Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pride cometh before the fall: Obama and 2010.

Marion Bailey, a man that obviously has a brain that works, is seeking to retire because things are looking too much like 1994 when the democrats got a shellacking at the ballot box after Bill Clinton, like BO, went too far too fast and the American public put on the breaks and did a cleaning of the house and senate. Bailey's assessment has a lot of history to back him up. In 1994 the Democrats had control of both house (though not a super majority like today), had slick willie in the white house. Slick willie went to the far left promoting their agenda at the time, mainly higher taxes as he found out (shockingly, gag) that he couldn't balance the budget without breaking his promise for middle class tax cuts after all (duh, even Quale warned against it). Gridlock was suppose to be over, but wasn't from infighting as to how far to the left the country should go. As well in 1994, health care was the big ticket item of the day which bred discontent. The one thing slick willie had in his favor was the Supreme Court that was 5-4 towards the liberal side which thanks to the replacement of Reagan's biggest mistake, Sara Day O'Connor with a somewhat conservative Alito, is now conservative, Obama pretty much has the same scenario as in 1994. Seems Obama is either overlooking one of two things: his overinflated ego or the consequence which was a huge voter backlash that saw the house and senate go Republican.

Obama pretty much shows, being the "smartest liberal in the room" that he's overlooking both. He's quoted as saying that the difference of now and 1994 is that the democrats have him. Boy, I've seen some big ego, but this man really thinks his poop doesn't stink. Can't completely blame him with the protection he's gotten from the press (another common trait from 1994 as Clinton could do no wrong in the media, even when his AG murdered nearly 100 people, including over a dozen children at Waco, but then again, we have Fort Hood) that he really thinks he's the messiah. The reality he's overlooking is that the press is starting to turn on him. Bush didn't read newspaper (and I didn't blame him as I don't either), but this man doesn't watch the news or the satire that's going on in the media as they're waking up to the illusion of salvation of the liberal cause this man demonstrates. He's ignoring that despite the media on their side, the Democrats have lost every election (except D23 and that's debatable) since his coronation. Heck, even Indonesia wants to tare down his statue of him as a child after one month. Iran has basically said FU to him. He's been snubbed by Copenhagen. The only ones left in love with him is the Nobel Commission that gave him a very undeserved Peace Prize and I'll wager they're regretting that decision. Asian markets are snubbing him as the Chinese are no longer buying the rhetoric and God knows if they stop buying our treasury notes. His approval ratings are falling faster than an object in a black hole, and yet he still thinks that he's an asset to the Democratic Party Machine. As a conservative, I can't but be delighted that the socialist leftist machine have a friend like him. We're not going to need teabaggers a term which the media has stopped using since Brown's election.

Obama is so in love with himself that not only can't he see the forest through the trees, but is in denial that there are even trees to be seen. He still thinks he's the darling of the world and the media while everywhere you look they're woken up to the illusion that he's not the man they thought he was. His policies are a disaster and heading us to fiscal disaster, if not downright to 3rd world status. Many liberals are turning from him as a state as blue as MA has elected a Republican to the senate for the first time in over 30 years and only the 2nd time of that seat in a century. If that doesn't wake him up to how those in his party have had enough of him already, nothing will. Many Democrats are jumping ship because seeing reality as it is, they know they're going to get creamed so they rather go out on their own terms than the humiliation of a lopsided defeat. They understand history and what's coming ahead. Clinton learned his lesson and shifted towards the center to gain some concession. On that I give Clinton credit though I thought he was an immoral and embarrassing President. He choose his battles and wisely. With more conservative fiscal and regulatory positioning with the aide of the techno boom, the economy recovered (til that bubble busted in Feb of 2000), and he got the country to tilt towards the left. He knew his limitations. The current President hasn't got a clue. He thinks he's the messiah, that people really love him and everything is Bush's fault. He thinks because it's him, history is going to be irrelevant and things will turn in his favor in November. It will be too interesting to see what happens when reality hits him in November and he has to finish his first and only term with a hostile congress with a Republican majority and a conservative supreme court. He's his own worse enemy. So delusional this man is he's quoted as saying he rather have one good term than two bad ones (referring to Bush there). This man isn't even smart enough, or is so delusional to think that there's no other option, to realize that he's not going to have either.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Mass. election and a lesson in history.

As things continue to get ugly in tomorrow's special election in Massachusetts, Obama and his minions are sensing a major defeat and making a major threat that he will become combative. Many are taking it as meaning he'll work harder to achieve his goals despite the setback. I fear that threat is literal and history is the reason I have such a fear. This election is a direct threat to Obama, a man that never has been told no in his entire life. He's never suffered a political defeat and is now facing his first. The elections in New Jersey and Virginia were of no real consequence as it had no effect in the super majority in the house and senate, but a loss here would be a major threat as the filibuster proof super majority gained by the fraudulent election of that clown Al Franklin will be neutralized.

