Friday, December 17, 2010

It's time we considered slaughtering some of our sacred cows.

The tax bill has finally been passed into law. For the vast majority of us, we dodged a bullet for it would had been we, the bottom 2%ers that would have had our taxes increased the most. With the tax cuts extended for another 2 years, the bigger issue that isn't really get much redresses is the massive and insane spending of money we don't have, even with the tax increase, on major pet projects. The corruption of the voters is a major problem and when you look at the 3 biggest spending blocks of our government, it's clear way that spending doesn't ever get cut.

You would think with these stupid 300,000 for a concrete fish, or a library after some congress person or what ever ear marks, that getting rid of of these would be our top priorities, or how about ending welfare for why should those that don't work be rewarded, or the salaries of the top bureaucrats. Well, you can take all the social programs and wasteful nepotism that goes on with lobbies and such, it won't make that much of a dent in our national debt or budget. The top 3 blocks nearly account for nearly 2/3rds of all our spending. Yet they're such sacred cows. They make the waste we see with earmarks seem pale, a rounding error in comparison. Even the 1.2 Trillion spending stimulus would be just a fraction of these 3's costs. What are these sacred cows we need to slaughter and BBQ over an open flame.

1. Social Security. Whether you're a conservative or liberal, one cow that isn't to be touched is SS. Neither party has done much and the public, in the form of votes, will make you pay if you dare go near this. However, this is going to bankrupt the county on its own.
What Must Be Done: We need to face facts, we can't maintain SS as it is. When this program, which isn't even 80 years old yet, and yet take 20% of the federal budget, the retirement age is as it still is today, 65 years of age. However, this was installed when the life expectancy in the country was 55 years. The thinking was if you can work 10 years beyond, you've earned the privilege to retire. Today the life expectancy is 77 years. When it was 10 years beating the odds, one person's benefits was covered by 40 workers. Today it's 3 and when the boomer retire, it's going to go in the negative. When the boomers were being born, things worked out as there were far more workers contributing than those taking out. Now those numbers are reversed. Many benefits have been added, like survivor benefits as well as disabilities, benefits that were never intended for SS. Add the looting the government have of this program to cover current costs and you have not a money pit, but a money black hole.
Why nothing will get done: Simply put, far too many people are either too stupid or lazy to plan and save for the future and feel "safe" with the government in charge. The government doesn't have to contribute so they won't have any loss when his behemoth falls. Not to mention with the corruption of the voters on this one they would be slaughtered if they dare address it.

2. Defense spending. I know I won't be popular with conservatives on this one, but our defense budget is beyond obscene. We, the USA, spend more for defense than nearly DOUBLE the rest of the world combined, including China who could very well defeat us, at least in a naval conflict. It nearly accounts for 18% of our budget and what have we gained from it? The most powerful military in history that have the conjones of a paper tiger.
What must be done: First of all, we have to put an end to being the world's police man. We come to the aid of far too many countries, many our enemies. The war in South Korea, though heating up again, had been at "armistice" for nearly 50 years, and they still can't defend their own border? Why do we have troops in Europe and Japan for? Do we expect World War 2 to continue? Even the Filipinos had enough of us til the Abu's and Moro's raised up and even then, they do most of the fighting themselves. Are we still in Guam? Is there a threat of instability? We need to pick our fights for as Iraq and Afghanistan have shown us, if you're going to fight for the sake of fighting, you're going to be bled to death. Frankly, fighting to keep hostile countries and rulers in power just seem . . . well, let's say Sun Tsu would commit Harry Karry.
Why it won't get done: Well, conservatives will never give up national defense. It's a fundamental to their belief core. Liberals, dispite the talk, aren't suicidal. Even they need protection and let's face it. They fear more what would happen if we leave the lands they're protecting should we out and out leave. Not to mention, many on both sides are benefiting in some way in the contracts in the defense department. They've literally have become too big to fail (or will it be they're fail because they're too big?).

3. Medicaid. This program has to be the biggest political cancer in the history of human kind. What started as a 4 billion entitlement on the war on poverty, has mushroomed to a 400 billion nightmare more than 10 times what they projected the maxium cost and still rising. That's larger than the entire GDP of 70% of the nations on earth. It's hardly been 40 years and this thing has mushroomed 100 fold and still growing and when Bush II added prescription drugs, it set up an entitlement that won't be overcome.
What's need to be done: Obamacare even knew the need to cut this one down to size. As with SS, the benefits have to cut and be more stingy. Should be used as supplementary insurance, or reward base program to promote a private insurance model to promote the need. With government intervention, it's just going to become a bigger and more bloated monstrosity.
Why it won't get done: Medicaid is relied upon from a vast number of our elderly. With the boomers retiring, they're going to represent a block that engulfs 1/3 of the voting population. Show me a politician willing to antagonized that voting block and I'll show you a politician that wants to retire.

Painful and how much we believe in these Sacred Cows, we can't maintain them. Many of the benefits they promote aren't even funded any more (except the actual war making materials, but the benefits for the men and women are still questionable). Without cutting on these huge Sacred Cows, all this talk about spending cuts are going to be nothing more that rhetoric and out and out pipe dream. Rhetoric and pipe dreams that our national debt can't afford to take on.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

He who shall not be named did great things. TERRIABLE, but great.

With the recent bombing in Sweden (who knew they had an Islam problem? I.E. they had Muslims) and a stupid statement by moron in chief Obama when asked about his opinion of the recent Islamic uprising in Europe and his comment was that Islam is one of the world's great religion. It was at this time that one, Obama failed to disappoint me on his stupidity and treasonous thinking, and two, that line from the first Harry Potter book. "The wand chooses the wizard, not the wizard choosing the wand. It's not always clear why, but one thing is clear: we can expect great things. The phoenix whose feather resides in that want laid another feather. ONE other feather. It's curious that you are destine for that wand, when it's brother gave you that scar. He that shall not be named did great things. TERRIBLE, but great." This is what comes to mind to me when I hear about Muslims and their devotion to Islam.

Obama was being question to name one good thing that comes from Muslims and his reaction is to say that it's one of the world's great religion. Well, just because something is great, doesn't make it good nor Divine. Can anyone name one good or productive things that comes from Islam? Pita bread? Oil? One thing is for sure, Islam is known more for it's evil atrocities than anything they do good. Just look at the Red Crescent, which is suppose to be the Islam equivalent of the Red Cross (I have issues with that organization, but that's for another day). Red Cross have aided people in disasters. Have the Red Crescent or is it their prime directive to document, allegedly, Israel suppression of the Islamic Arabs? Like with the disaster in Haiti, did the Red Crescent give out one scrap of bread to the suffering people there. Did the Islamic countries send engineers, doctors, or even people of average means to aid in the recover of the suffering of the Haitian people? Do they ever for any disaster even in their own countries? To they offer enforcement of peace, unless it's to oppress Westerns and Jews?

One thing anyone that's has a brain that works can testify to is the evil that has been promoted, especially after 9-11. Beheadings, bombings, stoning, oppression of women, child brides, and the West's obsession to appease these savage practices is just mind bogging. I've concluded that 9-11 was a victory for the terrorists, not just because they succeeded to bringing down the towers and damaged the Pentagon, but to the opening of the liberal mind that not only have their brains fallen out, but their desires for self preservation. Anyone that support these animals end up suicidal. What's to expect from a faith that the word "love" doesn't appear in their holy book? Hand holding and singing "kubaya" or "We are the World"? This faith is so evil, miserable, and physchotic, that followers are more than willing not to only murder the innocent but themselves. What is it about Allah's love that his subjects want to die so badly? Now we have nearly 25% of the world population at a moment notice become foaming, raving, homicidal lunatics so thin skinned as much as questioning their prophet or their sincerity can bring about riots.

