Sunday, October 11, 2009

The true difference between Christians and other faiths (especially Islam)

There seems to be many differences in the faiths and cults, mainly a faith in a main figure but Christians have one fundemental difference that signifies itself from the other: the centrality of forgiveness. As the 2nd anniversary of the Amish school shooting, this concept seems to be lacking in other faiths as social and moral, relative as it may be, justice seems to be at the core of their doctrine. More like revenge against those that do wrong, or for being a non-believer, seems to be more like it. There's a difference between justice and revenge but what does forgiveness actually means?

Let me give a few ground rules so we can have a point of reference. Forgiveness is not letting a transgression, as legitimate as it is, take control of your life. When my wife seek dates with other men while I was still living at home and then have her family rubbed my nose in it after I found out. Was that right? Was that moral? No. Do I fester on this injustice of my life and let the hatred, bitterness and anger grown geometrically within me? Heck no. Then who loses? I still do, as well as my children and things just go from ugly to Medusa ugly and everything gets turned to stone. So forgiveness is not letting transgressions hurt you and moving forward. It doesn't mean you weren't wrong, you forget about it, nor justice shouldn't be administered if it's criminal.

A prime example was the Amish school shooting that a man with a huge grudge just waltz into a Amish school and starts shooting killing 5 children before himself. Frankly, I wish these animals would learn to do these shootings in proper order, first yourself then others, but we don't live in a perfect world. What did the Amish do that just stun the world: they forgave the shooter. Half of them even mourned at his funeral even giving comfort to his widow and their three children. At the time I couldn't understand, but now I do. They didn't let this horrible tragedy poison their souls by letting the hate and bitterness swell within. They also didn't take it out on four other innocent victims that suffered a loss that they had nothing to do with. If was this man fault that he choose to do so. To make the suffer may had felt a sense of justice, but in the end it would have continued the pain and suffering for everyone involved. This allowed everyone involved to move forward, never to forget, never to be lacking in the loss and pain, but to give in to letting it destroy their lives as well. Many think that for the Amish this is an easy thing, but let's face it. Human nature as it is, it's not easy for anyone. I know that I would had failed at the time. I hope from their example, I can be a better person. Better than I would have been had I continue the war against those that wronged me while aiding and abiding my wife to cheat behind my back.

Taking this example in mind the whole message and practice of the Gospels becomes clear. The lesson is the message of forgiveness and moving forward. How humanity with all its faults can just by grace of a God that has every right to wipe the slate clean and just start over, just wants to move forward and all we have to do is accept the grace that we can be forgiven and as long as we stay true to what's right, as long as we have faith in our savior and follow his example, we can move forward and not be a pain or source of bitterness and injustice to the God we transgress against. To follow the path of repentance and seek the betterment of our relationships and life lessons to progress forward. When conservatives talk about the Judeo-Christian values that the constitution is based on, this is the main message. That humanity during their struggles will make mistakes and gave us a Constitution that can make the necessary changes that will allow us to move forward under the wisdom that the common people will through a representative Democratic republic will make the needed changes when it's needed.

Now let's take a look at what the "Progressive", Liberals, and Socialists as well as other faith have to offer to the plate. I'm putting Progressive, Liberals, and Socialist because they share a common faith: Atheistic Collectivism. They believe religion, as well as individualism, are the source of all the conflict in the world. I would venture to say FALSE religion, the ones that allow for idols that have no power of grace or to overcome and move forward from the consequences of sin, or transgressions against the creator, are sending us down a path of destruction. They believe in that the state can provide all that God has promised. We just need the right people to run the collective state. That pooling resources and giving everyone an equal sure of the wealth will ensure equal justice and prosperity. The truth is it is anything but fair or progressive. When a person has their property, including labor, taken and given to one that's less productive, how is that fair. It keeps the society from progressing and penalizes productiveness and innovation. When Churchill was talking about the unequal sharing of the blessing, it's unequal because not everyone is willing to put in the same effort or to stride that much more forward. The blessing was unequal because the individuals are unequal in the production and responsibility they're willing to endure. This isn't social justice, but social theft disguised as fairness. This the social injustice that Christians often are fighting against.

Now, for the ultimate example about social justice, let's take the core of the faith of Islam. Islam is all about slavery. Islam means submission. Christians believe in fellowship by using our free will to choose God's love and accept his salvation and following his laws. Islam believe in slavery to HUMAN leaders that are ordain by God to rule over the masses. In Islam, free will is an illusion. Everything is predestined by God to happen as he will it. So freedom is an act of heresy since we don't choose anything. We're puppets to Allah. This why they don't believe in social justice, collectivism in the sense those that have been preordained by God will be blessed in the unfair distribution of wealth. Those that have the wealth, or the blessing do so by God's will and have been chosen by God to be blessed and go to heaven. Those that aren't, are condemned to go to hell and since it's God's will, it can't be changed, no matter what deeds one does with one exception: Martyrdom. The only free will allowed in Islam is martyrdom, so you need to have a holy war and then go out and get yourself killed to ensure one's salvation. This is why so many perpetrators of terror in the name of Islam have been well to do but have committed cardinal sins and needed to commit their atrocities to gain their salvation. After all, 15 of the 19 terrorists that attacked on 9-11 had a cardinal sin in common and this is going to rubbed a politically correct group wrong, but perhaps they will gain an understanding about the difference between the faith because Christians won't kill a man just because they're a homosexual. In Islam it's a crime punishable by death. 15 of the 19 terrorist were convicted of homosexuality in their home country, mainly Saudi Arabia.

With this God's will and need for holy war, these men are looking for a reason to fight. This is why they can claim everything is God's will, including missile that hit their trucks filled with bombs and they have the social justice to cry revenge for their "murdered" comrades. They are quick to anger and quick to hate because without an enemy, real or imagined, they can't have a holy war and thus, no martyrs. They don't forgive or seek progress because it's literally against their faith to do so.

So if you're in a war zone and you're stuck between a socialist country, an Islamic country, or a Christian country, which one would you want to be captured by? Which one is going to have a government system that will progress have seek justice? Which will seek revenge, or a policy of hate and seek to eradicate anyone that thinks differently? In the gist of things, which people have a degree of happiness and which are miserable and angry? There's a true difference from the true Christians that are true to God's power and not the wolves in sheep clothing. Perhaps if more systems have a centrality of forgiveness and justice, perhaps the world wouldn't be in the shape it's in. Peace be with you.

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