Obama, politically, has done a blitzkrieg politically getting many of his radical socialist agenda through. We have racist, radical and anti-American socialists in every major post in the executive branches. How else can an evil racists like Holder be AG or an complete incompetent boob (no reference to her anatomy ewwwww) and clown like Napolanto keep her job after such incompetent failures? It's not the objective of BO to defend the constitution or the people of the republic but to change the country to a Political Correct socialist state. So far everything seems to be going his way, the enactment of racists enforcement, Muslims completely free to move and do about, the nationalization of our auto industry and financial institutions, dispute some wanting to get out. The complete complicity of the media and their war against those that oppose them like Fox news. EPA is now empowered to call our existence deferment to our well being and to the environment, mainly because we breath what they view as a toxic gas Carbon Dioxide, and thus we can have our activities regulated. We've seen spending for whatever other than for the productive skyrocket as government is now growing exponentially. His big prize is health care. Health care is going to be the golden calf that will allow him to gain everything else. With health care, anything that effects health (which is most everything we do) can be attack and regulated. Cigarettes (though I don't smoke), alcohol consumption (remember prohibition and its results?), how much we drive, too much stress so can regulate was stresses us say like listening to a conservative radio show or what "minorities" see as hate speech or what music or TV shows you watch, what we eat. Just you watch, the lawyers are drooling over a lawsuit against the fast food industry which, dollar wise, is a Goliath in comparison to cigarettes. Where you can live, how much exercise we must have, you're occupation, and the one that worries me most genetics, you name it. If it effects your health, the government will have a RIGHT to regulate it for "cost" reasons. Simply put, health care is the gateway to tyrannizing the United States.

Now what history has shown, if a dictator, or a dictator wanna be, sees a threat to their power or empowerment, they create a crisis. This is why Emanuel made the statement of never letting a crisis go to waste. Crisis, whether they be real or imagine, gives a tyrant a reason to reign in power and control. Take 1933 Germany. Hitler is rising but he's still facing a lot of opposition, mainly from Communists in the country so then a mysterious fire burns down one of their theaters and then the game is on. Martial Law is declared and Germany isn't the same til Hitler's defeat in 1945. Mao feels the threat of the loss of power in 1968, so began the Cultural Revolution that resulted in the worse mass murder in human history. Pol Pot threat by what he saw as western ideas and the killing fields began. Amin's threat of assassination by his opposition and his murder spree as he raised to messiah of the Ugandan people. Heck, just look at anything that's view as a threat to the tyranny of Islam. Heads literally roll. What results is Martial Law and the tyranny and oppression.

If anyone doesn't think this defeat won't be a major crisis to the socialist democrats haven't been paying attention to the political arena for the last 6 years and especially the last year alone. The resistance and voter remorse is escalating by the day and at times by the hour. The American people are waking up to the fact that they elected a hard core socialist anti-American narcissist to the White House and his all willing cronies in the congress are going to rubber stamp any legislation he wants. This bill isn't just about health care or alms for the poor. It's a stepping stone to socializing our entire economy as well what can be the country's greatest regret: a totalitarian state. Socialism don't work in a free society because freedom is the antithesis of socialism. Health care if the golden child for an over reaching government. Canada is a prime example as things have gotten so bad for the economy and the over expansion of government that people there are trying to reverse the socialization of their medical care. A free republic and a socialized economy can't co-exist and Canadians don't want no more of it. America is attempting to go in the other direction.

So Obama isn't just ranting, he's making a threat to the American people. Basically he'll give us the middle finger, he knows better, and is willing to cram things down our throats if we don't agree with it. We, fortunately, still live in a republic but it's being weaken on all fronts and the massive expansion of government should socialized health care become law can be the crack that makes the republic crumble. People are waking up to this, even in uberliberal Massachusetts. If Obama can't get one of his cronies elected there, then he's finished and becomes a lame duck president. Given how radicals like him don't take to being rebuffed, and how history demonstrates how narcissists socialist take such rebuffs, this threat should worry us. I hope I'm wrong and we have an anomaly of history, but the past shows such socialist will create a crisis and declare Martial Law. I like to think it can't happen here, but I never thought I see a foreign nationalist socialist elected President either. I never thought I see the day that any industry, much less our auto and financial institutions, get nationalized here in the states like Chavez in Venezuela. Worse, I never thought I see the day the people make their desire known and the government basically says F*** YOU.

