Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas and hope it's not the last.

Seems to have been awhile since my last blog. Been busy with basketball officiating and Christmas that is coming up. Future isn't so bright either as I have more basketball and Jury Duty coming up as well. However, as I prepare for the upcoming celebration of the Birth of the Savior, it's occurring to me with all that's going on politically, that we could be coming close to the end of Christian celebration and I don't just mean the deathcare bill that's, of all the disgusting maneuvers, being voted upon on Christmas Eve.

The thing that got me thinking that the time of America being a Christian nation is drawing to an end is the anti-Christian mentality that is predating throughout our political and cultural body. Can't say Merry Christmas, it's happy holidays. Any reference to Christ is deemed a violation of Church and State, but not Ramadan with that evil Mohammad. Shoot, we can't even say Islamic terrorist any more. Or that stupid PC made up holiday that always starts on the 26th, Quanza or however you spell that stupid worship of vegetables. Public Caroling for the most part are forbidden. Most carols that are played publicly are neutral (anyone heard silent night, oh come all ye faithful?) mostly Jingle Bells (I'm ready to destroy bells because of the over play of that song), Frosty the Snowman or Rudolf. Anything related to Christ is rarely played. However a little known story that's getting little notice from the press should have all those who profess, and actually practice and not only on Christmas and Easter, to be faithful followers of Christ on edge for our safety.

There's a member of our military that is completing his college education that wrote a thesis about the ills of American foreign policy. He states that our foreign policies practice that of evil throughout the world and will continue to do so earning the scorn and hatred of the world because American follows the myth of Christian absolutism. Basically, the fact that Christian believe there are right and wrongs, good and evil that premeditates the evils of American foreign policy. He believes and argues that American is an evil empire because of Christian fundamentalism. That by judging others to be good, bad, right or wrong is wrong and hence makes us arrogant and destructive to other nations, exploiting them, like Iraq, because of the concept of right and wrong. To sum things up, he's stating that Christians and Jews are the only real evil in the world.

The seriousness of this man's argument as well as his statement can be shown in his political statements. He claims Iran is no threat because their President isn't a threat. Only because Christians and Israel Jews define him as such is he being deemed evil and a threat. That he's a man looking after his people and the Christians and Jews are making him a threat by being a threat to him because of our judgement of his action. Never mind that Iran has threaten to wipe Israel off the map. For you liberals out there that don't know words have meaning, that means he intends to kill every single one of them if he gets the chance. Now you liberals can make the claim that by my Christian belief that makes him evil is making me the real evil one doesn't change the fact that that man wants to commit genocide by the true meaning of the word and that genocide isn't evil. It just makes you a moron and an evil moron at that because once he's done with Israel, we're next. The fact that you feeeeeel or think that's he's a good man isn't going to change that. He makes similar claims over Castro, Chavez, Mao, Stalin, and Pol Pot. People who together are responsible for the murder of 100 million people and they're misunderstood over the evil of Christian and Jews.

What makes this man's thesis a real threat is that it's being accumulates over his incite and "courage" to bring out the "truth" of the evils and cult of Christians and Jews by the academic circles. What he says further is where Christians and Jews should be concern because we see it quite a bit in the political circles on the left. He states that Christian and Jewish absolutism as the one great evil and threat to world peace. That our beliefs in right, wrong, good and evil perverts our sense of reality and creates crusades (gee, which group put that word into his head?), murders, persecutions, white washes science like Global Warming (his words. He didn't use the more popular term Global Climate change. Perhaps he started this before the coldest summer and now winter has begun), racism and gnosticism. By making judgements, we tend to fight against those things we perceive as wrong or evil. True, there has been some wrongs done. The Southerns, for example, thought it was their Christian duty to "house and protect" the negro population since they were less than human like pets. However, it wasn't the socialists, Muslims that Obama thinks made this country, or the white racist artisans that didn't want their economic interests threaten by the freeing of the lower waged negro that fought politically for their freedom. It was Northern Christians abolitionist movement that bought forth the emancipation movement that eventually pressured Lincoln to finally decree during the Civil War to liberate blacks, at least as property to whites. What would moral relativist or the non-judgmental of today think? I'll tell you because it's going on in the Sudan and that's NOTHING!

Even though Christians and Jews have done their share of mistake, the concept of right and wrong had allow us to analyze and correct "wrongs". The Civil Rights movement serves as an example because Christian groups fought against it as they thought God wanted man to live within their tribes. The tribes being race. I left a church over this because they thought I was a race traitor for dating a Cantonese woman. Tribe in this meant local culture as to have something in common or a common interest, not conflicted ones like we have today with multiculturalism. Many, if not most, fought for the continue segregation of the races. However, it was a sect of Christians that felt, correctly, that the church's interpretation of tribe was incorrect and fought with the African Americans to not only not be property, but have the same equal right to opportunities as well. Try finding that with others, especially Islam that won't even condemn terrorism, but will condemn Israel and the United States.

As we head to Christmas with the most intrusive legislation ever to be written in the history of the country being passed and the final assault on our integrity by the leftist anti-Christian left begins, note that should they hold on this November and just keep both houses of congress, it could very well be our last Christmas as we know it. With their hate crime legislation, Holder and BO and company holding the executive powers to selectively prosecute crimes as they see fit mainly anyone that thinks in the Judeo-Christian values that found our country as enemies of the state. With the war against right and good in favor of promoting evil and defining evil as nothing less that divinity to the pagan state, we could very well be seeing our last Christmas or one of the last Christmas. How much that has changed in my lifetime where reference to Christ at this time of year was everywhere is now forbidden because of the likes of the atheist (Unless it's the evil cult of Muhammad) has deemed it evil to do so, nobody can even know the true meaning of Christmas. Heck, I'm shocked that Charles Dicken's book A Christmas Carol hasn't been banned yet. After all it has the true meaning of good will to men and individualism and charity and, GASP, reference to God. However it seems the movies based on his book have been. Can anyone remember the last time it was televised?

The gist is that good is being demeaned while evil is being elevated. Right is deemed as evil while evil is viewed as progressive. Worse, having any sort of judgment, other than bigotry against whites, Christians, Heterosexuals, and individual responsibility, is deemed evil. Never mind that making such moral relative judgment is judgmental in of itself. Right now, enjoy Christmas as we still have it now. Merry Christmas and God bless us. . . everyone.

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