Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Why the left condone perverts.

As I watch over the horrid case of Lenvisky as well as the abuse of power of David Letter, the left seem all willing and able to defend these perverts. To the left, the only perverts are those that believe in heterosexual monogamous marriage. The reason finally hit me as I watch over these two events. Add in the the polices when it comes to sexual activity, it's clear why the left condones perversion.

The left is has the mantra of misery, hate, and down right self disrespect. When it comes to sex, they're all for if it feels good, do it. If that's' the case, why are so many of them so miserable and accept being used like with letter man and now, 30+ years later, the, then, 13 year-old victim was statuary raped and perhaps forcefully raped, and the prepretrator didn't deny the facts in the case, pleaded and when he found out the judge wasn't as immoral as his defense attorney as well as the prosecutor who agreed to this despicable plead that would had given him time served and probation. Now because this man is a great director, a few of his movies I've seen before I knew of his past and his work is very good, he is to be given immunity to his transgressions. This man drugged and raped a 13 year-old. I don't care if he finds the cure for cancer, it doesn't make him above the law. If this wasn't a sex crime with some artistic talent, would the left be so willing to defend and moralize this pervert?

As for David Letterman, it used to be when a man of power was having sex with underlings, the NOW would go ballistic over sexual harassment. That sexual harassment isn't about sex, but power. We haven't heard from those he had sex with and the women involved knew he was married, so either he's surrounded by a bunch of immoral sluts or he used his power to gain sexual favors. However, since he's a leftist talk show host, his potential abuse is overlooked and forgiven.

The left is a party of hate, misery, selfishness and self disrespect. One of the left's greatest disrespect is their version of sexuality. They have so little respect for themselves that they'll give themselves to any Tom, Dick or Harry willing and able. Too often I see the claims by these people about how Christians are so prudish and hateful of their own bodies that they can't stand to see other bodies and other bodies at work. How little do they respect themselves. To those of us on the right, at least those of us not hypocrites or RINO's, is that our sexuality is something to be treasured and guarded. Basically, sexual pleasure is at it's greatest when it treated with respect and commitment.

How treasured does one have of themselves and their sexuality when it's given away for the most frivolous of reason, especially of the claim if it feels good do it. Well drugs do as well, but it destroys the body as well. How does anyone that respect themselves just give up their bodies for the sake of a short time of pleasure? Is it even that pleasureful. After all, not to be hypocritical, but to demonstrate a point from my own personal experience, I've been around the block a few times. Some of which I rather forget about. I've done my share of doing for the sake of doing it and frankly, for me, it wasn't all that. Back when I had no respect for myself, I was behaving like an animal only to find out in the morning when everyone goes back to their daily routine, all I've done was had a few hours of what amounts to nothing much more than an amusement park ride.

Also, as these incidences demonstrate, those that take the stand that two loving consenting adults can do whatever in their own bedroom, well, though I'm with you on the privacy issue, but don't equate sex with love. How often I hear that those of us on the right promote hate because we don't equate sex with love. Even animals have sex. Even animals can procreate. Love is a human quality that's done by use of free will. So we can choose to use sex as a promotion of love or for self gratification. Just don't expect much fulfillment when it used for selfish reasons. How is something done with selfishness be confused with love. The best definition of love is fulfilling needs. So if you're committing an act for selfish reasons how can you claim it's out of love. The truth is you can't. So the left hating the right or Christians because they don't use sex for selfish reasons all I can say is that is why you're miserable and why you're so full of hate. That you disrespect yourself and anyone that doesn't abuse their God given talent all because we don't hate, disdain or abuse ourselves.

With that in mind, it's no real mystery as to why they condone perversion. It goes into their selfish, disrespecting mindset. Especially the thinking of if it feels good, do it. Even it demonstrates contempt and makes you feel like crap later. This contempt goes so far as to using sexuality for what it wasn't intended, though they claim its intent is whatever we want it to be, like homosexuality, bestiality, and multiple partners outside of love and commitment. As I learned during my second marriage, the one I choose after gain my self respect and CHOSE to guard and treasure my sexuality, well, things couldn't be better. For those on the left, they need to be pitied and shown the contempt that they demonstrate to those us that treasure and guard our sexuality for they just want us to be as miserable as they are all disguising as a shroud of liberty.

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