For much of the faiths of the world, even some of those that would be defined as Pagan, like Buddhist, Hindus, or even Shinto that was responsible for the outbreak of fighting in the Pacific during WW2, can define love, respect for their neighbor, even if it's only those that believe that they do, but not Islam. They even fight within those that believe as they do. There are accomplishments and acts of compassion, but no where in Islam is that demonstrated. Their Prophet was an insane, even he said so, homicidal, child raping lunatic (oh dear, I've commit a capital offense against this "great" religion). Yes, Islam is a great religion, just as Voltamort was a great wizard. TERRIBLE, but Great. Well, I guess I know who the followers of Muhammad are going to be rooting for in the final chapter of Harry Potter.

Friday, December 10, 2010

The downgrading of the NFL.

I rather stay from politics as it's giving me a headache. What I'm finding interesting is how a great league has been emasculated and not many have taken noticed. If anyone hasn't been tracking the NFL lately, the league is starting to face some embarrassing facts: their 4 division makeup is a complete and utter joke and disdains excellence. Right now they have a division with a real chance of sending a losing team to the playoffs. In the NFC West, the top two teams that really don't impress anyone are 6-6 with 4 games to go. The Niners at 4-8 aren't even out of it yet as they play the two teams once more themselves. It's realistic and highly likely a 7-9 team will make the playoffs. Talk about weak. What's worse, til the Kansas City Chiefs made their latest run, there was a possibility of 3 losing team fighting for a playoff spot, but their win, as well as the Raiders, over San Diego has made that unlikely that even a .500 team will come out of there as they now have 8 wins, but it took til week 13 and a winning record isn't assured there either though it's likely from that division the team will have to win 9.

What makes things silly, that a 7-9, and the only reason why it can't get worse at 6-10 is the Rams and Seahawks play each other, so it's not completely out of the question for a 6-9-1 team here, can not only can make the playoffs, but they would get the home game against a team likely to have 3 to 4 wins over them since home field isn't really by record but seeding and the division winners get the top 4. Someone tell me how this is even fair? There are some competitive division before, but 3 to 4 wins and they still get home field in what will most likely be a blood bath for the home team as they're going to be grossly out matched. To add insult to injury to how absurd this is getting, there are three teams not leading their divisions that are 8-4, 8-4 and 9-3. One of those teams aren't going to make the playoffs for a team that will most likely be 7-9. We have the possibility of three 12-4 teams and one goes home while the 7-9 HOSTS one of them. I mean a 5 win difference and I haven't added those teams that will have 8, 9 or 10 wins that may not make the playoffs either.

I never liked the 4 division set up. I feared that teams that don't deserve playoff seedlings could get in over more elite and deserving teams. This is typical socialism. Breakdown the league so no one team can heighten the bar or have teams compete to make the playoffs. They have these notice of rivals and competition in regional areas, but enough is enough. Split the leagues into three divisions like before (I would prefer we have none and base the schedule on previous year records, but that will never happen.) with each division winner getting a bye with 1,2 3 seeds and the top 2 of the remaining being wild cards based on seedings like before. It too had it's share of troubles, but even they never had a threat of a losing team making the playoffs at the expense of far better teams and it was far more competitive.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The clash of two of liberals sacred cows.

Was watching a segment of "What would you do?" and one of the segments was of two actors, first a man then a woman, with another actor pretending to be their gay son coming out and the "homophobic" reactions and see what the people in the coffee shop (oh how PC) would react. This got me thinking about the reaction in a liberal country like the US and how fellow Americans would react to anti-gay rhetoric. Well, what got me thinking was what was going on in this segment was nothing what the reactions are in Islamic societies and as the sacred cow of Islam grows in their numbers and political influence (a teacher was fired just Friday because CAIR had a cow about the class: what is Islam), what will be the end game of these two secured cows: Islam and homosexuality. It has me fearful and grateful of how our government is reacting.

First, why I'm fearful. Our government not only supports these savages of the patriarch of evil, but will silence anyone with the power of hate crime or speech for those that oppose them. So what's to become if the sacred cows start attacking each other. Under Islamic Sharia Law, the price for homosexuality is death, even by beheading. What's not known is that 16 of the 20 recruits to execute the 9-11 attacks had all been criminals with homosexuality as one of their crimes. Don't think I'm correlating homosexuality with violent crime. If you're in prison, possibly looking at a capital offense, are you going to turn down an opportunity to martyr yourself and take thousands of infidels with you? The point is that what was portrayed in the segment is nothing compared what these "people" are willing to do. Since Islam will be a far greater threat to the politicians than the gay mafia, I fear they will side with the sacred cow of Islam and then which sacred cow will be next? Just an endgame to think about.

The small thing I'm grateful for, at least for now, is that our government is so incompetent is that the changes are taking far more time and taking far work than necessary. However, time isn't on our side. One virtue Muslims have is patience. They'll wait centuries to full fill their goals, so despite our government inefficiencies. The Muslims can wait us out. I'm just hopeful that they're be so incompetent, that they can't make any more progress.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Are the people of Portland just plain stupid or so anti-American they're willing to comitt suicide by jihadist?

Leftist never cease to amaze me in their hatred, stupidity and downright insanity. The people of Portland have demonstrate all of the above as they were a target of a jihadi attack. Again by a native born Muslim from Somalia, trained in Pakistan though need the lesson of how to weed out a true brother vs. the FBI as he got caught in a sting. I'm sure all the BS about Muslims being discriminated about the act of a few that seem to accumulating. If anyone pays attention to the Imam of the mosque that he attended, he didn't seem shocked, upset, didn't condemn his act, nor even deny that he promoted jihadi hatred. His big concern was going to be the Muslim backlash that often occur when one of their brethren commits a crime, mainly attempted murder if not down right murder. Again, it as an attempted arson in a small, unoccupied, office and nobody saw who did it. Ok, one thing, no infidel is going to enter one of these building of evil, not to mention that the Muslim attending aren't going to notice an infidel in their mist. Give me a break, they go ballistic when infidel are in a park with them or attend one of their "festivals". It's a bunch of nonsense perpetrated by the Muslims to make them out to be a victim of a hate crime when they are in fact the least victimized, other than whites who, by definition, can't be victims.

What makes this whole thing stupid and the leftist morons of Portland so clueless is that their number one concern is over the anti-Muslim backlash. First one, these people are stupid. This man tried to KILL THEM!!! All over because they were in the act of a Christian ritual of lighting a Christmas tree. He wanted to murder thousands and he's made it clear that was his attempt. This man has admitted that was his goal. What's worse, he has been asked if he feared that he would get caught and punished, and his answer was no. That the law enforcement of Portland don't investigate them as they have a no cooperation policy with the Federal government that they won't turn in or report on Muslim jihadist activities nor illegal alien activity.

So this man stated that the spinelessness of the law enforcement and liberal policies of the city made him embolden to pursue his jihadi goals of killing as many infidels, mainly the Christian and liberal fools that allow him to go on his merry way and attempt to murder them, and all the people of Portland, the people he tried to kill, is worried about is the consequences of those that support him, then I can't find a better definition of insanity and stupidity. Either these people lives, like Muslims it seems, is so miserable and meaningless, that they want to be sacrified by these 7th century savages, or just so stupidity and voided from reality that they think that they can't be killed because "they're with them". Either way, Portland, like San Francisco, deserve whatever they get from those animals and I for one no longer have any more sympathy for them.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Perhaps it's time to end the TSA.

The news from Portland should distrub us law abiding and sane Americans. Thank heavens, despite Holder's prejudice against the targeted victims, that the FBI foil an attempted plot to a public bombing of a public event, in this case a Christmas tree lighting ceremony. Though the FBI's record on stopping terrorist plots are spotty, they do have that they do actually FOIL terrorist plots as they did in this case. I still find it concerning that most plots so far have been foil by incompetence and luck, but the FBI can take credit for this one as they set up a sting and have this SOB left to right. What's becoming no longer interesting but monotonous is that again, it's a young Muslim born in a Muslim country, in this case the so called peaceful people of Somalia, and yes, the Somalis are claiming discrimination against them and I'm sick and tired of savages calling themselves peaceful to be honest, and was trained in Pakistan. This is becoming a broken record folks.

