Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The dangers of blind faith in socialism and modern liberalism.

In the animated feature, “The Prince of Egypt,” Miriam breaks into a song of praise following Israel’s deliverance. The song is entitled “When You Believe,” and includes these words: “There can be miracles, when you believe…. Who knows what miracles you can achieve, when you believe…Just believe…Gotta believe….” I remember when I saw this and though what irony. This signifies what's wrong with modern Christianity, but far more dangerous, is the danger apparent with socialists in general.

In the movie, as well as the Bible, Moses, a murder and renegade Israelite at the time, had a valid claim when he asked God what to tell them. It was at this point that God told him to throw out his staff and it turned into a snake and have him pick up the snake by its tail and it turned back into a staff. It would be this act that will tell them that his message came from Him. He didn't say to him go and tell and then he'll give the evidence. The biggest misconception about faith is that it's holding to unproven truths. The reality is that you have trust in the truth to come based on the evidence of the past. It's a continuation of trust based on past evidence. Trust in things unproved based on NO evidence is blind faith and that's what many churches teach and why they're declining in numbers. However, liberals take blind faith to an all new level.

To give an example, let's take the creationism vs. evolution debate. Christian do no good to their cause because of their stubborn stance that the world was created in 7 literal 24 hour days. This contradicts all scientific evidence. It also contradicts the Bible. In Genesis, a day isn't necessary defined as 24 hour days. It literally means an era, an eon, indefinite amount of time. It's best translation would had been era. So in the first era of time, God created the heavens and earth. This could be 24 hours, it could be a billion years. The Bible is filled with these metaphors. Even the apostles knew this because three times they had to asked him what he meant by "3 days" that he would resurrect from the dead and he told them three rising and setting of the sun or 3 24 hour days. This had led Christians that man was created out of dust in literally one 24 hour day, but that's not the context of the word used. The bible give what God did and why He did, but not the how. This just could be the how. We have the evidence of his creation as we see everything around us. We're given the why, so we take on this evidence that the why is true and the what came about from his "creations". The other misconception is the world "created" used. It literally means "is creating" or an ongoing cycle of creating. It's not I've created and I'm done. If so, explain Eve who was created after the 7th day of rest. It's an ever ongoing project.

Why would God have ongoing creation when he has the knowledge to just "poof" do it. It was to serve as how we were to live out our lives "in his image". As He creating, we create, test, improve and advance. This method of creating has served as an example that we have been following since the birth of history. Perhaps there would complications to his desire to create us in his image should he just poof things by magic as it said. From what evidence I've seen, his method has worked out pretty well, so I'll go on faith that He knows what he's doing. It's man I question.

This lead me to the liberalism and their faiths. They seem to have a great deal of blind faith in ideals and methodologies that have been proven to be wrong, false, or just plain ineffective. The biggest is their faith in socialism. Modern liberals believe that if everything was socialized, was put in a collective and equally distributed to the people, we all be living in utopia with no jealousy, envy, or class warfare. All the darkness in man's heart would be cured and we all can live happily ever after. The problem is that this blind faith of a utopia through socialism ignores all the evidence from the attempts from the last 150 years. Everywhere on the planet that it has been tried, it not only has failed miserably to provide even the basic necessities for survival much less blissful amount of property and material gains, but has led to some of the biggest massacres in human history, the biggest being Mao's Cultural Revolution that murdered at least 20 million of his own citizen and most likely, if you count those that disappeared who's fates are unknown, 60 million. Think of it this way, the entire population of California and Texas being murdered. That's just one example. Then there's Stalin's agricultural collectivism that starved 20 million Ukrainians. That was just from one of his policies. Who knows how many during WW2 and the cold war with his secretive society. Pol Pot's killing fields that saw the deaths of 2 million of a country that had 6 million total population. How many South Vietnamese were butchered. We know of a million, but the numbers are really unknown and this was after our troops left. Castro's revolution saw the imprisonment of what? A few million. And those that are still putting faith that socialism can bring about a Utopian society if just the right people would take charge, William's Ayers, remember him? The family friend of our current President said to bring about the proper socialist revolution in the United State, 30 million people would need to be killed to ensure it's proper installment. Seems the evidence is that socialism is a recipe for mass murder.

