Thursday, November 19, 2009

More leftist stupidity from California.

I just got done reading over two conserversial decision that doesn't typified the leftist mentality, nothing will. The first is the TV ban that's going to go in effect. Seems that the state with billions in shortfall, rising crime, increasing illegal immigration and crumbling infrastructure has nothing better to do than address these problems. No, they have time to go after a major scrooge of society, though for different reason I think, TV usage. Never mind that we, as a society spend too much time on the tube. I prefer not to watch much because so many of the shows are just plain an insult to my intelligence. However, the state feels that our TV's use too much electricity and unless they meet extreme energy usage regulations, they're going to fine or perhaps arrest those that use tubes that suck too much juice. Basically, they're going after those that have plasma, high def, and big screen tv users.

Government is suppose to protect life and property, not regulate what and how we live our lives or use our property, unless it's effecting another's use of the said rights. If I'm willing to pay for the power to have a 60 inch HD TV to watch the football game or the Superbowl, then what right does the government have telling me otherwise. Much less taking more of what little money I have left over to punish me or force my, by use of the gun, to take my freedom away just because the set I used. This nanny statism is getting way out of hand. What's next, what food i can eat because I have to cook it and my stove is electric? What car I can drive because THEY feel it uses too much gas? What color of skin I can have because it offends too many of their racist constituents? This is getting crazy and should concern us all.

The other is the UC increase of the student fees. Times are hard for most of us, and I'm going to say most because what I'm learning about this has me so ticked off, it's doubling my blood pressure and my wife feels my pressure is high enough already. The UC, and I'm sure secondary education facilities across the state will follow suit, to increase fees 32% next school year. For liberals that can't do math, and most can't, that's nearly a 1/3rd increase or one additional dollar added for every three dollars paid this year. Add the 20% increase that was accessed this year and we're looking to double education costs in nearly 3 years and that's just the "tuition". That doesn't include room, board, and books. I've missed a semester of COMMUNITY COLLEGE because of this increase. Given how critically in the global economy that education is to be successful, making that education all the more expensive and complicated is going to make us more competitive how? Worse yet is the reason why.

Inflation for the three years in question is going to total, assuming no mega inflation next year, about 9% to 12%, yet education expenses are going up 52%. I've had basic economics and this doesn't make sense. Add that half the classes have been cancelled, and some majors are no longer being offered, what justifies this tax on students? One word: administration. When I was teaching at the public high school, the corruption from the administration was so blatant and egregious, I couldn't believe how there wasn't a revolt but I know most of the public doesn't really understand or even know how bad or deep the theft and corruption is. Administration at the K-12 is around 100K and they don't get laid off or have salary cuts, but teachers do. Student's do. At UC it's nearly 300 to 400K and that doesn't include perks and yet they're not getting laid off or having cuts. But who are? The professors and students. Sort of makes you wonder why we have an education system when it those that make getting an education possible are the ones getting cut while those that just run the institutions are laughing to the bank.

This is typical liberal nonsense. They think by making people pay more, they'll get more revenue when in fact far more people than the increase, in this case, more than 32% just aren't going to go and the total revenue will drop worse and guess how they'll try to overcome that shortfall. You guessed it, more fee increases and cost cuts other than administration. This is typical of liberal thinking. More increases of "revenue" will mean more money. This shows a lack of understanding of economics. Something these so called university system are suppose to be teaching, but I have a feeling they're getting the socialist version. You see, supply and demand aren't linear and even if it was, this model that the UC regents are using will just make them break even. When costs go up a percentage, the demand doesn't go down by the same percentage, but by an exponential relationship so the total demand will go from 62% of those interested being able to afford it to .62 squared which, for those again that don't understand math, is .3844 or 38.44% which is a decline of demand of 45.2%, so with an increase in fees, you lose 45.2% of enrollment and you're in the hole of 13%. This isn't going to strengthen our UC system, it's going to decimate it. Given what some of our grads lack of understanding of economics, our constitutional republic, or just plain historical facts, I'm not sure they're learning much anyways.

In the end, the government just going to make us more ignorant, more reliant on them, and worse gain more power and interference into our lives. I don't know about you, but the model that California is displaying should make every other state re-evaluate their thinking on socialism. But given the political body and the ignorant voting blocs in our country, I doubt seriously that they can even see what's really going on.

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