These incidences are making me think that the TSA has to go. The reason? Well, as stated, the FBI can make some claims that their interventions have actually encumbered terrorist attempts. I've checked the record of the TSA and do you know how many terrorist plots have been foiled by the TSA? No guess. In over 40 years, they still have yet to stop one attempt. Their record is a big fat ZERO! Not once has the TSA foiled a criminal act. The closest they've ever come was in 2001 when a head security supervisor wanted to hold Mohammad Atta, the master mind of the execution of 9-11, but the lawyers said that he had no right to despite all the evidence he had that this man was planning something but it based on profiling, and the rest, unfortunately, is history.

Now the TSA is have now invoked the most invasive protocols in its history. Heck, they get to do things even my wife doesn't do. What's worse is so many Americans are accepting of these new procedures. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for security at the airports. Without them, we're just giving an open door to those that want to do us harm, but the tactics aren't effective. Too many are making the claim that they rather be safe than sorry. Given that the TSA has never foiled a terrorist plot (they have foiled some criminal ones), how much safer are you really than you were before? The answer is NONE! It's all an illusion and many times terrorist have got on board. Just look at the shoe bomber and fruit of kaboom. If you think these new procedures are going to help, you're absolutely wrong. The chemicals used in both aren't detectable by any means. So these new procedures won't do a think to prevent them and that's what I find completely insane. All these new invasions of our personal space, in this case, our bodies and no better security than before. The news from MI-5, British Intelligence, is that now Muslim doctors are planting these explosives in Muslim women breasts and all they would need to do is bring a insulin syringe and inject the accelerating agent and you got explosive boobs and then what will be our new protocol? Mammograms, and since we can't discriminate against gender, men and children will have to take them too. I think Ben Franklin summed it up best when he said "a people that give up liberty for security deserves neither". What's worse is with all this stupidity and irrationality, we're giving up liberty and not even gaining an iota of security.

Monday, November 22, 2010

TSA-Totally Stupid & Asinine.

Listening to the fools that think we're either stupid or pooping in our britches over the terrorist threat at the airports are making some really stupid and Asinine statements. They're claim that all the sexual assaults, and that's what these new rules are, are what's needed to ensure safety isn't just flawed, it's downright wrong. Searching 8 year old boys, all under the permission of the father, like he had a choice, guarantee's safety on our flights. X-rays that expose all our glory in the name of security. If Ben Franklin was ever right, and I personally think he's not most of the time, it's over the giving of liberty for security that is the TSA. After all, they think the constitution be damned as it's irrelevant in the name of hiring fat slops that can't even see their own toes to inspect ours is just lunacy.

I've studied over 133 commercial airline disasters, of which 14 where caused by terrorism (and only included those that cause damaged, shoe bomber and fruit of kaboom weren't included). OK, think of that, of 133 that I could find, only 14 were by terrorists, and I'm only counting those that caused a plane to crash or be wrecked. It doesn't count the terrorism of execution like the 54 that were killed when a plane on a tarmac where killed during the commando raid (108 were on board, so half were killed during the rescue). So this claim that this BS is need for our security to fly is spacious at best because only 10% of airline disasters are caused by terrorism.

Let's see, of those 14 (and no, I didn't include the 4 planes by the 9-11 hijackers), how many where caused by white men with bombs. No, it's no zero actually. The only one caused by a white male was the first bombing ever in 1955 and it was a man that had mother issues and used it to bomb the plane to kill his mother. Other than that, no white men. Of the remaining 13, only one wasn't a Muslim. The one other one other than him was a group of Ethiopians (4) that hijacked a flight heading to Kenya that was forced to go to Australia because of their ignorance how aviation economics, thought all planes take off with full tanks and had fuel to get there. Instead it crashed into the Indian sea, killing 125 of 175 on board.

So, it's all PC running amok. Blacks (unless members of the Nation of Islam), Asians, whites, and pacific Islanders are all safe to fly with. They don't bring down planes. Only Middle Easterners who are males of age 18-40 are always the ones that bring down the planes. If we just profiled we wouldn't need any of this crap. I know, it's "discriminatory". Well, sorry to those Muslim that are peaceful, but until those radical elements of your brethren stop their evil jihadi attacks, as long as you look like them, you should be the one screens. Discriminatory, you bet yea. But I wouldn't want to ride a horse with a vile of nitro either. Those of us that mean no harm should be left the heck alone. Instead, we get this lunacy.

So when leftist morons say a child could be used in an attack, a child, even one raised by the evils of radial Islam, isn't going on a plane with a bomb without giving himself away. Let me check, number of times a terrorists used a child to detonate a bomb on a plane? Checking. . . . . ZERO! How many terrorist used old people on wheel chairs . . . ZERO! How many times they used a bladder cancer survivor. . . ZERO. You see, the TSA, under this racist administration, think whitie, blacks, Hispanics (even the illegal ones), Asians, Christians, Jews, Atheists, etc are equally likely to be a terrorist in the sky as a Radical Muslim. The facts don't bare this out, but when does the government let the facts get in the way of their policies to intrude themselves into our lives?

What's worse, the protocols are useless. Just ask El Al, the Jewish state official airline. They haven't had a Islamic attack on one of their planes in 35 years. You know how they do it? They profile, something the dimwits and Dhimmids here refuse to use or believe in. They interview those that give body languages and behaviors that are suspicious. The others they leave alone in peace. However, since we're allying ourselves with the enemies of Israel, we will not dare impinge on the sensitives of their enemies. Just US citizens. Let's note that one of the excuses to prevent an attack like the underwear bomber, better known as Fruit of Kaboom. Even with these new protocols in place, he would still had gotten on board. You see, the new measure can't detect the explosives used, no matter how much you touch the junk. In England, there's intelligence that Muslim doctors are placing the explosive in their women's boobs. Though the exploding boob on Austin Powers was a joke? It's not now and there's no way to detect the explosive, add a syringe for say Insulin and BOOB BOOM! We're dealing with evil, insane, but not stupid lunatics and they're smarter than the TSA (considering you don't need a high school education make most everyone smarter than the TSA) so they'll find way to get through, especially when all are being equated and no profiling is being done.

When you get down to it, the only really reason the government is doing this is to devolve our freedoms and entrenched more and more into our lives. An "Opt Out" day isn't going to do anything. If anything, it will just enbolded this socialistic government even more. If we really want to defeat the evils of tyranny, both Obama's goons as well as the terrorists, then give them no targets. Just stop flying all together or opt for the expensive private flight. Then and only then will the power of tyranny be curtailed.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Kobe being flacked for a commerical. Oh man come on!

Seems that Kobe Bryant is getting a lot of heat, and I don't mean the kind LeBron and company, about the cameo he did in the commercial for the immensely popular "Call to Duty: Special Ops." Man, I know the leftist hate guns and all, unless used by Muslims or Socialists, but this is just plain stupid.

First of all, why Kobe? Tyra Banks, in high heels even, was among the gun toting maniacs by these gun hating fools. There was some bad comedian whose name I don't know firing a bazooka. The point of the commercial is with the popularity of the game, you never know who you'll be fighting with, or even against, online. Somehow to make that now gun violence is going to increase because Kobe was in the commercial is just plain nonsense.

