Thursday, December 31, 2009

Message to Liberals.

I don't get too many comments. To date I haven't yet posted one comment of the few that I do get from liberals for one simple reason: they have no substances. So far I've been called a jackass, though that the symbol the Democrat Party uses so perhaps they're complimenting me, stupid, uneducated, evil, fascist, racist (of course) and a few other I can't repeat because unlike them, I try to be civilized. As the new year begins, I thought I put a few lessons so liberals can get a lesson on what it takes to get posted on a conservative man's blog.

Lesson #1: Refer to what post you're commenting on. Not once did the liberals that took to insulting me ever told me what it was they're ticked off about. It's hard for me, a stupid jackass in their opinions, to know what you're angry about because most of you are angry all the time over nothing or irrelevant things. Yea, my spelling isn't the greatest nor is my typing at time, but to go on a rant over that or a profane tirade without telling me why, well I can't respond. Unlike liberals, if you can demonstrate I have some fact wrong or logically why my line of thinking is flawed, I'll be the first to tell you, but first tell me what is I'm supposedly wrong about. So unless I know what you're referring to, I can't respond.

Lesson #2: Using profanity and insults doesn't get you anywhere. Oh yes, it gets you somewhere in the political forum and the media but that's because they're as narrow minded and lacking in substance as you are. If you can't clarify your point or stance without lowering yourself to the gutter of hip-hoppers or rappers (yes, I do insult them because they're, with a few exception like Will Smith, stupid, stoned, angry and violent punks that need to be in jail not with wealth for being such), then don't bother posting because I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person. Like I said, if you can demonstrate I'm wrong, then, unlike you, I'll admit it.

Lesson #3: Use logic and reason, not emotional appeal. We're already over polarized. Bush initiated it and now BO is waving the flames. I'm going to participate in emotional rantings that have no basis in the facts. That's what the left excels at and why people, like the tea baggers, are just getting sick and tired of it. Have something well thought out not flamed out.

Lesson #4: This is a blog, not a news forum so treat it as such. I don't claim to be a newscaster. This is a blog. A personal log. Many times I state some facts and analyzed what I think it means. I'm just expressing myself. If that gets under your skin, remember, it's just one opinion. It's not that I'm trying to impose it on others.

Lesson #5: Respectfully counter other people opinions. Many times I'm just stating my own personal opinion and those are the ones that get under the liberals skins the most. I find I get more hate comments from opinions that don't agree with their than any other. Now I'm going to give one of my opinions you liberals out there. I've concluded that you have no tolerance, as the group to that claim to be the tolerant group, for any other opinions than your own. I see more breed of contempt from the left and liberals by far than conservative. Again, just my OPINION from what I've observed.

The lesson I'm getting from liberals are they are not aid to their causes by their tactics. Many conservatives got a bit to learn but the most vile, mean, malevolent and hateful comments and statements predominately come from the left and it shows in their comments. I'll give a hint out to you libs out there. Your comments don't hurt, upset, and many times even give my wife and I a good laugh. When grown people act childish, it doesn't influence anyone but other childish people and frankly, I don't have the time, energy or even care about comments from childish people. Now if you can find me being childist, then state how and I'll respond. After all, we're all human and do silly things at time, but the left sure doesn't think so or that we need to be dominated over. Something I don't hold as I believe we're all capable to learning and growing and one thing I hoped to gain from writing online: the opportunity to learn and grow. It's not going to happen if I get childish, stupid, juvenile and empty comments.

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