airlines that are, in their minds and their minds only, illegally busting them by refusing to hire unionized workers. There's a great deal of degree to that statement, but people, if given a choice are refusing to join unions under their own free will. Once one understands the grand scopes of things, it's clear as to why the working class, especially the working poor, are rejecting union ship and why Obama and his ilk want to make card carrying a requirement. The unions can't get us to willing to join, so they will use intimidation by eliminating secret ballots and go after anyone that refuses to unionized, terminate the employment of said persons, or worse. However, in the end, most workers are refusing to join is because it's truly in their own self interest not to unionized.

What could I mean. Well, let's take the two biggest reasons why unions have out lived their usefulness: Greed and corruption. I'll go over greed first. The unions aren't really for fighting for the members, but to fill their own pockets at their expense. Not much different than the companies and employers, but unlike the latter, they offer rewards, as little as it seems to many, in money and benefits or other perks. The unions just take their money and make life more difficult for the companies and employers. Ask yourself this, why are 80% of union members government workers? Why are there so few unions in the private sector, and no, it's not because WalMart or Southwest Airlines have busted them. If anyone would want to bust them, it would be the government because if they ever to clash with the union, they would have a great deal of power to have them lose their seats in the forms of votes, but the opposite is true. You see, government workers gain power with the unions over us peasants. This isn't the case in the private sector. In the private sector they make demands of employers to give and give and give till they have nothing left to give. They make things so expensive that they have the gall to say stupid things like GM needs to figure out how to build a car that's more competitive in the world market. It's impossible to do when nearly $4000 cost of every car is just to pay for the benefits that the unions demand. That's a $4000 hole on the world market and wait til the Chinese cars come in next year with the free prison labor. They will bury us. This is why I would never join a union in the private sector. They will dry the employer til there's nothing left and bankrupt. There's something unions don't get. If an employer has no money, they can't stay in business and their members are out of work. This is why membership has been declining. When a person is out of work, they have no need for unions and no longer are participating members.

Government unions are different in that they can just tax the crap out of the people to pay for their insatiable demands. It also gives them more and more power. Why the likes of SEIU union thugs are for health care. It will expand their membership and power. Why they're for bigger and bigger government. More and more money and power. Never mind that now the biggest reason the country is going broke is the insatiable appetite of the bureaucrats. The ever expanding of government and their intrusive reach into all our lives. All this is great for those that have their jobs or work in the government since they can't be fired, but it spells economic doom. Anyone in the private sector would be a fool to join because unemployment is going to closely follow. Thus the only unions that are growing are government unions and the people are noticing that. At this point, power is all that matters to these unions and as they get closer and closer to gaining absolute power, the more absolute corruption we're getting from our government. It's time we stand up and say the unions had their purpose, but they've outlived their usefulness. We have stronger and better labor laws and the abuse of the past aren't going to be repeated unless the people lose their republic. It's time to say no to the insatiable bullies and say enough is enough. Otherwise, there will be no wealth left in the country to fight over.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The freedom that never expands.

I've been going over the freedoms that have been gained over the last century, especially in the US. I mean, we gained great freedom in communications. At the beginning of the century, the only form of "reliable" communication the average citizen had was mail. Well, conversation if they were withing walking distance. Now, we have TV, Cable, the Internet (my favorite), newspapers (my least favored). Ok, there were books, but those are mainly stories that tell themes of an author, so for just mainstream communication, it was the mail in the beginning of the century. Transportation, there was mainly either the ship, horse or train. Today we have our very own car which replaced the horse, and if you really need to get somewhere far and/or fast, you have airplanes which allows us to travel anywhere in the world in a matter of a day or two. Compared that to the eighty days that impressed those in the 19th century. Foods to eat, beverages to drink, games to play, ok kidding a bit on the last one. Then the more serious ones, native Americans saw the end of their oppressions, African Americans saw the end of the government's backing of white racist in obtaining their civil rights that were lacking when they got their freedom from slavery, ever expanding to enter the country, thanks to computer technology as well as transportation. Even the disabled got their own freedoms and special rights from the ADA though the lawyers have exploited it to their advantage. However, there is one freedom that hasn't expanded, and if anything is contracting to a singular, during all this progress: political parties.

It wasn't always the case. During the early years of our republic, there were differing parties. The Federalist (Washington's party) were hamming it out with the Whigs. Later the Federalist were replaced by the more democratic methods, Democratic party. More democratic because at the time much of our election of leaders were done by the House, which were the only branch of government that was directly elected, thus a party that wanted the elections to be completely elected by direct vote of the people, thus why they were called the democrats. Andrew Jackson was the first Democratic party candidate and was the first elected by a national direct election. Later as the Whigs lost influence during the slavery crisis and the abolitionists gained political power, with the election of Abraham Lincoln, the Republican party was born. Republican because the party was about preserving the Republic while ending slavery. That was in 1860 and we've had these two parties ever since.

The trouble now is that both parties, with a few minor differences, are parcel of the same mold. They've become for the most part a single party, internationalists. When was the last time either party stood up for America and her principles? When was the last time any one them was proud to American or have they been apologists. When Bush was elected I had high hopes that conservationism would finally be back in government as it was during Reagan. Turns out other than taxes, national defense, and a couple of supreme court nominees, Bush was exactly like the democrat party. He tried selling out our security to UAE and China. He expanded government far great than anything Clinton could do in his wet dreams. Gave the internationalists more power over us by selling out economy. Expand China's power and economic reach. Refuse to defend conservatives in the Culture war and actually blamed conservatives for the great divide. He did more to further the goals of the socialist, which is what the Democratic party has become, than any President in history and yet the liberals hated him with a passion for it. Yet now that Obama has come and is Bush on steroids, they love him. Yes, he's planning to raise our taxes, and give our enemies our lives, but otherwise, he's just the same as Bush but fourfold.

What's really surprising to the Democrats is that the people didn't support Bush on his spending and social policies so that the fact that they're doing the same thing in quads and the people don't support the same policies because THEY'RE doing it. Now, as most people don't care for either party as the low approval ratings of congress shows, yet the bitter fighting with the stupidest and asinine arguments go on mainly that their guy did it and it was wrong but now it's good because our thug is doing it. Can anyone tell the difference in the parties other than which thug is actually in charge. It seems that the difference is in name only and in the end the only ideas that are in conflict is who's in charge. This is why the two party (sigh) system is killing us.

The people of this country is mad as hell and aren't taking it anymore. This has given me hope that the people may finally be waking up and taking their country back. However, as everyone is on the vote them out mantra, the old adage of hate the congress but love my congressman comes to mind. Everyone knows the problems with congress and their power grabs by the parties, but their guy is he exception. Those that think Nancy Pelosi is going to be voted out. San Franciscans are all for these policies. It's a city of psychopaths, so her job is safe. Those in liberals states, although New York is starting to crack, they're going to vote them in. Those people support the socialist agenda. You think the dumbest and most brain dead people on the planet, California, aren't going to re-elect those bitter bitties to the senate. It would be a stunner if they get defeated because there are too many illegals, dead, etc. as well as stupid liberals that vote here. What's worse, voting for the Republicans (or Democrat if there's a RINO in the seat) is that are we really going to get anything different or just different thugs struggling to be in charge? If history of the latter half of this century is any indication, it's going to be the latter.

Third parties aren't very well received here. Our system, unfortunately, caters to the lowest common denominator which is dichotomous in their thinking. That their is only two choices and one will always be good and one will always be bad and a third choice is a waste of one's vote. As long as we continue to have this mind set, our freedom to choose in the candidates aren't really going to change. Shoot, such a threat this is to both parties that this administration is attempting to label anyone that supports such a third party as a threat to national security, as a potential terrorist, as a potential mass killer. This highlights the need for such and those that argue that having such a plurality in our government would inert our political process such that nothing gets done. Well, tell me what's going on now is progress. Tell me that this two parties that act as one is expanding or contracting our freedoms. Tell me that restricting our freedom of candidates to expand more than an us vs. them mentality is giving us better government or worse. They know the answer to that and that's why third parties get hammer so badly. They don't want their power entrenchment to be threaten. They would have to actually work for the people, to debate, analyze and actually read what they're passing and answer to the people, not their cozy little group. Perhaps the election of Obama has been the event that his country needed to expand her freedom. For the first time since 1858, people are asking the question: why are we so limited on our choices and why are we tolerating unacceptable institutions in our society. If Obama does nothing else but galvanize the people to say enough of these restrictions on our freedom, we're mad as hell and we're going to change and break this entrenchment of power. Then he could go down as the greatest President ever. Just not for the reason he envisioned.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Carter, go away already.

