Saturday, October 3, 2009

The vitues of home schooling.

My wife and I had a "discussion" about the home schooling of my children from a previous marriage. Then the subject of how the state of California want to put an end to it by requiring all parents that home teach must waste time, money, energy, and brain cells by getting a teaching credential. Otherwise, they'll be guilty of child neglect by not allowing their children to be "educated". This led to a huge . . . disagreement. My wife thinks the state is right and the reason just made me want to bang my head on the wall. Since she refuse to listen to what is at stake and why, I'll go over that after I present my reason why this is just another act of tyranny in the most tyrannical state in the union, though DC is trying to catch up and doing a really good job so far.

First, what is the argument is all about. What is the law requiring and why. The state is claiming that those that teach their children aren't qualified to do so and the children being home schooled are getting an inferior education. To seek that those that are home schooled meet up with the same standards and meet the educational guild lines, they want to make it that every home schooler is educated to the proficiency of an public educator. They're arguing that for the children sake, they're seeking to assure that the parent that is educating is able to.

First of all, those parents that aren't even college educated are doing such a good job of educating their children, it should be a complete embarrassment to the education establishment that they're being so badly beaten by uneducated amateurs. In fact, on average, the non-college educated parent have children that average 37 points higher on the PERCENTILE than public educated children. Those of you not familiar with statistics as to what that means, it's a ranking system that take the scores and place them in order from worse to best with "average", with is the statistical means, is the 50 percentile. When you're at a percentile, that's the ranking of how many students out of 100 you rank higher than. So if you're score is in the 99th percentile, as my math score was when I transferred to California State University, that means out of 100 people, I will out perform in math better than 99. Basically, a perfect score without actually being perfect. So if your student gets in the 44th percentile, that means the student is better than only 44 students out of 100. So, given that the mean is around the middle, public school students, overall, will average 50 percentile by definition. Home schoolers, by definition based on the results of the public schools, are better overall 87 out of 100 pubic education students. Basically, they average better than B+ students in the public education and that's the average. So if a parent isn't even college educated, they educate their children better than 87 of 100 public school children.

If a parent is college educated, it's better, but not as much as you think. Their percentile is 89. Only 2 points. So it's not the quality of education of the parent that is relevant. Also remember, by law, every public education teacher is college educated and yet, the home schoolers are beating them badly, even without a degree. Given the horrid state of the education system here in the US, where many now are fearing for their lives as the incident in Chicago demonstrates, too many of our schools aren't even safe. I taught in Vallejo and that town is infested with gangs that are just as evil and brutal as those in Chicago and the TEACHERS feared these monsters. As well as teacher and the system isn't really designed to educate, but indoctrinate.

This is the core of why the state of California really wants home schoolers to have a credential. I was being educated in an internship to get a credential. I wasn't able to finish because losing my job in the budget nightmare, I wasn't able to complete the second year and lost my internship. However, the classes they were teaching in the credentialing program would scare any concern parent as to what the teachers of their children are being taught. Credentialing programs don't focus on how to teach. In fact, I was never taught how to teach at all with the exception of class management which had a lot of theory that doesn't work in practice with students that don't want to learn. The major core was to promote the liberal indoctrination, blacks good, white evil, capitalism is oppressive and evil, class warfare, sexual freedom, etc. I can't tell you how heated some debates got over the oppression of the white society is the cause of education's failure to teach the minority students in this state. Gangs were a "distraction" but a necessary evil for the minorities to survive in our racist society. Heck, I was being taught, and this came from the state's secretary of the board of education here in California, that blacks learn best from black teachers, Latinos from Latinos (hey, Sotomayor would agree but only if it's a Latino woman), and Asians from an Asian teacher and that we had too many white teachers in our system. I got his lesson the day after I got my pink that I would be laid off at the end of year (of 47 interns, 32 of us got the pinks). After this, I have had enough and wasn't upset that I would be out of the system. I substitute teach, but basically all I do is babysit.

So we got and education system that is excellent at educating. Educating class warfare, bigotry, sex, drugs, irresponsibility, and racism. After my year there, I wanted to my ex-wife to home school the kids because I feared for my daughter's safety. Three students at the high school I taught were murdered during the year, two of them off campus and not to mention the three race riots that occurred. The education system is good and burying these incidents. My ex thought I was exaggerating til my daughter started her first year of junior high, which was last year. After all the BS and how those in the system protected the offender against our daughter, she feared for her safety and decided to use the charter school system and educate them at home. As liberal as she is, she got fed up with the crime, violence, and racism against our children.

What was worse was that her teachers weren't interested in educating. With tenure, a teacher basically can't be fired. Many that are interested, just don't want to upset the gang bangers as, I have witness myself, teacher do get threaten and harmed by gangs and sometimes their parents. My daughter struggled in math and as I tried to get her teacher to demonstrate how he graded and demonstrated his teaching methods, all I got was stonewalled. Now I know at all times where she is (I have access to her charter files) and now she's doing better, she feels safe and is better focused at her studies instead of safety issues, backstabbing by class warfare members, and have teachers, her parents, that have an investment in her education.

The gist is that the state is so badly being embarrassed and having their leftist agenda shown for what it is: a complete failure. They want to do what government does when it has a monopoly on an industry: eliminate competition. The competition they get from concerned parents isn't just embarrassing, but demonstrating the complete farce they are. I was sceptical of the charter school that their mother enrolled them in, but it working and doing wonders. The state of California are gearing up to attack the charter school and eliminate them altogether. The only public funded system that actually shows results and the main reason why is that the individual chooses the school as well as are active participant in the education of their child. Nobody will have the desire and passion for their education and well being as the parents and that's why home schooling, in my opinion, is succeeding so well and why the state wants to eliminate it.

Now, the argument my wife made as to why the state was in the right in making such a radical law. She wouldn't listen as to what it entail to get the credential. She feels that not every parent has even graduated high school and know nothing of the subject matter and thus aren't qualified to educate their own children. The credential requirement will ensure that the parents know enough to actually educate their child. Frankly, if anything, it will ensure the opposite. Credentialing programs don't ensure knowledge other than a college degree is required. Well, we have a system full of these college educated, credential teachers and the student's still don't learn. Credentialed teacher don't necessary know anything as many are liberal arts or communication major that doesn't even required any critical thinking but to spew the socialist agenda. If one is really worried about the credential of the parents, one can give a guild line, which I have for my ex as in regard to World War I which is what my daughter is learning about in world history. My ex did more research and getting an education herself as she is one of those that doesn't have a college degree. If a parent is so illiterate and unable to educate, the charter system allows for tutor to education student in the safety of their own home for those that are weak in a subject matter.

The wrap is that the government monopoly with an unionized monopolized work force is failing badly because the system isn't designed to educate in the 3 R's as it used be known, but for social issues to promote leftist agenda. Those that do home school have an investment in their children's education and will do what's needed to get them to learn what they need. Add that they learn in a familiar and safe environment and are allowed to learn at their own pace, it destroys the one size fits all mentality of the public system that fails for 2/3rd of their students, it's no mystery why home schooling is so successful. With parents in control, and not the government, the results speak for themselves. Thus the government can't stand that they're being shown up and are going all out to put an end and assure that all children are brought up with the leftist propaganda and become the serfs that they need. After all, as we like to say in statistics: numbers don't lie.

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