Sunday, October 4, 2009

The new threat to public education.

After writing about the virtues of home schooling, there was one other that I've overlooked. The gist was that home schooling was yielding better results because of who was doing the educating and why. However, one other argument can be made as I read the local news here. With home schooling and charter schools, the costs are far lower and more efficient and the latest news here is starting to demonstrate that point.

The school district here is looking at a $40 million shortfall. In a city of 125,000 with a student body of about 11,000, that's a major shortfall. There are COUNTIES with smaller shortfalls and this is just ONE school district here in California. For anyone doing the math, that's $320 for every man, woman and child in the city and that's just the shortfall. The costs of education here in the states are the highest among the entire world and we get little to nothing of a return from the public investment. Just look at how the lower funded education system, even those in 3rd world countries, continue to produce better educated populace than our own country. In the new world of a global economy, we're not going to be able to compete with this kind of ignorant workforce. In fact, we'll become the lowest of 3rd world countries if we continue at this pace. What's worse, we're going bankrupt as we go as well.

The shortfall is so bad now, the district is looking to eliminate ALL athletics in the district. Elk Grove Unified, once was the height of competitive rankings in Football, Volleyball, Basketball, and Baseball, winning several state tiles will be defunct and no longer competing in the high school scene. This would be equivalent to the Yankees in a matter of within a decade of being defunct and out of the Major League. Can you imagine the headlines and debate. Unlike the Yankees, their is no more state money to bail out the schools.

The tax policies of Prop. 13 is often given the blame, but the truth is just plain old fashion political corruption and wasteful spending. I don't blame the district, as this is a problem that's prevalent throughout the entire state as anyone with a computer, an Internet connection and a functioning brain already knows. As with many unionized workforce, the education industry has been taking more than it can take in with nothing going towards the product. In fact, it goes to those that have nothing to do with educating children while going to administrators that are paid outrageously too much and produce nothing but policies that encourage those that promote criminal or class warfare activities and thus are a detriment to the education of those students. An administrator makes, at a minimum of 70K while a teacher, on average, 42K and as a group, administration takes up 70% of the budget, thus leaving little for teachers, less for the classroom and even less for supplies and materials. Compare that to home schooling where there are no administrators, no building costs, no inflated maintenance that do nothing but take out garbage while leaving the rooms to stink like urine and most of all, no monopolistic union to inflate their costs or have their house smelling of urine because it's wrong to demand the janitors do their jobs.

Elk Grove Unified was once considered to be an elite district in the Sacramento but now are starting to become like the others here, like Sacramento, Grant, and Washington unified that are plagued by gangs and dysfunctional administration. I've predicted that public education is in serious trouble and will collapse under it's own weight from corruption and cost overruns as they drain the states completely of their funding as the unions, bureaucracy, and political corruption continue to over burden the tax payers with an endless money pit that gives little to nothing in return. Compared to home schooling and charter schools where the taxpayers, mainly the parents, have the control without the overhead and corruption that weights down the public system, it's no mystery why so many are willing to make the sacrifice and put in the time, money and effort to educate their children on their own compared to the dangerous and ineffective education system run by the government. So with students so badly treated in a system so inefficient system, is it really a wonder why the people of this country thinks it insane to let them run health care? When the individual is allowed to take responsibility and choose for themselves, the results are often superior because those that have an investment in the results aren't going to lag and let the system decay while those on the dole that have no investment at all show no interest in it's management or results since it no burden to them. Hence, home schooling and charter systems are going to grow in popularity and no amount of funding in a black hole of a money pit is going to change that.

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