Jimmy Carter, the worse President in history, is still opening his mouth and reminding us why he was the worse President in history: he has the intelligence of a plant. It seems that given if anyone disagree with this current President, it must be because of racism. He blames racism in the South for his defeat against Reagan in 1980. Uh. . . Jimmy, I hate to break this to you but . . . (whispering) you're white. You lost because you were just dreadful. Gas lines, high taxes, inflation in double digits, unemployment in double digits, and don't forget those Iranians and those hostages that you bungled with extreme stupidity. While we're at it, let's not forget the policy you had about the war in Afghanistan. No, not the current one. The one that you had the CIA finance and trained, including one commander by the name of Osama Bin Laden. So you wonder why you lost, it was because you sucked and blow. It's just that plain and simple. I was 11 when you took office and 15 when you left and it was miserable. Prices jumping all the time, long lines for gas that was so bad people were shot over it, those lines for unemployment insurance. Seems a lot of it is going on today. I guess he did because deep down inside he thought he was a black man. I think Carter has been dancing too much with the snakes, drinking too much of the strychnine, and after 29 years, still hasn't gotten over that he lost.

I'm sick and tired of being called a racist because I don't agree with this racist President. I've read about communism, socialism, and fascism. I've read about the cultural revolution and how Mao's Red Guard seeked and destroyed those that didn't conform to the new culture. How much of what this man believes and the policies that's he's implementing or proposing are tired and tried polices that have lead to misery and poverty. Policies that lead to totalitarianism and oppression. Taking personal freedom to expand an ever growing and intrusive government to the point that nobody will be able to sneeze without the government holding a hankie and ready to quarantine you or sent you to sensitivity training, or should I say re-education camps, if you don't follow the Tower of Babel multiculturalism. Having our national debt skyrocket all the while our enemies gain more of foothold of to black mail us by buying up our debt. Somehow having the government make our medical decisions and determine when or even IF we get any care or even if I'm healthy I must pay a huge penalty because even though I don't use the health care, I'm still blamed for the costs. We're sick of you apologizing to those of us that attack and kill us just because they're psychopaths that hate our freedoms and will blow their own children up to enforce their Borg mentality of assimilate or be destroyed. I'm tired of the government dictating how I should think, feel, or spend what little of my money. Worse of all, I'm sick of a government that think we're peasants with their aristocratic mentality that their government seat is an entitlement and the people are to serve them, when it was the intent of the supreme law of the land that our government is to work for us. If Carter finds that racists because a black man sits in the White House wanting to crap this crap down our throats, not only do I wear the bigotry label with pride, but Carter is a stone cold racist himself since he only sees the President's color of his skin and base the judgement of this man and the reaction of his policies by such and not by the character from within. Hey, Carter, that means MLK jr was a racist as well. Do us all a favor, especially your evil, racist, leftist socialists and stop embarrassing the country, yourself and especially your loony leftist buddies and shut your mouth, retire, and put yourself in the pasture. Nobody is listening to you anymore, unless they're insane with hatred, and those dignitaries aren't laughing with you anymore, they're laughing at you. Let me put it the way your hateful leftist morons keep saying it: YOU LOST!!!! GET OVER IT!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Illusion of the Government Co-op.

Seems that the liberals are up to their old tricks. I often have a saying, "A skunk by any other name will still stink just as badly." If the direct approach doesn't work, then wrap it up with a different label and claim it's sweet when it's still the same shrill. This idea of a co-op is just a back door method of enacting the single payer government program. What many Americans don't know is California has such a co-op insurance program . . . for worker's compensation. It's called the State Compensation Insurance Fund. It's also one the most corrupt, wasteful, and disdained agencies in the state. Just ask Tim at West Coast Rebel about it since he's a business owner, he's required by law to have it. Allow me to illustrate because what the liberals are proposing is exactly how this insurance system is ran.

The SCIF, or Woker's Comp as it's known here in the state, is a state backed insurance fund that's used to pay for health care if a person is hurt while on the job. It's paid by the employer to protect workers for work related accidents or injuries. They paid a percentage of their payroll which is suppose to be determined by certain risk factors according to the job within the industry and the payments are made on claims by workers when they get treated for work related injuries. The rates they pay I can't give details on since I'm still under confidentiality, but will say it ranges quite high in comparison to private insurance from other states. At least 3 and up to, and I kid you not, 12 times higher. What's worse, this state has the highest revenue in such a system of any state in the union. Yet, it has the worse benefit payouts. How and why is this?

The SCIF is regulated and run by our state legislature. They determine the rates, who gets what for what injuries, etc. However, you have to understand which people in our state gets elected to such positions. Yes, you got it: LAWYERS!!! So most of the benefits and the claim procedures go through a LOT of legal channels that takes so much money that when it's said and done, the recipient gets maybe 20 cents on the dollar of the cost of the care of their injuries. What's worse is that there's a lot of fraud perpetrated by the lawyers so a lot of people who fake injuries burden the system. What's worse, since the lawyers for the state get a share of the compromised sum that's finally determined by the end of proceedings, they have no real desire to investigate or prosecute these fraudsters. We have the worse record for prosecuting fake injuries. I worked for a company that had a man claimed he hurt his back on the second day on the job. He hired a PI to investigate since Worker's Comp wouldn't and found him mowing the lawn, working on his car, doing projects in his garage and so on. What the state did was settled and hit the company with a tripling of the rate. If they actually prosecuted and found the man guilty, which he would had, the lawyers would get nothing. BTW, the man left the state and opened his own business of the same type from the settlement.

So in the end, we have massive corruption where both sides benefit from fraud or at least not investigating and prosecuting fraud. The ones who really get hurt (you can't get unemployment from a work related injury) have to wait up to two years and then get maybe 1/5 of the costs. Many get permanently disable while waiting to get the care they need. Many employers fear hiring or expanding because of this massive costs and some of the costs of this "insurance" is more than their payroll to tell you how bad it can get. Here, if you want to really put the fear of God into an atheist employer, just say WORKER'S COMP. Many are leaving the state because of this extortion.

What's worse is that private insurance has basically been banned. Insurance have to meet the "benefit" before legal fees in order to legally compete. Well, those benefits are pretty high because the lawyers want to bleed out of the system the most they legally can. Not to mention the regulations that are involved are so massive and restrictive that most insurance companies don't bother. The biggest cost for the private insurer is the legal costs because they not only have to pay for their lawyers, but the state's as well. I wonder why we pay taxes or these premiums. When the extortion is done, the client is left with just as anemic payout and get irate at the company and dump them. To private insurers, it's just not worth it. Not to mention out of staters can't offer insurance to us because of interstate commerce laws that forbid it. In the end, 98% of employers end up opting for the public co-op.

If you think this isn't going to happen if the federal government get their co-op, then you're either stupid, naive, or just plain crazy. When you can print dollars to low ball or regulate the crap out of the public sector, or worse since this the federal government, punish if you don't meet up with the impossible demands, how does having such powers not going to corrupt the industry? This is why I refuse to study for the Actuary exams, because if bills like this are passed, risk assessment is going to become irrelevant because the government will just print money to cover it. They have no motive to make a profit, to rein in corruption, to provide any product or coverage, so what good would having risk assessments be? In the end, employers are going to get fed up with paying high costs while the government can low balled the insurance companies by giving them a great discount. People aren't going to be allowed to purchase their own (we're not allowed by state law under SCIF), those that are healthy will be punished for it since even now they're being blamed for the high costs while illegals that contribute to the most of the high costs are going to be covered for free.

