Tuesday, November 10, 2009

If a conflict occurs between the united states and the Islamic World, I must take the side of the Muslims everytime.

There's a line from an audio book I listen to that I often quote. The reason is abundantly clear, especially after the Fort Hood Massacre. For if anyone hasn't a clue where I heard this from, it's from Barak Obama and it came right out of his mouth for it was his audio reading from Audacity of Hope. So many people are shocked and awed, as well as grossly disappointed in his handling of the Fort Hood Massacre, but given this was written in his autobiography, is it really a surprise? Frankly, I expected that kind of speech from this Muslim Manchurian Candidate and the attempt by the White House, the executive offices, and the media to white wash this making the terrorist the victim comes, again, expectantly.

I wanted to wait things out to see how things played before commenting on this horrible act of terrorism on our own troops. What is happening now with the blame being from traumatic stress disorder, though he's never been deployed, to American bigotry towards Muslim to, I kid you not from the mayor of one of our most violent cities, on our love of guns. Terrorism isn't going to be used as a cause though it's clear to anyone with a brain that functions that this was a planned terrorist attack on what turned out to be a soft target since the base had no weapons stored. This is the first disturbing fact about this assault. No guns, on the biggest military base in the world from the most powerful military with the most firepower in the world. You see, the base has a gun ban. I don't know about you, but having a military base without weapons makes as much sense as having a submarine with a screen door, or a warship with no ammo in her guns (like on the Cole), or a police force that can't arrest criminals like in San Fransisco if you're an illegal alien. After 9 months of BO, we've now been hit with terrorism, though it's not called that now, 3 times while after 911 with Bush, we weren't hit at all for 7 years+ after the attack. This isn't a surprise and if we don't wake up soon, it's only going to get worse.

First, take the statement of the tile as quoted from BO's book. With this kind of mentality in the White House, how often are we going to define the real danger: radical Islam? As he stalls the wars in Iraq (which is basically over, it's a matter of how to get the troops out of there without all hell breaking loose) and Afghanistan where the Taliban is making a come back while he chastise his commander, what strong stance is he going to take against those that murder in the name of Allah? Given all the apology tours that basically told these Muslim countries that support these animals and their cheers of "YES YES YES!" , it was Islamic code for "you have me in your pocket". It's clear anyone that murders and commits acts of terrorism against American Citizens aren't going to labeled as the Terrorist as they are, but will be protect as a victim of an oppressive American society. Just look at Napalitano's reactions in UAE. She's warming against any backlash against Muslims in the US. This tells two things. One, that they think Americans are like the Muslims and will seek blood. Two, that they are going to protect the terrorists and their supporters against anyone that are willing to fight back against this scrooge of society. BO isn't on your side if you're a target of these monsters.

Another sign that tells tales of our Muslim Manchurian Candidate. Take a look at the Islamic Blogs, especially one from New York, where 3 of the 911 hijackers worshipped and this animal was a frequent visitor, that praise this killer as a hero and how it's every Muslim's duty to kill as many of the troops, and Americans that support the war on terror, as possible. In fact, it states the only purpose a Muslim should join the military is for the express purpose to murdering the troops and anyone that doesn't, is a traitor and should be punished. How is this site even up? How is this not hate speech? How is this not a conspiracy to commit mass murder? Simple, it's because a Muslim said it. I can only imagine if a Christian, Jew, New Ager, name another religion, had said the same thing what Napolitano would be doing. In fact, let me go to a Muslim nation and commit the same act, I wonder the consequences will be? Some how, due process doesn't come to mind.

Now the media and the white house don't want us jumping to conclusions. That's not what he did when a racist professor made a fool out of him by concluding white cops act stupidly. Totally different when the abortion dr. Dillder was murdered. However, if an Islamic, with a FBI investigation going, Facebooks his intentions, spew Islamic hatred and propaganda to his Patience's and he wants us to believer there's no reason to believe this isn't terrorism. What reason is there to believe this ISN'T terrorism? Coming up with every liberal psychobabble to justify his action. Considering this man was a psychiatrist , someone tell me what they're teaching in our med schools. Makes me wonder who will be giving us care if BO's health care bill becomes law. Muslims that will indoctrinate us? Muslim that can kill us on the operating table or improper medication and just say oops? Seeing this man was a psychiatrist and a crazy one at that, it makes me wonder.

What should worry us most is if one nut job can do this much damage at a military base, what can a number of well organized psychopaths do at a school (which have no security), a mall (that have Rent a Cop I wouldn't trust to be able to take candy from a baby, much less a weapon from a terrorist), Bus stops (again, no security), or just in the streets in general? Let BO be clear, if we're attacked by the Muslims in our country, he will side with the Muslims. After all, DHS has told us as much as they're going to be sure there's no backlash against the Muslims. After all, the media was sure quick to cover this up. After all, BO was quick to come out and ask us not jump to (faulty?) conclusions. And it's clear from the mosque that this animal attended that such Muslim will be held in high regards and any Muslim that doesn't do likewise is an Apostate and deserving of execution. Given how we're not going to have any protection from our own government, does Obama's quote sound like rhetoric or the true face of the man behind the curtain?

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