Friday, October 2, 2009

A true study into stupid: the NBA officials.

I thought I put on the blog something that's going that is the karma of corruption and unethical behavior that doesn't include some pervert politician, director, or an overrated and ugly late night talk show host. Currently there's a contract debate going on with the NBA and the Referees. Seem that the Referees feel under appreciated, overly criticized, and, I kid you not, they're underpaid and are threatening a strike. Well, actually, since the NBA and the teams aren't going to be so stupid to give up millions in profits by having a bunch of corrupt officials spoil the party by refusing to work have lined up replacement officials to do the games. The officials better wise up, because nobody is coming to their defense and with good reason: they suck!

Last season NBA season was one of the most painful to watch and the playoffs were a major strain on my eyes because the officiating was so horrible and made the games so painful to watch because at times I was confused as to what I actually was watching: the NBA or the NFL. When I was playing in a league that was run by a fitness center I was a member of, just a recreational league to give the basketball players something to do on a Thursday night and a chance to see what we can do in an organized situation and compete. What ended up happening was a good idea was dead after only two seasons. The main reason was that they decided to train and used their own officials instead of the local official association that have some mediocre officials but at least know the rules and when to make an egregious call. These official made the game so painful to play, and I mean it literally. The telltale sign was during the first round of playoffs when I thought the guard was going to go in and instead made an excellence rope-a-dope move to the outside and I body slammed him. I wasn't called and we got the fast break and I, the OFFENDER, complained that if he's not going to call that, then what's he doing out there. He T'd me. You see, if officiating is so bad that obvious calls aren't being made, then the safety and fun of the game is lost. This is what's going on in the NBA.

NBA officials, rightfully so, are viewed as the most corrupt and bias in all of sports. It's no mystery that they have vendettas and show favoritism towards the superstars over the no-names. Too often they have attitudes towards certain players and coaches. Sometimes justified, many times not. As professionals, as I have been a softball umpire for over 20 years, your prime directive is to remain calm, cool and collective at all times. Those that don't can't remain objective is which is the most important trait required to be a good official. NBA officials are way too volatile and Stern, the commissioner, considered by many to be the worse and most corrupt in NBA history, goes way out of his way to protect them as well as fine anyone that so much as says "boo" to them. He "claims" to evaluate them with independent auditors, but we never know who they are or see the how or even the scores of the evaluation. Stern does everything in secrecy, even the ping pong balls of the draft lottery. Now we're to believe he keeps tabs on the integrity of the officials. Yea, and I have swampland in Florida to sell you.

Now these pampered, volatile, and egregiously bias officials now want a raise. This would be laughable if they weren't totally serious. Considering that most of them are so bad that they need to be fired, not coddled and given even more money, this lockout maybe the best thing to happen to the NBA. As of this writing, the first preseason game has been played and the replacement got descent reviews. There were no complaints or abnormally. Should this lock out get drawn out and the fans noticed that the officiating is better, or at least more consistent and unbias, they may be asking for the officials to stay on strike or be "replaced" by the replacement. All I know is that if we have the same painful and really, fun killing farce we had last year, the NBA will be hurting for fans because nobody is going to watch for long because the game no longer will be enjoyable, win or lose, good team or bad. Then that evil, corrupt Stern and his lapdogs officials will learn the hard way who the real boss is: the fans that pay to see the game. Carl Comiski didn't learn that lesson and he only lost his team and they weren't to be a force to be considered by competing teams for 4 decades. The the NBA, it could spell the end of a long and glorious sport, one of the most entertaining in the world (behind in popularity only to soccer or football to non-Americans. Then we will learn what is being all to well known, when stupid and corruption combine, it's endgame is the end of excellence.


Anonymous said...

I have not attended or watched an NBA game since the Lakers-Kings famous Game 6 scandal. I'm not about to spend one penny for what amounts to professional wrestling.

I used to drive to Sacto a few times a year to see games at Arco. Never again.

madmath1 said...

I haven't gone but once and only because my new wife has never seen her team, the LA Lakers (ugh! However, the Kings won the game). However, though her team won the NBA Championship, she found it hard to watch because the officating was so terrible. When you're benefiting and still find it bad, it should tell Stern and his cronies that people are noticing how bad things are.