No, we need to see this illusion and red herring for what it is: another attempt of the federal government to control our lives by controlling 1/6th of the economy through our health care industry. We need not to be fooled by this skunk with a different name. It still stinks and still needs to be shelved with real reform. After all, there's still no regulation on the lawyers, their lawsuits and how much they can rape doctors and hospitals while their victims will have wage and price controls on them. This will lead to great scarcity since there are very few places in California where you can get Worker's Comp care and no incentives for the best and brightest to spend 10 years in med school so they can make as much as a dishwasher and be raped for that by lawyers. This bill will make America just as sick and just as broke. Just say no because in California we have such and co-op and it proves that government healthcare is just an illusion.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Obama's Trade War with China. Too Little, Too Late.

In all the hoopla over the 912 protests and the latest thuggery and sickening enslavement of children to the sex trade by ACORN, a little noticed storied has been gaining very little attention. Obama has declared a trade war with China over tire imports. I, for one, felt it has been long overdue for a trade war with China. The problem is now is that it's way too late and we're at one huge disadvantage.

First, what's going on. Obama has placed a 35% tariff on all Chinese imported tires because his union buddies are complaining that they're losing membership due to layoffs because the American tire companies can't compete with the low balling prices of the Chinese tires. The Chinese have retaliated by raising their tariffs against our exported chickens. Oh boo hoo. Our chicken prices will go down with the extra supplies and since I like to eat chicken, that's good news. China has also filed a complaint against the US at the WTO.

Why this was long overdue is that China has been low balling us for decades. Now try getting anything made in this country. Good luck. China has been low balling us not because communism is a better system and they can make a better mousetrap. They can produce cheaper goods because of two reasons, their devaluing of their currency and another an institution that we eliminated 144 years ago, slavery. The Chinese goods are cheap because they keep their currency, the Yuan, artificially cheap so our goods are overpriced, what they import from us which isn't much, while we underpay for theirs. That way we buy their goods and put ours out of business. The other is slavery. Under communism, if you don't work, especially in the prison system, you get a piece of lead in your brain, your organs donated, and your family get the bill for the bullet. Compare that when an American company has to pay an incompetent union worker that's hired by race $20 to $30 an hour to make the tire at one tire an hour. With the Yuan 60% lower by government intervention and no wonder we can't make a less expensive tire, much less anything else. If you think union jobs are in trouble now, wait til their cars start coming in next year with a retail price of $7000. While Government Motors are going to try to push their crappy Volt for $40,000, which ones do you think people are going to buy? Ford, the only car company that's making a profit will be wiped out since it will cost $7000 just for the labor and benefits for the production of one of their cars.

So placing tariffs and making the market more even because China are using currency and slavery that gives them an unfair advantage. For those that want to use the free market argument, well, in that case, we should bring slavery back so we can compete since slave labor gives the lowest price. China is proving that left and right. Tariffs is how government in past protected their markets from getting swamped as well as falling into the 3rd mentality to enslave or artificially creating a slave class. This kind of trade war has caused wars. The taxing of agricultural goods is what created the crisis, because the tax was to protect the jobs of working whites in the North from the goods that were created by the slave labor of the South, that lead to the Civil War. China need Tariffs slapped on them for decades. As we'll see, it comes way to late because we're at a huge disadvantage.

The reason why in the end this war is going to crush us is because China has something that can end this war overnight: dollars. China holds over one TRILLION dollars of our national debt. Yes, THAT'S WITH A T. If china decides we're too much trouble, they can just dump those Trillion plus dollars on the world market. That would put our economy to a grinding hold overnight. Migrating to Zimbabwe will look appealing to the inflation that would follow. Perhaps this is Obama's goal. It's been his goal to destroy America and this would be a quick and efficient way to get it done. In Wu's book, the Art of War it states that an enemy that's defeated without having to fire an arrow or a swing of a sword is the pentacle of true excellence. You think China financing our debt out of the goodness of their hearts (since they don't have one, that's apparently not the reason), or to be able to black ball us over any nation interests that conflicted between us. This will demonstrate that power and pentacle of excellence.

This all started with Bush Sr. when he allowed them to enter the WTO so we can have them finance our debt since we became a debtor nation 3 years earlier. Young people today don't even know that til 1987, we were a creditor nation, that we owned the debts of other countries and used that our advantage. Now it's completely in the other direction and unlike the countries we had the advantage over, we've taken to exponential heights. Our debt to China alone is greater than all but 9 national economies. Our national debt is greater than the economies of every single country but one: THE UNITED STATES! And that gap is quickly closing. So in the end, when Senior came up with the brilliant idea of letting China be our friends (like the ones we don't need enemies which we do) and take on our debts and then the deals China made with the Clinton administration that to this day we still don't know what was exchanged and we've been sold out and now, as Reverend Wright would love to quote, our chickens are coming home to roost.

What's gets me is when I hear Jason Lewis, a RINO if you ask me, says that we got here because of two reasons, we don't buy American and we don't save. I'm like, where can we buy American at? I would rather pay more to break the chains of bondage from China then this BS. The truth is our manufacturing base, especially during the Clinton years, have been decimated. There is no place to buy American anymore. We can't even get American grown food any more. What's never mention is how China used prison slave labor have an unfair advantage. No, free markets is everything so let the markets decide. Well, if the markets are using different rules, then they're not really free, but rigged. If we can get our politicians and some brain dead talk show hosts to recognized as long as we're going to compete with overpaid union workers vs. free slave labor, we're going to continue to lose the trade wars. As long as we tax the crap out of people and not encourage and reward earning and saving, we're not going to have any capital what so ever to invest and promote production, factories, goods and services here in America. As long as we continue to look for the lowest price without considerations of why, We're not only lost the trade war, but we're going to be slaves within our life time. Slapping all the tariffs in the world won't save us from that fate.

Time to bury the ACORN.

I've always known that ACORN was a racist corrupt organization. They were always around some evidence of voter fraud and other illegitimate enterprises. Now that two film makers have had the courage to secretly film and expose the corruption that is ACORN, every can now see what was once obvious that is now too clear to miss.

I knew ACORN was corrupt because of their voter fraud and election fixes in their predominately minority neighborhoods and districts. When people are ignorant or just plain know that they can play the race or the poverty card that their sins will all be forgiven, then why would they curtailed their transgressions. If you think that's an exaggeration, then look at what happened on 911, what used to be known as Patriot Day til Obama took office. He pardon hundreds of thousands of ACORN employees for any crossing of the law. Was done with such discreetness that it nearly went unnoticed. So while we have a remembrance (I always watch inside 911 and Flight 93 every 911 weekend I have my children from my ex. Yes daughter, you're going to watch them with me every time til you're 18. Never forget!) or do some stupid and meaningless service, Obama was covering the backs of those that got him into office. So what it was done by votes of felons, repeat voters, dead, invalids, out of staters, and pets. So in the end, all the corruption and fraud may mean nothing because their president that was elected from the spoiled fruits of their crimes will just give them a clean slate and they will be able to just go back to what they were doing. No wonder these employees are so bold. They know they won't see a day in jail and doubted with our lame stream media of ever being exposed. If anyone blows the whistle, they'll cry racism and the whole thing will be forgotten by the next day. What they didn't count on was some film maker, since all but two are trained to be good little Marxists, to actually get them on film and tape. However, the spin has begun and they have been pardoned.

What corruption we have. I knew ACORN was bad, that I had no idea they were this bad. I knew they were supporting racist parasites that use their race as the basis for their entitlements. The housing loans, which by the way, was the template they used to forced banks to make the bad sub prime loans that got us in the housing mess we're in today. They got what was known as redlining banned and legalized. Redlining was a policy that real estate agents and loan officers used to red line a neighborhood and refuse to engage in activity for them because the neighborhood was low income. They knew those from these neighborhoods couldn't earn the money to pay for the mortgage such homes they were selling. It was a income to debt analysis that was used to avoid making loans that would default. The problem was that it was predominately minority with high crime, poorly educated (mainly because of their disdain for whitey's culture that being educated is being white), and high unemployment. But ACORN cried discrimination and threaten them to make these bad loans or have the wrath of the federal government crashing in on them. The banks weren't about to get into a losing fight with our grossly over PC social liberal President (Bush that is, not Obama) and have them put out of business and possibly jail, so they made the loans. To see that ACORN is still getting federal funding and continuing the policy should disturb us. What came next was beyond anything I thought they were capable of.