But here we are today and that is the situation we have. The only thing we have going for us is our military is still loyal to our republic given that socialist liberals hate them so much that they don't enlist. Such tyrannies have been debacle by military coups and mutiny. Romania is a prime example when the military refused to fire on the people and turned on the government. However, our military is loyal to the Constitution. Does that mean they'll stay loyal to the ideas and principles of the constitution or the President and the congress? What if Obama gets his civilian force that's only loyal to HIM? With national security as it and that bozo at DHS, who knows. They do list military personal, as well as conservatives, Christians, and patriotic Americans with guns and religion (other than Islam) as the real potential terrorists. In 1775, in Massachusetts, the short heard around the world was fired and the revolution began. We may hear a similar shot tomorrow. The question will be what will result from that shot as the people of Massachusetts will give make a statement. Either Obama can continue with his socialist agenda and not worry about the consequences or even in such a liberal state, even they're not going to take it any more. More importantly, will Obama follow through with his threat. As history has shown, it's not a threat that should be taken lightly.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Avatar: A story of unabridged, narcassic greed.

Much has been said over Cameron's megapixal movie Avatar. Many conservatives have taken a disdain of many "perceived" notion of the Lefts "noble savage" myth as well as it's environmental theme. Some have added a racist connotation that the film is vilifying white society. Deciding to see for myself, the first time in over two years I went to the theaters to watch a film (the last was Shrek 3 and that was disappointing enough), there seemed to be a lot that can be taken from the film and how it's take is or view, as Murphy once put in his series of Murphy's Laws, dependent upon where you sit. I've saw quite a few themes in the film, some of which haven't been bought to light in the debate but here is one man's opinion.

First and most obvious is the setting of the conflict that was to come: unbridled greed. Seems all the humans were interested (at least the non-scientific ones) was a valuable mineral that went for $20 million a Kilogram. The only reason the humans were interested in anything on the planet was simply money. Good old fashion greed. Had it not been for this valuable mineral, nobody would even had set foot on the planet. Why this mineral was so valuable wasn't mention nor relevant. It was the reason for season as far as the antagonists were concerned. This was no fight for racist supremacy, though some of that was going on, political power or liberation from tyranny (again, from the human side). This was a fight for perhaps the oldest and most common reason why wars are fought: You have something I want and I'm going to take it from you.

Now many have taken this film as an assault on the military and how evil military are. I didn't get that since the military wasn't even involved. The "soldiers" that were fighting for the mining corporation were mercenaries. Soldiers of future. Basically ex military that hire out their "services" for a price. Basically, rental soldiers. People that were there just to fill their pockets, not like our military that fight for liberties (mostly), protection, or for our political interests. No government was involved so to call them "military" is a bit misapplied. These were greedy people fighting just to fill their pockets in support of the main premise of this is story against greed. All the outfits, orders, equipment all came from the corporation and since the mercs and the corporation only had one thing in common, money, that's what was being fought for. Soldiers in the military don't fight for money (as a principle).

Much has been made about the environmentalism of this film. Much of it isn't without some merit. The Na'ri did worship nature. However, this story was unique in that there was a logical and biological reason behind the adulation. Unlike humans that tend to worship because it fill what they don't understand or ignorant about. Pandora was a living planet unlike Earth. Every living creature is their own individual. All our thoughts, feelings, conscienceless are unique and only experienced and known to the individual. Pandora's ecology doesn't work that way. All the life forms can share and store their thoughts, feeling, memory, basically their very souls among the plant life to a main point. The center of this place has an electro-chemistry that allows the creatures to download and store for others to experience. It gives everything senescent awareness. Now the premise is a bit of a stretch, especially to apply on how nature works here on earth, but in sci-fi you work with a premise and have the story follow from that supposition. What follows made sense with what's given. With that kind of connection, it would make sense to have a deep connection with the nature that surrounds you.

Much also to note that the Na'ri did use plants and animals for food and materials. They weren't what you call fanatical about it. They had a respect for nature and for what it provided. This respect and the humans disrespect would prove, without giving away too much, be decisive in the final confrontation. There's a give and take mentality of the Na'ri that proves to be a great truth. The problem that conservatives have with the left is the left takes it to extremes as if it's a deity that will bless or curse based on our adulation. It's just simple logic and absolute truth that if you take more than you give, you'll eventually lose everything. Clear cutting will cause a logging company to go out of business because you destroy the product you make your living at. Too little and there's no wood to build houses, make baseball bats, or manufacture pianos or what products that are needed. Now trees are planted where the logs are cut down. It's must a matter of prospective.

What provides the great evil is how the greed for this mineral is so great that the corporation and their cronies will destroy the habitat and homes of people, that for the most part, just want to be left alone. They're happy with their way of life, primative and harsh as it may seem to us, and just want to continue as they've always have. It's common in sci-fi for protagonist to have a prime directive of non-interference in the development of a society or the advancement of technology and people. One of the great truths that liberals want to deny is interference, no matter how good it may be, often, if not always, ends in disaster. In this case, the end results is disastrous for both sides.

