Saturday, October 31, 2009

The scares of a lifetime.

Happy Halloween everyone. I thought on this most special of occasions, I would put a list of major events, discovery and directives that all have occurred within my life time. Since I was born in 1965, I will only list those that have happened since 1965. Many of them most scary.

The assault on the first amendment with now passed hate speech law, fairness doctrine (both the existence of it til 1986 and the attempted resurrection).

Men on the moon

Probes to all the planets in our solar system (except Pluto if you still consider it a planet)

The Hubble Telescope

The Ebola Virus


From forced slavery to freedom to self enslavement . . . the path of the civil rights movement

Roe vs. Wade

Abortion on demand

Free Love


Gay Rights

Homosexual marriages

The rise of the computer age

The evolution of the Internet (sorry Al, you had nothing to do with the invention of the Internet)

Global Cooling. . . I mean Global Warming. . . I mean Global Climate Change

Ronald Reagan

The Government Media Complex (the Pravda of today's press)

Neutron bomb

The rise of Radical Islam

The Iranian Islamic Revolution


The Fall of the Soviet Union (or the Iron Curtain)

US support of dictators

$9 trillion of added debt (10 times more than the national debt was when I was born)

3.5 billion more living people on the planet


DNA testing

Genetic Engineering

Stem Cell Research




The destruction of the US education system

The diseased corruption of the US government




The pysdo-legalization of illegal immigration

The war on Christians

The capitulation to Islam

The death of England

The dying of the West

Negative birth rates (in the industrialized nations)

Dirty Bombs

Sleeper Cells



Moral Relativism

The rise of Atheism

Space Shuttle Program

Apollo 13

Challenger disaster (which I watched live on TV)

Columbia Disaster

The defense of evil

The disdain of righteousness

Judicial Activism

The additional rulings of the separation of church and state after the original 1963 ban on prayers.

The silencing of morality

The propagating of premiscousness

Single parenthood


Black Liberation

Black Panthers


Star Wars

The open publicans of porn

Internet porn

The 747


The death of the manufacturing base in the US



Nukes to a terrorist Islamic country (Pakistan)

Stimulus packages

The government punishing the productive and rewarding the unproductive

Lawsuit crisis

Socialized medicine in the West

Government Motors

Government banks

Defeat in Vietnam and Iraqi occupation (as well in Afghanistan)

The usurping of the constitution

Praises of Mao by the US government

The Cultural Revolution


Socialist dictators in the western hemisphere

The dismantling of Apartheid





Resolution of the Protestant/Catholic conflict in Northern Ireland (after nearly 800 years)



Animal Rights

Endangered Species Act

Cell phones


The acceleration of the war on drugs

The reunification of Germany

Animal Cloning

Video games

China's Economic rise

Harry Potter



The Twinkies Defense

Disco (thank God that's dead)


The VCR, later to Laser Disk Player to DVD to Blue Ray

Walkmans to cassette players to mp3 players to iPhone

Test Tube Babies

Affirmative Action

Indian Casinos

Earth Day

Arab Oil Embargo

Jim Jones

3 Mile Island

Americans with Disabilities Act

Two Presidents Impeached (neither convicted)

Obama's election

These are just a sample of the major events and discoveries just in my 44 years. It's quite a list and at the rate things are changing, the next 44 should provide to be way too interesting. Iranians with nukes. Al-quida getting closer to the Pakistani nukes. The rise of Anti-Americanism. The move for a world wide government. Economic calamity going on all over the globe. Technology that continues to expand faster than our ability to debate and determine how to proceed and use them ethically. Oh, it's at times like these I remember that old Chinese Proverb: "Will there ever be an end to these interesting times?"

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Gangsta morals: the Richmond, CA, gang rape.

There's big news here of a gang rape of a 15 year old girl outside of her school while she was waiting for her father to pick her up after she attended a dance. During her wait, a group of "guys" offer her to hang with them and have some drinks (oh, how often I've said alcohol plus any activity rarely ends well) at which she passes out and, the numbers and events are a bit sketchy at this time, at least 10 boys proceed to rape her. That in itself makes this story shocking and news in of itself, though not the first or last time I've heard of such a thing. There was a case 8 or 9 years ago of a hundreds kids at a party of another whose parents were away getting drunk til another girl passed out for 8 hours and 5 boys had their fun. What made this story a major news story? At least 2 dozen "people" saw the attack and not one person reported it. It wouldn't be til the father called reporting that he couldn't find her that she was found an hour after the dance had actually ended.

I wish I could say any of this, though shocking and outrageous, surprised me. I got a good education about gangsters and their mentality as well as the women that hang out with them. Frankly, had it not been for the passer-bys just witnessing it and shrugging it off, I don't think this would have been the story that is as big as it is. The fact that, what it appears to be at this time though not confirmed, a Latino gang having fun with one of their "hoe's" doesn't come as a surprise. Girls in those communities usually sell themselves out to these gang bangers either out of fear of retribution or just plain being able to profit from it be it money, drugs, or just plain fame. The open advertisement I saw when I teaching in one of these inner city schools (about 30 miles from where the rape occur) would just sadden any sensible person. Just the volume of prostitution that was going on, and most of them were just 14 to 15 years old was just heartbreaking. So a girl, hanging and having drinks with 10 to 15 boys (no body's sure yet how many) isn't shocking.

As these "boys" were having their way with her, in front of the school no less (behind some bushes), many witnessed the assault yet did nothing about it. There are several reasons why this happened. First, and most likely the main reason, fear of retribution. The gangs are bigger and more heavily armed than law enforcement and they know it. If one was to report it, they expose themselves to being retributive against if not by the assailant, one of his friends. Two, they just plain don't want to get involved. Even if it goes to trail, you're the one that the defense lawyer will grill and attack. Not to mention once there, going through all the hassle, the gang will know who you are and then see reason number 1. Three, and I hate to say it, but they may had very well thought she was a willing participant. Sex is so easily given or sold by these girls with these guys, they just plain may had thought she was engaging in consenting rough sex (gives me the creeps to write that). Fourth, as harsh as this is, they just plain didn't care. Given the moral relativism that goes on, the witnesses may just as well as said to themselves that it isn't their problem. Harsh, but with the if it feel good do it self gratification that is exposed to them by the educational, governmental, cultural, and by the media outlets, since it doesn't add to their own pleasure, it's no concern of theirs. Thus, given the gangsta culture of the area this story horrified me, but didn't surprise me. The biggest surprise was that it got reported at all.

The issue, and I've raised this before and have been harshly criticized, but I'm going to raise it again, is though I completely agree that this is rape and the "boys" should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, there is one contributing factor to this crime and the girl was a complete and total accomplice to contributing to this one factor. As I've stated earlier, rarely have I seen alcohol and another act end well. As with the case 8 years earlier, nobody was outraged or even disappointed about the children drinking alcohol. The case with the party without supervision and that party had at least one hundred minor aged children drinking, all everyone got angry about was the five boys that committed the sexual assault on an unconscious girl. Here, in this case the girl gets hammered and then the "boys" have their way with her. This drinking was done on the campus during a school event, yet not one word of outrage has nor will be placed at this school. Given when I was teaching, kids were smoking pot on campus, something like alcohol isn't going to be shunned. Yet, when kids get themselves drunk or stoned, there's no real outcry against the schools or even the action of the kids over it. Thus, this is why, even though my ex and I don't hardly see eye to eye on anything and despite criticism from my family including my wife who thinks my ex is nuts, completely support her home schooling our two children. Not only do the school not teaching anything but class warfare, racism, sex, drugs, and the leftist PC agenda and not reading, writing, and math, but they're not safe. If this rape doesn't expose how dangerous our schools are, then I fear only one thing will and that's when they finally sneak guns in and start having a shooting war on campus. Even then I fear the wrong lesson will be learned and they'll just ban guns (despite the 2nd Amendment) and then the gangs will go completely wild.