The tax fraud they were engaging in didn't surprise me. Working as a bookkeeper for an EA for 13 years I did learn a few things about the tax code (there is well over 165,000 codes so good luck learning them all) and the common frauds that went with them because we had clients that were recommended and would reject us because we didn't offer some of the fraudulent deductions or tax credits. The biggest was the tax credits that blacks got for reparation for slavery. They were being told, by the black community, that the government gives blacks a $5000 tax credit for reparations for slavery. Many of those that didn't listen to my boss got a RUDE surprised when it was disallowed. So having ACORN giving illegal advice isn't shocking since they were the ones that started the tax credit rumor. I often wonder what else they were telling people that we didn't hear about. Now we know that they encourage illegal activity. In this case, prostitution as a performance artist. Some of the other's I've heard, but never was able to confirm: drug sales as well . . . drug sales. Only they call it pharmaceutical sales. Starting to get the idea? Now we're learning they promote the importation of children to be used as sex slaves and how to cover up their operation as to appear legitimate. How to cover up having the girls by making the brothel a school. How to gain tax deductions by claiming them as dependence's. What else is going on? ACORN behaves more like the mob than a community organization.

What's worse is that there is an investigation now being opened . . . against the film makers! What kinds of country do we live in when the criminals are being protected because the investigators didn't get permission to investigate the criminal? Do these prosecutors really believe the people are going to tolerate this? Do they think they can play the race card and have everyone cower down like serfs? For the first time in nearly a year, I have hope and faith that our republic may survive this crisis that was elected into office because people are becoming aware of the blatant and the naked corruption and criminality of the liberal movements are being so out in the open and the socialist and anti-American sentiment are being so boldly displayed that the liberals and their ilk have realized they've made a big mistake: the people aren't supporting them. The voters are waking up, and not just the constitutionalists and conservatives. Liberals, or those that called themselves liberals, are realizing that they didn't vote for the people of freedom or caring for the whole, but a bunch of self serving thugs that pay and care for those thugs that got them into power. They're realizing that they're not for the little guy, just their own guy, or mainly themselves. That the so called liberals and progressive aren't the altruist that they claim but humans that are all too poisoned by the corruption of power. The backlash of the last 8 months is truly bipartisan and it's starting to grow. So if socialist prosecutors think they can go after these film makers and think they're get re-elected, well, they better hope that the spin the media is giving works because unless ACORN can throw its poo on the wall, they're going to be booted out.

In the end, those two film makers should be revered as heroes. Creating the turning point against the anti-American sentiment and the organization that so boldly, nakedly, and corruptly engaged in promoting those interests and the candidates that entrenched themselves in those ideals. Now they're being exposed and finding out that the people aren't as stupid as they thought nor taking it any more. They underestimated the response and some are starting to noticed as the democratic congress is butt covering mode by cutting off the funding as well as the consensus is cutting off ties to ACORN. This could be the turning point that the people get their country back. The turning point that we regain faith in our republic and ourselves to regain rule of the people, by the people, for the people. At least for now in a long time, I have faith in the American people to get us out of this political quagmire. It's time to bury ACORN as we've seen the dark and ugly oak that it is.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

All hail the true patriots.

What's most impressive about this UTUBE clip. It was done in less than 12 hours. Go patriot Americans!

Friday, September 11, 2009

8 years after 911.

I remember what I was doing when I got the news about 911 8 years ago. I was getting ready for work when I got a call from my mother-in-law, who lived upstairs to me, telling to turn on the news that we've been hit by terrorist and the twin towers had been hit by airplanes. It was then I knew that the world was about to change. I just didn't know it was going to be for the worse.

I can't give enough condolences to the victims by the evil Islamic physcopaths that attacked and killed our follow Americans that dreadful day. Words seems such an empty gesture to them. They weren't victims of a natural disaster, an illness, some act of God. They were premeditatedly murdered by 19 savages that were acting in the name of their god. How does one console someone that lost someone because some animal saw them as a embodiment of Satan and who's murder is seen as a divine act? All I can do is give out my penitence of outreach and be sure the lessons of that day aren't forgotten or undermined. To do so would to make their deaths in vain.

First of all, I find Obama's call for service utterly disgusting. SERVICE! FOR WHAT?! This wasn't some natural disaster or some catastrophe caused by human indifference. Well, maybe, because radical Islamic are indifferent to the lives of those that think and live differently than they do, but what does service have to do with being attacked by evil terrorists? This show the mindset of this man that he sympathizes with the terrorists. Remember, in Islamic countries, they view 911 differently. They celebrate this day as a day of victory over the great white Satan. Seems people forgot how the Muslims on the streets celebrated, jumping and dancing in the streets while passing out candy to the children. To them, doing a service would be appropriate because serving themselves as suicide bombers is the call of all the mytars. I find Obama's attitude repugnant. Even his prayer at the white house doesn't convince me. Who's he praying to? God or Allah? Given this man's track records, especially his loyalties to Islam, as stated in his book "If America has a conflict with Islam and I much choose between the defense of America against fighting against Muslim, I will have to side with the Muslims every time." Also given his association with terrorists, I don't feel that questioning which God he is praying to is unjustified. Not once has he mention the Islamic terrorists or the word terrorism. Not once has he referred to the threaten that's facing up in the form of Islamic terrorism. Just that he believe in continuing the fight that Bush fought against those threats against our country. The only thing is, unlike Bush, he doesn't define who those threats are. The only thing close has been those that cling to their religion (meaning Christians) and their guns. Those who protest at town hall meetings or question anything of his policies. Our military that Turban Durbin and Schumer call Nazis and running Gulags. Perhaps those are the threats he referrs to. Can't be Afghanistan because he hasn't even defined what the goals are there.

For the last 3 911 weekends that I've had my children, I've shown video clips about the 911 attacks and the movie Flight 93. I don't want them to forget what happened and most importantly, why it happened. No, it's not as Obama thinks as he learned from the racist "Reverend" Wright that our chickens came home to roost. It's not because we don't understand and capitulate to Islam. It's because Islam is a death cult based on submission and all countries and cultures that promote life and value freedom are repugnant to them and are to be targeted by THEIR god to be either converted or killed. Much like the Borg in Star Trek TNG, resistance is futile. Surrender and be assimilated or you will be destroyed.

The big problem on our home front is best be described how you could tell who was a liberal and who was a conservative two weeks after 911. The conservatives wanted to take Islam war declaration against our society by taking the fight to them, become energy dependent so we can tell these Islamic despots what they can do with their oil because without the US as their customer, their economies will drop further in the sewer, they wanted to defend our borders, language and culture. The very thing these animals want to destroy. What did liberals do. They got books on Islam to understand how we provoked them! The liberals first step was to find the way to blame America for their action and still are to this day. The biggest fight has been the liberals don't want to fight, they think, like that stupid fool NY Times reporter that went into Taliban territory only to get captured and held for ransom, that if they understand and embrace their ideology, they will be immune to their attacks. They're still making this claim and taking this fight to this day. That's why they make the claim fighting them just feeds the circle of violence. What fools. They don't have a clue what their enemy is and that they are the first ones they will attack if they ever get enough of them to set foot here and get armed enough. With Bush, though he let way too many from those depots in, he wasn't allowing them to arm or have us attack us. Now with Obama in, I think the fight is over and they're just going to wait for the timing to be right because he's not going to fight them, he's going to fight Americans defending themselves.

