Sunday, October 25, 2009

Detroit: Socialism in action.

I just got done reading an article about Detroit that should give liberals reasons to pause. As well as a "friend" that I have for a stupid game I play (with friends like these, perhaps it's time I quit that game) that made a claim about Republicans and the media leading to his demand of the public option in health care that had me wonder where did this man lose his mind. If anyone need an example of where socialism is going to lead us, just look at Detroit.

First, the "libertarian" that made his statement was claiming that conservatives are the evil that is ruining the nation. That 3/4 of Republicans voted to protect gang rape over Iraqis that raped a woman that was employed by one of those contractors (thanks a lot Bush. Pffft!) and was arrested when she complained (don't you know it's not a crime in Iraq, or in Muslim culture because all rape, unless the man is caught in the act, the woman's fault and is the will of Allah) and so decided to sue the company. When the senators fought for a law to protect companies against things they can't control, the liberals cry rape protectors (hey, how about slick willie and his interns?). This man was claiming that the media was 60% in favor of Republicans (I like to know what he's reading because I would like to subscribe). I like to know what he's smoking because he's delusional. Or perhaps he's such a radical socialists that 60% of the rags out there are just too far to the right for his taste. Whatever, his credibility went out of the window, but I listen to both sides (unlike him) so I know what the other side says.

In his rant, he wanted net neutrality because the evil Cable and Phone companies are going to censor what you say. Uh, noooooo, that's what the government does. Companies aren't likely to do so because if they did, you would cancel your service and go to another service (Cable and the phone companies are monopolies, Internet service aren't). This man doesn't understand competition and the free markets at all since he thinks that there's a grand conspiracy to keep us all ignorant and only the government wants to protect free speech. Oh pleeeeeease.

Then he rants on how people are going to be thrown to the wolves if they get sick because without the public option, the Republicans will see that the evil insurance companies deny us care and let us all die. It's up to the benevolent government because we're all too stupid to chose what's right for us. I'm not going over this again as many of us know that a public option will lead to a rationed, government control health care system that will make 85% satisfied with our health care to 10% with the death by natural causes to skyrocket. I'm sure Santa Clause, the Tooth Fairy, and the Leprechauns will be glad to give all their money to support this monstrosity. Perhaps he should see what socialized Loans and Nationalization of the auto industry has done as an example.

In Detroit, there's a major crisis going on in their real estate sector. Their foreclosure rate is through the roof and it's about to get worse next year and a funny thing happened on the way to government bailouts: nobody was buying. They can't even give the homes that are being foreclosed away. When Clinton enacted this affirmative action in the loan industry that ended what was known as red lining, the banks were forced by the gun of government to issue loans to people that weren't qualified or able to pay them back and *SHOCK* the loans went into default when the bubble exploded. Now, because of this socialist loan policy, thousands of homes are foreclosed and they can't even sell them. After all, why would anyone buy them? There's no jobs in a city whose unemployment rate is the largest in the country at 15% (given how the government gains its data and manipulates the numbers, I'll wager it's really 30%) for a city with a population greater than 1 million. Even after Obama took over GM and his cash for clunkers, GM is still in, what's known in aviation, as the death spiral. So no jobs means no paying tenants or work for the person to pay back or gain back their investment. Not even at $500 minimum bids are they getting takers.

Given the liberal rules of the city for decades, the jobs are gone, even the Nationalization of GM has improved things and in fact are worse since nobody is still buying the cars, the poor education system, hostile business climate, the drug problem, and the explosion of gangs, who in their right minds would want to live there, much less buy a home there? Much of the city have the taken over by gangs, both the criminal and the governmental kinds, are blighted, decayed and swamped with drug users, the homeless and just plain lazy and worthless squatters. Well, in Detroit, everyone is entitled to housing, they never said what kind. All of Obama's stimulus hasn't done a thing, housing prices are in the toilet and aren't going up anytime soon, but all the criminals, parasites, and gangsters, and drug users have their free housing.

The gist is that socialism fails because a society, no matter how much it tries, can't produce everything for everyone. There are just some that don't want to work, enough resources, or even the need. I don't need a 54' HD plasma TV, but the socialists think everyone should. What results are scarcity, economic depressions, poverty, and tyranny. If ones goes to Detroit, one will see a lot of that. After all, is it really a coincidence that the Lions go win less so much? Or does the management of the Lions just follow the example of the city. I just know, when government has absolute control instead of the market, it never equals prosperity for the people and Detroit is proving to be a prime example as well as things to come if we continue on the path with the mindset this face book subscriber has.

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