Saturday, October 31, 2009

The scares of a lifetime.

Happy Halloween everyone. I thought on this most special of occasions, I would put a list of major events, discovery and directives that all have occurred within my life time. Since I was born in 1965, I will only list those that have happened since 1965. Many of them most scary.

The assault on the first amendment with now passed hate speech law, fairness doctrine (both the existence of it til 1986 and the attempted resurrection).

Men on the moon

Probes to all the planets in our solar system (except Pluto if you still consider it a planet)

The Hubble Telescope

The Ebola Virus


From forced slavery to freedom to self enslavement . . . the path of the civil rights movement

Roe vs. Wade

Abortion on demand

Free Love


Gay Rights

Homosexual marriages

The rise of the computer age

The evolution of the Internet (sorry Al, you had nothing to do with the invention of the Internet)

Global Cooling. . . I mean Global Warming. . . I mean Global Climate Change

Ronald Reagan

The Government Media Complex (the Pravda of today's press)

Neutron bomb

The rise of Radical Islam

The Iranian Islamic Revolution


The Fall of the Soviet Union (or the Iron Curtain)

US support of dictators

$9 trillion of added debt (10 times more than the national debt was when I was born)

3.5 billion more living people on the planet


DNA testing

Genetic Engineering

Stem Cell Research




The destruction of the US education system

The diseased corruption of the US government




The pysdo-legalization of illegal immigration

The war on Christians

The capitulation to Islam

The death of England

The dying of the West

Negative birth rates (in the industrialized nations)

Dirty Bombs

Sleeper Cells



Moral Relativism

The rise of Atheism

Space Shuttle Program

Apollo 13

Challenger disaster (which I watched live on TV)

Columbia Disaster

The defense of evil

The disdain of righteousness

Judicial Activism

The additional rulings of the separation of church and state after the original 1963 ban on prayers.

The silencing of morality

The propagating of premiscousness

Single parenthood


Black Liberation

Black Panthers


Star Wars

The open publicans of porn

Internet porn

The 747


The death of the manufacturing base in the US



Nukes to a terrorist Islamic country (Pakistan)

Stimulus packages

The government punishing the productive and rewarding the unproductive

Lawsuit crisis

Socialized medicine in the West

Government Motors

Government banks

Defeat in Vietnam and Iraqi occupation (as well in Afghanistan)

The usurping of the constitution

Praises of Mao by the US government

The Cultural Revolution


Socialist dictators in the western hemisphere

The dismantling of Apartheid





Resolution of the Protestant/Catholic conflict in Northern Ireland (after nearly 800 years)



Animal Rights

Endangered Species Act

Cell phones


The acceleration of the war on drugs

The reunification of Germany

Animal Cloning

Video games

China's Economic rise

Harry Potter



The Twinkies Defense

Disco (thank God that's dead)


The VCR, later to Laser Disk Player to DVD to Blue Ray

Walkmans to cassette players to mp3 players to iPhone

Test Tube Babies

Affirmative Action

Indian Casinos

Earth Day

Arab Oil Embargo

Jim Jones

3 Mile Island

Americans with Disabilities Act

Two Presidents Impeached (neither convicted)

Obama's election

These are just a sample of the major events and discoveries just in my 44 years. It's quite a list and at the rate things are changing, the next 44 should provide to be way too interesting. Iranians with nukes. Al-quida getting closer to the Pakistani nukes. The rise of Anti-Americanism. The move for a world wide government. Economic calamity going on all over the globe. Technology that continues to expand faster than our ability to debate and determine how to proceed and use them ethically. Oh, it's at times like these I remember that old Chinese Proverb: "Will there ever be an end to these interesting times?"

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