Every 911 weekend I get my children from my ex-wife, I show videos about the attacks, including the people jumping off the building to keep from burning to death. Then we'll watch the movie Flight 93 (who's memorial is worse than being given the middle finger as it's being formed to honor the terrorists) so they know what these animals are and what they're willing to do. That they're not like Saturday morning cartoons that will show restrains because they're children, but will kill them and celebrate their murder. It seems that we've quickly forgotten that. In 8 years, we have attacked America at every turn. Try to foil any attempt to intervene and stop these evil monstrosities from spreading more of their god's desire for death and destruction. We allowed more of them into the country in hopes that once they taste freedom that they'll change even though they're indoctrinated from birth that freedom is evil and abomination of their god. Islam about submission, not free will. Freedom is as repugnant to them as slavery is to us. But that's their main objective: enslavement of the world to Islam. Our society got so polarized, bought to propaganda that our Islamic enemies spewed that we're an evil nation and they're just freedom fighters. That they're ordinary people like us that mean us no harm and we're picking on them. That we're crusaders bend on genocide. Never mind the crusades were a reaction of the holocaust that the Islamic Moors that spread across Europe and the results of the first crusades were to get them out of Europe. Now look at Europe today. The Moors would had drooled over their accomplishments. Europe is lost because it's been too Islamicized and they no longer have the cajoles to fight them any more. We're capitulating more and more to our Islamic enemies and now have elected a Muslim into the white house or at the best a terrorist sympathizer that think they truly are freedom fight and we're the evil empire.

In just 8 short years, the terrorist have gained a huge victory because not only have Americans forgotten 911, they've forgotten their history, forgotten their birthright, and just plain forgotten what America was founded on. In just 8 years we've gone from being condemning terrorism to excusing it. From detaining terrorists to freeing them. From defending freedom to capitulating to servitude. From killing terrorists, to appeasing them. If history is any lesson, just America isn't the only one in great peril because of the forgotten lessons. The world is as well for if America was ever to become Islamicized, then there will be nothing to oppose their rampage. There will be a world wide holocaust that will make Hilter's final solution (and not just the Jews but the total of 13 million murdered), Stalin wiping out the counter revolutionaries (20 million murdered), and Mao's Culture Revolution (60 million murdered) will seem like a minor scrimmage in comparison because we won't be talking about millions dead, or tens of millions dead or even hundreds of millions dead, but BILLIONS dead. Yes, that's with a B. If these animals were ever to go on a world wide rampage, it will be as they promise, a river of blood. History shows that man learns nothing from history. We must not allow ourselves to over look this chapter of history. The consequences can be more severe than anything recorded in history.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Obama has made fools of the right?

So now that the whole speech brew ha ha is over, what was said and the results of this entire episode. First, what was entailed in the speech. The gist of the speech was that to bring out the most of one's potentials, they need their education. Through education they will bring out the most success that will benefit themselves, their community, family, and their country. He sites a LOT of personals as well as antadolal examples how how this happened for himself and other people. In all, nothing that I didn't try to tell my students when I was teaching. In essence this speech made all those that opposed it look like lunatics and complete fools.

The speech, which its theme was one that I believe most people would agree with and would spread out to those they come in contact with, did have a few things I felt was detrimental. First of all, it was just plain too looooooooooooooooong. I read the speech in its entirety and it took me nearly 20 minutes to read it. Figure times 4 to 5 to actually pace it in a speech and this speech would take about an hour and half to give. Given how hard it is to get student to learned one piece of information of a lesson, this speech that went on and on and on and on, if he didn't lose 2/3rd of the students after 5 minutes, I'm impressed. . . with the students. I had a hard time keeping up and had a few times I just wanted to wade through and scan over the speech. It's harder to do to listen intently for even longer.

The other is he sure did put a lot of his life into. Though I find that personal experiences and examples are good to bringing life and credibility to a story, it seems 2/3rd of this speech is all about him and what he went through and did. Seems that this message was directed at the inner city minority youth which again, I don't find myopic. They're the ones that need to learn this lesson the most.

What I find interesting is how the after effect of this speech will be. The gangsta mentality disdains education and work as being the white way and disrespectful to their race, especially among African Americans. Anyone who totes the work and better yourself is viewed as attacking the black culture and black lifestyle and anyone of the same race that totes it is a traitor, an uncle Tom, a turncoat. Now they have Barack Obama now toting that line. The man that they viewed as their messiah, their savior, the man that was going to turn the roles around and put whitey in his place is now telling them to go to school, listen to their teachers and parents, do their school work and lift themselves out of poverty and become what ever they want. I'm going to find their reaction to be pivotal in the success of his speech and his goals of getting kids education by working at it. Most of these inner city youths want to become either sports stars, rappers, or gangsters. Learning about the hard core subjects and becoming doctors, lawyers, teachers, etc, isn't something that's on their radar. It's not something they inspire to. Now, with Obama as President, perhaps this is what finally breaks their enslavement to the gangsta mentality. If it does and gets them out of the educational quagmire that they're end, then this speech become one of the first thing Obama has done right.

If so, it makes the opposition that every one gave look really foolish. It makes us look like hate mongers, racists, kooks, and closed minded. Now it can be argued that he changed his speech after the controversy started. The thing is, we're never going to know now because we reacted before knowing what the speech was. We truly should had just reacted to the lesson plan of the essay afterwards, which was fishy in of itself, and leave the speech alone til we heard it. Obama doesn't strike me as being a very smart man. However, he is surrounded by some shrewd, but downright shady, characters. They would be clever enough to say, lets this build up and then give a speech that they would want to hear and make them look like kooks. Then when health care comes up for its votes, all the opposition will lose credibility and we get back on course. I fear conservatives have fallen for the trap. If we hadn't responded to the speech before it was issued, we could had gotten evidence, if any, of any agenda or service to the President, like that I pledge video with the moron stoner man making such a pledge and had me hold the phone, then could had not only then make a justifiable complaint, but have documented evidence that really would had hammer their credibility. Now we're the ones holding the bag.

The gist is many reacted too soon. Looked before leaping and fumbled the political football. Though many of us had a problem of having the President having a captive audience of minors to make a speech, the speech was a lesson that many needed to hear and our reaction may had changed the original message, but the right message none the less. Now if the gangsta mentality continues to rule, then Obama is going to lose his support in some of his main voting blocs because they don't take to what they view as treasonous acts to their "culture". If it doesn't and they change their attitude, then the right have been given a severe black eye. Now only time will tell. Just learn this lesson: don't assume anything. It will just make an a$$ our of u and me.

Monday, September 7, 2009

The Uneducating of America, part 2.

In my last blog I went over what euripides stated was the cause of the degeneration of education in America and how from my personal experience confirmed them with an additional element, the parents. Now I'll go over his solutions and what are the arguments I heard while being "trained" in my internship that would so rudely cut off. I will put in my two cents worth on the validity of his ideas.

1 - Increase Teachers' Salaries According to Merit.

Although this idea have merit on its face value, I don't think it realistic that it can be done. We would all like those that excel at what they do to be rewarded for it. After all, if I make the most sales at a company, I should get a bonus in relation to much sales and money I produced for the company. The problem I find with this, as well as the liberals, is how does one accurately measure such merit? It's easy to come up with sales figures and accurately attribute who made the sales that brought in those dollars, but measuring education is much more difficult. There's no concession on what constitutes learning. Each state has different standards that teachers are to accomplish. But a teacher with a classroom of honor students and another with a classroom of underachievers can both be just as good and effective teacher, but will get different results because of the talents and abilities of the students. Now those that have issues with drugs, improper relations, lack of knowledge, those can be exposed. What needs to change is the ability to terminate those. But coming up with a formula to accurately measure a teacher's ability to successfully educate a student, if someone comes up with one that make sense, then I'm all for this. Test scores aren't good enough because it invites cheating and proves that a teacher is good at teaching to the test, not the ability to make a student an independent thinker. Oral interviews are flawed to bias. Just look at the media that claimed Obama is the smartest man in the room yet has verbal dyslexia when it comes to having over 57 states in the union and he was in the senate with 100 senators with two from each state. Could his man not do math, but yet was determined to be a genius. This idea would be good if there was some way to make accurate measurements.

2 - Get Rid of the Elementary Education Degree.