The endgame is that the school was open to drinking and kids having sex on campus. There was no security to ensure the safety of these children as this happened on their watch and nothing seems to be addressed at the school's responsibility for providing a safe environment. Given the gangsta mentality, this was a recipe for disaster that materialized during that dance. Now a 15 year old has paid a price from an extreme act of violence by a gang of punks who weren't even students of the school (hence what were they doing on campus anyways?) and one was even an adult. As of right now, 2 boys and 1 adult have been arrested with a report of at least 10 more expected. Maybe if they arrest the Principal and those responsible for securing the school, then I would be satisfied. I have to ask when are we going to get angry enough of cultural right argument that allow gangsta to predominate in our schools. When are we going to demand accountability when security lapses during school hours and events are neglected or are grossly inadequate? When are we going to take back our neighborhoods, children, and our school and say enough is enough. From what I've seeing. The gangs, the government officials (those that run the school in this case) are still running the show and saying it's no their fault. Given how events are playing out, it will be interesting to see what defense the rapist come up with but I'll wager one of two, if not both, will play out. It's a cultural or racial thing so the race card will be played (the rapists are Latinos), or that she was consensual and there was no rape so other than the 21 year old, there is no crime. Given the cultural and moral activities that go on in our schools today, they may just get away with it. After all, if Twinkies can get a man off for murder, what's the race card or she liked it defense?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Detroit: Socialism in action.

I just got done reading an article about Detroit that should give liberals reasons to pause. As well as a "friend" that I have for a stupid game I play (with friends like these, perhaps it's time I quit that game) that made a claim about Republicans and the media leading to his demand of the public option in health care that had me wonder where did this man lose his mind. If anyone need an example of where socialism is going to lead us, just look at Detroit.

First, the "libertarian" that made his statement was claiming that conservatives are the evil that is ruining the nation. That 3/4 of Republicans voted to protect gang rape over Iraqis that raped a woman that was employed by one of those contractors (thanks a lot Bush. Pffft!) and was arrested when she complained (don't you know it's not a crime in Iraq, or in Muslim culture because all rape, unless the man is caught in the act, the woman's fault and is the will of Allah) and so decided to sue the company. When the senators fought for a law to protect companies against things they can't control, the liberals cry rape protectors (hey, how about slick willie and his interns?). This man was claiming that the media was 60% in favor of Republicans (I like to know what he's reading because I would like to subscribe). I like to know what he's smoking because he's delusional. Or perhaps he's such a radical socialists that 60% of the rags out there are just too far to the right for his taste. Whatever, his credibility went out of the window, but I listen to both sides (unlike him) so I know what the other side says.

In his rant, he wanted net neutrality because the evil Cable and Phone companies are going to censor what you say. Uh, noooooo, that's what the government does. Companies aren't likely to do so because if they did, you would cancel your service and go to another service (Cable and the phone companies are monopolies, Internet service aren't). This man doesn't understand competition and the free markets at all since he thinks that there's a grand conspiracy to keep us all ignorant and only the government wants to protect free speech. Oh pleeeeeease.

Then he rants on how people are going to be thrown to the wolves if they get sick because without the public option, the Republicans will see that the evil insurance companies deny us care and let us all die. It's up to the benevolent government because we're all too stupid to chose what's right for us. I'm not going over this again as many of us know that a public option will lead to a rationed, government control health care system that will make 85% satisfied with our health care to 10% with the death by natural causes to skyrocket. I'm sure Santa Clause, the Tooth Fairy, and the Leprechauns will be glad to give all their money to support this monstrosity. Perhaps he should see what socialized Loans and Nationalization of the auto industry has done as an example.

In Detroit, there's a major crisis going on in their real estate sector. Their foreclosure rate is through the roof and it's about to get worse next year and a funny thing happened on the way to government bailouts: nobody was buying. They can't even give the homes that are being foreclosed away. When Clinton enacted this affirmative action in the loan industry that ended what was known as red lining, the banks were forced by the gun of government to issue loans to people that weren't qualified or able to pay them back and *SHOCK* the loans went into default when the bubble exploded. Now, because of this socialist loan policy, thousands of homes are foreclosed and they can't even sell them. After all, why would anyone buy them? There's no jobs in a city whose unemployment rate is the largest in the country at 15% (given how the government gains its data and manipulates the numbers, I'll wager it's really 30%) for a city with a population greater than 1 million. Even after Obama took over GM and his cash for clunkers, GM is still in, what's known in aviation, as the death spiral. So no jobs means no paying tenants or work for the person to pay back or gain back their investment. Not even at $500 minimum bids are they getting takers.

Given the liberal rules of the city for decades, the jobs are gone, even the Nationalization of GM has improved things and in fact are worse since nobody is still buying the cars, the poor education system, hostile business climate, the drug problem, and the explosion of gangs, who in their right minds would want to live there, much less buy a home there? Much of the city have the taken over by gangs, both the criminal and the governmental kinds, are blighted, decayed and swamped with drug users, the homeless and just plain lazy and worthless squatters. Well, in Detroit, everyone is entitled to housing, they never said what kind. All of Obama's stimulus hasn't done a thing, housing prices are in the toilet and aren't going up anytime soon, but all the criminals, parasites, and gangsters, and drug users have their free housing.

The gist is that socialism fails because a society, no matter how much it tries, can't produce everything for everyone. There are just some that don't want to work, enough resources, or even the need. I don't need a 54' HD plasma TV, but the socialists think everyone should. What results are scarcity, economic depressions, poverty, and tyranny. If ones goes to Detroit, one will see a lot of that. After all, is it really a coincidence that the Lions go win less so much? Or does the management of the Lions just follow the example of the city. I just know, when government has absolute control instead of the market, it never equals prosperity for the people and Detroit is proving to be a prime example as well as things to come if we continue on the path with the mindset this face book subscriber has.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Witch Hunt.

I was watching a documentary called witch hunt and it got me thinking about what's going on with our current administration. The film is about a series of child molestation cases that started with a single accusation from a bitter woman against her estranged husband during a heated child custody case. That one accusation started a chain reaction that would ruin the lives of 38 people, two of which will die in prison, and demonstrate a critical point: that overzealous government officials with no checks or boundaries with a complicit court system can railroad any one's rights and allow the government to prosecute and imprison its citizens for a rumor of wrong doing or just plain made up or a fragment of a paranoid mind.

While watching over this documentary and how the people involved brought about this nightmare in Bakersfield, how it all reeked of the Salam Witch Trails. A few children were acting naughty and when they were caught they panic and made up that they were the victims of witchcraft. At first the accusation were to unpopular members of the town and loners. With the rule of evidence that were allowed included spectral evidence which means if someone claims that they see a spirit can testify what that spirit is saying. Well, when in trouble, claim an Angel of God is testifying in your behalf. Also, the accused didn't have the right to cross examine or provide witnesses or even refute the testimony that is being given. In the end, over 20 people were convicted and 12 burned at the stake for their "crimes". Not to mention those accused that were given "the test" where they're dunked in water in the fetal position. The believe the purity of water would resist anyone that was evil, including witches, and if they body floated to the top, they must be a witch. Given the position is the perfect position for floating to prevent drowning, well, their witchcraft was a foregone conclusion. Those that somehow drowned. Sorry about that. God will bless you in heaven. For 9 months this insanity went on and it wouldn't had ended until government officials started to get accused. Only then did the people finally said enough. It was this case that our founding fathers put the criminal rights in the Bill of Rights so a witch hunt like that in Salam wasn't to happen.