The thing I got of this picture is that Liberals, not Conservatives should had been more upset about the themes of this picture. It exposed truth that goes against liberals. Libs like the "naturalist" side of the picture, but it wasn't really environmentalist. Oh sure, it gave the mining was evil, but the Na'ri weren't terrorists. They did no aggression against the "sky people" until they infringed on their territories and threaten their lives. They assaulted corporate greed, but the left believes in centralized control. Does the left believe this corporation could established a mining colony without government approval or do they think the government, who would gain trillions in taxes, would had just overlooked this and had them smuggle the mineral? Worse, the supposition of good intentions to get what is wanted, which is often the battle cry of the left, was exposed for the fraud that it is. The main plot point: I want what you have and I'm going to take it from you. This should offend liberals the most. How was Obama and the Democrats elected? What was the expectation of those that support them? The "poor" want to get wealth redistributed from the rich by force from the government and pay for what they want. That why you heard things like "I don't have to worry about paying for my mortgage or paying to fill gas in my car anymore" statements. Homosexuals want to have the "rights" that married couples have and will take from them "marriage" as it has stood for thousands of years. Environmentalist want us to live in huts and want to take our possessions from us. Basically, the non-productive want what the productive has (or doesn't want them to have it at all) and take it from them.

This is what the protagonists saw the antagonists were desiring and plotting. They, after learning and understanding them and most important, learned to empathized with them, found virtue in fighting against the corporate interests. Like the left that doesn't care for those that think outside that they do (the love of money in this case), they were vilified and determined to be traitors as they tried to explain and expressed their point of view and the reasoning behind the "madness" from the "blue monkeys". When faced with the corporation's policy of extermination of a sentient being and the unique ecosystem they live in, they found their virtue in fighting against them.

The virtue that the protagonist fought for are more found in the conservative mind than the liberal. The liberal have more in common with the antagonists if one takes the viewpoint from Corporate Greed and change it to Government Greed. Just looking at what was expressed in the film and putting assumptions and supposition aside, the true villain was greed. Liberals live to exploit greed and use class warfare to expand their power base. While conservatives, at the core of their values if they just learn to live by them, is about facts and letting facts and individuality determine the course of action. If one doesn't see that from the film then perhaps one should take a look at the filters they are using and see from what point of view they're looking. I for one just saw a story of people that wanted to be left alone, live as they've always live and were victim of greediness.

Monday, January 11, 2010

The hidden effect of CA budget crisis.

There has been enough said about the failure of the school system, including myself from what I've experienced personally and hence why I believe the public school system is going to die out. As the current budget crisis continues to deepen I'm starting to see crack in the amour of the system. One side effect is something that I've often believe is what is being lost in liberal education and from the culture wars themselves. I just didn't think that it would be in the school athletics one can public see how the effect of the financial disaster brought about from out school system would be manifesting itself.

To demonstrate what I mean, I've been thinking of becoming an official and starting at the high school level. The thing I've been doing is observing some games and see how they're officiated and what mechanics and techniques are used. What I'm witnessing is, again, giving me the education and one that I would expect. School athletics can get "spirited" at times. After all, it's school spirit and pride that such events are held in the first place. However, with the tough times that are being endured by today's economy as well as trying to appease the Narcissus society that we have that everyone thinks they're all that and a bag of chips, the reality is somewhat hard to over look. What I'm seeing from coaches and their treatment of the kids, officials and the game itself is really leaving a lot to be desired. In fact, it seems that Bobby Knight has open his own coaching school.

If anyone doesn't know who Bobby Knight was, he was a college coach for over 27 years for Indiana University and later Texas A&M. Though he was one of the winning est coaches, that's not what he'll be remember for most. It will be his horrid temper. This is a man that got thrown out of many games for tramtrums that would embarrass a colicky toddler. His rantings has become legendary as well as throwing chairs and other items. A couple of times he was so disgusted that he had this team walk off the court in the middle of the game and forfeited. It got so bad in the later years that Indiana had enough of the bad press, much less people not going to their games (they were 4 games under .500 at the time) that they finally gave him his pink slip. I would had hoped the bad example that he demonstrated would provide others with the wisdom to avoid such public embarrassment (it didn't for him, it happened twice at his two years at A&M and they had him "retire"), but now I've seen it hasn't.

From what I've learned from officials and some coaches I've spoken too, the number of games are declining and not for a lack of fans, but budget issues. For those that haven't kept up, in California things are so bad that not only are class sizes increased 50% as well as all the other issues like lack of books, modernization, maintenance, repairs (I can't tell how bad some of the bathrooms are. To say they stink would be a compliment.), but they are cutting into the athletics as well. So bad, one school district here, a rather rich one at that too, is looking to vote this spring whether to cancel All Athletic Programs in the District! Allow me to repeat that, they are looking to cancel all their athletic programs, football, basketball, softball, baseball, track, soccer, you name it. Some thought I was crazy when I mentioned this but two weeks ago they confirmed it to the press. Most aren't looking at such drastic measure, but one thing is clear, all freshmen athletics will be cancelled and many Junior Varsities programs will as well. This isn't a well kept secret and another not so well kept secret is that Fresh/JV coaches are always looking to move up for better money and prestige. Now half of them, if not more, are looking at pink slips so they are even more desperate to look "good" on paper to keep their jobs or move up should their program gets cut and the sad part is that the kids are losing big time because of it.

