Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Obama has made fools of the right?

So now that the whole speech brew ha ha is over, what was said and the results of this entire episode. First, what was entailed in the speech. The gist of the speech was that to bring out the most of one's potentials, they need their education. Through education they will bring out the most success that will benefit themselves, their community, family, and their country. He sites a LOT of personals as well as antadolal examples how how this happened for himself and other people. In all, nothing that I didn't try to tell my students when I was teaching. In essence this speech made all those that opposed it look like lunatics and complete fools.

The speech, which its theme was one that I believe most people would agree with and would spread out to those they come in contact with, did have a few things I felt was detrimental. First of all, it was just plain too looooooooooooooooong. I read the speech in its entirety and it took me nearly 20 minutes to read it. Figure times 4 to 5 to actually pace it in a speech and this speech would take about an hour and half to give. Given how hard it is to get student to learned one piece of information of a lesson, this speech that went on and on and on and on, if he didn't lose 2/3rd of the students after 5 minutes, I'm impressed. . . with the students. I had a hard time keeping up and had a few times I just wanted to wade through and scan over the speech. It's harder to do to listen intently for even longer.

The other is he sure did put a lot of his life into. Though I find that personal experiences and examples are good to bringing life and credibility to a story, it seems 2/3rd of this speech is all about him and what he went through and did. Seems that this message was directed at the inner city minority youth which again, I don't find myopic. They're the ones that need to learn this lesson the most.

What I find interesting is how the after effect of this speech will be. The gangsta mentality disdains education and work as being the white way and disrespectful to their race, especially among African Americans. Anyone who totes the work and better yourself is viewed as attacking the black culture and black lifestyle and anyone of the same race that totes it is a traitor, an uncle Tom, a turncoat. Now they have Barack Obama now toting that line. The man that they viewed as their messiah, their savior, the man that was going to turn the roles around and put whitey in his place is now telling them to go to school, listen to their teachers and parents, do their school work and lift themselves out of poverty and become what ever they want. I'm going to find their reaction to be pivotal in the success of his speech and his goals of getting kids education by working at it. Most of these inner city youths want to become either sports stars, rappers, or gangsters. Learning about the hard core subjects and becoming doctors, lawyers, teachers, etc, isn't something that's on their radar. It's not something they inspire to. Now, with Obama as President, perhaps this is what finally breaks their enslavement to the gangsta mentality. If it does and gets them out of the educational quagmire that they're end, then this speech become one of the first thing Obama has done right.

If so, it makes the opposition that every one gave look really foolish. It makes us look like hate mongers, racists, kooks, and closed minded. Now it can be argued that he changed his speech after the controversy started. The thing is, we're never going to know now because we reacted before knowing what the speech was. We truly should had just reacted to the lesson plan of the essay afterwards, which was fishy in of itself, and leave the speech alone til we heard it. Obama doesn't strike me as being a very smart man. However, he is surrounded by some shrewd, but downright shady, characters. They would be clever enough to say, lets this build up and then give a speech that they would want to hear and make them look like kooks. Then when health care comes up for its votes, all the opposition will lose credibility and we get back on course. I fear conservatives have fallen for the trap. If we hadn't responded to the speech before it was issued, we could had gotten evidence, if any, of any agenda or service to the President, like that I pledge video with the moron stoner man making such a pledge and had me hold the phone, then could had not only then make a justifiable complaint, but have documented evidence that really would had hammer their credibility. Now we're the ones holding the bag.

The gist is many reacted too soon. Looked before leaping and fumbled the political football. Though many of us had a problem of having the President having a captive audience of minors to make a speech, the speech was a lesson that many needed to hear and our reaction may had changed the original message, but the right message none the less. Now if the gangsta mentality continues to rule, then Obama is going to lose his support in some of his main voting blocs because they don't take to what they view as treasonous acts to their "culture". If it doesn't and they change their attitude, then the right have been given a severe black eye. Now only time will tell. Just learn this lesson: don't assume anything. It will just make an a$$ our of u and me.

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