In the Bakersfield case, one accusation, by a bitter woman wanting to stick a dagger to her estrange husband and keep their son from him started by claiming her son was being molested. This is common by the way. In 2/3rd's of divorce cases, the father is accused as being a molester by the mother. I think it's in their woman's studies courses they take, who knows. Now to demonstrate how this got out of control, Bakersfield just elected a new DA that campaigned a tough on crime agenda and this was his first case. The Sheriff department just got a new sheriff and some new investigators. The city had totally green law enforcement department. This accusation was their first case and using questionable investigation and interrogation technique basically terrorized the child in question and his friends to the point that they said anything they wanted to end the harassment. It took days before they got the "information" they wanted and then arrested the estranged husband on 6 counts. Over several days and court appearance, more children "came out" and the charges just kept adding up. At the same times, some of his neighbors were starting to get arrested and some celled up together. The first victim was telling what exactly was going to happen to them because he was starting to see a pattern emerge and this neighbors were being shocked at how accurate he was. It mushroomed til they have 38 people, 17 couples and 2 single men, arrested what turned out to be one massive neighborhood child orgy fest. Several neighbors seeing what was happening even fled town before the law enforcement got to them. What finally stop the arrest was how overblown and crazy the accusations were becoming. In this case, with one of the families on the run, that they were Satan worshippers and were sacrificing their own children (later found to be alive and well) in Satanic rituals. Turns out dogs, cats, bears and anything in the animal kingdom. A search of their yard where the animals and kids were supposedly buried and the kids being found alive finally put an end to the investigations (though the last family had their children put in "protective custody" for a year). The lawless that was forming was so bad, that the California Attorney General, Van De Camp, intervened and grossly criticized the sloppy, poor, and improper investigation techniques that they were using and threaten legal action unless they desist with their investigation. Over the DA's objection, the state was able to end the investigations.

The trails I found very disturbing. The prosecutions were allow medical testimony without documentation (we would find out 8 years later why), but the defense weren't allowed to have their own medical examination. Testimony that proved the events didn't happen as the prosecution claim (because the timeline would be impossible) were overruled as irrelevant. They would change the dates or events to fit their theory while the judge overruled any exculpatory evidence. It was like the Salam trails. Only the Prosecution was allow to present evidence. In fact, the only real "evidence" they had were the testimony of the children who got facts and dates wrong, but as stated before, the prosecution would just say it was the other date then. The defendants all were confident they would be acquitted because the stories were so convoluted and incredible as not to be believable. They would be stunned when they ALL got convicted on ALL charges.

Basically, most got sentences in the centuries. The judge threw the books at them. Many appealed to no avail. It wasn't til some from the Innocence Projects took the case of one of the last ones to be convicted that they would get the evidence that shook the case apart 8 years later. Using discovery, something the judge in the cases (which was the same judge by the way) denied the defense, got the state's file and what they show was shocking. Medical reports on all the suppose victims showing there was no evidence of abuse. As well as witness reports and the biggest of all, the improper interrogation and interview techniques that show leading questions where the victims never said any of the events but were just agreeing with the investigators versions of events. The evidence clearly showed that the people were innocent and were the victims of a witch hunt, but getting the DA and the Kern County courts to listen was another matter. Four years later, the lawyers finally got it to the STATE courts and the convictions. In the reverse order they were convicted, the victims started to have their convictions overturned with the state giving strong condemnation of the DA and the Sheriff department for their malicious and improper investigation. After 20 years in prison, the estranged husband was finally release, dispute the son who hated him not knowing when where or how nor having any evidence that any molestation had occurred still knew that his dad molested him.

What makes me worry about such a case is that not only is a person here a mistake from a jail sentence, they're a malicious prosecutor and a complicit court away from a prison sentence as well. I take a look at what's going on our government today. There's a malicious hatred towards conservative and Christians in general. We have an extremely racist bigot as Attorney General. We have a Socialist president and a statist party in power in congress. All they need is to make a crisis, like the child molestation crisis Bakersfield had, and with the liberal complicit courts along with the complicit state media, and people can start to disappear or be used as propaganda. We know what this administration considers a threat: returning military personal, gun owners, Christians, third party supporters, talk show hosts, fox news, illegal immigration opponents, home schoolers. What's to keep them from organizing a crisis that makes these people a threat and let the trails begin? You think the media would expose the facts? Do people think the liberal courts would be unbias and fair? Do people really still think this can't happen here? It already has and the fact that it happened before proves that it can happen and if we're not vigilant, it will again. After all, if the State AG didn't intervene, who knows how many more innocent people would had lost their freedom and they weren't even a political threat to anyone? With the Federal government, we'll have no where else to go.

Oh, just a little footnote. The wrongfully convicted did sue and got settlements, but it can't make up for the years lost. Many of the children were adults that were dragged through foster care. The first victim lost his son who still hates him and believes what his mother brainwashed him to think. How does a 61 year old start over? Several neighbors never returned to California over this. Worse still. The prosecutor was never prosecuted for his malicious prosecution (by the time it came out, the democrats were completely in power and there's nothing they love more than men that abuse their power) and has been elected for now 8 stright terms and still is the acting DA. The investigator that ran the whole sorted affair was elected Sheriff in 2006. I don't know about you, but the next time I drive to Disneyland from Sacramento, I'm taking I-5 which avoids Bakersfield. I used to think it was a terrible joke, but now I know there's truth in the saying about Bakersfied. Come on vacation, leave on probation. I just hope the Federal government doesn't get any ideas or else we will all be in a lot of trouble.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Beware of the Robin Hood Mentality.

With the health care, cap and trade, and now the rumor of a treaty being drawn in Copenhagen, there's a lot rationalization about how the government needs to take (soak) from the rich so they can give to the poor. This whole idea remind me of a conversation I was having with my two children, especially my eldest, about what her mother is teaching her about the joy and utopia that will come with socialism and how Obama is doing the right thing against us evil conservatives. Liberals are fixed with their arguments that they're being Robin Hood, but one needs to ask: what Robin Hood did was right or was it wrong?

I asked this question to my daughter and her response was of course it was a good thing. What's ironic is that Robin Hood was stealing from those that were profiting from oppressive taxes that were accessed on the poor and given to those allied with the government. So actually, he was stealing in protest against the taxes being placated on the common people. So Robin Hood was actually a tea bagger when you get down to it. However, that's not what liberals are claiming. They're claiming they're taxing the rich to placate the oppression of the poor. This the good that my daughter was empathizing.

My children know my ideal job would to have my own airplane manufacturing business. So I put it to them this way. I have my factory and I'm making the best, most efficient, and mechanically safe planes on the market and most everyone is buying them so I become wealthy for my efforts. However, the government comes along and says I'm being unfair to the other manufacturers and putting them out of business, cause others to be unemployed (they could work for me if they choose). Now they could hire me to consult on how to build another plane or try to figure it out themselves, but instead, they tax me instead and give that money (after a small fee to themselves and some of their pet projects) to the other manufactures that can not or will not produce a better product. Now what happens to my factory? Now I can't make as many planes or have to lower the quality if not down right go out of business myself. That too will lead to people out of work, no better or even more planes built, prices won't change, if anything they may go up because there's fewer planes being built, and your dad no longer can do what he loves or have to do it less. Now should I go take all the risk of building this factory in the first place, spending all my time and money just learning how to make an airplane in the first place, so some unproductive company can stay in business or have a free ride at my expense? Well, I never seen my daughter hang her jaw so low or be so quiet. After a long pause she said, "Ho my gosh, it's a bad thing overall."