Because of this desperation, the coaches are acting like Bobby Knight, but not just at the officials. The officials know that such discourse comes with the job. Even on a perfect night, one team or the other will think you're the worse official ever. However, many are taking their aggression and frustrations on the children. The screaming, intense irate and down and out hostile instigating by their coaches towards other teams with a win at all cost mentality just not only makes me feel bad for the children, but makes me angry. Officials getting abused (ok, sometimes they do deserve it, I know I've done it at times. I still think the NBA officials are incompetent, but there's only so much abuse that can be allowed) they know it's part of the job (to a point), but for 14, 15, 16 year old children? Don't they have enough on their plate with the education system as it is? Do they really need the pressure that comes from a coach worried about their job as well. As far as what I've experiencing, these coaches (not all, but a lot) are committing child abuse. Degrading, ranting, chastising and the one that would make me worry if I had a child playing, instigating aggressive behavior to nearly the point of fanaticialism is just plain abuse. It's only a game. It's suppose to be about school and team spirit. Most of all, it should be fun for the children. To make it a contest among adults to see who should keep their job just makes the whole thing sad, depression, and somewhat dangerous for them. If this is whats going on during their time on the court. It makes me wonder how bad things are for them on the campus's. What about those teachers looking at pinks and with the PC mentality of the education system and the realities that are about to hit them. what's going to be the consequences when the fantasy of the liberal world that those holding their positions (be it coach, teacher, administrator) realize the reality doesn't match their perception of the fantasy? What is going on the courts maybe just the beginning. Children have enough reasons to hate school. The dilapidated state of 80% of the buildings, the gangs, the violence, drugs, as well as all the fun things that I had the privilege of, shop classes (I had auto which I still use to this day), arts, music, drama, heck even culture that don't exist today has taken the fun that motivate kids to learn the language, history, and math. Now they're taking the fun out of athletics as well. If things are this bad in the public school system, isn't it time we demanded a new system. Our children have a hard enough time as it is in this society.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Arnold's State of the State (CA) speech. Too little, too late and totally unrealistic.

Our governorator just made his final State of the State speech and though there wasn't much int there that came as a surprise or anything that haven't been heard before, it was somewhat refreshing to hear him go back to some of his conservative roots that got him elected to the governorship in the first place, mainly on fiscal responsibility. However, it comes way too little and way too late, and frankly it has as much basis in reality as Obama becoming a patriot in support of Americans.

Through much of his speech was sorely needed to get California back on the track of fiscal responsibility, it was much ado about nothing because being his last year in office, it will most likely be his least productive. He wants to get back to what was really needed and what got him elected, but I remember what I said in 2005 when he made the said promises before: good luck. Much of it is going to fail like in the years before for one simple reason: corruption. California has to be one, if not downright, the most corruption state in the union. Only New Jersey and New York can compete with the corruption, fiscal ineptitude, and downright socialist agenda that plagues the country today. Much of what our governor wants to attempts requires the passage and support of the legislature. Well, for those of you that don't follow California politics, take note because it's currently is what's going on at the federal level and if the democrats get health care and cap and trade, you can bet your britches (no, not the ones with bombs in them but you can if you want) that the pattern here will follow only one steroids.

Here in California, we have no competitive elections for the seats on our legislature. 96% of the seats have stayed with the same party for nearly 40 years. The gerrymandering has rigged the districts so badly that many of the state members of our legislatures don't even to really campaign. They know their seat is locked no matter what thus nothing gets done and we watch the same circus acts every year especially with the budget which has only been passed on time since my birth (this upcoming one will be the 45th of my lifetime here and I'm a life long Californian) 6 times. 40 years and only 6 passed budgets because each member only needs to look after their own self interest, not the people of California because the seats are rigged to be their for life.

The only saving grace for California so far is a constitutional amendment called Proposition 13. Up to 1977, the tax and spend liberals had so much control and power that they were taxing and spending at will and taxes, especially property taxes, were escalating out of control. In 1977, a tax payer revolt began and Prop. 13 was placed on the ballot that restricted how much the government could increase taxes as well as, and this is what has saved California from sliding down the path of socialism completley or at least slowed it down for 30 years, requiring a 2/3rd vote to pass budgets and now tax increases. Historically for the last 40 years, our legislature has been 65% democrat so the excessive tax and spending was going rampant with the 50% plus one requirement. When we had moonbeam Jerry Brown, he was rubber stamping every bill on his desk. In 1977, all that changed. However, the amendment had one provision that came back to haunt us: revenue control from the local governments to the state, but that's for another day.

