Friday, September 18, 2009

Carter, go away already.

Jimmy Carter, the worse President in history, is still opening his mouth and reminding us why he was the worse President in history: he has the intelligence of a plant. It seems that given if anyone disagree with this current President, it must be because of racism. He blames racism in the South for his defeat against Reagan in 1980. Uh. . . Jimmy, I hate to break this to you but . . . (whispering) you're white. You lost because you were just dreadful. Gas lines, high taxes, inflation in double digits, unemployment in double digits, and don't forget those Iranians and those hostages that you bungled with extreme stupidity. While we're at it, let's not forget the policy you had about the war in Afghanistan. No, not the current one. The one that you had the CIA finance and trained, including one commander by the name of Osama Bin Laden. So you wonder why you lost, it was because you sucked and blow. It's just that plain and simple. I was 11 when you took office and 15 when you left and it was miserable. Prices jumping all the time, long lines for gas that was so bad people were shot over it, those lines for unemployment insurance. Seems a lot of it is going on today. I guess he did because deep down inside he thought he was a black man. I think Carter has been dancing too much with the snakes, drinking too much of the strychnine, and after 29 years, still hasn't gotten over that he lost.

I'm sick and tired of being called a racist because I don't agree with this racist President. I've read about communism, socialism, and fascism. I've read about the cultural revolution and how Mao's Red Guard seeked and destroyed those that didn't conform to the new culture. How much of what this man believes and the policies that's he's implementing or proposing are tired and tried polices that have lead to misery and poverty. Policies that lead to totalitarianism and oppression. Taking personal freedom to expand an ever growing and intrusive government to the point that nobody will be able to sneeze without the government holding a hankie and ready to quarantine you or sent you to sensitivity training, or should I say re-education camps, if you don't follow the Tower of Babel multiculturalism. Having our national debt skyrocket all the while our enemies gain more of foothold of to black mail us by buying up our debt. Somehow having the government make our medical decisions and determine when or even IF we get any care or even if I'm healthy I must pay a huge penalty because even though I don't use the health care, I'm still blamed for the costs. We're sick of you apologizing to those of us that attack and kill us just because they're psychopaths that hate our freedoms and will blow their own children up to enforce their Borg mentality of assimilate or be destroyed. I'm tired of the government dictating how I should think, feel, or spend what little of my money. Worse of all, I'm sick of a government that think we're peasants with their aristocratic mentality that their government seat is an entitlement and the people are to serve them, when it was the intent of the supreme law of the land that our government is to work for us. If Carter finds that racists because a black man sits in the White House wanting to crap this crap down our throats, not only do I wear the bigotry label with pride, but Carter is a stone cold racist himself since he only sees the President's color of his skin and base the judgement of this man and the reaction of his policies by such and not by the character from within. Hey, Carter, that means MLK jr was a racist as well. Do us all a favor, especially your evil, racist, leftist socialists and stop embarrassing the country, yourself and especially your loony leftist buddies and shut your mouth, retire, and put yourself in the pasture. Nobody is listening to you anymore, unless they're insane with hatred, and those dignitaries aren't laughing with you anymore, they're laughing at you. Let me put it the way your hateful leftist morons keep saying it: YOU LOST!!!! GET OVER IT!!!