Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Time to bury the ACORN.

I've always known that ACORN was a racist corrupt organization. They were always around some evidence of voter fraud and other illegitimate enterprises. Now that two film makers have had the courage to secretly film and expose the corruption that is ACORN, every can now see what was once obvious that is now too clear to miss.

I knew ACORN was corrupt because of their voter fraud and election fixes in their predominately minority neighborhoods and districts. When people are ignorant or just plain know that they can play the race or the poverty card that their sins will all be forgiven, then why would they curtailed their transgressions. If you think that's an exaggeration, then look at what happened on 911, what used to be known as Patriot Day til Obama took office. He pardon hundreds of thousands of ACORN employees for any crossing of the law. Was done with such discreetness that it nearly went unnoticed. So while we have a remembrance (I always watch inside 911 and Flight 93 every 911 weekend I have my children from my ex. Yes daughter, you're going to watch them with me every time til you're 18. Never forget!) or do some stupid and meaningless service, Obama was covering the backs of those that got him into office. So what it was done by votes of felons, repeat voters, dead, invalids, out of staters, and pets. So in the end, all the corruption and fraud may mean nothing because their president that was elected from the spoiled fruits of their crimes will just give them a clean slate and they will be able to just go back to what they were doing. No wonder these employees are so bold. They know they won't see a day in jail and doubted with our lame stream media of ever being exposed. If anyone blows the whistle, they'll cry racism and the whole thing will be forgotten by the next day. What they didn't count on was some film maker, since all but two are trained to be good little Marxists, to actually get them on film and tape. However, the spin has begun and they have been pardoned.

What corruption we have. I knew ACORN was bad, that I had no idea they were this bad. I knew they were supporting racist parasites that use their race as the basis for their entitlements. The housing loans, which by the way, was the template they used to forced banks to make the bad sub prime loans that got us in the housing mess we're in today. They got what was known as redlining banned and legalized. Redlining was a policy that real estate agents and loan officers used to red line a neighborhood and refuse to engage in activity for them because the neighborhood was low income. They knew those from these neighborhoods couldn't earn the money to pay for the mortgage such homes they were selling. It was a income to debt analysis that was used to avoid making loans that would default. The problem was that it was predominately minority with high crime, poorly educated (mainly because of their disdain for whitey's culture that being educated is being white), and high unemployment. But ACORN cried discrimination and threaten them to make these bad loans or have the wrath of the federal government crashing in on them. The banks weren't about to get into a losing fight with our grossly over PC social liberal President (Bush that is, not Obama) and have them put out of business and possibly jail, so they made the loans. To see that ACORN is still getting federal funding and continuing the policy should disturb us. What came next was beyond anything I thought they were capable of.

The tax fraud they were engaging in didn't surprise me. Working as a bookkeeper for an EA for 13 years I did learn a few things about the tax code (there is well over 165,000 codes so good luck learning them all) and the common frauds that went with them because we had clients that were recommended and would reject us because we didn't offer some of the fraudulent deductions or tax credits. The biggest was the tax credits that blacks got for reparation for slavery. They were being told, by the black community, that the government gives blacks a $5000 tax credit for reparations for slavery. Many of those that didn't listen to my boss got a RUDE surprised when it was disallowed. So having ACORN giving illegal advice isn't shocking since they were the ones that started the tax credit rumor. I often wonder what else they were telling people that we didn't hear about. Now we know that they encourage illegal activity. In this case, prostitution as a performance artist. Some of the other's I've heard, but never was able to confirm: drug sales as well . . . drug sales. Only they call it pharmaceutical sales. Starting to get the idea? Now we're learning they promote the importation of children to be used as sex slaves and how to cover up their operation as to appear legitimate. How to cover up having the girls by making the brothel a school. How to gain tax deductions by claiming them as dependence's. What else is going on? ACORN behaves more like the mob than a community organization.

What's worse is that there is an investigation now being opened . . . against the film makers! What kinds of country do we live in when the criminals are being protected because the investigators didn't get permission to investigate the criminal? Do these prosecutors really believe the people are going to tolerate this? Do they think they can play the race card and have everyone cower down like serfs? For the first time in nearly a year, I have hope and faith that our republic may survive this crisis that was elected into office because people are becoming aware of the blatant and the naked corruption and criminality of the liberal movements are being so out in the open and the socialist and anti-American sentiment are being so boldly displayed that the liberals and their ilk have realized they've made a big mistake: the people aren't supporting them. The voters are waking up, and not just the constitutionalists and conservatives. Liberals, or those that called themselves liberals, are realizing that they didn't vote for the people of freedom or caring for the whole, but a bunch of self serving thugs that pay and care for those thugs that got them into power. They're realizing that they're not for the little guy, just their own guy, or mainly themselves. That the so called liberals and progressive aren't the altruist that they claim but humans that are all too poisoned by the corruption of power. The backlash of the last 8 months is truly bipartisan and it's starting to grow. So if socialist prosecutors think they can go after these film makers and think they're get re-elected, well, they better hope that the spin the media is giving works because unless ACORN can throw its poo on the wall, they're going to be booted out.

In the end, those two film makers should be revered as heroes. Creating the turning point against the anti-American sentiment and the organization that so boldly, nakedly, and corruptly engaged in promoting those interests and the candidates that entrenched themselves in those ideals. Now they're being exposed and finding out that the people aren't as stupid as they thought nor taking it any more. They underestimated the response and some are starting to noticed as the democratic congress is butt covering mode by cutting off the funding as well as the consensus is cutting off ties to ACORN. This could be the turning point that the people get their country back. The turning point that we regain faith in our republic and ourselves to regain rule of the people, by the people, for the people. At least for now in a long time, I have faith in the American people to get us out of this political quagmire. It's time to bury ACORN as we've seen the dark and ugly oak that it is.

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