What our governor miscalculated when he first ran was how corrupt and uncooperative that the legislature was going to be. They fought him tooth and nail entrenched in their support of special interest and the hosing of the citizens. He tried to get illegals off our medical system, break the financial control of unions and the state employees as well as the teacher's union (don't get me started there), tried to gain parental control of their children medical and education options, tried to get redistricting done, and put tax increases to the vote of the people over those of the government. The legislature wasn't going to have any of their power going back to the "ignorance masses" as one put it so in 2006, so he put them on the ballot. That's where he learned his second mistake and miscalculation: the intelligence of the Californian people.

Well, I don't want to downgrade the people of California. I know a few bloggers here and some people here are quite astute, conscientitous, and intelligent, but 2 out of 3 here couldn't figure their way out of a paper bag especially politically. What's worse, illegals, invalids, felons, out of staters, and pets vote here and no I'm not trying to be funny. Our voter registration system is so ripe with fraud (I've done temp work for our voter register office and trust me, if you're a democrat, they don't check anything) that we're on the border of being a banana 3rd world status here. One of the measure Arnold tried to have pass is requiring photo ID to vote. You would have thought he was calling for the extermination of Jews by how the left here reacted. In the end, every single initiative was defeated and badly. It was a blow that he never recovered from and the left have been running or just allowing the status quote, ever since. He had been demonized ever since because he wanted to put the power of government back to the people and out of the special interest group and he got punked. The only initiative that got pass in his entire term was the support of marriage (twice).

Arnold's plans don't have any realistic chances of fruition and I think he knows it. It's just an attempt to redeem what little face as he learned that he grossly underestimated the legislature's corruption and power while overestimating the voter's intelligence and overlooking the impact of the voter fraud. He took on the special interest groups which was noble but unlike in his movies, the bad guys not only won, but never even went down (perhaps he should watch his own movie, the last action hero where in the real world the bad guy not only can win, but often does. Only in the movies does the good guy wins often). History will most likely, and rightfully so, view him as an unpopular and ineffective Governor. It's often the case with governors here since Jerry Brown because the legislature is hostile to anyone that even so much as try to make them accountable to anyone or anything. So in the end, nice speech, good luck because not only will he need it, so will those of us responsible and productive in this state. As history has shown though, history isn't on either one of our side.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

David Brooks and the value of an American Education.

David Brooks has made what I first perceived as an asinine statement, but realized, that his statements are quite accurate and for good reason: most Americans live in reality and aren't as stupid as he think we are. Here's the article as stated:

Faux conservative New York Times scribbler David Brooks sees the decade dominated by The Tea Party movement. Brooks in true snobby fashion describes the movement as a rebellion against “the educated class”:
The public is not only shifting from left to right. Every single idea associated with the educated class has grown more unpopular over the past year.
The educated class believes in global warming, so public skepticism about global warming is on the rise. The educated class supports abortion rights, so public opinion is shifting against them. The educated class supports gun control, so opposition to gun control is mounting.
The story is the same in foreign affairs. The educated class is internationalist, so isolationist sentiment is now at an all-time high, according to a Pew Research Center survey. The educated class believes in multilateral action, so the number of Americans who believe we should “go our own way” has risen sharply.

Being a member myself, as 28% of Americans, of the "Educated Class" which I'll define as someone with at least a 4 year college degree, allow me to go over what I find is fallacious with his line of reasoning.

First, he equates being educated with being knowledgeable. This is a gross fallacy. That's the same as equating intelligence with wisdom and since I have an IQ of 140 to 150, depending on which test I'm given, and my life is filled with a series of mindless mistakes and fallacies that anyone with common sense would had been able to avoid, I'm a living counter argument that high intelligence leads to high wisdom. The same is true with education being equal with knowledge. First of all, what does it mean to gain knowledge? Being an "educated" man, I looked it up in a dictionary (that's a book that define words for those with public high school education). There are 11 different definitions so I will take the prospective of what David Brooks means the body of truths or facts accumulated in the course of time.

When I was taking a philosophy class (ethics of all things), there was a debate that education was the cure of all of humanities ills. My counter didn't sit too well with most in the class when I stated that Nazi Germany was the most educated society on the planet at the time and look at how those people turned out (more on this later). I couldn't repeat the names I got called. In the end my argument was rejected because Nazi Germany's people were so evil (well, not all of them) they had to be ignorant and showed how "educated" they were which was they weren't. The truth is that those loyal to the Nazis were given free education thorough out college (except Slovs and Jews of course). They missed the main point I was presenting. Education is only as good as the facts and how they are presented. Germans were taught that Jews were spawns of Satan, the cause of Germany as well as all of humanities ills, Slovs were subhuman as well as people of color, handicapped, homosexual, and Gypies. The facts are this just wasn't true, but it was taught as a truth so their "education" was based on a lie and that lie led to their destruction.

