Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Taliban claims they're no threat to the West. Yea, and Obama is no threat to the Dollar and Alminijad doesn't want nukes!

Of all the nonsense I've ever read in our treasonous media, this latest one just takes the cake. Our media is reporting from a video clip that the Taliban is no threat to the West. This completely proves that the American media are traitors and think people are either stupid, in denial, or just plain crazy. I mean, let's go over all this to answer the question of why should the media had played this terrorist propaganda garbage in the first place.

The Taliban claim to be no threat. Well, that's a complete and utter lie and the prove is (no longer) staring at them in the face in New York. Anyone remember the twin towers? You know, those two huge buildings that housed the main financial institutions that tower up over 1200 feet high? Yea yea, I know it's been over 8 years, but to refresh those on the left who can't remember much past their last orgasm that these buildings, as long with the Pentagon as well as flight 93, were destroyed by a terrorist attack. A well planned, financed, and executed plan. Perhaps this isn't want Americans are forgetting, especially those in the media. What seems to be forgotten was who and where the attacks were planned and financing was funneled. Yeap, it was our good ole friend, Osama Bin Laden. Now with whom and where was Bin Laden grouped up with. Why his old buddies that fought with him against the Russians during their war against the Russians from 1979 to 1986 when Russian had their Vietnam. Who where these buddies of his. They referred themselves in their native tongue as "The Students" which translate in their language as the Taliban.

The absent of the towers are a testimonial to the Taliban and one of their religious leaders planning and execution of a terrorist attack that was successful in murdering over 2800 Americans. I guess the media doesn't consider that a threat from a group that was successful in such an attack. For the Taliban to make such a claim is bold considering it's a fact that they are because they've already attacked us once. Should they win this war, and so far they are because lets face it, they know their history and ours, as well as watching CNN, and letting us play into another trap that already has given us one humiliating defeat. Only this defeat will be far worse.

The Taliban must know about how and why we lost in 'nam. They know the VC were soundly beaten militarily, but saw the lack of will to win by the politicians and lately CNN is broadcasting that lack of will when BO told the commander, the very commander that he put in there, to shut the f*** up when he said that he needed more troops to win this war. With BO making his apologies and showing his support for Islamic causes, the feel if they can drag this war out, our media will beat us to death about it, we'll lose our desire to keep fighting this quagmire since there's no desire to wipe them out, and with the media on their side, they, like the VC, can wear us out and so far it's working just like it did in 1969. Six year after VC recognized this, they were marching in Saigon and the biggest defeat in American History was complete.

This will be a far greater defeat because first, all radical terrorist will have a safe haven and free operations to train and operate their further attacks. Anyone that believes that the Taliban will celebrate their independence and have a fire works display and live in peace is a fool. Every nut job in the world will convene there and do their training and operations and what would be next? Pakistan, who really has helped them hide and regroup and allow them to execute this dragged on war by providing them a safety zone with a few minor assaults that really haven't contribute to much. Bin Laden is still out there. The Taliban is not only operating at will and actually not only making progress in Afghanistan, but in Pakistan as well. They're 60 miles from their ultimate prize: Pakistani nukes. Should they get them, they will use them. These guys worship death and murder so suicide nuclear attacks wouldn't be beyond them.

What should be taken in account as well is all terrorist groups around the world would a blue print on how to fight off the American threat. Just create a stalemate till the media undermine the fight so badly that the people and government give up the will. Sun Fu would be proud as he said a commander that can defeat his enemy without firing a shot is the epitome of excellence. A Nazi commander tried such a tactic during the Battle of the Bulge by trying to destroy the American and British will to fight. Had it not been for a few massacre since the Nazi had no more room, food, and provision for prisoners, they executed them. When that got out, it enraged the Americans to the point to fighting them to the death because capture is a death sentence. Had the massacres not accrued, the end results would had made the war last longer as several strategic cities would had fallen. The lesson was that breaking one's will leads to victories, even when they're more powerful than you are. If other terrorist group figure this out, then other countries will be in a lot more trouble.

The wrap is that the media have done more to show their treason and their incredibility by reporting this nonsense. This video should had been tossed in the trash where it belonged because they've attacked us once already so there's no reason why they won't again. However, they believe Iran doesn't want Nukes and Obama isn't destroying our currency and think we're that stupid, forgetful, and in extreme denial. We have a media that hates the country so much they will give credence to a bunch of murders that have direct ties to the murder of over 2800 of our citizens and are making the claim that they're not threat. How about reporting some accurate news and stop trying to be al-jazzera. The terrorist aren't your friends, just ask Pearl. Oh wait, you can't. He was killed by Taliban members in Pakistan. Yet you want to keep telling us that our enemies aren't our enemies but we're just a mean, evil country just keep this up. If the Islamics win, you will learn what a mean, racist, and evil country really is.

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