Monday, October 12, 2009

The bigotry of the liberal education sector.

I was reading through some articles and one really got my goat. It was an article in a Tampa Bay newspaper online about how our education Secretary calling that we need more high standard quality teachers. It didn't take me far into the article what the call is really for: more bigotry. The first line that this is the civil rights issue of our times, I knew there was going to be trouble with the rest because the "civil rights movement" is the cause of the current mess we have in education. It's why we have minorities, especially African Americans, don't learn anything, why they don't learn anything, and why they're not going to learn anything and I know this from personal experience as my previous blogs have demonstrated. It was one sentence in her statement not only shows her true objective, but how things are going to get worse in education and given how they're starting to collapse of its weight of its corruption, it will actually be the final nail in the coffin.

First, this concept of education is the civil rights movement of our time. What, during the last 40 years, now nearing 50, have minorities have been given the dirt end of the stick like white students get? White students can be perfect in their grades and SAT scores and still be passed over for a minority student with an D average at a grade inflated school with SAT that would make an illiterate member from a 3rd world country bow their head in shame and still get in. Affirmative Action has forced many in the job sector, especially the public sector, and the education sector to hire or admit by race without regard if the person can do the work and yet, it's still not enough. Now that this parasitic policy is producing the rotten fruit, or down right no fruit, and the economy is reflecting that unproductive policy, we now blaming the results and not the cause. Now he wants to inflict even MORE failure by expanding more of the failed mandates to expand it further expecting the results to reverse itself. In all my studies in logic, I never been over to get a failed argument to become sound by instilling more of the same premises. When something doesn't work, instilling more of the same isn't going to change the results. There used to be a word to describe such thinking: irrational.

The comment that shows, unsurprising, the racism and bigotry behind this policy is as follows from the U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan, "I believe that education is the civil rights issue of our generation," Duncan said. "And if you care about promoting opportunity and reducing inequality and social injustice, the classroom is the place to start". Ok, first, my children aren't to be pawns for your social justice crusade and indoctrination. Frankly, social justice form people like her means discrimination against whites, and ladies, who are the biggest benefactors of the affirmative action laws, you'll be the first they'll go after after they're done with the white males, white females which they've been complaining about dominating the education sector. However, he doesn't stop there as he goes on, "It is especially troubling," he added, "that less than 2 percent of our nation's teachers are African-American males."
Duncan said the way to bring more young black men into the teaching profession is to make sure that they continue their studies and don't drop out at the high rates they do now.
"Our African male dropout rate is too high. If you're dropping out of high school you can't be a teacher," he said. The big problem is that its their civil right to drop out if they choose. They've equated being educated as being white and complete contempt for the black race. How are you going to 1, get them to study when they feel they're being a traitor to their race by doing so as the gangsta mentality has promoted and 2, it's their civil right to not only fail but to be rewarded for it?

Duncan said the nation cannot rely alone on schools of education to produce the next generation of teachers. He called for expanding alternatives such as Teach for America, which recruits recent college graduates to teach in schools in poor communities for at least two years. I was in such an internship. It did absolutely nothing to prepare me to teach and was two year propaganda into anti-white racism, socialistic agendas, and attacks against America and her government system. Alternative systems don't do much but make people bitter, angry and hate America especially white ones. You're put in a school with mainly gang bangers and anti-establishment youth that are well verse in the class warfare agenda. The minority teachers will get a good lesson in promoting this propaganda while being able to get their tenure for a district will have to fight a civil rights suit if the teacher makes the claim that they lost their job because of their race. Many times schools will take these interns because they can pay them less than a credentialed new teacher and fire them and get the next bunch.

The wrap is that the civil rights movement, though needed and corrected an injustice in our political system, has been hijacked and used to promote more racism, bigotry, rewarding of failure and promote class warfare in our country. This clueless Secretary of Education, a perfect fit with our current POTUS, promoting more of the same and expecting racist and class warfare soldiers students to turn around and become educated and turn their attitude around is not only living in fantasy, but by definition is completely irrational and can be deemed insane. At least it can be said he's completely uneducated in the field of education.

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