Take what's taught in our universities today. When I went in the 90's, it was a difficult place, especially as a conservative, to excel unless you spew the liberal mantra. I remember the Ethic Studies class we were required to take. It should had been called the "class and racial warfare" studies. Many of the minority students hated that class because it made them look like weak, whinny lunatics at the same time making white people all look evil. I got a B+ in the class and all I did was spew white hatred. To this date I didn't know what we were suppose to get out of the class other than to hate white people. The truth is that unless the student is majoring in some hard science, their education is nothing more than socialistic indoctrination. In bio-ethics, one of the worse classes I've ever took and not because of the leftist insanity, but the realities of life in the medical profession and the choices or options that they have to make. It was just plain a depressing class. I got a B in that class. I missed an A because I failed one of the segments: Abortion. The "fact" that I didn't believe in the fact that's it's a, and I kid you know this is how it was presented to me, God given right to women, I got an F on that segment (I aced the others). I didn't tote the leftist line and payed for my "lack of education on women's rights". I was one of only 3 that took the con side and all three of us were given failing grades. I learned not to make my views known on Abortion. At the time, the "greens" were guilting those of that drive for the "global cooling" we were causing, later changed to Global Warming. In my biology class, marriage even got into the curriculum. It was viewed as a man made institution to oppress women and went against nature as it's just natural to "mate" with anyone that's willing. Those are just what I had to endure and I was a math major. I'm thankful I didn't have my major in these social sciences because I never would had passed.

The point I have, just as the Nazis based their education on a lie, the left who control 80% plus of our schools and universities while determining the curriculum and what textbooks and reading material, basically how we are to be "educated" have been teaching us. Well, let's take global warming. We now know that it was based on falsified data to make it look the way the researchers wanted it to and it was based on ONE set of data. Nobody was allowed or even threatened with grant cut offs to even attempt to repeat and confirmed the data and conclusion. This is terrible science as science needs to be repeatable and by independent sources. The conclusion that the crisis is too severe to wait for the research to be completed. Now we learn it's a lie and the academia and media can't take it back making them look foolish. This is the body of truths or facts accumulated in the course of time?

One definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result every time. When it comes to socialism, our education system is guilty of insanity. What we get for our education is that capitalism is evil in its form and socialism is the pathway to equality and utopia. Well, capitalism does have its share of vices and we're living through one right now with the recession, but let's take a look at the FACTS about socialism. A fact is has several definition, I'm going to use 2 of them here:
1. something that actually exists; reality; truth: Your fears have no basis in fact.
2. something known to exist or to have happened: Space travel is now a fact.
You see, facts are absolutes. They have no grey areas, either something is real or it isn't. The facts are that socialism has been tried many times in many countries all around the world, Nazi German, Europe, Russia, the former Soviet States, and they have all failed miserably. China is being branded as socialism that works, but China has a free capitalistic markets. As long as the communists get to rule, they leave the markets alone and thus is the main reason why as an economic powerhouse, they are creaming us, but that's for another blog. Everywhere where socialism has been tried, its lead to financial collapse, scarcity, poverty, misery, and death. Socialism, by World War 2 of Hilter's Germany and Stalin's Russia saw atrocities that blow the mind. Stalin killed 20 million of his own people and that doesn't count the war dead. Hilter killed 15 million in his camps. China's Cultural Revolution (before their markets were opened up) killed up to 60 million, Pol Pot's killing fields 2 million, and who knows within the Soviet Bloc. The facts are socialism in the 20th century was responsible for at least 100 million dead that we know of. Yet we still want to try it here thinking it will work this time because the right people are in charge.

What's worse of all, facts have no basis in American education any more and that's why the Educated Class doesn't get it anymore. You see, absolutes don't exist anymore in our education system. Everything are shade of grey now. As I stated, facts are absolutes, actual, reality. Their existence isn't in dispute, they are indisputable. Take a look around our educated groups, especially those in Washington, and tell me these people have ideas and "facts" that have basis in reality. This is how we can policies that state we need to spend our way out of debt, to defeat terrorism, we deny its existence or call it something else, how we got the global warming fiasco, or gay marriages. Basically a lost of moral imperatives or even common sense because even common sense can be questioned as having any validity. So you can try the same thing over and over again and expect different results because you can define reality as being anything you want. It doesn't take long why stupid, insane, or irrational ideas get spewed out and the "educated" get shocks when it doesn't work. This is why the educated class doesn't get why the general populace is starting to rebel. They live in reality, they know there are absolute truths like if I put my finger in the electrical outlet, I will get shocked or if someone points a loaded gun to my head and pull the trigger, I will die. They know they can't spend their way out of debt, given the record low temperatures we're experiencing this year, global warming is nonsense, and no matter how you try, homosexuals can't have children naturally.

The “educated class” of both sides of the aisle have been running Washington for decades and just look at what the result has been: astronomical deficits, reckless spending, ineffective security measures (if you don't feel secure, change your definition), and an energy policy that leaves us at the mercy of our radical Islamic enemies. How is the common man or anyone who lives in reality with a logical mind supposed to have any faith in a track record like that? This is what is suppose to pass as the body of truths or facts accumulated in the course of time. Well, the facts don't support his premise that the educated knows what's best for us.

