Monday, September 21, 2009

The real reason why unions are declining.

There seems to be much ado among the unions about the decline in membership in the unions. The biggest reason they give is that the likes of WalMart or Southwest Airlines that are, in their minds and their minds only, illegally busting them by refusing to hire unionized workers. There's a great deal of degree to that statement, but people, if given a choice are refusing to join unions under their own free will. Once one understands the grand scopes of things, it's clear as to why the working class, especially the working poor, are rejecting union ship and why Obama and his ilk want to make card carrying a requirement. The unions can't get us to willing to join, so they will use intimidation by eliminating secret ballots and go after anyone that refuses to unionized, terminate the employment of said persons, or worse. However, in the end, most workers are refusing to join is because it's truly in their own self interest not to unionized.

What could I mean. Well, let's take the two biggest reasons why unions have out lived their usefulness: Greed and corruption. I'll go over greed first. The unions aren't really for fighting for the members, but to fill their own pockets at their expense. Not much different than the companies and employers, but unlike the latter, they offer rewards, as little as it seems to many, in money and benefits or other perks. The unions just take their money and make life more difficult for the companies and employers. Ask yourself this, why are 80% of union members government workers? Why are there so few unions in the private sector, and no, it's not because WalMart or Southwest Airlines have busted them. If anyone would want to bust them, it would be the government because if they ever to clash with the union, they would have a great deal of power to have them lose their seats in the forms of votes, but the opposite is true. You see, government workers gain power with the unions over us peasants. This isn't the case in the private sector. In the private sector they make demands of employers to give and give and give till they have nothing left to give. They make things so expensive that they have the gall to say stupid things like GM needs to figure out how to build a car that's more competitive in the world market. It's impossible to do when nearly $4000 cost of every car is just to pay for the benefits that the unions demand. That's a $4000 hole on the world market and wait til the Chinese cars come in next year with the free prison labor. They will bury us. This is why I would never join a union in the private sector. They will dry the employer til there's nothing left and bankrupt. There's something unions don't get. If an employer has no money, they can't stay in business and their members are out of work. This is why membership has been declining. When a person is out of work, they have no need for unions and no longer are participating members.

Government unions are different in that they can just tax the crap out of the people to pay for their insatiable demands. It also gives them more and more power. Why the likes of SEIU union thugs are for health care. It will expand their membership and power. Why they're for bigger and bigger government. More and more money and power. Never mind that now the biggest reason the country is going broke is the insatiable appetite of the bureaucrats. The ever expanding of government and their intrusive reach into all our lives. All this is great for those that have their jobs or work in the government since they can't be fired, but it spells economic doom. Anyone in the private sector would be a fool to join because unemployment is going to closely follow. Thus the only unions that are growing are government unions and the people are noticing that. At this point, power is all that matters to these unions and as they get closer and closer to gaining absolute power, the more absolute corruption we're getting from our government. It's time we stand up and say the unions had their purpose, but they've outlived their usefulness. We have stronger and better labor laws and the abuse of the past aren't going to be repeated unless the people lose their republic. It's time to say no to the insatiable bullies and say enough is enough. Otherwise, there will be no wealth left in the country to fight over.

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