What's worse about what's going on, the government is going further. Robin Hood didn't go around saying you can't say this or do that or else I'll send Little John in and put you in jail or take you're possession so he can give it to whom he deemed worthy. Or to tell the Rich if they don't provide health care or you take risks and because you place a proper premium to cover those risks, we're going to force, by use of the bow and arrow, to take a loss so their employees will have to be taken care of by his merry men (last I checked, there wasn't a doctor among them) because as a group of rouges, as benevolent as they may be, just knew better. Or better yet, take their fire wood away because they're being unfair to the environment or to France because they're consuming too much wood, and they don't have enough. Mr. Hood didn't go to Jerusalem and apologized to the barbarians (as they were called by the West at the time, but in my opinion, still accurate today) for all the wrongs they've endured though it was mainly done by their own governments. He didn't go and state that their Christian faith in God was immoral and they are to embrace Islam or Hedonism or face his sword in opposition. Or force the rich or the King to accept gays as being normal and recognizing their marriages as ordained by God. And lastly, he didn't go around stating that you must let the French or Germans invade and let all of the people support them or be branded as racist.

The notion by our liberal and socialist government official is they own the moral ground, because like Robin Hood, they're just taking from the rich and giving to the poor. When in the end, they're following the likes of the heroes that they are no longer fearing to demonstrate their love for the Lenin's, Stalin's, Mao's, Castro's, and Chavez's of the world. That they're really about empowerment and tyranny. Where in the end, they're not there to serve and empowered the poor, but to empowered themselves and make them the only rich allowed to exist while the rest of us be deluded as them being benign and benefiting and prospering from their rule. Even Mr. Hood wouldn't buy nor support them. George Washington once said that a pure democracy was dangerous because if people were to get hooked on the government dole, then once those on the dole reached 50% plus 1, then the government would be doomed to tyranny because those on the dole would just vote themselves a raise at the productive's expense and that's what were setting up. They established a democratic republic in the hopes that our representatives, with their power broken up by the hundreds answered to the millions of voters, would seek the best interest of country and not of the parasitic, but we are reaching that critical mass of 50% plus 1 not only as a population, but by the districts in congress giving the unproductive the edge over the productive. The Robin Hood mentality has allowed our government to justify taking from the productive and give to the unproductive all the while giving powers that were never intented for them to have. Can we allow them to have the socialist mentality to replace the Robin Hood mentality? Given the costs in human lives that socialism taxes, it must be no. After all, Mr. Hood didn't also go around asking for the lives of the poor as compensation for his deeds in their behalf.

Monday, October 19, 2009

People of Walmart and Balloon Boy.

Sorry for the long gap in postings. My Internet was down. Fortunately, AT&T, after I finally got tired of the wife's nagging and call them about the problem, did get right on it and just over 12 hours later (it was 9:00 PM when I called) my Internet was back up and now I'm now able to make my postings. I just shutter if BO takes over the Internet. I would be on the year long waiting list to have my connection problem addressed, much less fixed.

This delay kept me from posting about Balloon Boy and how I thought it was a hoax from the get go. First of all, the balloon itself led me to question the legitimacy of the story. I've just finished studying fluid mechanics in Physics and, given the figures from the news about the balloon, I was able to figure out the lift and it was about 20 pounds. Barely able to lift a small toddler at best yet they're claiming an 8 year old was in it. It didn't make sense. It wasn't physically possible give the size and dimension of the balloon. The other is that my wife looked up the wife swap episodes (they were participates TWICE) and it was clear that not only are the parents down right nuts, but they're attention hounds as well. They thrive on attention so this just raised my suspicion even more. The final proof for me was the kids were left alone and video taping the whole thing. The videos didn't show the boy getting in and with all those cams going, it was clear that boy wasn't anywhere near that balloon. It was clear to me it was a hoax for attention.

What really gets me is that the sheriff was either so stupid or just plain clueless to not see through this immediately. What's worse, the father couldn't keep his big mouth shut and boasted about the hoax as a stunt for a reality show he's trying to promote as well as some of the media was involved. To hoax the endangerment of a child for selfish desire for glory as well as a reality show is just despicable and I hope they get prison time. What makes them the epitome of stupid is that they boost about it at WALMART!!! WALMART!!!! Does he know what type of people shop there? Some of the most brainless judging by the website I'm about to recommend, but when you brag about it at a superstore, did he expect nobody would be listening or taking notes? That nobody would tell? I guess not. Worse still, is how gullible the media was to fall for the stunt. As usual with the media, they played the fool that they are when should anyone check some basic facts, like is it even possible for the balloon to take off with the added weight of the boy, they would had seen through this. Well, nobody said the media is interested in the facts.

This leads to the recommendation of a website my mother told me about. It's If you need a good laugh, just take a look at the pictures of people and their vehicles. Other than one, where a man wears a shirt that said welcome to America now speak English and the comment was what ignorance, it's can be scary when you think that these people actually vote (and I bet for many, and often as well) who it is they vote for because no self respecting conservatives wouldn't be caught dead doing or expressing such silliness and perversion. So if life is getting you down, get a good laugh at people making fools of themselves at people of walmart.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The bigotry of the liberal education sector.

I was reading through some articles and one really got my goat. It was an article in a Tampa Bay newspaper online about how our education Secretary calling that we need more high standard quality teachers. It didn't take me far into the article what the call is really for: more bigotry. The first line that this is the civil rights issue of our times, I knew there was going to be trouble with the rest because the "civil rights movement" is the cause of the current mess we have in education. It's why we have minorities, especially African Americans, don't learn anything, why they don't learn anything, and why they're not going to learn anything and I know this from personal experience as my previous blogs have demonstrated. It was one sentence in her statement not only shows her true objective, but how things are going to get worse in education and given how they're starting to collapse of its weight of its corruption, it will actually be the final nail in the coffin.

First, this concept of education is the civil rights movement of our time. What, during the last 40 years, now nearing 50, have minorities have been given the dirt end of the stick like white students get? White students can be perfect in their grades and SAT scores and still be passed over for a minority student with an D average at a grade inflated school with SAT that would make an illiterate member from a 3rd world country bow their head in shame and still get in. Affirmative Action has forced many in the job sector, especially the public sector, and the education sector to hire or admit by race without regard if the person can do the work and yet, it's still not enough. Now that this parasitic policy is producing the rotten fruit, or down right no fruit, and the economy is reflecting that unproductive policy, we now blaming the results and not the cause. Now he wants to inflict even MORE failure by expanding more of the failed mandates to expand it further expecting the results to reverse itself. In all my studies in logic, I never been over to get a failed argument to become sound by instilling more of the same premises. When something doesn't work, instilling more of the same isn't going to change the results. There used to be a word to describe such thinking: irrational.

The comment that shows, unsurprising, the racism and bigotry behind this policy is as follows from the U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan, "I believe that education is the civil rights issue of our generation," Duncan said. "And if you care about promoting opportunity and reducing inequality and social injustice, the classroom is the place to start". Ok, first, my children aren't to be pawns for your social justice crusade and indoctrination. Frankly, social justice form people like her means discrimination against whites, and ladies, who are the biggest benefactors of the affirmative action laws, you'll be the first they'll go after after they're done with the white males, white females which they've been complaining about dominating the education sector. However, he doesn't stop there as he goes on, "It is especially troubling," he added, "that less than 2 percent of our nation's teachers are African-American males."
Duncan said the way to bring more young black men into the teaching profession is to make sure that they continue their studies and don't drop out at the high rates they do now.
"Our African male dropout rate is too high. If you're dropping out of high school you can't be a teacher," he said. The big problem is that its their civil right to drop out if they choose. They've equated being educated as being white and complete contempt for the black race. How are you going to 1, get them to study when they feel they're being a traitor to their race by doing so as the gangsta mentality has promoted and 2, it's their civil right to not only fail but to be rewarded for it?

