Saturday, January 9, 2010

Arnold's State of the State (CA) speech. Too little, too late and totally unrealistic.

Our governorator just made his final State of the State speech and though there wasn't much int there that came as a surprise or anything that haven't been heard before, it was somewhat refreshing to hear him go back to some of his conservative roots that got him elected to the governorship in the first place, mainly on fiscal responsibility. However, it comes way too little and way too late, and frankly it has as much basis in reality as Obama becoming a patriot in support of Americans.

Through much of his speech was sorely needed to get California back on the track of fiscal responsibility, it was much ado about nothing because being his last year in office, it will most likely be his least productive. He wants to get back to what was really needed and what got him elected, but I remember what I said in 2005 when he made the said promises before: good luck. Much of it is going to fail like in the years before for one simple reason: corruption. California has to be one, if not downright, the most corruption state in the union. Only New Jersey and New York can compete with the corruption, fiscal ineptitude, and downright socialist agenda that plagues the country today. Much of what our governor wants to attempts requires the passage and support of the legislature. Well, for those of you that don't follow California politics, take note because it's currently is what's going on at the federal level and if the democrats get health care and cap and trade, you can bet your britches (no, not the ones with bombs in them but you can if you want) that the pattern here will follow only one steroids.

Here in California, we have no competitive elections for the seats on our legislature. 96% of the seats have stayed with the same party for nearly 40 years. The gerrymandering has rigged the districts so badly that many of the state members of our legislatures don't even to really campaign. They know their seat is locked no matter what thus nothing gets done and we watch the same circus acts every year especially with the budget which has only been passed on time since my birth (this upcoming one will be the 45th of my lifetime here and I'm a life long Californian) 6 times. 40 years and only 6 passed budgets because each member only needs to look after their own self interest, not the people of California because the seats are rigged to be their for life.

The only saving grace for California so far is a constitutional amendment called Proposition 13. Up to 1977, the tax and spend liberals had so much control and power that they were taxing and spending at will and taxes, especially property taxes, were escalating out of control. In 1977, a tax payer revolt began and Prop. 13 was placed on the ballot that restricted how much the government could increase taxes as well as, and this is what has saved California from sliding down the path of socialism completley or at least slowed it down for 30 years, requiring a 2/3rd vote to pass budgets and now tax increases. Historically for the last 40 years, our legislature has been 65% democrat so the excessive tax and spending was going rampant with the 50% plus one requirement. When we had moonbeam Jerry Brown, he was rubber stamping every bill on his desk. In 1977, all that changed. However, the amendment had one provision that came back to haunt us: revenue control from the local governments to the state, but that's for another day.

What our governor miscalculated when he first ran was how corrupt and uncooperative that the legislature was going to be. They fought him tooth and nail entrenched in their support of special interest and the hosing of the citizens. He tried to get illegals off our medical system, break the financial control of unions and the state employees as well as the teacher's union (don't get me started there), tried to gain parental control of their children medical and education options, tried to get redistricting done, and put tax increases to the vote of the people over those of the government. The legislature wasn't going to have any of their power going back to the "ignorance masses" as one put it so in 2006, so he put them on the ballot. That's where he learned his second mistake and miscalculation: the intelligence of the Californian people.

Well, I don't want to downgrade the people of California. I know a few bloggers here and some people here are quite astute, conscientitous, and intelligent, but 2 out of 3 here couldn't figure their way out of a paper bag especially politically. What's worse, illegals, invalids, felons, out of staters, and pets vote here and no I'm not trying to be funny. Our voter registration system is so ripe with fraud (I've done temp work for our voter register office and trust me, if you're a democrat, they don't check anything) that we're on the border of being a banana 3rd world status here. One of the measure Arnold tried to have pass is requiring photo ID to vote. You would have thought he was calling for the extermination of Jews by how the left here reacted. In the end, every single initiative was defeated and badly. It was a blow that he never recovered from and the left have been running or just allowing the status quote, ever since. He had been demonized ever since because he wanted to put the power of government back to the people and out of the special interest group and he got punked. The only initiative that got pass in his entire term was the support of marriage (twice).

Arnold's plans don't have any realistic chances of fruition and I think he knows it. It's just an attempt to redeem what little face as he learned that he grossly underestimated the legislature's corruption and power while overestimating the voter's intelligence and overlooking the impact of the voter fraud. He took on the special interest groups which was noble but unlike in his movies, the bad guys not only won, but never even went down (perhaps he should watch his own movie, the last action hero where in the real world the bad guy not only can win, but often does. Only in the movies does the good guy wins often). History will most likely, and rightfully so, view him as an unpopular and ineffective Governor. It's often the case with governors here since Jerry Brown because the legislature is hostile to anyone that even so much as try to make them accountable to anyone or anything. So in the end, nice speech, good luck because not only will he need it, so will those of us responsible and productive in this state. As history has shown though, history isn't on either one of our side.

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