Monday, December 28, 2009

The Underwear Bomber. Oh what a world.

As the facts over the happenings of the "underwear" bomber is now out, our head of Homeland Security perhaps makes one of the stupidest statements I've ever heard coming from a government official: the system worked. In Alice in Wonderland the Chestire Cat, being the devious being that he was, was making a plan to assault Alice with the logical reasoning you can catch a cat with a smile, but you can't catch a smile without a cat as he disappeared and only the smile remained as it descends upon her. I can't but help think of this as the whole response by the Homeland Security make their spin to adjudicate themselves from this fiasco.

First of all, Janet Stupidtono makes the claim that the system worked. The bomber was foiled and the passengers and citizens acted accordingly to end the threat. First of all, last I check, I haven't gotten my check from DHS. Oh wait. I'm not employed with them. Then why is she claiming it's MY job to stop these animals? Isn't it hers? Last I checked, DHS was created from the 9-11 commission for entrenching enforcement of our immigration and border security laws. Last I checked, security at airport security falls into the border security laws since from these terminal they are able to come here and enter our shores and lands. The fact that despite his father (HIS VERY OWN MUSLIM FATHER FOR CHRIST SAKE!) warned and proved that he was a member of Al-Quida and DHS just filed it away and let him travel here even to his father's amazement and without a passport. There's a word for this: INCOMPETENCE. She states that DHS can't prevent such terrorists and that TSA wasn't at that airport and it's not her or TSA responsibility to prevent his attack. Then why do we even have them then. If they can't even do the basic of their job, prevent a terrorist from getting on board in the first place, then why have them? Add the terrorist shooting at Fort Hood and her stupid statement, she should be fired from her position.

This all shouldn't be a shock given her record as Arizona's governor. Illegal Alien invasion nearly quadrupled, kidnappings from Mexican citizen with the drug cartel skyrocketed. In fact, AZ is the kidnapping capital of the country by far and it started with her governorship. AZ has been invaded by foreigners having people on US soil, some US citizens kidnapped and nothing was done about it. Still isn't. The state was also a financial mess. Should it be no surprise that her reign as DHS after 10 months has been a complete failure? She's a failure as a governor and as a law enforcement officer and not only needs to be fired, but should be looked into criminal negligence.

What's worse is that this plot failed mainly from luck. The wrong acid was used to detonate and instead of exploding, it just caught fire saving the plane. An underwear bomb had been used before and, unlike this latest attempt, it did work and exploded. One of Bin Ladens followers tried to assassinate the Prince in charge of anti-terrorism and after a ruse of a false surrender only to him, detonated the underwear in his home and only managed to kill himself. The prince survived with minor injuries. To credit that the system worked because nobody got hurt (other than the animal himself and one of the passengers that got burned while trying to stop him), it is a poor assessment. To claim success before the opposition failed is bad policy. You're relying on the stupidity or carelessness of the enemy for your success. Because the chemist for this dumb ass wasn't as smart as the other in Saudi is a bad reason to call this foiled attempt a success.

Think of what this is telling our enemies. One, at certain places, even a top terrorist state like Nigeria (only Saudi is higher, followed closely behind Pakistan and then Iran) you can get on board a plane, with no passport or questions asked, and sneak in explosive underwear. If it fails, the government will trip over themselves to spin it into less than what it is: terrorism. Now Americans will have the indignity of having our undies checked (but not Muslims, we can't offend them) and the airlines will have even more headaches that they'll want to avoid. As airlines are having enough trouble staying solvent, we'll have a new humiliation and inconvenience that will have us desiring to avoid them even more.

However, not all the news is bad on this. First, Janet is now being shown for the clown that she is and becoming a political liability to Obama by the left and right. She should fear hearing the sounds of buses now because the next one she may be thrown under as all those that become political liabilities have become with this President. Two, DHS is exposed for the incompetent agency that it is and it given the disdain by the American people by the events for the last 11 months, it's not going to take much for their to be a backlash. This is sure to become an election issue later in 2010 when the election campaigning begins with means even the left is going to have to scramble to make something happen other than the status quo. Third, this shows our enemies that we will fend for ourselves if we so much as smell a plot during a flight. That the spirit of Flight 93 isn't dead and that attempt to use airplanes as bombs isn't going to work like it did on 9-11. Lastly, it shows that Al-Quida is still a threat and BO's attempt to sugar coat it isn't going to change that.

The last two attempts to blow up planes has failed, but only because of poor execution by the terrorist. Though the American people will fight these animals, it won't do much good if these explosives work and the damage is done to the plane. As we can't do anything once they're dead and there's a hole in the plane. America has a bad history of reacting to past disasters and not preparing for a well known one. We need more to be done to prevent the terrorist from being able to make the attempt like profiling, better screening and better yet, search terrorists, not 80 year-old grandma in the wheel chair, Irish nuns, and babies. If we don't learn that from all this, then the war is truly lost. After it, our leader from DHS has completely demonstrated that DHS still hasn't learned that lesson.

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