Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Gangsta morals: the Richmond, CA, gang rape.

There's big news here of a gang rape of a 15 year old girl outside of her school while she was waiting for her father to pick her up after she attended a dance. During her wait, a group of "guys" offer her to hang with them and have some drinks (oh, how often I've said alcohol plus any activity rarely ends well) at which she passes out and, the numbers and events are a bit sketchy at this time, at least 10 boys proceed to rape her. That in itself makes this story shocking and news in of itself, though not the first or last time I've heard of such a thing. There was a case 8 or 9 years ago of a hundreds kids at a party of another whose parents were away getting drunk til another girl passed out for 8 hours and 5 boys had their fun. What made this story a major news story? At least 2 dozen "people" saw the attack and not one person reported it. It wouldn't be til the father called reporting that he couldn't find her that she was found an hour after the dance had actually ended.

I wish I could say any of this, though shocking and outrageous, surprised me. I got a good education about gangsters and their mentality as well as the women that hang out with them. Frankly, had it not been for the passer-bys just witnessing it and shrugging it off, I don't think this would have been the story that is as big as it is. The fact that, what it appears to be at this time though not confirmed, a Latino gang having fun with one of their "hoe's" doesn't come as a surprise. Girls in those communities usually sell themselves out to these gang bangers either out of fear of retribution or just plain being able to profit from it be it money, drugs, or just plain fame. The open advertisement I saw when I teaching in one of these inner city schools (about 30 miles from where the rape occur) would just sadden any sensible person. Just the volume of prostitution that was going on, and most of them were just 14 to 15 years old was just heartbreaking. So a girl, hanging and having drinks with 10 to 15 boys (no body's sure yet how many) isn't shocking.

As these "boys" were having their way with her, in front of the school no less (behind some bushes), many witnessed the assault yet did nothing about it. There are several reasons why this happened. First, and most likely the main reason, fear of retribution. The gangs are bigger and more heavily armed than law enforcement and they know it. If one was to report it, they expose themselves to being retributive against if not by the assailant, one of his friends. Two, they just plain don't want to get involved. Even if it goes to trail, you're the one that the defense lawyer will grill and attack. Not to mention once there, going through all the hassle, the gang will know who you are and then see reason number 1. Three, and I hate to say it, but they may had very well thought she was a willing participant. Sex is so easily given or sold by these girls with these guys, they just plain may had thought she was engaging in consenting rough sex (gives me the creeps to write that). Fourth, as harsh as this is, they just plain didn't care. Given the moral relativism that goes on, the witnesses may just as well as said to themselves that it isn't their problem. Harsh, but with the if it feel good do it self gratification that is exposed to them by the educational, governmental, cultural, and by the media outlets, since it doesn't add to their own pleasure, it's no concern of theirs. Thus, given the gangsta culture of the area this story horrified me, but didn't surprise me. The biggest surprise was that it got reported at all.

The issue, and I've raised this before and have been harshly criticized, but I'm going to raise it again, is though I completely agree that this is rape and the "boys" should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, there is one contributing factor to this crime and the girl was a complete and total accomplice to contributing to this one factor. As I've stated earlier, rarely have I seen alcohol and another act end well. As with the case 8 years earlier, nobody was outraged or even disappointed about the children drinking alcohol. The case with the party without supervision and that party had at least one hundred minor aged children drinking, all everyone got angry about was the five boys that committed the sexual assault on an unconscious girl. Here, in this case the girl gets hammered and then the "boys" have their way with her. This drinking was done on the campus during a school event, yet not one word of outrage has nor will be placed at this school. Given when I was teaching, kids were smoking pot on campus, something like alcohol isn't going to be shunned. Yet, when kids get themselves drunk or stoned, there's no real outcry against the schools or even the action of the kids over it. Thus, this is why, even though my ex and I don't hardly see eye to eye on anything and despite criticism from my family including my wife who thinks my ex is nuts, completely support her home schooling our two children. Not only do the school not teaching anything but class warfare, racism, sex, drugs, and the leftist PC agenda and not reading, writing, and math, but they're not safe. If this rape doesn't expose how dangerous our schools are, then I fear only one thing will and that's when they finally sneak guns in and start having a shooting war on campus. Even then I fear the wrong lesson will be learned and they'll just ban guns (despite the 2nd Amendment) and then the gangs will go completely wild.

The endgame is that the school was open to drinking and kids having sex on campus. There was no security to ensure the safety of these children as this happened on their watch and nothing seems to be addressed at the school's responsibility for providing a safe environment. Given the gangsta mentality, this was a recipe for disaster that materialized during that dance. Now a 15 year old has paid a price from an extreme act of violence by a gang of punks who weren't even students of the school (hence what were they doing on campus anyways?) and one was even an adult. As of right now, 2 boys and 1 adult have been arrested with a report of at least 10 more expected. Maybe if they arrest the Principal and those responsible for securing the school, then I would be satisfied. I have to ask when are we going to get angry enough of cultural right argument that allow gangsta to predominate in our schools. When are we going to demand accountability when security lapses during school hours and events are neglected or are grossly inadequate? When are we going to take back our neighborhoods, children, and our school and say enough is enough. From what I've seeing. The gangs, the government officials (those that run the school in this case) are still running the show and saying it's no their fault. Given how events are playing out, it will be interesting to see what defense the rapist come up with but I'll wager one of two, if not both, will play out. It's a cultural or racial thing so the race card will be played (the rapists are Latinos), or that she was consensual and there was no rape so other than the 21 year old, there is no crime. Given the cultural and moral activities that go on in our schools today, they may just get away with it. After all, if Twinkies can get a man off for murder, what's the race card or she liked it defense?

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