Monday, September 7, 2009

The Uneducating of America, part 2.

In my last blog I went over what euripides stated was the cause of the degeneration of education in America and how from my personal experience confirmed them with an additional element, the parents. Now I'll go over his solutions and what are the arguments I heard while being "trained" in my internship that would so rudely cut off. I will put in my two cents worth on the validity of his ideas.

1 - Increase Teachers' Salaries According to Merit.

Although this idea have merit on its face value, I don't think it realistic that it can be done. We would all like those that excel at what they do to be rewarded for it. After all, if I make the most sales at a company, I should get a bonus in relation to much sales and money I produced for the company. The problem I find with this, as well as the liberals, is how does one accurately measure such merit? It's easy to come up with sales figures and accurately attribute who made the sales that brought in those dollars, but measuring education is much more difficult. There's no concession on what constitutes learning. Each state has different standards that teachers are to accomplish. But a teacher with a classroom of honor students and another with a classroom of underachievers can both be just as good and effective teacher, but will get different results because of the talents and abilities of the students. Now those that have issues with drugs, improper relations, lack of knowledge, those can be exposed. What needs to change is the ability to terminate those. But coming up with a formula to accurately measure a teacher's ability to successfully educate a student, if someone comes up with one that make sense, then I'm all for this. Test scores aren't good enough because it invites cheating and proves that a teacher is good at teaching to the test, not the ability to make a student an independent thinker. Oral interviews are flawed to bias. Just look at the media that claimed Obama is the smartest man in the room yet has verbal dyslexia when it comes to having over 57 states in the union and he was in the senate with 100 senators with two from each state. Could his man not do math, but yet was determined to be a genius. This idea would be good if there was some way to make accurate measurements.

2 - Get Rid of the Elementary Education Degree.

Frankly, not only do I agree with this one, I think we need to get rid of the credentialing programs as well. They just teach to spew leftist garbage. The education degree, as well as the teaching credential, doesn't require that you actually know anything. Ok for high school single subject, you need a bachelor, but they can put anyone in the classroom teaching any subject, so you get a lot of music, liberal arts, communication major teaching math and wonder why johnny can't add. These courses don't really educate you how to teach subject matter, but leftist propaganda. I contend that our education system isn't a failure at what it's designed to do. It does it great. It's what we, conservative and moderate minded adult citizens, want it designed to do that it fails. What the schools are designed to do now is to indoctrinate leftist propaganda. My student's couldn't figure out how to use a ruler or cut a shape off a worksheet, but they did know all he drug laws, know class warfare, spew socialist agendas, slavery, immigration policies, sex and rap. They knew things about sex that would make me blush to share with my wife and . . . well lets not go there. They sure knew a lot about drugs, drug laws, concepts of slavery and the demands for reparation, hatred of the classes, especially the white middle class, racism or at least to identify what they perceive what should be branded as racist by white citizens which created a great deal of kaos and grief in my classes being white, I much be racist to want to educate them. We need to rid ourselves of the leftist nonsense that goes on in our classrooms at both the K-12 and the Universities.

3 - Repeal the No Child Left Behind Act.

When this stupid piece of legislation was passed, I knew Bush made his legacy and perhaps his dumbest and greatest mistake. It was at this point I knew he wasn't a Conservative and a Manchurian socialist. This and the Freedom metal to Clinton's CIA head that allowed the greatest intelligence failure in history that led to 911 that he wasn't on our side. Add that Ted Kennedy, one of the worse traitors in our senate wrote this crap, I knew we were trouble. With Prop. 13's disaster on our state now being brought to the federal level giving the federal government an iron fist in state's education, I knew this was going to be disaster in the making. Add that this law clearly violates the 10th Amendment taking the power of education from the states to the federal government with draconian enforcement policies determined by, again, an abstract idea of accountability based on test scores that aren't clearly defining what it is we're measuring, it put the entire education system of the country into complete disarray. When I was teaching we teachers were often crashing heads with each other if what we were trying to accomplish capitulated with the law. Many times we were just throwing darts into the wind hoping that it would. Vague guidelines in a law only assures that confusion and vacillates results.

4 - Give Education Back to the States.

All I'll say is conveant emptor on this one. California was in bad enough shape before NCLB. Now our state can't compete against 3rd world nations. However, the federal government overreached their power when they got into the education. The 10th Amendment gave those rights to the state and the federal power grab needs be repealed, including the dissolution of the Department of Education. If they want to encourage education, they can issue scholorships and grants. We don't need them to have power over the states.

5 - Return to School-Independent and Departmental Control.

