Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Knowing thy enemy.

Lately, I've been watching a lot of crime shows on a website, mainly abductions abroad. I'm getting a hard smack in the head of how big of a risk I took when I first visited, at the time, my prospective In-Laws. I knew that traveling to the southern islands of the Philippines is risky as the state department religiously warns about and that Americans shouldn't travel there unless it's absolutely necessary and that we take our lives in our own hands as they can't guarantee our safety there. The abduction stories all have one thing in common, and you'll never hear it in the media because they don't want us to know that it was MUSLIM terrorist that attack us but man made disasterists, but all the abductions and murders are being committed by Muslim terrorists. What's worse is that it works as a money making venue and instilling their propaganda.
I've seen five of the shows, and with the exception of the drug smuggler who got caught in South Korea, they've been abducted and held for ransom by Muslims. Three of the episodes have been the king of kidnappings for ransom: The Abu Sayyaf. My wife refuses to watch those episodes with me. She's lived through it personally herself. . . TWICE. So she knows what kind of animals this group is. What really frighten me isn't the savageness these animals are in their tactics and spewing their evil BS. It isn't the danger I was end because being a westerner in the southern Philippines I stuck out like corruption at an ACORN event, but the reaction by those that get captured by these animals. I'm starting to understand why we've lost the war on terror.
Two of those abducted have been couples at resorts. The other is a man that was serving on a missionary. First, what makes me bump my head is that a couple goes to a resort in the Southern Island, another to Malaysia, a Muslim country, and don't know the dangers? One of the couples had done missionary work for 15 years and didn't think they were in any real danger. My God. Even I knew there was a real risk (Just not how high of a risk). To be so fool hearty to think that they're going to be not noticed or at risk by these groups shows the ignorance and boldness these groups are willing to take. For the most part they don't fear death or even getting caught. We tend to think that they're like us: fearing death and losing freedom. Oh, such foolishness. They embrace death and freedom is an illusion of the infidel West. Everything happens as according to God's will.
One couple was taken by the AS without masks on. This was a telltale sign of the trouble they're in. If a Muslim isn't wearing a mask, they're on a suicide mission. A Muslim will show their true self to their god by exposing their identity. They're not worried about being identified because they don't expect to live through their action. So if one is being kidnapped by unmasked hoodlums in a Muslim territory, be warned. That means they're willing to be killed. If they're masked, as with the Malaysian kidnappings, they're expecting to live and not willing to risk a confrontation. The gist of that one is that they knew it and just waited things out because as long as they're wiling to survive, they're not likely to do anything to bring the Filipino military in. Though they did rape some of the women, there were no killings or beheading. Libya eventually paid the ransom and were released.
The case with the missionary and the second couple wasn't so pretty. They were mask less and willing to face the military in an armed confrontation with one of them did which I will get through later. The missionary man, his escort, and cab driver were all taken by the AS. What I find interesting is that it was a perfect ambush though the driver went to the wrong entrance at the port and was lost. Yet the kidnappers knew where and when to attack with nobody to notice (they were surrounded by stacks of the metal cargo containers. Even I knew that being unmasked, this wasn't good. When they did their celebration, as our victim, it was known that it was the Abu Sayyaf. The problem with this man's situation, the kidnappers didn't know where the head of his missionary was for them to make the ransom demand. She didn't tell them before leaving, just the port they were to report to. Not believing him, they tortured and then beheaded the cab driver (whom I'm convinced was with them. No honor working with terrorists). Later they beheaded his escort, who was Filipino. Knowing that he was next, he played a desperate card with the terrorist interpreter who clearly wasn't a member, but a local who just knew how to speak English and was recruited. Asking him would his children and family be proud of what he was doing got this man of conscience to do something I doubt I would do even though I'm willing to fight these animals to the death because I know what they are, and that's risk his family in an escape. He released him while the guards and the others were passed out drunk (I thought drinking alcohol was a capital offense in Islam) and sneaked him out onto a boat with his daughter and brother to his home on another island where shortly there after, the Filipino military was informed where to find him. Knowing who his enemy was and playing the right card with the right person got this man out. For the next case it wasn't to be because she didn't understand or knew her enemy at all.
The couple that lived in the Philippines for 15 year and went on a vacation where the Abu Sayyaf operate is the story I find the most disturbing. Not because of what the terrorist did, but what the couple did or in this case, didn't do. They were abruptly awaken to find AK-47's pointed at them with a lot of screaming. They had their hands tied and put on a boat to another nearby island (which I suspect was Jolo). These men were unmasked, so they were willing to die in their fight as it was clear they were Abu Sayyaf when they did their chant as the couple knew it as well. Things went badly from there because the military knew who they were and where they were going. The fight on Jolo has been bloody and vicious. Most Marines fighting are found without heads in this fight. They get to their destination and the women were washing up when the Filipino forces found them and the shooting began. What the AS do is what they typically do as the cowards they are, get the civilians and put them between the soldiers and themselves. The couple had a chance to hide among some rocks away from their captures but they had the wrong mentality. They felt that the military was a greater threat to their safety than the terrorist because they were shooting at them. They viewed the AS as their protectors. They failed to see that they were using them as human shields. They were feeling safe with their captures despite being used as human shields. If they hid and went towards the military, they would had been out of their situation. Instead, things are about to get worse. Instead, two civilians were wounded as the terrorist flew and firing back with their human shields.