Duncan said the nation cannot rely alone on schools of education to produce the next generation of teachers. He called for expanding alternatives such as Teach for America, which recruits recent college graduates to teach in schools in poor communities for at least two years. I was in such an internship. It did absolutely nothing to prepare me to teach and was two year propaganda into anti-white racism, socialistic agendas, and attacks against America and her government system. Alternative systems don't do much but make people bitter, angry and hate America especially white ones. You're put in a school with mainly gang bangers and anti-establishment youth that are well verse in the class warfare agenda. The minority teachers will get a good lesson in promoting this propaganda while being able to get their tenure for a district will have to fight a civil rights suit if the teacher makes the claim that they lost their job because of their race. Many times schools will take these interns because they can pay them less than a credentialed new teacher and fire them and get the next bunch.

The wrap is that the civil rights movement, though needed and corrected an injustice in our political system, has been hijacked and used to promote more racism, bigotry, rewarding of failure and promote class warfare in our country. This clueless Secretary of Education, a perfect fit with our current POTUS, promoting more of the same and expecting racist and class warfare soldiers students to turn around and become educated and turn their attitude around is not only living in fantasy, but by definition is completely irrational and can be deemed insane. At least it can be said he's completely uneducated in the field of education.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The true difference between Christians and other faiths (especially Islam)

There seems to be many differences in the faiths and cults, mainly a faith in a main figure but Christians have one fundemental difference that signifies itself from the other: the centrality of forgiveness. As the 2nd anniversary of the Amish school shooting, this concept seems to be lacking in other faiths as social and moral, relative as it may be, justice seems to be at the core of their doctrine. More like revenge against those that do wrong, or for being a non-believer, seems to be more like it. There's a difference between justice and revenge but what does forgiveness actually means?

Let me give a few ground rules so we can have a point of reference. Forgiveness is not letting a transgression, as legitimate as it is, take control of your life. When my wife seek dates with other men while I was still living at home and then have her family rubbed my nose in it after I found out. Was that right? Was that moral? No. Do I fester on this injustice of my life and let the hatred, bitterness and anger grown geometrically within me? Heck no. Then who loses? I still do, as well as my children and things just go from ugly to Medusa ugly and everything gets turned to stone. So forgiveness is not letting transgressions hurt you and moving forward. It doesn't mean you weren't wrong, you forget about it, nor justice shouldn't be administered if it's criminal.

A prime example was the Amish school shooting that a man with a huge grudge just waltz into a Amish school and starts shooting killing 5 children before himself. Frankly, I wish these animals would learn to do these shootings in proper order, first yourself then others, but we don't live in a perfect world. What did the Amish do that just stun the world: they forgave the shooter. Half of them even mourned at his funeral even giving comfort to his widow and their three children. At the time I couldn't understand, but now I do. They didn't let this horrible tragedy poison their souls by letting the hate and bitterness swell within. They also didn't take it out on four other innocent victims that suffered a loss that they had nothing to do with. If was this man fault that he choose to do so. To make the suffer may had felt a sense of justice, but in the end it would have continued the pain and suffering for everyone involved. This allowed everyone involved to move forward, never to forget, never to be lacking in the loss and pain, but to give in to letting it destroy their lives as well. Many think that for the Amish this is an easy thing, but let's face it. Human nature as it is, it's not easy for anyone. I know that I would had failed at the time. I hope from their example, I can be a better person. Better than I would have been had I continue the war against those that wronged me while aiding and abiding my wife to cheat behind my back.

Taking this example in mind the whole message and practice of the Gospels becomes clear. The lesson is the message of forgiveness and moving forward. How humanity with all its faults can just by grace of a God that has every right to wipe the slate clean and just start over, just wants to move forward and all we have to do is accept the grace that we can be forgiven and as long as we stay true to what's right, as long as we have faith in our savior and follow his example, we can move forward and not be a pain or source of bitterness and injustice to the God we transgress against. To follow the path of repentance and seek the betterment of our relationships and life lessons to progress forward. When conservatives talk about the Judeo-Christian values that the constitution is based on, this is the main message. That humanity during their struggles will make mistakes and gave us a Constitution that can make the necessary changes that will allow us to move forward under the wisdom that the common people will through a representative Democratic republic will make the needed changes when it's needed.

Now let's take a look at what the "Progressive", Liberals, and Socialists as well as other faith have to offer to the plate. I'm putting Progressive, Liberals, and Socialist because they share a common faith: Atheistic Collectivism. They believe religion, as well as individualism, are the source of all the conflict in the world. I would venture to say FALSE religion, the ones that allow for idols that have no power of grace or to overcome and move forward from the consequences of sin, or transgressions against the creator, are sending us down a path of destruction. They believe in that the state can provide all that God has promised. We just need the right people to run the collective state. That pooling resources and giving everyone an equal sure of the wealth will ensure equal justice and prosperity. The truth is it is anything but fair or progressive. When a person has their property, including labor, taken and given to one that's less productive, how is that fair. It keeps the society from progressing and penalizes productiveness and innovation. When Churchill was talking about the unequal sharing of the blessing, it's unequal because not everyone is willing to put in the same effort or to stride that much more forward. The blessing was unequal because the individuals are unequal in the production and responsibility they're willing to endure. This isn't social justice, but social theft disguised as fairness. This the social injustice that Christians often are fighting against.

Now, for the ultimate example about social justice, let's take the core of the faith of Islam. Islam is all about slavery. Islam means submission. Christians believe in fellowship by using our free will to choose God's love and accept his salvation and following his laws. Islam believe in slavery to HUMAN leaders that are ordain by God to rule over the masses. In Islam, free will is an illusion. Everything is predestined by God to happen as he will it. So freedom is an act of heresy since we don't choose anything. We're puppets to Allah. This why they don't believe in social justice, collectivism in the sense those that have been preordained by God will be blessed in the unfair distribution of wealth. Those that have the wealth, or the blessing do so by God's will and have been chosen by God to be blessed and go to heaven. Those that aren't, are condemned to go to hell and since it's God's will, it can't be changed, no matter what deeds one does with one exception: Martyrdom. The only free will allowed in Islam is martyrdom, so you need to have a holy war and then go out and get yourself killed to ensure one's salvation. This is why so many perpetrators of terror in the name of Islam have been well to do but have committed cardinal sins and needed to commit their atrocities to gain their salvation. After all, 15 of the 19 terrorists that attacked on 9-11 had a cardinal sin in common and this is going to rubbed a politically correct group wrong, but perhaps they will gain an understanding about the difference between the faith because Christians won't kill a man just because they're a homosexual. In Islam it's a crime punishable by death. 15 of the 19 terrorist were convicted of homosexuality in their home country, mainly Saudi Arabia.

With this God's will and need for holy war, these men are looking for a reason to fight. This is why they can claim everything is God's will, including missile that hit their trucks filled with bombs and they have the social justice to cry revenge for their "murdered" comrades. They are quick to anger and quick to hate because without an enemy, real or imagined, they can't have a holy war and thus, no martyrs. They don't forgive or seek progress because it's literally against their faith to do so.

So if you're in a war zone and you're stuck between a socialist country, an Islamic country, or a Christian country, which one would you want to be captured by? Which one is going to have a government system that will progress have seek justice? Which will seek revenge, or a policy of hate and seek to eradicate anyone that thinks differently? In the gist of things, which people have a degree of happiness and which are miserable and angry? There's a true difference from the true Christians that are true to God's power and not the wolves in sheep clothing. Perhaps if more systems have a centrality of forgiveness and justice, perhaps the world wouldn't be in the shape it's in. Peace be with you.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Taliban claims they're no threat to the West. Yea, and Obama is no threat to the Dollar and Alminijad doesn't want nukes!