I'm not a fan of M rated games. I don't own any and haven't in 15 years (the last one was Duke Nukem, but the birth of my daughter had me change my priorities). I find most of them to be disgusting and morally reprehensible, but there a few that placate to the warrior instinct, especially in males. Games like Grand Theft Auto or Hitman. If it was up to me they would be banned because they teach and encourage you to murder innocent bystanders or targets, or even authority. Such cruel and evil objectives have no value and not really free speech, but the Supreme Court disagrees with me on that one. Call to Duty is about good guys and bad guys having it out. I think the core of this "conserversey" is the leftist hatred of guns and frankly of our military. They think all nations are equal. . . equally evil but we have too much firepower and strength. This game is where Americans are fighting against communist imperialism and this is really why the gun haters are criticizing this game are having their panties in a bunch about. They sure don't have issues about killing cops or prostitutes, or even playing the taliban against our soldiers but killing communist soldiers, that's evil in their minds.

Seems those that don't want to blame gun violence on weakness of character, lack of morals, or just plain the darkness that resides in some men's heart that choose to act upon their impulses rather than controlling them, but it's just easier to blame a machine or even a video game that emulate heroism even at the cost of the true horror of war. As for Kobe, I hope he takes it with a grain of salt. Ask them if we were being invaded or our innocent civilians are being massacred by Islamic terrorists what would they rather the people use to defend themselves: The ACLU, foul language, or shoot them before they shoot you?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

California is still batting zero politically. Now illegals to gain instate truition.

I've done many postings about the education system and its corruption that has basically sucked the life blood out of the system. There are many leeches that eat the blood from the system, the biggest tick of them all is the teacher's union. What I placed 2nd is apathy from the student and parents. Gangs are the biggest infestation of this apathy and the biggest members are of the Latino community since they have the greater numbers than the African Americans the two largest minority groups that do so pathetically awful in educating themselves. It's these gangs that the 3rd world keep throwing at us.

So imagine my lack of surprise and complete disappointment when the California Supreme Court, who keep to the same insane and suicidal mentality the other two branches have, deemed that illegal aliens are entitled to go to our university at the instate tuition. It comes as no surprise, but this is going to be the catalyst that's going to put the university system to 3rd world status now. It isn't like they don't have enough challanges as it is.

Before the invasion by illegal nationals that began in 1965, the same year welfare was passed and don't find it coincidental, California's education system, both K-12 and the CSU/UC system, weren't just one of the best in country, but the world as well. Now, the K-12 is a hopeless dysfunctional mess and the CSU/UC isn't faring all that well. Now we're going to allow illegal aliens with their 3rd world mentality, and don't tell me they're more American than I am or how we're a nation of immigrants when those immigrants of the past were legal and these anti-American foreign nationals waving their homeland flags (so why aren't they there protesting the wonders of their home country?) are going to flood our CSU/UC system.

Let's keep in mind our state is completely broke. It's going to be the first one to declare bankruptcy. We're already 8 billion in the hole and that's just a couple of months of a 3 month late budget and we're going to have to modify that already, and looking to be over 22 billion for the next fiscal year. Now we're going to add illegals to our secondary education system. With this "right" to attend as a citizen when they're foreign invaders, they're going to be qualified for financial aid which is hard enough for legal citizens to get but add affirmative action rules (they can't use race for admission, but you know they still do) they're going to be on the top of the totem pole for the state monies as well. Either we're going to deny more of our legal citizens and naturalized citizens admissions and aid, or the state is going to go deeper in the hole.

Not to mention what's this going to do to the political landscape of our university system. It's already anti-American, radical leftist as it is. Now we're going to throw the mentality of the illegal aliens? Our schools can't afford the students they have already. There are no more freshman status anymore, they stopped taking 1st, and thus, 2nd years students 3 years ago. Most, if not all, are transfer students. Classes have been cut 15% and many can't get their courses to graduate in time. Average time now in California is over 6 years to get a 4 year degree.

The court has used the legality that the tuition prices are based on a person's residency. Since the illegals are residing in California, they're entitled to resident costs. That reasoning is seriously flawed. If an out of stater comes to California to learn, by this reasoning, they're a residence by their 6th month. So they should only be paying out of state tuition, which in California is the most expensive in the country, for only their first semester, but that's not how it works. The residency is based on where their residence of orgin. Unless they full out move, get a house, California driver's license, basically having evidence that they're going to live here the rest of their life, then and only then does the residency status change and it's not easy to prove unless you live here all your life. Illegals residence of orgin is their home country, so by this reasoning, they got it wrong. They've made a special status for illegals because they can use the state they've invaded as their residence while the legal citizen can't. That's a double standard.

What's worse here is that this 3rd world mentality. This different strokes for different folks is what causes legal chaos in the underdeveloped world. Heck, it's why they're underdeveloped. If one was to ask me what's the most import clause in the Constitution, it would be the rule of law. Without the rule of law, all the other laws are meaningless as they can be changed at any time on any whim and that's what our courts with liberal activist judges have been doing for the last 30 years and this ruling a blatant violation of that clause. Illegals aren't following the rule of law. The fact they're illegal is proof of that. Why should a person that doesn't follow the law be allowed to benefit from it. This is the total antithesis of the rule of law. What next? Jihadi's right to take chemistry classes on our dime? Given that the rules don't apply to all makes anything possible and that is the worse travesty about this ruling.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Legalized Sexual Assault: The TSA.

The airlines better start taking a stand against the TSA or else they're going to go out of business. Why? Who in their right mind would want to go through what the TSA is doing to just to fly? I knew things were bad in the aviation industry, but this is complete insanity. The only sane statement I've heard in the whole carnival episode is that Muslims will NOT be getting a religious exemption. On that I can be thankful.

Other than those that must travel internationally, nobody is going to tolerate this invasion of their personal space just because the DHS say it's the only way to fly safe. As the illegals would say, TORO COCA! That means BULL SH*T in English. Israel doesn't subject their citizens to this craziness and they have active terrorists trying. They haven't had a terrorist bring down a plane since 1975. So what are they doing that we're not? One simple thing that no leftist will dare to suggest: profiling.

Israel, unlike the US, know who their enemy is and define them. They don't waste time accosting Irish nuns for they know they're not the terrorists. They're not going to grope the crouch of 3 year old girls because they're not the ones who put explosive in their undies. And if such an attack was to be attempted, there's going to be a plastic tube as the chemical needed to make that explosive to work must be injected. These X-rays and body searches aren't even necessary unless you're a pervert that get their rocks off doing such accosting. Lastly, they're not going to search old women in wheel chairs because they're not ready to meet Allah yet. The terrorist have won because they got our government so paranoid that they're seeing terrorists everywhere but where it really is: Muslim youth with Middle Eastern descent between the ages of 16 to 40. If young Muslims are offended by that, they can kiss off.

Now if I was to go grope a woman down to her crouch, I wonder what would happen to me, even if I claim it's the only way I can assure safe shopping in the mall? Gee, I think, one, the husband/boyfriend is going to beat me like a Pacquieo opponent. Two, I'm going to get arrested for sexual assault. Yet, it's legal for some ignorant and arrogant bureaucrat TSA pervert to do so for aviation safety. Well, I tell you, if anyone, TSA or not, think of going near my wife's or daughter "personal" zone, they're going to get my fist in their teeth and I don't care if I go to jail or have an IRS audit and judging by the reactions across the country, it looks like most of Americans don't either.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's the Culture STUPID! Not Slavery nor Racism!

There is a big hoopla about how from 1965 to the present that the illegitimacy rate has increased, but the biggest and most shocking gain came from the African American sect. They have gone from 24% to a staggering 72% and guess what they're blaming for it? Yea, no surprise, white bigotry and slavery. Really?

They're stating that the institution of slavery has taken from them the definition of marriage and family and they're too ill equip for such responsibility. The old "I'm a victim mentality. Granted that slavery had some evil and dark consequences for the country, and there would be some legitimacy, but that's at this point is nonsense as I'll get into later. They also blame economic suppression as being unable to fulfill their responsibility, mainly the infestation of drugs and imprisonment. My Lord, is there nothing these race baiters won't use?