Let's take a look at the economic results from those said socialist countries. Russia became completely bankrupt after just 71 years. China is prospering, but only after they allow their citizens to have free markets just as long as they maintain control after the Tienanmen Square incident. So other words, China is a socialist country, but have a capitalist market system and frankly, the reason they're killing us economically is because they have more free markets than we do. That, and the slave prison labor I'm sure helps. Cuba is the 2nd poorest Caribbean country behind Haiti. Ukraine is still trying to recover from their "glory" days. Russia has the largest mafia on the planet running what's left of their economy. They still have to wait in line a day to buy a chicken and that's if they're lucky to get one. North Korea needs foreign aid to avoid starving to death. So, socialist think that they can get the right people to control the economy, everything will be equally prosperous. What lunacy.

The evidence shows that faith in socialism is a recipe for death, mass murder, and economic suicide. The only socialist country that is prospering economically is doing so using a free market economy and leaving it alone. No man can control the economy because they can't react to the market changes fast enough. But keep having faith.

What's really disconcerting is what we do put faith in. The green movement is by far the worse, behind the socialist, in their blind faith. They have compete faith in "mother earth". That if they respect the trees, animals, air, fish in the sea, you name it, nature will return a bountiful return. The problem is nature respects no one. Nature does what it does. Create storms, occasionally floods or droughts. All the nature worship won't change a thing. This faith that man can affect nature by acts of worship is just nonsense. That's what is motivating the Global cooling. . . I mean Global Warming. . . I mean Climate Change movement. The evidence shows that cooling and warming happens cyclically. However, greens, or nature worshippers, have faith that nature is a deity that can be appease with our self destruction or just becoming one with nature. Show me a nature worshipping society that ever prosper? They don't because nature is no Deity.

The worse that comes from modern liberalism is moral relativism. They have blind faith in that all morals, rules, ideas are all equal in value or that they have no value. That one person's rules and values, as well as cultures, are equal. There there is no good or bad, right or wrong, or as most often stated, no black and white, just shades of grey. Basically, there there are no good or bad ideas. They believe that everything is equal in value both morally and consequentially. So one man's theft is another man's entitlement. So homosexual sex is no different from heterosexual sex. Though societies that embraced such an ideal all died out for a good reason: they couldn't procreate. That's why adultery, fornication, polygamy have been outlawed because it created problems in society that lead to poverty. Now we state every idea is equal in it's value. Well, we can equally value them all we want, the fact is that they don't have equal consequences. Some consequences lead to societal break downs because populations die out (which some would like to see happen as they see over population to be the end of us all), if I don't want to work and farm my land, then I would be facing starvation. In fact, make it so the productive is penalized while the unproductive are rewarded lead to famines because no one would work the farms. Just look at what's going on in Zimbabwe to see the results of that policy. Yet liberals have faith that now it will be different because it's the United States or we're more technologically advanced, or just because we want it to be. well, technology isn't everything and having no moral or ethical codes for their use can lead to disastrous consequences. If I drive my car into a playground of children will lead to tragedy no matter if it feels good to me so it's morally correct for me to do so. If I shoot a gun to a person head, they will die no matter what moral code I rationalize with. Using fire to cook my food is a good idea while doing so in an open forest is a bad idea no matter how I choose to define it. Trusting that a news report will be accurate from Fox news is a good (or at least a better) basis while trusting one from MSNBC you do so at your own risk. Having faith in something with evidence to supports my continued trust in it, like gravity will pull, electricity will power my computer or that my car will start when I turn on the ignition (usually) are good ideals to have faith in. Having faith in ideas, morals, or people without evidence to back up that trust or any basis for that trust at all is not only a really bad idea, it's a one way ticket to self destruction.

If one wants a prime example, just look at our President. I've listen to his audio books and heard from his own mouth and knew what he represented: racism, statism, socialism, class warfare, elitism, Islam, terrorism, etc. The man had no accomplishments to his name, never worked a job other than a lawyer for ACORN or met a payroll, nor had any experience at the executive level, associated with terrorist and socialists, yet voters had blind faith that he would bring world peace, respect to America, the end of the financial crisis, end unemployment, end class warfare, end racism, balance the budget, pay their mortgage, never worry about putting gas in their tank, and worse of all, bring us a Utopian society. He spewed the same disproved plans for that utopia and now what have we got. Given how his poll numbers are dropping faster than a thermometer at the South Pole, seems that people are realizing their faith have been misplaced. Thus is the peril of blind faith.

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