Frankly, not only do I agree with this one, I think we need to get rid of the credentialing programs as well. They just teach to spew leftist garbage. The education degree, as well as the teaching credential, doesn't require that you actually know anything. Ok for high school single subject, you need a bachelor, but they can put anyone in the classroom teaching any subject, so you get a lot of music, liberal arts, communication major teaching math and wonder why johnny can't add. These courses don't really educate you how to teach subject matter, but leftist propaganda. I contend that our education system isn't a failure at what it's designed to do. It does it great. It's what we, conservative and moderate minded adult citizens, want it designed to do that it fails. What the schools are designed to do now is to indoctrinate leftist propaganda. My student's couldn't figure out how to use a ruler or cut a shape off a worksheet, but they did know all he drug laws, know class warfare, spew socialist agendas, slavery, immigration policies, sex and rap. They knew things about sex that would make me blush to share with my wife and . . . well lets not go there. They sure knew a lot about drugs, drug laws, concepts of slavery and the demands for reparation, hatred of the classes, especially the white middle class, racism or at least to identify what they perceive what should be branded as racist by white citizens which created a great deal of kaos and grief in my classes being white, I much be racist to want to educate them. We need to rid ourselves of the leftist nonsense that goes on in our classrooms at both the K-12 and the Universities.

3 - Repeal the No Child Left Behind Act.

When this stupid piece of legislation was passed, I knew Bush made his legacy and perhaps his dumbest and greatest mistake. It was at this point I knew he wasn't a Conservative and a Manchurian socialist. This and the Freedom metal to Clinton's CIA head that allowed the greatest intelligence failure in history that led to 911 that he wasn't on our side. Add that Ted Kennedy, one of the worse traitors in our senate wrote this crap, I knew we were trouble. With Prop. 13's disaster on our state now being brought to the federal level giving the federal government an iron fist in state's education, I knew this was going to be disaster in the making. Add that this law clearly violates the 10th Amendment taking the power of education from the states to the federal government with draconian enforcement policies determined by, again, an abstract idea of accountability based on test scores that aren't clearly defining what it is we're measuring, it put the entire education system of the country into complete disarray. When I was teaching we teachers were often crashing heads with each other if what we were trying to accomplish capitulated with the law. Many times we were just throwing darts into the wind hoping that it would. Vague guidelines in a law only assures that confusion and vacillates results.

4 - Give Education Back to the States.

All I'll say is conveant emptor on this one. California was in bad enough shape before NCLB. Now our state can't compete against 3rd world nations. However, the federal government overreached their power when they got into the education. The 10th Amendment gave those rights to the state and the federal power grab needs be repealed, including the dissolution of the Department of Education. If they want to encourage education, they can issue scholorships and grants. We don't need them to have power over the states.

5 - Return to School-Independent and Departmental Control.

Just look at what Prop. 13 did to dissolved the local control, break up department control and gave it to the centralized power of the state. Every school now no longer cater to the local needs or the idocity of the local culture and mindset. It asssume, as it does here, that everyone thinks like Los Angelenos and made everyone cater to those needs and thinking. At the federal level, it's the socialist left that are enpowered and it's the socialist left that the mandates and curriculum are promoting. Let the districts that know what's best for their students, not some faceless government worker from New York or DC that doesn't have a clue, make their determination. What's better, they will be held accountable in their local elections, unlike the state or federal level where they're not even named, much less accountable.

6 - Give Up Silly Liberal Teaching Models.

All these models do is create leftist, racist, arrogant morons. They're so promoted to "feelings" and disdain learning so badly, that no learning gets done. It's why students learn so much about sex, drugs, rock 'n roll, rap, class warfare, etc. They do so well in promoting ideals, including bigotry and multiculturalism that brought us moral relavtivism, that students today no longer think. They just emotionally react.

7 - Treat All Political Lobbies as We Now Treat Corporations.

I think he treats Lobbiest with kids gloves. The problem with lobbyist is that their main job is to bribe. Lobbying is nothing more than legalized bribery and we need to outlaw the financing that lobbyist pay into poltical campaigns or just outlaw them and use an open forum for constituants can address their issues which doesn't go on now because of the lobbying financial powers.

8 - Expect More from Students.

Better yet, expect more from parents. So many disain education that they no longer are involved in their child's education any more. They great at pushing the feel good movement that they expect their child to pass without learning anything. To demonstrate a few points, one teacher was threatened by a parent because he was failing the student that never did any work or participate in the class because it was going to keep his child from graduating. So his child learns nothing, does no work, and he wanted him to reap the rewards and because a white teacher state that he didn't do what was required, he's threaten with physical harm because he was a "racist". One parent thought that getting a 33% on a test was grounds for him to pass the class. She thought that the hispanic teacher was being racist in hurting his self esteem by failing him. Most didn't even respond at all. Many of them, as well as their children, thought that getting educated was "white" and treasonous to their race. I remember when I was finishing up making copies in the main office, two students, cutting class of course, was reading the perfect attendence list posted at the main office (I advised the Principal that it was a bad idea at this school) and heard one said "so and so got perfect attendence. I'm going to kick his uncle tom's a$$. With this kind of mentality by the students, as well as the parents, and administrators either too scared, apathetic, or just plain agree with them to do anything about it, this problem is only going to get worse.

I'll add one more thing to the above. Perhaps we should start having civil and criminal penalties when they don't get involved. Of 220 students I had, only 68 parents ever responded and 21 of them felt I was the problem because I was racist. That means only 47 parents actually cared or where involved in their child actually learning. 173 just plain didn't care with 152 of them never even bother to respond to me. In the Philippines, where my wife comes from, they skunk us in the international tests and I know why: they have a financial stake. The parents actually have to pay just for their children to go to the public school. They don't allow their children to go and waste the investment they made in them. Here, where K-12 is completely free, they have no personal investment so they don't care about it. Perhaps if they did, the results. However, I get the feeling they'll cry racism and that will be the end of it.

Honestly, now that my children under the care of my ex-wife are now being home schooled and she's a liberal that just plain had enough of the ignorance that they teach, the overly openess to promisculusness, and the down and out dangerous places they've become with the capitulation to the Gangsta mentality. Given how bad, bloated, and dysfunctional the education system is now, I fear that unless we take an 180 (that's totally reversing the direction for those publically educated) from the path we're on now, I fear that public education will be gone in 25 years. Either it will collapse from the weight of its corruption, or people are just going to stop sending them. Parents that are involved and educate their children themselves are doing such a better job than those "credentialed" teachers in the public school system demonstrating that the parent, not how qualified the teacher or how much money we throw into the black hole of a liberal minded education model that determine the sucess of a student. There's a DS 9 episode where Worf was telling Dax the situation of the war with the Dominion. Galron, the leader of the Klingons and with the enemy Breem's energy damping beam that only the Klingons can repel, is going on a glory hunt with suicidial missions to gain political capital with the ever growing popularity of general Kuhl. When Dax gave her opinion, one that she knew Worf wouldn't like, it was that the Empire is dying and that it should die. With so much corruption, lies, greed, and bloodlust, the empire was collasping under its own weight. If Worf, a most courageous and honorable man was willing to tolerate such corruption, then what hope was there for the empire? The same is true of our educational system. There's so much tolerance for the corruption, greed, bloodlust (of extream leftism) what hope is their for the survival of the public education system? Worf ended up challanging and killing Galron before he handed over the entire sector to the Dominion. From there, Kulh ruled and with an open ear and mind. The allience ended up winning the war. Will we be willing to finally stand up to the leftist and their failed ideals and policies or will we let the public education, as well as America along with it.

The uneducation of America.

I've enclosed the following blog article from Self Evident Truths-Euripides. He, being an educator himself, he does a thorough job of assessing the troubles going on in our schools all over the country. He gives 8 reasons. Afterwards, I'll go over my assessment and what I went observed my one year and a couple I think he missed.

The article is as follows:

The response surprised me.

A recent Gallup Poll asked Americans what would be the best way to improve kindergarten through twelfth grade education in the US today. The poll determined that "Americans most commonly mention having higher-quality, better-educated, and more-involved teachers."Why does this surprise me? For one, I completely disagree with Americans' perception of education in the US. The answer to the problem does not lie with the teachers, but with the support system that teaches, hires, and controls the teachers.If I were to answer the Gallup Poll question, from my viewpoint as a teacher, I would point to eight entirely different things:

1. Low teacher salaries;
2. Failed university systems which neglect to teach the teachers;
3. The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 and government concepts of "accountability";
4. Increased federal interference;
5. Top-heavy school and district administration (i.e. district centralization versus department control);
6. Failed approaches to teaching, propagated and amplified by 1960s liberal ideals;
7. Self-serving teachers' unions;
8. And last, but not least, lack of student responsibility.