Of all the nonsense I've ever read in our treasonous media, this latest one just takes the cake. Our media is reporting from a video clip that the Taliban is no threat to the West. This completely proves that the American media are traitors and think people are either stupid, in denial, or just plain crazy. I mean, let's go over all this to answer the question of why should the media had played this terrorist propaganda garbage in the first place.

The Taliban claim to be no threat. Well, that's a complete and utter lie and the prove is (no longer) staring at them in the face in New York. Anyone remember the twin towers? You know, those two huge buildings that housed the main financial institutions that tower up over 1200 feet high? Yea yea, I know it's been over 8 years, but to refresh those on the left who can't remember much past their last orgasm that these buildings, as long with the Pentagon as well as flight 93, were destroyed by a terrorist attack. A well planned, financed, and executed plan. Perhaps this isn't want Americans are forgetting, especially those in the media. What seems to be forgotten was who and where the attacks were planned and financing was funneled. Yeap, it was our good ole friend, Osama Bin Laden. Now with whom and where was Bin Laden grouped up with. Why his old buddies that fought with him against the Russians during their war against the Russians from 1979 to 1986 when Russian had their Vietnam. Who where these buddies of his. They referred themselves in their native tongue as "The Students" which translate in their language as the Taliban.

The absent of the towers are a testimonial to the Taliban and one of their religious leaders planning and execution of a terrorist attack that was successful in murdering over 2800 Americans. I guess the media doesn't consider that a threat from a group that was successful in such an attack. For the Taliban to make such a claim is bold considering it's a fact that they are because they've already attacked us once. Should they win this war, and so far they are because lets face it, they know their history and ours, as well as watching CNN, and letting us play into another trap that already has given us one humiliating defeat. Only this defeat will be far worse.

The Taliban must know about how and why we lost in 'nam. They know the VC were soundly beaten militarily, but saw the lack of will to win by the politicians and lately CNN is broadcasting that lack of will when BO told the commander, the very commander that he put in there, to shut the f*** up when he said that he needed more troops to win this war. With BO making his apologies and showing his support for Islamic causes, the feel if they can drag this war out, our media will beat us to death about it, we'll lose our desire to keep fighting this quagmire since there's no desire to wipe them out, and with the media on their side, they, like the VC, can wear us out and so far it's working just like it did in 1969. Six year after VC recognized this, they were marching in Saigon and the biggest defeat in American History was complete.

This will be a far greater defeat because first, all radical terrorist will have a safe haven and free operations to train and operate their further attacks. Anyone that believes that the Taliban will celebrate their independence and have a fire works display and live in peace is a fool. Every nut job in the world will convene there and do their training and operations and what would be next? Pakistan, who really has helped them hide and regroup and allow them to execute this dragged on war by providing them a safety zone with a few minor assaults that really haven't contribute to much. Bin Laden is still out there. The Taliban is not only operating at will and actually not only making progress in Afghanistan, but in Pakistan as well. They're 60 miles from their ultimate prize: Pakistani nukes. Should they get them, they will use them. These guys worship death and murder so suicide nuclear attacks wouldn't be beyond them.

What should be taken in account as well is all terrorist groups around the world would a blue print on how to fight off the American threat. Just create a stalemate till the media undermine the fight so badly that the people and government give up the will. Sun Fu would be proud as he said a commander that can defeat his enemy without firing a shot is the epitome of excellence. A Nazi commander tried such a tactic during the Battle of the Bulge by trying to destroy the American and British will to fight. Had it not been for a few massacre since the Nazi had no more room, food, and provision for prisoners, they executed them. When that got out, it enraged the Americans to the point to fighting them to the death because capture is a death sentence. Had the massacres not accrued, the end results would had made the war last longer as several strategic cities would had fallen. The lesson was that breaking one's will leads to victories, even when they're more powerful than you are. If other terrorist group figure this out, then other countries will be in a lot more trouble.

The wrap is that the media have done more to show their treason and their incredibility by reporting this nonsense. This video should had been tossed in the trash where it belonged because they've attacked us once already so there's no reason why they won't again. However, they believe Iran doesn't want Nukes and Obama isn't destroying our currency and think we're that stupid, forgetful, and in extreme denial. We have a media that hates the country so much they will give credence to a bunch of murders that have direct ties to the murder of over 2800 of our citizens and are making the claim that they're not threat. How about reporting some accurate news and stop trying to be al-jazzera. The terrorist aren't your friends, just ask Pearl. Oh wait, you can't. He was killed by Taliban members in Pakistan. Yet you want to keep telling us that our enemies aren't our enemies but we're just a mean, evil country just keep this up. If the Islamics win, you will learn what a mean, racist, and evil country really is.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Why the left condone perverts.

As I watch over the horrid case of Lenvisky as well as the abuse of power of David Letter, the left seem all willing and able to defend these perverts. To the left, the only perverts are those that believe in heterosexual monogamous marriage. The reason finally hit me as I watch over these two events. Add in the the polices when it comes to sexual activity, it's clear why the left condones perversion.

The left is has the mantra of misery, hate, and down right self disrespect. When it comes to sex, they're all for if it feels good, do it. If that's' the case, why are so many of them so miserable and accept being used like with letter man and now, 30+ years later, the, then, 13 year-old victim was statuary raped and perhaps forcefully raped, and the prepretrator didn't deny the facts in the case, pleaded and when he found out the judge wasn't as immoral as his defense attorney as well as the prosecutor who agreed to this despicable plead that would had given him time served and probation. Now because this man is a great director, a few of his movies I've seen before I knew of his past and his work is very good, he is to be given immunity to his transgressions. This man drugged and raped a 13 year-old. I don't care if he finds the cure for cancer, it doesn't make him above the law. If this wasn't a sex crime with some artistic talent, would the left be so willing to defend and moralize this pervert?

As for David Letterman, it used to be when a man of power was having sex with underlings, the NOW would go ballistic over sexual harassment. That sexual harassment isn't about sex, but power. We haven't heard from those he had sex with and the women involved knew he was married, so either he's surrounded by a bunch of immoral sluts or he used his power to gain sexual favors. However, since he's a leftist talk show host, his potential abuse is overlooked and forgiven.

The left is a party of hate, misery, selfishness and self disrespect. One of the left's greatest disrespect is their version of sexuality. They have so little respect for themselves that they'll give themselves to any Tom, Dick or Harry willing and able. Too often I see the claims by these people about how Christians are so prudish and hateful of their own bodies that they can't stand to see other bodies and other bodies at work. How little do they respect themselves. To those of us on the right, at least those of us not hypocrites or RINO's, is that our sexuality is something to be treasured and guarded. Basically, sexual pleasure is at it's greatest when it treated with respect and commitment.

How treasured does one have of themselves and their sexuality when it's given away for the most frivolous of reason, especially of the claim if it feels good do it. Well drugs do as well, but it destroys the body as well. How does anyone that respect themselves just give up their bodies for the sake of a short time of pleasure? Is it even that pleasureful. After all, not to be hypocritical, but to demonstrate a point from my own personal experience, I've been around the block a few times. Some of which I rather forget about. I've done my share of doing for the sake of doing it and frankly, for me, it wasn't all that. Back when I had no respect for myself, I was behaving like an animal only to find out in the morning when everyone goes back to their daily routine, all I've done was had a few hours of what amounts to nothing much more than an amusement park ride.

Also, as these incidences demonstrate, those that take the stand that two loving consenting adults can do whatever in their own bedroom, well, though I'm with you on the privacy issue, but don't equate sex with love. How often I hear that those of us on the right promote hate because we don't equate sex with love. Even animals have sex. Even animals can procreate. Love is a human quality that's done by use of free will. So we can choose to use sex as a promotion of love or for self gratification. Just don't expect much fulfillment when it used for selfish reasons. How is something done with selfishness be confused with love. The best definition of love is fulfilling needs. So if you're committing an act for selfish reasons how can you claim it's out of love. The truth is you can't. So the left hating the right or Christians because they don't use sex for selfish reasons all I can say is that is why you're miserable and why you're so full of hate. That you disrespect yourself and anyone that doesn't abuse their God given talent all because we don't hate, disdain or abuse ourselves.