MYTH #1: Slavery have made us too incompetent to form families. Using slavery for anything is just absurd. The institution of slavery, thankfully, ended in 1865. That's 135 years ago for those that have a public education. How after 135 years you still haven't learned to maintain a family is either just defiance of natural instincts, or just plain laziness. It's been over a Century since slavery ended. Nobody was bonded by their institutions, and thus nobody is a victim of slavery any more. Those that are being "slaves" do so by their own choice. Show me where people are property of others without free will and then I'll buy your nonsense.

MYTH #2: White bigotry makes it impossible for economic support of a family. Oh, how the flames of hate and racism encumbers progress. Behind women, blacks have had all the economic advantages. They don't even need to be competent to get a job or even keep it. They get all the advantages in college placements and social promotions within the education sector as well as the employment sector. For 45 years they had this advantage, yet the norm of them don't even take advantage of it, much less can excuse racism as the reason behind their economic digression

FACT #1: Black racism has done more damage than slavery ever did. The Race baiters are the true slave master of the day. Without the fire of hate and prejudice against White America, they would become completely powerless and broke. These race baiters keep the talent base and manpower of the black race in America to the lowest common denominator which keep them from progressing. Yet they believe they are the progressive when they stigmatize themselves from going forward and how does that differ than the slave masters that were defeated 135 years ago only in that now they are willing participants?

Fact #2: Black culture has kept the chains of slavery on their people. Want a sample, just watch MTV and BET tv and just look at the decadence and stupidity that are on these shows. They're all about Sex, drugs, and gangsterism. Nothing about promoting self improvement, or even a work ethic. Worse of all, it continues to promote the myths, lies and downright deception of the slave master race baiters.

Fact #3: American culture has desecrated the central culture among the entire spectrum. Ever watch TV or listen to the news lately? Go to a university and sample the brine they serve to their learning youth? Hedonism, socialism, bigotry, sexism and class warfare are all par for the course. The illegitimate rate isn't just increasing for the African race, but all races. For the white America, it's 27% from 4% in 1965. Just look at the faminazism and the contempt for family that are promoted by the media and intelligentsia. Heck, now there are movies promoting the joys and wonders of single motherhood. Why have a man when you don't need one? The feminist standard for men are so unrealistically high that shrinks have a term for it: The Lois Lane Syndrome. They're so high that only Superman will do (and frankly I think it wouldn't be enough because he's male). Got shows like Big Brother, Survivor, and others where the people with the least amount of Ethics are the ones that win and move on. Can anyone name a handful of media display where families aren't mocked, disdained or viewed as unnatural? Are we all like 2 1/2 men where the only man functional is gay?

The fact is despite all the government mandated advantages, the African American sect is getting worse and by their own hands and attitude. The rest of the country is following as now White America is where Black America was 45 years ago. The illegitimacy rate is now, overall, 31% and no culture in history has survived a rate that hit 40% and the rate we're going, that's going ot happen in our lifetime unless this is directed and as long as we allow the race baiters and perverts and evil people of our society to promote their destructive mentality into polices and continue our contempt for the family, we're going to join and if we allow it to get that bad, America deserves to die.

First T-Shirts and now this.

Any one remember the story of the 5 teenagers that were required to remove their T-Shirts on the 5th of May because it was the "Mexico's" day and were being offensive and threatening public safety as it was being seen as being "disrespectful" to the illegal Mexicans. What gall. Seems the Illegals got the message because a new ban in that very same school district has been placed on a 13 year old boy. Seems this boy like to ride to school on his bike but "public safety" is being threaten as some "students" were complaining. What was it this boy was doing on his bike to be so provocative? He had attached an American flag on his seat. Seems the illegal Mexicans were feeling threatened by the flag of bigotry on his bike and has requested that he had it removed. The school board, to no surprise since they cowered to them before, agreed. What is going on in California when a 13 year old is giving a nasty lessons in civics and patriotism by being forced to refraining showing his patriotism by displaying the flag of his country because of the bigotry by illegal invaders. No word yet if he's barred from displaying a Mexican flag.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Gifts for Guns. How foolish can California get?

Seems the Goveniator wants to put an end to gang violence. So, this man that claims to be a conservative Republican in hostile terrority in Hollywood, what does he do? The same old liberal cliche, he offers money for guns. There's so many levels of stupid, I don't know where to begin.

First of all, this has been done before and with no success. The reason is primary the same. Gangs don't obey the law and they're sure not going to give up their guns. The state is offering $10 for a gun that doesn't work. First of all, if they're not working, why does the state care? They're not contributors to the gun violence. They're offering up to $150 for assault weapons. Since assault weapons are illegal in the state of California, why would anyone bring one for a gift card if by the very possession of the said weapon can land you 5 to 10 years in the state prison system? Does anyone see the logic, or the lack thereof? Assault weapons are the prime rib of the gang world, so I don't see them giving them up for gift cards. The only people that would be interested in this are those wanting to rid themselves of outdated fire arms or those that are in such poor condition, that they're useless. Regardless, as far as the so called intent, it's worthless as only law abiding citizen will be turn them in.

The state is dire straits as it is. We're already spending $40 million a day just on those that can't find work here in the state. We're already $20 billion in the hole, which is a rounding error to Obama, but in this state, it's a sufficient amount of money. Now we're coughing up money to allegedly spend to rid gangs of their weapons? Hey, why not pay them not to commit crimes while we're at it. We're overspending on everything else.

What's worse, these guns will all be destroyed. This really make me question the motive of the state. It's no mystery that mainly law abiding citizens will the ones participating, that means fewer firearms for the law abiding citizens while the criminal and government gain more power over us. Crime is out of control, with the citizenry being more disarmed isn't going to make things any better. In fact, it's going to just make things worse and isn't that what this program is suppose to prevent?

Friday, November 5, 2010

News shocker! Government made cars suck.

Forbes has written on an investigation of the worse made and least reliable cars on the market. Shocker is that all seven lemons, the worse vehicles produced and on the roads, all came from GM and Crystler. One is run by the federal government, the other a European country that I don't remember. Is is no surprise when a socialist government with unions infested with members that are lazy, unmotivated and aren't required to produce much less construct a high quality product, top the list of the worse made vehicles? One got a 17 out of 100 (70 is considered the least amount for good). Hey BO hear this: Other than parasites and deficits, the socialist policies of the Democratic controlled government is poor at producing anything it attempts to create.

Can we now please leave that evil institution of the UN.

Just when things couldn't get more surreal and disgusting, especially from this administration, there comes this story from Fox News about the United Nations (of perverts and despostics).

The United Nations Human Rights Council, a conclave of 47 nations that includes such notorious human rights violators as China, Cuba, Libya and Saudi Arabia, met in Geneva on Friday, to question the United States about its human rights failings. Hey numbnuts, if it wasn't for the US, the term "human rights" wouldn't even exist. It heard, among other things, that the U.S. discriminates against Muslims like they are the pratictioners of what's fair and right. Let's ask the felon what he thinks of the prison system., that its police are barbaric And the stoning of rape victims and the vermin infested improvish prison by those member nations are humane? and that it has been holding political prisoners behind bars for years. Name one? Just ONE! Russia urged the U.S. to abolish the death penalty Yea, do clanditined like they do. Cuba and Iran called on Washington to close Guantanamo prison and investigate alleged torture by its troops abroad Are they kidding? They execute people for the slightest wrong. Just ask the professor that lost his hand because he dared his students to think.. Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim nation, told the U.S. it must better promote religious tolerance The same tolerance these animal demonstrate in Tailand when they cut off heads of Christian girls or teachers?. Mexico complained that racial profiling had become a common practice in some U.S. states How is that a violation of human rights? After all, THEY'RE WHERE THE PROBLEM IS COMING FROM!.
Some of these allegations, and many more, come from Americans themselves You mean traitor, morons, and foreign nationals disguised as Americans? — especially from a stridently critical network of U.S. organizations whose input dominates the U.N. digest of submissions from “civil society” that are part of the council’s background reading Like, man I can't take this evil stupidity any more.
For the first time ever, the U.S. came under the Human Rights Council’s microscope as part of the its centerpiece activity, the “Universal Periodic Review,” a rotating examination of the human rights failings and strong points of every country in the world, from North Korea to Norway, by the council's members Yea, I bet!.