In other words, poor-quality, poorly-educated, poorly-involved teachers isn't the problem. It's only a symptom of the greater problem with education in the US.

I created quite a list here. The Gallup Poll shows that very few of my top problems with education in the US even make it to the Gallup list. This means that average Americans aren't aware of some of the basic, underlying problems with education in the US. Why the discrepancy? Of course, I can attribute many problems I identify on my list to years of personal experience, as I have watched the decline in student interest and student ability in the classroom. Some I attribute to my basic distrust of government interference and big government-run institutions. Some I attribute to my distrust of liberalized educational principles with which I do not agree.

The problem remains, however, that students graduate from high school lacking many of the basic skills necessary to continue at the college level. I've seen a sharp decline in students' abilities over the past five years or so. Students now lack the basic reading skills necessary to tackle the technical or specialized reading required for advanced education. For example, just yesterday, several of my students complained about a short article I had assigned them to read about the historical development of political ideologies. Many students couldn't read the article and grasp the author's main point. Many couldn't get past the author's language.

Also, yesterday I finished grading the first written assignment of the semester, finding a considerable number of the short essays all but unreadable because of basic problems with grammar, spelling, and mechanics. Virtually none of the students could properly group sentences together to form paragraphs, opting instead to break ideas randomly or to ignore paragraphs altogether. A significant number of students copied material straight from the textbook instead of paraphrasing - a clear indication to me of an inability to process information.

Which leads me to conclude that yes, the educational system is failing. Getting back to my own list of problems, I can suggest some solutions, none of which, of course, will ever happen since the educational system in the US is firmly under the control of power mongers: teachers' unions, state projects, and federal mandates and funding.

1 - Increase Teachers' Salaries According to Merit
I advocate across the board salary increases for teachers. While this may sound self-serving (which, of course it is), there is the fact that teachers' salaries simply cannot support a family. Speaking from experience, in order to make ends meet, I must supplement my teaching salary with an outside business and investment income. K-12 teachers are the worst hit, college teachers less so.Teachers' salaries should be tied to performance, especially at the college and university levels. Performance, in this case, doesn't mean publishing the drivel that passes for research these days, but instead means contributing to teaching, retaining, and counseling students to successfully navigate through school. Bad and overpaid university professors should have their salaries reduced, and should be paid by the number of classes taught, rather than the number of years in the system.

2 - Get Rid of the Elementary Education Degree
The utter garbage teachers learn from a degree in elementary education astonishes me. We now produce college graduates who can spew the latest teaching theories of facilitation and collaboration, yet they cannot read, write, spell, or do math. How can we expect these graduates to become effective teachers themselves when they lack basic educational skills?Getting rid of the programs to award degrees in elementary education, as well as their big sister, the doctorate of education, and requiring teachers to have graduated in science, history, English, or mathematics, would go a long way toward producing better teachers.

3 - Repeal the No Child Left Behind Act
Of all the stupid things that George W. Bush has been blamed for, liberals seem to ignore this shining example of bad legislation among them. The NCLB controls schools at the local level by threatening reduced funding from the federal level. The NCLB also places great emphasis on some vague and poorly defined ideal of "accountability" measurable through standardized testing. The end result produces an almost universal "teaching to the test." It's happened in my local school district. It's a good bet it's happened in yours as well.The emphasis on standardized testing has produced and will continue to produce problems such as "gaming" (fixing tests to show better results), changing test standards, teaching to the lowest level in classes, English-only assessment, limiting local school control, and others. (Wikipedia)

4 - Give Education Back to the States
Our modern sensibilities and ideologies say that we must ensure that all students, everywhere, are treated exactly the same. Little disturbs a modern liberal more than the thought that one school may enjoy a more privileged status than another. The solution to school funding inequity, was to take school funding decisions away from the states and place them at the federal level.The result produced many unintended consequences. First, because schools got federal funding, the states took money away from the schools. The net effect didn't raise up under-advantaged schools. It didn't "level" the playing field. It didn't provide more funds per student.What it did was to lift educational responsibilities from the states and hand them to the federal government. The result is an actual decline in the schools' abilities to fund programs and pay teachers' salaries. Most schools in my state, including universities, now suffer from inadequate funding.How many examples of ineffective federal controls do we need before we figure out that the federal government simply cannot fix the problems it creates. When the Democrats pass federal health care "reform," we'll have another shining example. Large bureaucracies simply cannot respond to local needs.

5 - Return to School-Independent and Departmental Control
Following the example of the federal government, the school administration where I teach has discovered a newly found power in taking decisions away from the department to create greater control and centralization over the entire system. Where my department chair used to make decisions about teaching loads and class size, now a bureaucrat makes the decision for all the departments across all the campuses. Where each campus had its own email system, now students must have a system-wide email (as well as a campus email, forcing students to check both systems). Where each campus had a single database listing of students for each class, now we must access two systems: one for grading, one for contact information. The new centralized control has multiplied high-paid administrative positions, yet has reduced the number of classes, reduced the numbers of teachers, and has significantly increased the numbers of students per class.A simple rule applies here - centralization and big bureaucracies to not respond well to the needs at the local level. "Modern" centralized school administration growth buries teachers and students alike.

6 - Give Up Silly Liberal Teaching Models
The liberalization of today's educational system demands layer upon layer of bureaucracy to ensure such things as fairness, equality, compassion, and tolerance are taught in school. What suffers, of course, is the actual education of the students. Equality-based systems replace merit-based systems. Students learn that education is a right or an entitlement, rather than a process that demands effort. No child left behind means reducing educational standards rather than lifting educational expectations.The result is a generation of students who expect good grades whether earned or not. For example, more and more students who earn poor or failing grades in my class expect me to change their grades because they don't "feel" they've been treated fairly.Recently, one of my students failed to turn in an exam and plagiarized a book report. He earned an F for the class. His mother, of all people, called me on the phone and insisted I allow him special privileges. Her explanation and reasoning? He needed to pass the class so he could transfer to another school. In her mind, skipping an exam and plagiarism were minor infractions, not worthy of a failing grade. Her son was a "good" student and tried very hard in everything he did. To her and her son, the effort satisfied the demands of education, despite the glaring omissions of any accomplishment whatsoever.This example belies a deeper symptom of the failure of education. Instead of subject mastery, students expect the entitlement of passing a class. Instead of demonstrated skill, effort wins the grade. Instead of learning, copying and pasting someone else's effort is entirely acceptable. All these point to the disease of failed educational philosophies invented within the past 40 years.

7 - Treat All Political Lobbies as We Now Treat Corporations
One of the modern-day boogeymen is the supposed "evil" corporation and attendant abuse of power. Under the Obama administration, banks, car manufacturers, insurance companies, Wall Street moguls, and the nebulous corporate greed have all been blamed for our economic troubles. The federal government, in turn, has taken over and diminished the power of the corporations for supposedly failing the people of the US.The problem, of course, arises from the abuse of power, wherever it may arise. Many corporations abused their power to create cheap wealth (Sallie Mae, Freddie Mac, AIG, are all examples). Teachers' unions, as well, have done their part to help destroy public education. These unions think and act just as large corporations and make political decisions based, not on altruism or the ideals of constituency, but on good-old American greed and lust for power.Educational lobbies are just as harmful as any other power monger corporation, perhaps more so, since the future of education rests in their unscrupulous hands.

8 - Expect More from Students
The last point is perhaps the most insidious, yet the easiest to correct. Teachers simply need to expect their student to perform. Administration simply needs to back up teacher decisions. Students should learn the basic lesson of education, that the responsibility of our education falls on our own shoulders and is utterly independent of teachers.For example, I expect my students to write well. After initial poor attempts, many of my students learn to write and proofread and turn in great essays. It takes time and it takes a bit of practice. I find that my students will rise to my expectations.

