Friday, September 11, 2009

8 years after 911.

I remember what I was doing when I got the news about 911 8 years ago. I was getting ready for work when I got a call from my mother-in-law, who lived upstairs to me, telling to turn on the news that we've been hit by terrorist and the twin towers had been hit by airplanes. It was then I knew that the world was about to change. I just didn't know it was going to be for the worse.

I can't give enough condolences to the victims by the evil Islamic physcopaths that attacked and killed our follow Americans that dreadful day. Words seems such an empty gesture to them. They weren't victims of a natural disaster, an illness, some act of God. They were premeditatedly murdered by 19 savages that were acting in the name of their god. How does one console someone that lost someone because some animal saw them as a embodiment of Satan and who's murder is seen as a divine act? All I can do is give out my penitence of outreach and be sure the lessons of that day aren't forgotten or undermined. To do so would to make their deaths in vain.

First of all, I find Obama's call for service utterly disgusting. SERVICE! FOR WHAT?! This wasn't some natural disaster or some catastrophe caused by human indifference. Well, maybe, because radical Islamic are indifferent to the lives of those that think and live differently than they do, but what does service have to do with being attacked by evil terrorists? This show the mindset of this man that he sympathizes with the terrorists. Remember, in Islamic countries, they view 911 differently. They celebrate this day as a day of victory over the great white Satan. Seems people forgot how the Muslims on the streets celebrated, jumping and dancing in the streets while passing out candy to the children. To them, doing a service would be appropriate because serving themselves as suicide bombers is the call of all the mytars. I find Obama's attitude repugnant. Even his prayer at the white house doesn't convince me. Who's he praying to? God or Allah? Given this man's track records, especially his loyalties to Islam, as stated in his book "If America has a conflict with Islam and I much choose between the defense of America against fighting against Muslim, I will have to side with the Muslims every time." Also given his association with terrorists, I don't feel that questioning which God he is praying to is unjustified. Not once has he mention the Islamic terrorists or the word terrorism. Not once has he referred to the threaten that's facing up in the form of Islamic terrorism. Just that he believe in continuing the fight that Bush fought against those threats against our country. The only thing is, unlike Bush, he doesn't define who those threats are. The only thing close has been those that cling to their religion (meaning Christians) and their guns. Those who protest at town hall meetings or question anything of his policies. Our military that Turban Durbin and Schumer call Nazis and running Gulags. Perhaps those are the threats he referrs to. Can't be Afghanistan because he hasn't even defined what the goals are there.

For the last 3 911 weekends that I've had my children, I've shown video clips about the 911 attacks and the movie Flight 93. I don't want them to forget what happened and most importantly, why it happened. No, it's not as Obama thinks as he learned from the racist "Reverend" Wright that our chickens came home to roost. It's not because we don't understand and capitulate to Islam. It's because Islam is a death cult based on submission and all countries and cultures that promote life and value freedom are repugnant to them and are to be targeted by THEIR god to be either converted or killed. Much like the Borg in Star Trek TNG, resistance is futile. Surrender and be assimilated or you will be destroyed.

The big problem on our home front is best be described how you could tell who was a liberal and who was a conservative two weeks after 911. The conservatives wanted to take Islam war declaration against our society by taking the fight to them, become energy dependent so we can tell these Islamic despots what they can do with their oil because without the US as their customer, their economies will drop further in the sewer, they wanted to defend our borders, language and culture. The very thing these animals want to destroy. What did liberals do. They got books on Islam to understand how we provoked them! The liberals first step was to find the way to blame America for their action and still are to this day. The biggest fight has been the liberals don't want to fight, they think, like that stupid fool NY Times reporter that went into Taliban territory only to get captured and held for ransom, that if they understand and embrace their ideology, they will be immune to their attacks. They're still making this claim and taking this fight to this day. That's why they make the claim fighting them just feeds the circle of violence. What fools. They don't have a clue what their enemy is and that they are the first ones they will attack if they ever get enough of them to set foot here and get armed enough. With Bush, though he let way too many from those depots in, he wasn't allowing them to arm or have us attack us. Now with Obama in, I think the fight is over and they're just going to wait for the timing to be right because he's not going to fight them, he's going to fight Americans defending themselves.

Every 911 weekend I get my children from my ex-wife, I show videos about the attacks, including the people jumping off the building to keep from burning to death. Then we'll watch the movie Flight 93 (who's memorial is worse than being given the middle finger as it's being formed to honor the terrorists) so they know what these animals are and what they're willing to do. That they're not like Saturday morning cartoons that will show restrains because they're children, but will kill them and celebrate their murder. It seems that we've quickly forgotten that. In 8 years, we have attacked America at every turn. Try to foil any attempt to intervene and stop these evil monstrosities from spreading more of their god's desire for death and destruction. We allowed more of them into the country in hopes that once they taste freedom that they'll change even though they're indoctrinated from birth that freedom is evil and abomination of their god. Islam about submission, not free will. Freedom is as repugnant to them as slavery is to us. But that's their main objective: enslavement of the world to Islam. Our society got so polarized, bought to propaganda that our Islamic enemies spewed that we're an evil nation and they're just freedom fighters. That they're ordinary people like us that mean us no harm and we're picking on them. That we're crusaders bend on genocide. Never mind the crusades were a reaction of the holocaust that the Islamic Moors that spread across Europe and the results of the first crusades were to get them out of Europe. Now look at Europe today. The Moors would had drooled over their accomplishments. Europe is lost because it's been too Islamicized and they no longer have the cajoles to fight them any more. We're capitulating more and more to our Islamic enemies and now have elected a Muslim into the white house or at the best a terrorist sympathizer that think they truly are freedom fight and we're the evil empire.

In just 8 short years, the terrorist have gained a huge victory because not only have Americans forgotten 911, they've forgotten their history, forgotten their birthright, and just plain forgotten what America was founded on. In just 8 years we've gone from being condemning terrorism to excusing it. From detaining terrorists to freeing them. From defending freedom to capitulating to servitude. From killing terrorists, to appeasing them. If history is any lesson, just America isn't the only one in great peril because of the forgotten lessons. The world is as well for if America was ever to become Islamicized, then there will be nothing to oppose their rampage. There will be a world wide holocaust that will make Hilter's final solution (and not just the Jews but the total of 13 million murdered), Stalin wiping out the counter revolutionaries (20 million murdered), and Mao's Culture Revolution (60 million murdered) will seem like a minor scrimmage in comparison because we won't be talking about millions dead, or tens of millions dead or even hundreds of millions dead, but BILLIONS dead. Yes, that's with a B. If these animals were ever to go on a world wide rampage, it will be as they promise, a river of blood. History shows that man learns nothing from history. We must not allow ourselves to over look this chapter of history. The consequences can be more severe than anything recorded in history.

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