Just look at what Prop. 13 did to dissolved the local control, break up department control and gave it to the centralized power of the state. Every school now no longer cater to the local needs or the idocity of the local culture and mindset. It asssume, as it does here, that everyone thinks like Los Angelenos and made everyone cater to those needs and thinking. At the federal level, it's the socialist left that are enpowered and it's the socialist left that the mandates and curriculum are promoting. Let the districts that know what's best for their students, not some faceless government worker from New York or DC that doesn't have a clue, make their determination. What's better, they will be held accountable in their local elections, unlike the state or federal level where they're not even named, much less accountable.

6 - Give Up Silly Liberal Teaching Models.

All these models do is create leftist, racist, arrogant morons. They're so promoted to "feelings" and disdain learning so badly, that no learning gets done. It's why students learn so much about sex, drugs, rock 'n roll, rap, class warfare, etc. They do so well in promoting ideals, including bigotry and multiculturalism that brought us moral relavtivism, that students today no longer think. They just emotionally react.

7 - Treat All Political Lobbies as We Now Treat Corporations.

I think he treats Lobbiest with kids gloves. The problem with lobbyist is that their main job is to bribe. Lobbying is nothing more than legalized bribery and we need to outlaw the financing that lobbyist pay into poltical campaigns or just outlaw them and use an open forum for constituants can address their issues which doesn't go on now because of the lobbying financial powers.

8 - Expect More from Students.

Better yet, expect more from parents. So many disain education that they no longer are involved in their child's education any more. They great at pushing the feel good movement that they expect their child to pass without learning anything. To demonstrate a few points, one teacher was threatened by a parent because he was failing the student that never did any work or participate in the class because it was going to keep his child from graduating. So his child learns nothing, does no work, and he wanted him to reap the rewards and because a white teacher state that he didn't do what was required, he's threaten with physical harm because he was a "racist". One parent thought that getting a 33% on a test was grounds for him to pass the class. She thought that the hispanic teacher was being racist in hurting his self esteem by failing him. Most didn't even respond at all. Many of them, as well as their children, thought that getting educated was "white" and treasonous to their race. I remember when I was finishing up making copies in the main office, two students, cutting class of course, was reading the perfect attendence list posted at the main office (I advised the Principal that it was a bad idea at this school) and heard one said "so and so got perfect attendence. I'm going to kick his uncle tom's a$$. With this kind of mentality by the students, as well as the parents, and administrators either too scared, apathetic, or just plain agree with them to do anything about it, this problem is only going to get worse.

I'll add one more thing to the above. Perhaps we should start having civil and criminal penalties when they don't get involved. Of 220 students I had, only 68 parents ever responded and 21 of them felt I was the problem because I was racist. That means only 47 parents actually cared or where involved in their child actually learning. 173 just plain didn't care with 152 of them never even bother to respond to me. In the Philippines, where my wife comes from, they skunk us in the international tests and I know why: they have a financial stake. The parents actually have to pay just for their children to go to the public school. They don't allow their children to go and waste the investment they made in them. Here, where K-12 is completely free, they have no personal investment so they don't care about it. Perhaps if they did, the results. However, I get the feeling they'll cry racism and that will be the end of it.

Honestly, now that my children under the care of my ex-wife are now being home schooled and she's a liberal that just plain had enough of the ignorance that they teach, the overly openess to promisculusness, and the down and out dangerous places they've become with the capitulation to the Gangsta mentality. Given how bad, bloated, and dysfunctional the education system is now, I fear that unless we take an 180 (that's totally reversing the direction for those publically educated) from the path we're on now, I fear that public education will be gone in 25 years. Either it will collapse from the weight of its corruption, or people are just going to stop sending them. Parents that are involved and educate their children themselves are doing such a better job than those "credentialed" teachers in the public school system demonstrating that the parent, not how qualified the teacher or how much money we throw into the black hole of a liberal minded education model that determine the sucess of a student. There's a DS 9 episode where Worf was telling Dax the situation of the war with the Dominion. Galron, the leader of the Klingons and with the enemy Breem's energy damping beam that only the Klingons can repel, is going on a glory hunt with suicidial missions to gain political capital with the ever growing popularity of general Kuhl. When Dax gave her opinion, one that she knew Worf wouldn't like, it was that the Empire is dying and that it should die. With so much corruption, lies, greed, and bloodlust, the empire was collasping under its own weight. If Worf, a most courageous and honorable man was willing to tolerate such corruption, then what hope was there for the empire? The same is true of our educational system. There's so much tolerance for the corruption, greed, bloodlust (of extream leftism) what hope is their for the survival of the public education system? Worf ended up challanging and killing Galron before he handed over the entire sector to the Dominion. From there, Kulh ruled and with an open ear and mind. The allience ended up winning the war. Will we be willing to finally stand up to the leftist and their failed ideals and policies or will we let the public education, as well as America along with it.

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