They went to an open road with a Jeepney waiting for them (those jeeps are interesting and unique to watch). However, there wasn't enough room for them all (there were several tourist and a couple of rich Filipinos with them). They had to leave two behind, so they took the rich Filipinos and beheaded them and then ran. As the cowards that they are, they drove and hid in a hospital. When the military surrounded them, the terrorist set up a barrier with the hostages keeping the most valuable, the Americans, furthest from the windows, then the animals thinking they would have a turkey shoot because they thought the military wouldn't shoot at a hospital started to open fire on the troops killing two of them. To every one's horror, the military fired back, killing two of the terrorists. Seeing this, as they got the husband to go out with a cell phone to telephoned that their were hostages and seize firing. It work til the terrorist decided to make their escape and again using them as human shields as they fired at the troops again and have this couple staying with the terrorist because they viewed the military as the bad men because they were going to kill them. They overlooked that they're firing back in self defense and it was the terrorist that were endanger them using them as shields. Why they missed this is beyond me. I guess if you're in a firefight, you tend to see the bullets coming at you as the bad ones, not the one from you that put you in danger in the first place. However if they went down and leave them open, they would had been an easy target, but they obliged in shielding them.
The terrorists and their hostages got away and made it to a mountain with rough terrain. Eventually they got to a village with their families as they made their ransom demands: $1 million for each hostage (there were 18 total). After a week, it was clear that the ransom wasn't going to be paid and they wanted to send a message by sending them one of the "white" hostages. Since there were only two white people, they fear it was going to be one of them. Instead they took a newly sworn American citizen and claimed they were taking him to a doctor. The next day the women noticed that three children about 8 years of age, and all armed with AK-47's were "playing" and one of them was exclaiming, "please, please don't kill me." Meanwhile another made a slashing motion while the other kid went to the ground and they all laugh about it. At this point she realized that these children had no conscience and that she heard the last words of the man that was taken away. She becomes friends with his fiancee and told her the ugly truth. She confronted the leader of this "band", the only courageous thing she did in this whole escapade. His word rang in her head. He kept his word and returned him to his family. . . without his head, and he laughed his head off over it. It would seen she would get a clue about what kind of "people" she was dealing with. They, as they're teaching their children, enjoy killing. They get pleasure out of murdering people, infidels in their eyes so they're less than human, and tormenting them.
Six months later, 12 hostages were ransomed and released. Three were killed so they were the last one. He gave them the news that their ransom was paid and they're going to be released the next morning. Well, never trust a Muslim because the next morning he decided $1 million each wasn't enough so he raised it to $4 million each as he taunted them. That evening, her husband was feeling guilt over the greed, hatred, and envy that he was witnessing. Not in the terrorists, but in himself over the food that they were eating, family time they have and wanting to kill these fathers and husbands of these families. I was like you got to be kidding. They've kidnapped you, killed 3 with glee as well as their children, their wives support them and they're guilt ridden over their reaction of crimes. She stated after her rescue that she learned from this incidence, but learned the wrong lesson. She was sympathetic, thought of them as freedom fighters, father and mothers who just wanted to provide for their families. Never mind that they're teaching them to hate, murder, and destroy other families without fear, conscience or guilt. That they would sacrifice any of those children for their cause (which they've had done in the past). They savagely kill and put innocents in danger without regard and she was guilty about her feeling towards them. I could only shake my head in disgust as she didn't learn a thing but to become a bigger cowards and have sympathy for evil.
Eight months later, the Filipino government have had enough of them and their changing of ransom and failure to follow through with their promises and finally caught up and found their village. A firefight ensued and her husband was shot and killed. She actually blames the Filipino government for his death. I guess lying and extortion at the expense of their lives was justified by these evil "people". It's the government's fault for fighting them. She didn't know her enemy, in fact, she became sympathetic to them. A bad case of Stockholm Syndrome. In the end, 25 terrorist, including 4 of the 5 leaders which included giggles over the beheading was killed. She would testify against 18 of the surviving terrorist (there were over 50 of them at first) and all got convicted. She also opposed them getting the death penalty (fortunately, the Filipino government knows how much of a lose lose it is to keep them alive in their prison so they make more kidnappings and demand their release and sentence them to death anyways). She now resides in Kansas City and set up a foundation for Christian and Muslim children in the Southern Philippines. Good job. In the end, they're going to get more money without a fight. She learned all right. All the wrong lesson because appeasement isn't going to work. Sympathizing isn't going to warm their hearts as it didn't for the 13 months she was held. Sending the message to the Abu Sayyaf that using hostages as human shields is good military tactics is going to curtail the savagery and criminal enterprise of this evil group. All she did was made them stronger and more embolden because she didn't learn what here enemy were: purely evil.
So when I see how people think Obama as made us stronger and more respected to the citizens of the world, especially the Muslim countries, I laugh and cry. When he wants to negotiate with Iran or disarm our nuclear capabilities, or apologize for our crimes, or wants to undermined our economy to make those of third world feel equal, then I realize his supporters are just like this woman: have no clue what are enemies are or what they are. They truly don't know their enemy and that's more frightening than anything the Abu Sayyaf could had done to me had they taken me. I know what they are and willing to die fighting them. Because that's what it is going to take to defeat this threat and frankly, too many people just don't know their enemy while they know us all too well. Hence as long as we stay ignorant or in denial, we have lost the war on terror.

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