How much longer are we going to tolerate this stupid and evil institution? If a candidate wants to have the White House for the taking, just promise to leave the UN. They would have most American votes and without the US dollars to support it, it would wither and die on the vine and we'd be rid of the most evil institution brought on by man. Thank god it has no military nor police to enforce it's demented ideals of "human rights".

Obama thinks party lost from a lack of communication.

For once I agree with the president. He's stating the Dems got a schellacking because of a lack of communication about his policies. He's right, but not the reason he thinks. He think we're too stupid to understand what he's doing and how good it is, in his mind, it is for the country. BO, the lack of communication is coming from you. When you love to hear yourself talk, you refuse to listen when people are telling you your ideas are wrong and have been proven wrong. There's a lack of communication all right. The Democrats refuse to listen to the American people, and THAT'S why they lose on November 2nd, and continue to ignored us, you'll see even a bigger defeat in 2012.

Americans got it right, California, as usual, got it wrong.

First of all, I like to say that I'm overjoyed that I was wrong. Wrong that the American voters will disappoint me and let the Marxist go unpunished for their crimes against America with the likes of trillion dollar stimulus spending that seemed to only stimulate Bill Clinton who's always stimulated when a pretty intern is nearby and the likes of Obamacare. American voters by the droves voted out and let the dictators know we won't go silently during the night. However, one group didn't disappoint and pretty much did what I expected of them by being stupid: Californians.

First of all, it looks like all our major seats will be held by the Demoncrats. Jerry Brown! AGAIN! They man was a miserable failure the first two terms he served here. I remember what it was like 20 years ago when he left. Given how things are now, it's like he's never left. Unemployment was 13%, deficit spending that today we haven't recover, our infected borders being overruned by the virus of anti-American invaders, and the one of the most hostile environments in the world. The only thing missing is a complete moron and lunatic Supreme Court Justice like Rose Bird, but give that time. Seems Californians have forgotten the long gas line, high interest rates, and migration from this state. Now with the illegal alien problem worse than ever, 13% unemployment rate, and extremely high hostility to business interest that the state haven't been able to attract one business from another, it truly seems like Brown never left and we just elected him to complete what he started 20 years ago.

How bad the invasion from the south is going to be. Brown won mainly because of the votes from LA by a million and everyone here knows that the illegals vote here. However, with Brown 70 years old, senile, crazy, and likely not to survive his term would mean we get Gavin Nussum as governor. As an illegal alien you have to be giddy because this was the mastermind of the sanctuary city policies. Oh yea, he condemned it late in his career in San Fran, but only when it was expedient for him in his desire for higher office. Don't get him wrong, he's all for the parasites and the illegal alien. With these two at the top position, we're going to be crushed by the interest in the Latino nationals.

Many of the ballot intitatives don't make sense for what they voted for the higher office. First of all, Californians voted for moonbeam but against pot. I mean if you're going vote as if you're stoned and stupid, why not make it legal? Never said Californians make sense or rational. They voted to end the 2/3rd's super majority to 50% plus one. With the legislature being 65% democrat, that means more tax and spend budgets (don't think they're not find a loop hole or an end around the voter approval requirement) so the financial health the state is dead and we're already 20 billion in the hole as it is. We voted to finally take redistricting from the politicians, but is it too little too late? The one that befuddles me is that we voted to suspend taxing business for green policies til the unemployment is 5.5% or lower. OK, California got a few things right, but since they got 50% plus one, wrong, California still got it wrong. Now with Moonbeam back with thing worse than when he left, Boxer gets another 6 years to send jobs to China so her husband can profit from it, and the same group of thugs running the legislature, the rest of the country will hopefully see improvement, while California will sink deeper in the abyss of liberal insanity.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

What I find REALLY scary this Halloween.

With California, despite all the hoopla that the races are going to be close believe me they're not, going to officially going to the far left with the concept that the best way to job creation is to make it too difficult to run one while taxing the stuffing out the Thanksgiving turkey of those that run businesses or still have a job. With the elections now just two days away, there's a common theme I see from leftist voters that should put the fear of evil and tyranny in all of us. Those the statements vary a bit, the theme is the same. One comment sums it up: The tea party hate the government unlike those that embrace law and order. Oh how that statement should scare us.

There's a speech by a famous politician that went as follows: "We have people starving in the street, our currency isn't worth the paper its printed on, communists are knocking on our front door and lawlessness is every where. What we need in our country is law and order. Yes, without out law and order, our country can't survive". Does anyone know who made that speech in 1931? By the year I take it you can make a pretty good guess and you would be right. It was Adolf Hitler. He used the law and order, as well as hope and change as the Weinhiemer Republic was collapsing. Seems those on the left are claiming Obama is bringing law and order to our Republic as well as the hope and change that is needed from the oppression that Bush instilled during his 8 years, so they say. Those are bad enough, but this statement: "Tea Party hates government". They make it out those in the Tea Party are a bunch of anarchists, just as Hitler was stating about the communist from the East and the democratic societies from the West.

First of all, where is it written anywhere, that a person MUST love the government, or ever like it, or to make it simpler, even entrust the government? This is why the Constitution was written. People shouldn't trust their government. Power corrupts and the goal was to LIMIT government power. The goal was to divide the power among the populace with the theory that the people will keep the politicians as well as any government over reach, in check. This defies that people should place trust in their government, but it's wisdom was in the distrust of power to government. That statement that those that distrust government are loony defies the fundamental foundation of the power of the constitution. That the government have no power that isn't given from the consent of the governed. Anyone that state we should always trust or have love for the government disdain this principal.

This can lead to another abuse of power. Too often messiahs have risen with the promise to the citizens a trip to the promise land. History is filled with them. When one has a love and complete trust of their government, they are endangered of becoming a useful idiot or a willing slave to a tyrant. Remember, power corrupts. This is what bothered conservatives during the campaign about Obama and his supporters. They were more mesmerized by his orator skills than what the man stood for or critically analyzing what his beliefs and policies can lead us. Now we're learning the hard way. Though 67% have smelled the caffeine, there are still 33% that just refuse to look at facts and continue to love their government even when they're not looking out for your best interest. Should this grow to 50% plus one, we're in trouble.

Tea Party members don't hate government, they oppose an overreaching and bloated government, especially in regards to over empowerment upon their citizens rights to choose for themselves. They believe that government should be limited to a limited few obligations, mainly protecting life and property. What the government has become now is a nanny state with the President being the top nanny. We have a government that doesn't believe in the liberties of the individual, that people are too untrustworthy and stupid and need a centralized federalist government to maintain law and order. What we're getting is completely the opposite. This is what Obama care is about, this is what the issue over his Czars are about, Cap and Trade, Global Warming, heck even the Blank Panther Case is about.

