Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Obama's Trade War with China. Too Little, Too Late.

In all the hoopla over the 912 protests and the latest thuggery and sickening enslavement of children to the sex trade by ACORN, a little noticed storied has been gaining very little attention. Obama has declared a trade war with China over tire imports. I, for one, felt it has been long overdue for a trade war with China. The problem is now is that it's way too late and we're at one huge disadvantage.

First, what's going on. Obama has placed a 35% tariff on all Chinese imported tires because his union buddies are complaining that they're losing membership due to layoffs because the American tire companies can't compete with the low balling prices of the Chinese tires. The Chinese have retaliated by raising their tariffs against our exported chickens. Oh boo hoo. Our chicken prices will go down with the extra supplies and since I like to eat chicken, that's good news. China has also filed a complaint against the US at the WTO.

Why this was long overdue is that China has been low balling us for decades. Now try getting anything made in this country. Good luck. China has been low balling us not because communism is a better system and they can make a better mousetrap. They can produce cheaper goods because of two reasons, their devaluing of their currency and another an institution that we eliminated 144 years ago, slavery. The Chinese goods are cheap because they keep their currency, the Yuan, artificially cheap so our goods are overpriced, what they import from us which isn't much, while we underpay for theirs. That way we buy their goods and put ours out of business. The other is slavery. Under communism, if you don't work, especially in the prison system, you get a piece of lead in your brain, your organs donated, and your family get the bill for the bullet. Compare that when an American company has to pay an incompetent union worker that's hired by race $20 to $30 an hour to make the tire at one tire an hour. With the Yuan 60% lower by government intervention and no wonder we can't make a less expensive tire, much less anything else. If you think union jobs are in trouble now, wait til their cars start coming in next year with a retail price of $7000. While Government Motors are going to try to push their crappy Volt for $40,000, which ones do you think people are going to buy? Ford, the only car company that's making a profit will be wiped out since it will cost $7000 just for the labor and benefits for the production of one of their cars.

So placing tariffs and making the market more even because China are using currency and slavery that gives them an unfair advantage. For those that want to use the free market argument, well, in that case, we should bring slavery back so we can compete since slave labor gives the lowest price. China is proving that left and right. Tariffs is how government in past protected their markets from getting swamped as well as falling into the 3rd mentality to enslave or artificially creating a slave class. This kind of trade war has caused wars. The taxing of agricultural goods is what created the crisis, because the tax was to protect the jobs of working whites in the North from the goods that were created by the slave labor of the South, that lead to the Civil War. China need Tariffs slapped on them for decades. As we'll see, it comes way to late because we're at a huge disadvantage.

The reason why in the end this war is going to crush us is because China has something that can end this war overnight: dollars. China holds over one TRILLION dollars of our national debt. Yes, THAT'S WITH A T. If china decides we're too much trouble, they can just dump those Trillion plus dollars on the world market. That would put our economy to a grinding hold overnight. Migrating to Zimbabwe will look appealing to the inflation that would follow. Perhaps this is Obama's goal. It's been his goal to destroy America and this would be a quick and efficient way to get it done. In Wu's book, the Art of War it states that an enemy that's defeated without having to fire an arrow or a swing of a sword is the pentacle of true excellence. You think China financing our debt out of the goodness of their hearts (since they don't have one, that's apparently not the reason), or to be able to black ball us over any nation interests that conflicted between us. This will demonstrate that power and pentacle of excellence.

This all started with Bush Sr. when he allowed them to enter the WTO so we can have them finance our debt since we became a debtor nation 3 years earlier. Young people today don't even know that til 1987, we were a creditor nation, that we owned the debts of other countries and used that our advantage. Now it's completely in the other direction and unlike the countries we had the advantage over, we've taken to exponential heights. Our debt to China alone is greater than all but 9 national economies. Our national debt is greater than the economies of every single country but one: THE UNITED STATES! And that gap is quickly closing. So in the end, when Senior came up with the brilliant idea of letting China be our friends (like the ones we don't need enemies which we do) and take on our debts and then the deals China made with the Clinton administration that to this day we still don't know what was exchanged and we've been sold out and now, as Reverend Wright would love to quote, our chickens are coming home to roost.

What's gets me is when I hear Jason Lewis, a RINO if you ask me, says that we got here because of two reasons, we don't buy American and we don't save. I'm like, where can we buy American at? I would rather pay more to break the chains of bondage from China then this BS. The truth is our manufacturing base, especially during the Clinton years, have been decimated. There is no place to buy American anymore. We can't even get American grown food any more. What's never mention is how China used prison slave labor have an unfair advantage. No, free markets is everything so let the markets decide. Well, if the markets are using different rules, then they're not really free, but rigged. If we can get our politicians and some brain dead talk show hosts to recognized as long as we're going to compete with overpaid union workers vs. free slave labor, we're going to continue to lose the trade wars. As long as we tax the crap out of people and not encourage and reward earning and saving, we're not going to have any capital what so ever to invest and promote production, factories, goods and services here in America. As long as we continue to look for the lowest price without considerations of why, We're not only lost the trade war, but we're going to be slaves within our life time. Slapping all the tariffs in the world won't save us from that fate.

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