With that in mind, it's no real mystery as to why they condone perversion. It goes into their selfish, disrespecting mindset. Especially the thinking of if it feels good, do it. Even it demonstrates contempt and makes you feel like crap later. This contempt goes so far as to using sexuality for what it wasn't intended, though they claim its intent is whatever we want it to be, like homosexuality, bestiality, and multiple partners outside of love and commitment. As I learned during my second marriage, the one I choose after gain my self respect and CHOSE to guard and treasure my sexuality, well, things couldn't be better. For those on the left, they need to be pitied and shown the contempt that they demonstrate to those us that treasure and guard our sexuality for they just want us to be as miserable as they are all disguising as a shroud of liberty.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The new threat to public education.

After writing about the virtues of home schooling, there was one other that I've overlooked. The gist was that home schooling was yielding better results because of who was doing the educating and why. However, one other argument can be made as I read the local news here. With home schooling and charter schools, the costs are far lower and more efficient and the latest news here is starting to demonstrate that point.

The school district here is looking at a $40 million shortfall. In a city of 125,000 with a student body of about 11,000, that's a major shortfall. There are COUNTIES with smaller shortfalls and this is just ONE school district here in California. For anyone doing the math, that's $320 for every man, woman and child in the city and that's just the shortfall. The costs of education here in the states are the highest among the entire world and we get little to nothing of a return from the public investment. Just look at how the lower funded education system, even those in 3rd world countries, continue to produce better educated populace than our own country. In the new world of a global economy, we're not going to be able to compete with this kind of ignorant workforce. In fact, we'll become the lowest of 3rd world countries if we continue at this pace. What's worse, we're going bankrupt as we go as well.

The shortfall is so bad now, the district is looking to eliminate ALL athletics in the district. Elk Grove Unified, once was the height of competitive rankings in Football, Volleyball, Basketball, and Baseball, winning several state tiles will be defunct and no longer competing in the high school scene. This would be equivalent to the Yankees in a matter of within a decade of being defunct and out of the Major League. Can you imagine the headlines and debate. Unlike the Yankees, their is no more state money to bail out the schools.

The tax policies of Prop. 13 is often given the blame, but the truth is just plain old fashion political corruption and wasteful spending. I don't blame the district, as this is a problem that's prevalent throughout the entire state as anyone with a computer, an Internet connection and a functioning brain already knows. As with many unionized workforce, the education industry has been taking more than it can take in with nothing going towards the product. In fact, it goes to those that have nothing to do with educating children while going to administrators that are paid outrageously too much and produce nothing but policies that encourage those that promote criminal or class warfare activities and thus are a detriment to the education of those students. An administrator makes, at a minimum of 70K while a teacher, on average, 42K and as a group, administration takes up 70% of the budget, thus leaving little for teachers, less for the classroom and even less for supplies and materials. Compare that to home schooling where there are no administrators, no building costs, no inflated maintenance that do nothing but take out garbage while leaving the rooms to stink like urine and most of all, no monopolistic union to inflate their costs or have their house smelling of urine because it's wrong to demand the janitors do their jobs.

Elk Grove Unified was once considered to be an elite district in the Sacramento but now are starting to become like the others here, like Sacramento, Grant, and Washington unified that are plagued by gangs and dysfunctional administration. I've predicted that public education is in serious trouble and will collapse under it's own weight from corruption and cost overruns as they drain the states completely of their funding as the unions, bureaucracy, and political corruption continue to over burden the tax payers with an endless money pit that gives little to nothing in return. Compared to home schooling and charter schools where the taxpayers, mainly the parents, have the control without the overhead and corruption that weights down the public system, it's no mystery why so many are willing to make the sacrifice and put in the time, money and effort to educate their children on their own compared to the dangerous and ineffective education system run by the government. So with students so badly treated in a system so inefficient system, is it really a wonder why the people of this country thinks it insane to let them run health care? When the individual is allowed to take responsibility and choose for themselves, the results are often superior because those that have an investment in the results aren't going to lag and let the system decay while those on the dole that have no investment at all show no interest in it's management or results since it no burden to them. Hence, home schooling and charter systems are going to grow in popularity and no amount of funding in a black hole of a money pit is going to change that.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The vitues of home schooling.

My wife and I had a "discussion" about the home schooling of my children from a previous marriage. Then the subject of how the state of California want to put an end to it by requiring all parents that home teach must waste time, money, energy, and brain cells by getting a teaching credential. Otherwise, they'll be guilty of child neglect by not allowing their children to be "educated". This led to a huge . . . disagreement. My wife thinks the state is right and the reason just made me want to bang my head on the wall. Since she refuse to listen to what is at stake and why, I'll go over that after I present my reason why this is just another act of tyranny in the most tyrannical state in the union, though DC is trying to catch up and doing a really good job so far.

First, what is the argument is all about. What is the law requiring and why. The state is claiming that those that teach their children aren't qualified to do so and the children being home schooled are getting an inferior education. To seek that those that are home schooled meet up with the same standards and meet the educational guild lines, they want to make it that every home schooler is educated to the proficiency of an public educator. They're arguing that for the children sake, they're seeking to assure that the parent that is educating is able to.

First of all, those parents that aren't even college educated are doing such a good job of educating their children, it should be a complete embarrassment to the education establishment that they're being so badly beaten by uneducated amateurs. In fact, on average, the non-college educated parent have children that average 37 points higher on the PERCENTILE than public educated children. Those of you not familiar with statistics as to what that means, it's a ranking system that take the scores and place them in order from worse to best with "average", with is the statistical means, is the 50 percentile. When you're at a percentile, that's the ranking of how many students out of 100 you rank higher than. So if you're score is in the 99th percentile, as my math score was when I transferred to California State University, that means out of 100 people, I will out perform in math better than 99. Basically, a perfect score without actually being perfect. So if your student gets in the 44th percentile, that means the student is better than only 44 students out of 100. So, given that the mean is around the middle, public school students, overall, will average 50 percentile by definition. Home schoolers, by definition based on the results of the public schools, are better overall 87 out of 100 pubic education students. Basically, they average better than B+ students in the public education and that's the average. So if a parent isn't even college educated, they educate their children better than 87 of 100 public school children.

If a parent is college educated, it's better, but not as much as you think. Their percentile is 89. Only 2 points. So it's not the quality of education of the parent that is relevant. Also remember, by law, every public education teacher is college educated and yet, the home schoolers are beating them badly, even without a degree. Given the horrid state of the education system here in the US, where many now are fearing for their lives as the incident in Chicago demonstrates, too many of our schools aren't even safe. I taught in Vallejo and that town is infested with gangs that are just as evil and brutal as those in Chicago and the TEACHERS feared these monsters. As well as teacher and the system isn't really designed to educate, but indoctrinate.