Jefferson stated that natural law can't be defied. Any attempt at destruction of natural law will only lead to either anarchy or complete tyranny. What are these natural laws? There are only two. Bill Wittle at PJTV summed it up best: "Do what you promise to do" and "The limitation of your liberties unlimited with the restriction that is must not impune another person's liberties or his property". Basically, this is what the tea party wants to bring back into government, enforce contracts and protect life and property. The bail outs defied the first one, do what you promise to do. GM didn't do what they promised, and then the government gave them a get out of jail free card. Now if you're a creditor of GM or even Crystler, are you going trust the company to full fill their contract if the government can come in and say no they don't? Same with the banks and financial institution. Why do you think the money supply is so tight right now. Nobody trust industry to full fill their obligation fearing the government will negate the contract. Small business have the largest cash reserves in US history right now, but are too afraid to invest because they have no clue what's going to happen nor what laws and contracts are actually going to be enforced. This is why most 3rd world countries economies are so crappy. With government corruption so bad, what can business and banks trustwith their money, not to mention the waste that must be overcomed.

Being free as long as you don't impune another liberties and property. Government is suppose to protect life and property, but look at what's happened in just under the last two years with Obama. Terrorists are going crazy trying to commit terrorist acts and our government is not only failing to protect us, or even to attempt to protect us, but doing everything they can to make easier for them to murder us. So far the perfect system has been working only because of terrorist's incompetence. Our right to vote is being impune as they protect the illegal alien invasion as well as Black Panthers right to intimidate white voters. They're under minding our national defense and TSA intrude on our property and person with their invasive machine while placating the demands of those that want to take our lives and properties away with the Islamic threat by having them exempted from such procedures. Our property, such as wages and earnings, are being impune to pay for social programs, illegal aliens, felons, and the unproductive. Yes, there are going to be some impunity as government need taxes and revenue to provide the protection of our life and property, however, these social programs do neither. They punish the productive, take their property, and now with Obama care perhaps our lives, to give it to those that don't earn nor deserve it. No wonder so many in the younger generation don't want to work and feel entitle to a living by the state.

We should fear an over reaching and unchecked powers within a government. The abuse and oppression threatened is documented though out history. However, when people feel that we should love the government and trust it implicitly, that's a far worse threat of them all. Plato said, "A life unchecked, is not worth living." Jefferson said, basically, "A government unchecked is not worth supporting." Right now a third of our populace now believe otherwise. I fear what will happen when it comes over 50% and that is the scariest thought of them all.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

The country can have real hope and change on November 2nd, unlike California.

Judging by the latest polls and protests and outspokenness by the populace, the dems are running scared and with good reason. Obama has poisoned the well so badly that only those with death wishes or down and out parasites are going to vote for the party of "change". However, in California, things are far far more darker. Jerry Brown, perhaps one of our worse governors in history behind his protege Gray Davis who was the 2nd Governor in the history of the country to be recalled and less then two years at that, is going to be elected to a 3rd term (he served two terms in the 70's and I rather not remember that decade), Boxer is going to get her 3rd term, Gavin Nussome, the illegal's best friend in San Fransisco, is going to be lieutenant Governor, and for the most part the same leftist clowns are all going to get elected. Who knows how our propositions will go. The only one I'm interested in is Prop. 20 that allow citizens, not politicians to draw district lines which has been tried 6 times before and failed. However, it's clear about one thing, California is going to become more red even though the rest of the country isn't.

When Obama is considered a positive influence and we go more and more to the left, it's a bit hard not to become even more jaded. Just look at what's being mocked and disdained. Running a business, believing in doing the same thing over again with different results as being insane, ostracising illegals and support of the rule of law. Brown is being seen as a savior because he has no plan as what California needs. Tax breaks and easing the ability to run a business is considered insane while having 1100 lawyers ready to sue to ensure green polices is. Catering to illegals and eliminating law abating citizen so the illegals can get into our schools with tuition paid by the state. Jacking taxes in a state with the highest in the country even higher so parasite and non-citizens can prosper is what this state needs. Pardon me while I make my plans to bail out.

California is going to be the first state to collapse economically and declare bankruptcy with this clown taking office and I fear what our unemployment is going to be. Now that we're going to become Mexifornia, officially, the other states can see what their fate will be if the dems keep power or ever get it back should the dems lose their majority. However, living the first state to lose it's freedom and being the first to convert to foreign national socialism, it's a bit difficult to avoid jadedness and cynicism.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

More insanity and stupidity from the Feminists.

I've often written about the feminist and how destructive and evil their mindset have been. Based on lies, hatred and downright narcissism they have laid a path that has been so destructive to human relationships and societies that implement them. The story that's coming from Taiwan has to take the cake. If you think gay marriage is oxymoronic well this one isn't just oxymoronic, it's downright silly, if not stupid, and demonstrates what western feminism is bringing to the world.

I had to take a double take on this story because it seemed to absurd to be true, but alas, it's on record for all to see. There's a male hating feminist out there deciding to concede to societies' pressure to get married, so she is. . . to herself. Has the dress, catering, guests, and chapel ready for her self grandizing ceremony. Her excuse is basically the same, men are too stupid, evil, selfish, demanding, blah blah blah and she wants to demonstrate to women around the world that they need to love themselves over others, especially men. Wow, what a surprise.

Taiwan, as well as other Asian industrializing countries, are seeing a huge dropped in marriage and child bearing. Japan, Korea, and Taiwan are seeing huge drops, even worse than the US, and we can think western feminism and I'll make a bold prediction right here: India will be next. As more and more of the hatred of family and narcissism over love of family mentality of feminism spreads like a cancer in these industrialized countries that follow the old American model, these countries are becoming more and more Americanized, which means taking on the attitude that marriage is oppressive and the best value for women is career over family. This is way you hear perverse stories like Japanese men more into sex dolls and virtual girlfriends. They're sick and tired of the attitude of their women. It's why their birthrates are dying.

Just read the comments that the women that support her self nuptials. Oh sure there are the share of jokes like did she get a pre-nup and who do the police arrest if she gets in a physical altercation with herself, but most of it is the male hating brile. They even argue that it's good for society for these "modern" women who get educated and go into the work force over supporting a family traditionally. Really? They why are these societies desperate to get these women to have families. What, are they oppressive? Why are their birth rates going down? Why is unemployment going up, especially for men? The biggest issue that's starting to plague these nations, the financial strain on their version of Social Security. Right now, like America, they have 3 workers for every senior citizen. In 20 years it's going to 1.5. Taiwan isn't as bad, it's 7 to 1, but in 20 years it's going to be 3 to 1. I'll let you do the math to see Taiwan is just 20 years behind. There isn't going to be enough workers to support the seniors. Perhaps they'll follow our example and pass Obamacare and they can have their death panels as well. Perhaps they should be aware that the generation that's going to suffer for this matrimonial discrimination is going to be theirs since it will be their generation that's going to lose the benefits their parents enjoy today.

What makes this particularly silly is that marriage is an institution that was designed mainly to encourage and nurture procreation. This is why women, unless it's lesbians, hate marriage. They view childbearing as the pathway to oppression and poverty. The fewer that marry and have children, the fewer that will live in liberty and prosperity. My wife worries that in her old age nobody will care for her since she never had any children. Perhaps these marriage hating hags should ask the same question, because right now they expect the state to do so and like France, who are having riots over it, and Greece, they just plain can't do it. The money isn't there. It also goes against nature since women where designed to have children. Oh, not every woman is suited to be a mother, just look at the hags that run the NOW. However, they policy that the norm of women aren't suited is just plain wrong and society is going to pay the price.

How? A nation or culture dies if the procreation rate isn't at least 2.21. In liberalized nations, US 2.21 but only because of illegal immigration, average of Europe, 1.6, Japan, 1.8, Korea, 1.9, Taiwan, 1.7, Canada, 2.0, get the picture. These societies are going to die. The only industrialize country that isn't effected China. Dispite a one child policy, many in the rural areas aren't well policed, there's too much ground to cover, and they are having children like it's becoming illegal. Oh wait, it is, but they are anyways. China is the only industrialized nation that doesn't have western modes or influence in their culture. The one child policy was created as their population has become too massive to control at 1.6 billion. Not because their women have become "empowered". Now that India is taking the American model to industrializing their society as well taking in the western culture of empowering women, it won't be long before they stop having babies as well. Not only do they have a large massive population, but have a great deal of poverty themselves and I'm sure they'll blame marriage and child rearing for that too, not the main reason poverty exists today. No, it's not "overpopulation". Japan, Korea, and Taiwan have dense populations, but they're not suffering from poverty. It's cultural and government corruption. All the poverty in the world are from countries are massively corrupt or have cultures, like ours, that encourage parents not to care for their children and blame them their for their plights.