I also expect my students to think. I do not condone lazy thinking in my classes and, for the most part, the students rise to the occasion.What this tells me is that, with a bit of effort, students can and will rise to the occasion and learn how to learn. Why they wait until they are adults does not reflect well on our current K-12 system.

Can we implement solutions to bring us out of the mire of poor education? Given the political climate and the ideological bent of modern education, I'd have to reach the conclusion that no, we are stuck in a mire. Our schools seem to be locked into a badly designed system, spiraling downward toward the goal of pronounced mediocrity and delusions of adequacy.

Wow, a lot to take in, but the man, unlike too many on the left, especially when it comes to education, gives his reasons and examples and why he believes the changes are necessary.

As to his surprise to the response, it shouldn't had. The media has brow beated us about how badly funded the schools are (truth is they're not, they're badly mismanaged and over saturated in the administrative divisions, but I'll get to that later) and the lack of funding is keeping the best and the brightest from going into teaching. Yet when it comes to paying teachers more, the left has a cow mainly quoting nipoism.

First, let's take his 8 reasons why the schools are failing.
Low teacher salaries. There's a lot of truth to this. The main reason the best and brightest don't want to go into teaching is two fold. One being the horrid safety issues. Gangs are out of control and there's no respect or prestidge for teaching. The other is the low pay. After all, I knew many who went into math at CSUS to teach only to later decide instead of putting in another year, spending nearly 5 to 10 grand for a bunch of mickey mouse classes to make 27 to 36K or take a couple of applied course and start at 50 to 60K in the private sector. This demonstrated that the decision by me to become a teaching wasn't a good one financially.

Failed university systems which neglect to teach the teachers; I was an intern for an alternative credential program that allowed me to take classes while teaching as a full time teacher. Sort of an on the job training. This program was certified as being better at training better adept teacher with a much lower turn out rate by their graduates. Turns out there was a few whoppers involved in those numbers. First, the university only teach theory, which we learned for six weeks straight. They were a complete and utter waste of time. We were not ready to be in those classrooms, especially since most of us were hired in the inner cities (jee, I wonder why?) and weren't prepared for the overly complicated social and economical background of our students. This from a program that is certified by the state of California as being higher quality for preparation, so I can only imagine how bad the university are since they only teach theory without no hands on. At least I had that, but it wasn't near enough. No wonder the drop out rate of new teacher is nearly 60% in five years. One was more than enough for me.

The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 and government concepts of "accountability"; Here in California, we have Proposition 13. Unless you live in California, you will have no clue what this is or how it devastated the education of California's students. The initiative was passed in 1977 to revolt against the every escalating taxes (humm, sounds familiar. Tax party anyone and I don't mean the ones from 2009). The initiative has done a good job keeping our tax and spend lunatics from raising our taxes in a way that would make Obama cringe. However, it had one really BAD provision: the usurping of the local property taxes from the local government to the state general fund where the politicians can do whatever with the money. The theory, and a bad one at that with anyone with a brain could had figured out even in 1977, was that if the money was controled by the state, the lower income neighborhoods would get a more equitible share. Since LA makes up 1/2 of our state leglislature, LA basically controls the state. so LA has about 1/4 of the students, but gets about 60% of the funds and the schools there are still crap. So it doesn't take much to see how the rest falls out. Now we got NCLB which takes the funding control from the states, if necessary (cough cough), and puts it incontrol of the federal government. Just want the country didn't need and especially in this state. California, who education system was the envy of the world, now is in the toilet. Only Mississippi and DC do worse than we do. Some how, that doesn't instill much confidence. If NCLB is allowed to continue, the entire country will have schools as bad as California.

Increased federal interference. Ever since the Department of Education was establish by that nut with a brain of a pea, thus why he was the peanut president, education has nose dived. Adding more red tape, piece by piece has just decimated education. Putting federal mandate after mandate to clog up the works in an already saturated situation. All the districts cared about were those stupid tests and how they looked to the federal government. The students and what they actually were learning were damn. Every year since NCLB was passed the test have been dumbed down every year.

Top-heavy school and district administration (i.e. district centralization versus department control). Oh, this one is my favorite. I umpire softball games for some extra money. The sports have their elements, players who buy equipment and pay to participate in a league, the umpires that regulates and impliments the rules, scorekeepers that keep records of the plays and events, and the league directors. Imagine a game with 10 players on each side, two umpires doing the games and 3 league directors giving out differing instruction and giving out 3 different sets of rules and that's per league. Now imagine you pay an umpire $20 each per game while paying each league director $60 to 80$ and there are 3 of them and they're confusing and having conflicting interests. What would the results be? A game that cost the teams at least $280, or $14 per person per game and the game would be in complete kaos. Considering with one director for ALL the leagues for a week and not nearly at the rate, the cost is about 5$ per person per game.

In the education sector, there are 112 administrators for every 100 teachers. Those adminstrators do nothing to educate students and they make over $100k each (some are nearly $200K). Compared that to the average salary of a teacher of $42k. It doesn't take much math to realize why our education costs are so out of control. Given these administrators don't always, in fact, rarely are on the same page with the same agenda and it's no mystery why things are disfunctional. When I was teaching, one of the assistant principals (there were 8 for crying out loud) was making a name for herself by head hunting and finding reason to get untenured teachers fired (which she succeeded in all but two out of 11). What was her title. Assisstant principle in charge of curriculum. Our curriculum was established the previous summer, so what did we need her for? There were several like this. AP in charge of hall control, student services, couseling (no, not the counselor, but to see if one was needed), and stuff I never figured out. There were so many who we didn't know what department they were assistant prinicipal of. Remember this, we had no money for paper (we were given 10 reams for 5 months. Try teaching math to 200 students with just 5000 sheets of paper for the semester), supplies, my phone was broke 6 of the 10 months and they didn't try to fix it til after 3 months, copier were out of toner and the wait was days (many of us did them for the week on Friday afternoon when the supplies arrive). Many of us didn't have the necessary number of books even. But hey, we had that AP in charge of curriculum. Remember, each of these "administrators" cost 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 teachers so for every unnecessary one you dump, that's 2 1/2 teachers you can get into the classroom or a teacher's salary that can be doubled. Note how this compared to private schools that do a much better job, at less than half the total cost. They only have 12 administrators per 100 teachers.

Failed approaches to teaching, propagated and amplified by 1960s liberal ideals. I remember one lesson that will typfied this. We had to learn and understand what our head at the State Department of Education was promoting. He stated that there are too many white people in our education department and that's why minority students fail. Because a black student can only learn from a black teacher, a latino from a latino teacher, and so on. The reason was because teachers are bias agianst students who aren't like them. I found the whole thing to be repugnant and racist. Seem to the liberals, everything is about race and racism and they teach that to the teachers.

Self-serving teachers' unions. Remember that number I gave about the administrators and teachers. That ratio also applies to the union. There are 112 administrators for every 100 teachers that are memebers of the teacher's union so they promote policies and candidates that entrenched their power and pay. Frankly, the unions don't even care about the students. The president of the California Teacher's Union said so herself. That they're for the teachers and administrators, not the students. The truth is worse than that because they're really for the administrators not the teachers as well.

And last, but not least, lack of student responsibility. This one I completely agree with but not the way the author put it. He believe that if the teacher expects more from the students, they will rise to the occassion. Rubbish. If you expect more, they will resist more and brand you a racists. Students today, at least the minorities, are polluted with Gangsta. They completely disdain education. They view it as racist and white and a disrespect to their race to attempt to educate them. It's what I went through. Too many times when I was giving my lesson the students would cry out in protest that I'm harassing them because they're acting too black, Hispanic, Filipino, name your race. I tried to get the parents involved, but most of them simply didn't care or would push the same racist card on me. The author last statement is completely incomplete. It's a completely lack of responsibility of the student AND PARENT. Many of whom are gang members themselves. I could tell horror stories that would make Freddy Cruger or Jason Voodees seems like flufly bunnies in comparison when it comes to the parents contributions to their children's educational demerits.

The next blog, I'll address his solutions.