This is the core of why the state of California really wants home schoolers to have a credential. I was being educated in an internship to get a credential. I wasn't able to finish because losing my job in the budget nightmare, I wasn't able to complete the second year and lost my internship. However, the classes they were teaching in the credentialing program would scare any concern parent as to what the teachers of their children are being taught. Credentialing programs don't focus on how to teach. In fact, I was never taught how to teach at all with the exception of class management which had a lot of theory that doesn't work in practice with students that don't want to learn. The major core was to promote the liberal indoctrination, blacks good, white evil, capitalism is oppressive and evil, class warfare, sexual freedom, etc. I can't tell you how heated some debates got over the oppression of the white society is the cause of education's failure to teach the minority students in this state. Gangs were a "distraction" but a necessary evil for the minorities to survive in our racist society. Heck, I was being taught, and this came from the state's secretary of the board of education here in California, that blacks learn best from black teachers, Latinos from Latinos (hey, Sotomayor would agree but only if it's a Latino woman), and Asians from an Asian teacher and that we had too many white teachers in our system. I got his lesson the day after I got my pink that I would be laid off at the end of year (of 47 interns, 32 of us got the pinks). After this, I have had enough and wasn't upset that I would be out of the system. I substitute teach, but basically all I do is babysit.

So we got and education system that is excellent at educating. Educating class warfare, bigotry, sex, drugs, irresponsibility, and racism. After my year there, I wanted to my ex-wife to home school the kids because I feared for my daughter's safety. Three students at the high school I taught were murdered during the year, two of them off campus and not to mention the three race riots that occurred. The education system is good and burying these incidents. My ex thought I was exaggerating til my daughter started her first year of junior high, which was last year. After all the BS and how those in the system protected the offender against our daughter, she feared for her safety and decided to use the charter school system and educate them at home. As liberal as she is, she got fed up with the crime, violence, and racism against our children.

What was worse was that her teachers weren't interested in educating. With tenure, a teacher basically can't be fired. Many that are interested, just don't want to upset the gang bangers as, I have witness myself, teacher do get threaten and harmed by gangs and sometimes their parents. My daughter struggled in math and as I tried to get her teacher to demonstrate how he graded and demonstrated his teaching methods, all I got was stonewalled. Now I know at all times where she is (I have access to her charter files) and now she's doing better, she feels safe and is better focused at her studies instead of safety issues, backstabbing by class warfare members, and have teachers, her parents, that have an investment in her education.

The gist is that the state is so badly being embarrassed and having their leftist agenda shown for what it is: a complete failure. They want to do what government does when it has a monopoly on an industry: eliminate competition. The competition they get from concerned parents isn't just embarrassing, but demonstrating the complete farce they are. I was sceptical of the charter school that their mother enrolled them in, but it working and doing wonders. The state of California are gearing up to attack the charter school and eliminate them altogether. The only public funded system that actually shows results and the main reason why is that the individual chooses the school as well as are active participant in the education of their child. Nobody will have the desire and passion for their education and well being as the parents and that's why home schooling, in my opinion, is succeeding so well and why the state wants to eliminate it.

Now, the argument my wife made as to why the state was in the right in making such a radical law. She wouldn't listen as to what it entail to get the credential. She feels that not every parent has even graduated high school and know nothing of the subject matter and thus aren't qualified to educate their own children. The credential requirement will ensure that the parents know enough to actually educate their child. Frankly, if anything, it will ensure the opposite. Credentialing programs don't ensure knowledge other than a college degree is required. Well, we have a system full of these college educated, credential teachers and the student's still don't learn. Credentialed teacher don't necessary know anything as many are liberal arts or communication major that doesn't even required any critical thinking but to spew the socialist agenda. If one is really worried about the credential of the parents, one can give a guild line, which I have for my ex as in regard to World War I which is what my daughter is learning about in world history. My ex did more research and getting an education herself as she is one of those that doesn't have a college degree. If a parent is so illiterate and unable to educate, the charter system allows for tutor to education student in the safety of their own home for those that are weak in a subject matter.

The wrap is that the government monopoly with an unionized monopolized work force is failing badly because the system isn't designed to educate in the 3 R's as it used be known, but for social issues to promote leftist agenda. Those that do home school have an investment in their children's education and will do what's needed to get them to learn what they need. Add that they learn in a familiar and safe environment and are allowed to learn at their own pace, it destroys the one size fits all mentality of the public system that fails for 2/3rd of their students, it's no mystery why home schooling is so successful. With parents in control, and not the government, the results speak for themselves. Thus the government can't stand that they're being shown up and are going all out to put an end and assure that all children are brought up with the leftist propaganda and become the serfs that they need. After all, as we like to say in statistics: numbers don't lie.

Friday, October 2, 2009

A true study into stupid: the NBA officials.

I thought I put on the blog something that's going that is the karma of corruption and unethical behavior that doesn't include some pervert politician, director, or an overrated and ugly late night talk show host. Currently there's a contract debate going on with the NBA and the Referees. Seem that the Referees feel under appreciated, overly criticized, and, I kid you not, they're underpaid and are threatening a strike. Well, actually, since the NBA and the teams aren't going to be so stupid to give up millions in profits by having a bunch of corrupt officials spoil the party by refusing to work have lined up replacement officials to do the games. The officials better wise up, because nobody is coming to their defense and with good reason: they suck!

Last season NBA season was one of the most painful to watch and the playoffs were a major strain on my eyes because the officiating was so horrible and made the games so painful to watch because at times I was confused as to what I actually was watching: the NBA or the NFL. When I was playing in a league that was run by a fitness center I was a member of, just a recreational league to give the basketball players something to do on a Thursday night and a chance to see what we can do in an organized situation and compete. What ended up happening was a good idea was dead after only two seasons. The main reason was that they decided to train and used their own officials instead of the local official association that have some mediocre officials but at least know the rules and when to make an egregious call. These official made the game so painful to play, and I mean it literally. The telltale sign was during the first round of playoffs when I thought the guard was going to go in and instead made an excellence rope-a-dope move to the outside and I body slammed him. I wasn't called and we got the fast break and I, the OFFENDER, complained that if he's not going to call that, then what's he doing out there. He T'd me. You see, if officiating is so bad that obvious calls aren't being made, then the safety and fun of the game is lost. This is what's going on in the NBA.

NBA officials, rightfully so, are viewed as the most corrupt and bias in all of sports. It's no mystery that they have vendettas and show favoritism towards the superstars over the no-names. Too often they have attitudes towards certain players and coaches. Sometimes justified, many times not. As professionals, as I have been a softball umpire for over 20 years, your prime directive is to remain calm, cool and collective at all times. Those that don't can't remain objective is which is the most important trait required to be a good official. NBA officials are way too volatile and Stern, the commissioner, considered by many to be the worse and most corrupt in NBA history, goes way out of his way to protect them as well as fine anyone that so much as says "boo" to them. He "claims" to evaluate them with independent auditors, but we never know who they are or see the how or even the scores of the evaluation. Stern does everything in secrecy, even the ping pong balls of the draft lottery. Now we're to believe he keeps tabs on the integrity of the officials. Yea, and I have swampland in Florida to sell you.

Now these pampered, volatile, and egregiously bias officials now want a raise. This would be laughable if they weren't totally serious. Considering that most of them are so bad that they need to be fired, not coddled and given even more money, this lockout maybe the best thing to happen to the NBA. As of this writing, the first preseason game has been played and the replacement got descent reviews. There were no complaints or abnormally. Should this lock out get drawn out and the fans noticed that the officiating is better, or at least more consistent and unbias, they may be asking for the officials to stay on strike or be "replaced" by the replacement. All I know is that if we have the same painful and really, fun killing farce we had last year, the NBA will be hurting for fans because nobody is going to watch for long because the game no longer will be enjoyable, win or lose, good team or bad. Then that evil, corrupt Stern and his lapdogs officials will learn the hard way who the real boss is: the fans that pay to see the game. Carl Comiski didn't learn that lesson and he only lost his team and they weren't to be a force to be considered by competing teams for 4 decades. The the NBA, it could spell the end of a long and glorious sport, one of the most entertaining in the world (behind in popularity only to soccer or football to non-Americans. Then we will learn what is being all to well known, when stupid and corruption combine, it's endgame is the end of excellence.