So with women now demanding the right to be married to themselves (does that mean she has to go f*ck herself when she's done?) just demonstrates the agenda of the modern feminist to destroy everything that is feminine. They're enemies of families, of their societies, and nature. Every society that are implementing their cultural biases and mores are in decline. With this silliness and insanity now being brought out and encouraged, what's next? Marriage to goats, virtual people, sex dolls, robots, mother earth? I mean where does this end? Since marriage has been perverted and skewed from it's original and intended meaning, what's no longer tabooed? How far down does a society have to go before we say enough is enough on this nonsense. Given how supportive the populace has been so far, it doesn't look like any time soon.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Things are getting Ugly in California's campaigns.

You want a look at the future of elections in the country, come take a look at what's going on in California. I know politics can get messy, ugly, and downright nasty at times, but what I'm seeing this year has put it all to level that just defies belief. It's like now that the leftist socialists have been exposed and they're drunk with the powers to be, it's a no holds barrage now. I've never seen such ugly campaigns as I've seen now, and what's worse, they're all accurate leaving Californians left to basically vote between two candidates at various positions: Satan or Lucifer.

Take the governor's race. Whitmen vs. Brown. Ugh, talk about ugly. They've stop slinging mud months ago, now they're slinging rocks. Basically both sides are attacking the credibility and character of each other. Neither looks good. Brown, if anyone born before the 1980's know, is a failed tax and spend gutless liberal. He founded the gay rights movement that we suffer from today as with the exception of marriage (gay marriage is an oxymoron since gay people can't procreate naturally) and working within a religious business (why would they want to work there in the first place?), they're not discriminated against. Brown called Prop. 13 a fraud and waste because it limited the ability of government to raise property taxes. Californians do have some of the lowest rates, thank God, but because of the excessive high costs of real estate, pretty much pay the same monetarily. If Prop. 13 wasn't law, they would be so massive with our government here, nobody would be able to keep their homes as the taxes would be 2 to 3 times higher than the payment for the house. Brown is weak on crime, oppose the death penalty so much so that he appointed such leftist and radical judges, anyone remember Rose Bird for if you do you know how radical she was and how bad Brown can be. Brown after all signed an INMATE bill of rights. Seems Brown cares more about criminals than law abating citizens. Brown even supports affirmative action and wants to include illegal aliens to affirmative action rights including instate tuition.

Meg Whitman, other than she ran a business, Ebay, she's no different than Brown. A liar and a crook. She's a typical elitist that took over 100 million in salary at Ebay while laying off hundreds. She's in support of illegal alien rights as she stated in Spanish. She says she'll run the government like a business, but who's she going to lay off to get her millions? The taxpayers? I'll avoid the nanny gate. Her character doesn't instill a great deal of confidence and she's making the same promises that Arnold made without seeing the reality of our corrupt legislature.

As bad as this one is, the senate race is even uglier. Not only the two women running are as ugly as can be, but when you get down to it, you can flip a coin and let the coin vote because they're both the same candidate. They're both running on the platform that the other is exporting jobs to China and both are right. Boxer with the federal regulations and policies that encourage those to ship the jobs overseas and then her husband profits with his import/export business. Fianoa who shipped jobs oversea to save money and buy lavish goodies for herself and the board with 5 jets. Yea, I'm going to trust her on fiscal responsibility? I'm going to trust her on preserving jobs here in California or even in the states? I rather write in Donald Duck.

We got a real winner for the 3rd district between Berra and Lungren. Lungren has been in politics for nearly 30 years. Another lifetime politician. Berra is a radical, La Raza supported, Poloski selected candidate. Need I say more?

Lt. Govenor, who are elected separately, we got a guy I've never heard of vs. Gavin Newsome. Here, at least there's a choice because we don't have a career politician running against Gavin Newsome who's making the false claim that he oppose San Francisco's Sanctuary policies. Yea, after the highly profiled murder a father and 2 of his sons by an illegal alien gang banger. Newsome instill those policies, put in supervisor that supported the policies and only after gaining ambition for higher office, did he oppose. Add that if you're the manager of his campaign, you better make sure you have your wife under lock and key. He slept with the last one.

Thus are my choices this election. Given how bad and ugly the choices are, I think I'll vote and go to hell for some R&R.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A trend that the left won't mention.

Here in Sacramento, an all too familiar story is out. A mother decided to stab, murder, and then set fire to her 3 year-old twin daughters. She's been arrested and charged with several counts, one of which is 2 counts of murder. What's a shocker to me isn't the crime, but that she's been charged with murder. Far too often, the woman isn't charged at all. However the statistic that should be raising eyebrows isn't even mentioned: the high rate of mothers murdering her children.

Only on Good Morning America had the gall, surprising, to mention a disturbing trend in this country. If I was to ask which family member would be the most likely to murder a child most people would be wrong and badly. As stated on the show, 85% of children who are murdered by a family member, are murdered by their mothers. Think about that, that's nearly 7 out of 8 times. Fathers are the culprit only 7%, which means mother is 12 more likely to do the murdering and nearly 6 times more than all other relatives COMBINED! It was only mentioned because that evil b*tch Bates is having a hearing to seek her release after 8 years in a mental institution for planning, hunting down and drowning her five children, the youngest only months old and the oldest, 7, fought to the bitter end as he was the only that knew what his fate was going to be (four dead siblings in the tub was a rather obvious clue). If you think this woman got away with premeditated murder, you would be right. It's how often they get away with it.

If I was to ask you what percentage of woman that commit these murder see jail time, what would you think? Quite a bit, murder is murder after all. Not when you're a woman. First, half aren't even prosecuted. Anyone remember Sandra Smith? She was the one that, because she was having an affair and want to abandoned her family for him, drowned them as he wasn't interested in having her as long as she had children. Though she got convicted, and only after she managed to enrage the black community claiming she was car jacked by a black man which I'll add they make too easy to frame for such a fabrication but that's another blog entry, she was convicted for murder and sentence to life. She was spared the death penalty because she confessed. Would John Smith, the father, had been shown such mercy had HE actually committed the crime? Well, take a look at the following statistic and you tell me. Women who are prosecuted and convicted for such murders are hospitalized 86% of the time, imprisoned 14%. Men on the other hand if you say the statics are turned around you would be wrong. They are hospitalized only 12% while 88% see prison. Yates may get out after 8 years, just a year older than her oldest victim and had they been alive today, still would be minors. Yet their lives don't even generate an iota of sympathy, not like their mother receives.

With women being excused from their behaviors because of things like poverty, bi-polar disorder, PMS, and as in Yates defense, PPD, it's a wonder women are held responsible for anything. Oh wait, they aren't. As with Yates, she gets a lot of sympathy because she's viewed as being ill. This is why go to prison 1/8th as much as men for the same crimes. With our male hating as well as child hating society, why do women have so little compassion or feelings for the children in these hideous cases, it's no clue as to why there are no real consequences for such abuses. It's always the societies, the children, the men, the order of the stars fault. The only real reason Sandra Smith saw time wasn't because she was viewed as ill. It was because she did it for a man. Had she made up some illness and not try to trampled on a scared minority, she too would had gotten away with it. Just how much longer are we going to accept this? Give how far below the radar such crimes are, I don't expect any changes within my lifetime.