Wednesday, September 23, 2009

GB is right. McCain would had been worse for the country.

There seems to be a huge flap about what Beck said to Katie about how McCain would had been worse for the country than Obama or even Hillary. I'm not that much of a fan of the man, however in this case, the man is completely on target. Keep in mind that he never said that McCain would had been a worse President, but worse for the country. His frog and boil pot analogy is right on and here's why.

McCain, first, isn't a conservative or really a Republican, he's a RINO, just like Bush II. He would had been Bush 3 and a great deal of people knew it. Give Obama his due, he knew that people were sick of the Bush years with his compromises and his stupid statements and wishy washy policies. He painted McCain as another Bush and not only was he right, but it worked. Many moderates and right of center people voted for him (and yet he still plays the race card). It's McCain RINOism or what would had been a soft version of Obama that would had made him such a danger to America.

You see, Beck was using the frog analogy because it was made famous by a politician. A politician who was laying out his plan for destroy the West, especially Capitalism. That politician was Joseph Stalin. He didn't believe a direct assult was the best idea in destroy the West. He believed that by getting enemies inside the gate and piece by piece eliminating the foundation of freedom that a communist state could take over. Free people wouldn't be aware nor would do anything to resist or stop the takeover of their freedoms towards a socialistic state. By the time they realized they've become slaves to the government, it would be too late. If you try by force to do it all at once, the people will be aware of the takeover and the elimination of their freedom and will fight back and prevent the coup. This is what Beck is referring to.

McCain was all for cap and trade, amnesty, bailouts and everything that was wrong with the Bush Administration. Though the stimulus wouldn't had been as massive because a radical like Van Jones wouldn't had written it, the auto bailouts wouldn't had been that much or that long nor would Chrysler be owned by Fiat. Health care, there would be a softer version of reform with cost control, insurance being vilified since he is doing that in the senate even now, cash for clunkers, well who knows, but the nationalization of our financial institutions would had been going one since he voted for them, so the auto would as well. The thing is everything being done by Obama would had been done by McCain only on a smaller scale.

This smaller scale, in accordance with the media's bias, would had just had this become a Democrat vs. Republican thing. The Republicans in the congress would had been going along with this instead of speaking out as they are now. Tea parties? The only tea parties that would be going on right now are the ones in girls playhouses. There would be protests because the people would still be oblivious to what's going on. Like the frog in lukewarm water as McCain in his appeasement of the powers to be would be slowly turning up the heat. Do you think he would condemned ACORN or the filmmakers, only the people, especially the middle roaders, would come to support his belief that the filming was racial or bias and doctored. People would be soft sold on these issues and wouldn't be forming any parties, or even really debating the issues and little by little, the liberals who McCain would be all to willing to compromise with would be piece by piece dismantling the constitution. Worse still, these politicians wouldn't be worried about the midterm elections. In fact, they would be in position to make McCain irrelevant as things would still be bad and would have a serious chance of a super majority in both houses. Unemployment would still be about 10%, credit anemic, auto industry struggling, world markets down, galvanization against conservatives still at an all time high. Only now he would get the blame and galvanize the liberals to elect even more of their guys as well as many moderates and independents to elect the Democrats as well..

Look at what we have now. People are awaken to the dangerous situation we're in. This wouldn't had happened with McCain. Obama, who's Bush on steroids, is galvanizing the people on what's really going on that they're taking their country back. This man, who everyone claims to be the smartest in the room as well as worships Marxists, violent Islamics, and tyrants didn't learn the lesson from one of his most beloved heroes: Joseph Stalin. You never try to take everything all at once. Even the densest, dumbest, and ignorant members will be able to see that. Quadrupling of the debt, the whole cap and trade, the complete takeover of health care, these make the nationalization of our financial and auto industry more worrisome by the people and the Democrats are scrambling to save their rear ends for 2010. We haven't even gone over his obsession with Czars. Obama for the smartest man in the room, has made some serious and stupid mistakes and it's only been 8 months. As a detective once said, most criminals are stupid and we thank God for that. Well, thank God this socialist is so arrogant and stupid that he showed his cards all at once for all the people to see. With McCain, that wouldn't had been the case and we would be creeping slowly but surely to a socialist state with most of use not even aware it was going on. Right now, Obama's election is looking like a blessing in disguise. We know what we got with this guy now. As for McCain. Most conservatives didn't even noticed the RINO outfit he was wearing. I doubt they would see the socialist path that he would compromise us into. The 2008 voters were stupid, and perhaps we should thank God for that.

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