Thursday, October 22, 2009

Witch Hunt.

I was watching a documentary called witch hunt and it got me thinking about what's going on with our current administration. The film is about a series of child molestation cases that started with a single accusation from a bitter woman against her estranged husband during a heated child custody case. That one accusation started a chain reaction that would ruin the lives of 38 people, two of which will die in prison, and demonstrate a critical point: that overzealous government officials with no checks or boundaries with a complicit court system can railroad any one's rights and allow the government to prosecute and imprison its citizens for a rumor of wrong doing or just plain made up or a fragment of a paranoid mind.

While watching over this documentary and how the people involved brought about this nightmare in Bakersfield, how it all reeked of the Salam Witch Trails. A few children were acting naughty and when they were caught they panic and made up that they were the victims of witchcraft. At first the accusation were to unpopular members of the town and loners. With the rule of evidence that were allowed included spectral evidence which means if someone claims that they see a spirit can testify what that spirit is saying. Well, when in trouble, claim an Angel of God is testifying in your behalf. Also, the accused didn't have the right to cross examine or provide witnesses or even refute the testimony that is being given. In the end, over 20 people were convicted and 12 burned at the stake for their "crimes". Not to mention those accused that were given "the test" where they're dunked in water in the fetal position. The believe the purity of water would resist anyone that was evil, including witches, and if they body floated to the top, they must be a witch. Given the position is the perfect position for floating to prevent drowning, well, their witchcraft was a foregone conclusion. Those that somehow drowned. Sorry about that. God will bless you in heaven. For 9 months this insanity went on and it wouldn't had ended until government officials started to get accused. Only then did the people finally said enough. It was this case that our founding fathers put the criminal rights in the Bill of Rights so a witch hunt like that in Salam wasn't to happen.

In the Bakersfield case, one accusation, by a bitter woman wanting to stick a dagger to her estrange husband and keep their son from him started by claiming her son was being molested. This is common by the way. In 2/3rd's of divorce cases, the father is accused as being a molester by the mother. I think it's in their woman's studies courses they take, who knows. Now to demonstrate how this got out of control, Bakersfield just elected a new DA that campaigned a tough on crime agenda and this was his first case. The Sheriff department just got a new sheriff and some new investigators. The city had totally green law enforcement department. This accusation was their first case and using questionable investigation and interrogation technique basically terrorized the child in question and his friends to the point that they said anything they wanted to end the harassment. It took days before they got the "information" they wanted and then arrested the estranged husband on 6 counts. Over several days and court appearance, more children "came out" and the charges just kept adding up. At the same times, some of his neighbors were starting to get arrested and some celled up together. The first victim was telling what exactly was going to happen to them because he was starting to see a pattern emerge and this neighbors were being shocked at how accurate he was. It mushroomed til they have 38 people, 17 couples and 2 single men, arrested what turned out to be one massive neighborhood child orgy fest. Several neighbors seeing what was happening even fled town before the law enforcement got to them. What finally stop the arrest was how overblown and crazy the accusations were becoming. In this case, with one of the families on the run, that they were Satan worshippers and were sacrificing their own children (later found to be alive and well) in Satanic rituals. Turns out dogs, cats, bears and anything in the animal kingdom. A search of their yard where the animals and kids were supposedly buried and the kids being found alive finally put an end to the investigations (though the last family had their children put in "protective custody" for a year). The lawless that was forming was so bad, that the California Attorney General, Van De Camp, intervened and grossly criticized the sloppy, poor, and improper investigation techniques that they were using and threaten legal action unless they desist with their investigation. Over the DA's objection, the state was able to end the investigations.

The trails I found very disturbing. The prosecutions were allow medical testimony without documentation (we would find out 8 years later why), but the defense weren't allowed to have their own medical examination. Testimony that proved the events didn't happen as the prosecution claim (because the timeline would be impossible) were overruled as irrelevant. They would change the dates or events to fit their theory while the judge overruled any exculpatory evidence. It was like the Salam trails. Only the Prosecution was allow to present evidence. In fact, the only real "evidence" they had were the testimony of the children who got facts and dates wrong, but as stated before, the prosecution would just say it was the other date then. The defendants all were confident they would be acquitted because the stories were so convoluted and incredible as not to be believable. They would be stunned when they ALL got convicted on ALL charges.

Basically, most got sentences in the centuries. The judge threw the books at them. Many appealed to no avail. It wasn't til some from the Innocence Projects took the case of one of the last ones to be convicted that they would get the evidence that shook the case apart 8 years later. Using discovery, something the judge in the cases (which was the same judge by the way) denied the defense, got the state's file and what they show was shocking. Medical reports on all the suppose victims showing there was no evidence of abuse. As well as witness reports and the biggest of all, the improper interrogation and interview techniques that show leading questions where the victims never said any of the events but were just agreeing with the investigators versions of events. The evidence clearly showed that the people were innocent and were the victims of a witch hunt, but getting the DA and the Kern County courts to listen was another matter. Four years later, the lawyers finally got it to the STATE courts and the convictions. In the reverse order they were convicted, the victims started to have their convictions overturned with the state giving strong condemnation of the DA and the Sheriff department for their malicious and improper investigation. After 20 years in prison, the estranged husband was finally release, dispute the son who hated him not knowing when where or how nor having any evidence that any molestation had occurred still knew that his dad molested him.

What makes me worry about such a case is that not only is a person here a mistake from a jail sentence, they're a malicious prosecutor and a complicit court away from a prison sentence as well. I take a look at what's going on our government today. There's a malicious hatred towards conservative and Christians in general. We have an extremely racist bigot as Attorney General. We have a Socialist president and a statist party in power in congress. All they need is to make a crisis, like the child molestation crisis Bakersfield had, and with the liberal complicit courts along with the complicit state media, and people can start to disappear or be used as propaganda. We know what this administration considers a threat: returning military personal, gun owners, Christians, third party supporters, talk show hosts, fox news, illegal immigration opponents, home schoolers. What's to keep them from organizing a crisis that makes these people a threat and let the trails begin? You think the media would expose the facts? Do people think the liberal courts would be unbias and fair? Do people really still think this can't happen here? It already has and the fact that it happened before proves that it can happen and if we're not vigilant, it will again. After all, if the State AG didn't intervene, who knows how many more innocent people would had lost their freedom and they weren't even a political threat to anyone? With the Federal government, we'll have no where else to go.

Oh, just a little footnote. The wrongfully convicted did sue and got settlements, but it can't make up for the years lost. Many of the children were adults that were dragged through foster care. The first victim lost his son who still hates him and believes what his mother brainwashed him to think. How does a 61 year old start over? Several neighbors never returned to California over this. Worse still. The prosecutor was never prosecuted for his malicious prosecution (by the time it came out, the democrats were completely in power and there's nothing they love more than men that abuse their power) and has been elected for now 8 stright terms and still is the acting DA. The investigator that ran the whole sorted affair was elected Sheriff in 2006. I don't know about you, but the next time I drive to Disneyland from Sacramento, I'm taking I-5 which avoids Bakersfield. I used to think it was a terrible joke, but now I know there's truth in the saying about Bakersfied. Come on vacation, leave on probation. I just hope the Federal government doesn't get any ideas or else we will all be in a lot of trouble.

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