People are starting to realize that what is sorely missing in government by the "educated class" is a healthy dose of common sense. Whether it is dealing with the economy, health care or terrorism, energy, economy, and yes, education, common senses is absent. Heck even the truth is often under attack. This is what the people are waking up to and starting to reject. Given how the "educated" think, perhaps I should start to enbrace that old adage of "Ignorance is bliss".

Monday, January 4, 2010

Exercist in Governmental Stupidity: Brenner and the DHS.

Frankly, I try to be civilized and let everyone have a say in my life. As long as it makes sense, I can agree to disagree. However, what's coming from the DHS and their defenders has me wondering as Ripely said during her interrogation in the movie Aliens, "Did every one's IQ dropped while I was gone?" I'm to the point now I don't want to hear from our leaders who's constitutional responsibility is to protect us from foreign enemies that mean to do us harm do the worse imitation of Keystone Cops I've ever had the displeasure of witnessing. The statement Brenner made has me ready to kick my dog (if I had one), throw out my TV (if I ever watched anything other than sports), and just my eyes and ears and gouge them out because I just can't take having my intelligence insulted anymore.

The statement that there were no red flags are any "clarity", which is political speak for proof, that there was any intimate danger. I suppose if a terrorist put a gun to his head after shooting another hostage before hand he would be making that same statement. Let's see, the father, THE MAN'S VERY OWN FATHER!!!, stated that his son had been radicalized, is making contact with members of Al-quada, going to Mosques that promote Jihad, bragging about an attack on the US by destroying an civilian aircraft with the Web Postings and text messages to prove it, our embassy deemed it serious enough to send to the State Department who put him on the watch list, yet there's was no reason to believe he was a threat to American lives should he get on a plane. What more evidence do these incompetent dunces need? I don't think a confession with video evidence brought directly to the White House would do it if this isn't enough. Red Flags and proof was everywhere, but our political body isn't only blind, deaf and dumb, but paralyzed as well from the disease of Political Correctness to act on the obvious and by the Grace of God (No, not the evil Allah) this terrorist was so much stupid and incompetent that he was able to succeed where our leaders failed: stopping his lunactical death march by improperly detonate the bomb. But hey, thanks to Crazy Lady Napolantano, everything worked after he failed. Now I feel safe that we can protect ourselves from stupid and incompetent terrorist that don't know how to detonate a bomb.

DHS was created after 9-11 to prevent terrorist from accomplishing terrorist acts on our soil, especially by our civilian airplanes. This failure, one of the worse since the failings of 9-11, demonstrate that we're not only no more safer than we were before, but perhaps worse so because we're aware of such plots having one succeeded to hit 3 targets and killing nearly 3000 Americans while the 4th failed, like the ones on this flight, because the passengers intervened and prevented the terrorists from accomplishing their goal. If a man can be out in the open in his intentions, be forewarned by a family member, and get on a plane with an expired visa and NO PASSPORT with explosives in his drawers, then by what standards is DHS using to claim they're securing our airplanes. Using cash, a one way ticket, no luggage, no money and no passport from a country that is on the war path with Christians and the West yet get on board with no scrutiny? The standards of Hamas, Hezbolla or Al-quada? Even the left isn't buying into it any more. Now, after 11 long months of this nonsense, the media is starting to ask some hard questions of these buffoons. DHS failed miserably and heads need to roll (pardon the Islamic pun).

DHS also is responsible for our borders as I learned being married to a foreign wife. I've had my share of dealing with DHS bureaucrats. Now here's the 64 Trillion Dollar Question: If DHS can't keep an obvious terrorist with an expired visa and no Passport from boarding a plane, how can they secure a border thousands of miles long with millions of illegal entrance coming from God knows where. It's well known that Hezbollah is sending sleeper cells by Spanish speaking members by crossing our borders. Not only have they shown no desire to stop the illegal entries, but encourage and reward it with rumors of amnesty. The only resistance the illegal aliens are getting are from local officials that have had enough of the stupidity and invasions. How many Hezllobah members will be among those getting citizenship to clandestinely proceed with their plans? Given DHS track record, do we really want them to try?

The while underwear bomber have made the Obama Administration look like the weak fools that they are. The Blame Bush mentality is only going to embolden them more and frankly, it's his watch now. After 9-11, we never were hit on our soil again. Since Obama, it's now 5 times and they're escalating and getting more bold. Do we, the American People, just sit back and watch the circus of this Administration and their lack of desire continue or call for real reform, real security? Or do we allow White Americans have their underwear checked while the Muslim men get on because DHS and the TSA don't want to offend Islamic sentiments all the while forgetting that Islam is at war with us. All of Obama's coddling and apologies aren't going to change that. Or we can continue with our policies that the terrorists incompetencies will continue.