Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Beware of the Robin Hood Mentality.

With the health care, cap and trade, and now the rumor of a treaty being drawn in Copenhagen, there's a lot rationalization about how the government needs to take (soak) from the rich so they can give to the poor. This whole idea remind me of a conversation I was having with my two children, especially my eldest, about what her mother is teaching her about the joy and utopia that will come with socialism and how Obama is doing the right thing against us evil conservatives. Liberals are fixed with their arguments that they're being Robin Hood, but one needs to ask: what Robin Hood did was right or was it wrong?

I asked this question to my daughter and her response was of course it was a good thing. What's ironic is that Robin Hood was stealing from those that were profiting from oppressive taxes that were accessed on the poor and given to those allied with the government. So actually, he was stealing in protest against the taxes being placated on the common people. So Robin Hood was actually a tea bagger when you get down to it. However, that's not what liberals are claiming. They're claiming they're taxing the rich to placate the oppression of the poor. This the good that my daughter was empathizing.

My children know my ideal job would to have my own airplane manufacturing business. So I put it to them this way. I have my factory and I'm making the best, most efficient, and mechanically safe planes on the market and most everyone is buying them so I become wealthy for my efforts. However, the government comes along and says I'm being unfair to the other manufacturers and putting them out of business, cause others to be unemployed (they could work for me if they choose). Now they could hire me to consult on how to build another plane or try to figure it out themselves, but instead, they tax me instead and give that money (after a small fee to themselves and some of their pet projects) to the other manufactures that can not or will not produce a better product. Now what happens to my factory? Now I can't make as many planes or have to lower the quality if not down right go out of business myself. That too will lead to people out of work, no better or even more planes built, prices won't change, if anything they may go up because there's fewer planes being built, and your dad no longer can do what he loves or have to do it less. Now should I go take all the risk of building this factory in the first place, spending all my time and money just learning how to make an airplane in the first place, so some unproductive company can stay in business or have a free ride at my expense? Well, I never seen my daughter hang her jaw so low or be so quiet. After a long pause she said, "Ho my gosh, it's a bad thing overall."

What's worse about what's going on, the government is going further. Robin Hood didn't go around saying you can't say this or do that or else I'll send Little John in and put you in jail or take you're possession so he can give it to whom he deemed worthy. Or to tell the Rich if they don't provide health care or you take risks and because you place a proper premium to cover those risks, we're going to force, by use of the bow and arrow, to take a loss so their employees will have to be taken care of by his merry men (last I checked, there wasn't a doctor among them) because as a group of rouges, as benevolent as they may be, just knew better. Or better yet, take their fire wood away because they're being unfair to the environment or to France because they're consuming too much wood, and they don't have enough. Mr. Hood didn't go to Jerusalem and apologized to the barbarians (as they were called by the West at the time, but in my opinion, still accurate today) for all the wrongs they've endured though it was mainly done by their own governments. He didn't go and state that their Christian faith in God was immoral and they are to embrace Islam or Hedonism or face his sword in opposition. Or force the rich or the King to accept gays as being normal and recognizing their marriages as ordained by God. And lastly, he didn't go around stating that you must let the French or Germans invade and let all of the people support them or be branded as racist.

The notion by our liberal and socialist government official is they own the moral ground, because like Robin Hood, they're just taking from the rich and giving to the poor. When in the end, they're following the likes of the heroes that they are no longer fearing to demonstrate their love for the Lenin's, Stalin's, Mao's, Castro's, and Chavez's of the world. That they're really about empowerment and tyranny. Where in the end, they're not there to serve and empowered the poor, but to empowered themselves and make them the only rich allowed to exist while the rest of us be deluded as them being benign and benefiting and prospering from their rule. Even Mr. Hood wouldn't buy nor support them. George Washington once said that a pure democracy was dangerous because if people were to get hooked on the government dole, then once those on the dole reached 50% plus 1, then the government would be doomed to tyranny because those on the dole would just vote themselves a raise at the productive's expense and that's what were setting up. They established a democratic republic in the hopes that our representatives, with their power broken up by the hundreds answered to the millions of voters, would seek the best interest of country and not of the parasitic, but we are reaching that critical mass of 50% plus 1 not only as a population, but by the districts in congress giving the unproductive the edge over the productive. The Robin Hood mentality has allowed our government to justify taking from the productive and give to the unproductive all the while giving powers that were never intented for them to have. Can we allow them to have the socialist mentality to replace the Robin Hood mentality? Given the costs in human lives that socialism taxes, it must be no. After all, Mr. Hood didn't also go around asking for the lives of the poor as compensation for his deeds in their behalf.

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