Thursday, January 14, 2010

Avatar: A story of unabridged, narcassic greed.

Much has been said over Cameron's megapixal movie Avatar. Many conservatives have taken a disdain of many "perceived" notion of the Lefts "noble savage" myth as well as it's environmental theme. Some have added a racist connotation that the film is vilifying white society. Deciding to see for myself, the first time in over two years I went to the theaters to watch a film (the last was Shrek 3 and that was disappointing enough), there seemed to be a lot that can be taken from the film and how it's take is or view, as Murphy once put in his series of Murphy's Laws, dependent upon where you sit. I've saw quite a few themes in the film, some of which haven't been bought to light in the debate but here is one man's opinion.

First and most obvious is the setting of the conflict that was to come: unbridled greed. Seems all the humans were interested (at least the non-scientific ones) was a valuable mineral that went for $20 million a Kilogram. The only reason the humans were interested in anything on the planet was simply money. Good old fashion greed. Had it not been for this valuable mineral, nobody would even had set foot on the planet. Why this mineral was so valuable wasn't mention nor relevant. It was the reason for season as far as the antagonists were concerned. This was no fight for racist supremacy, though some of that was going on, political power or liberation from tyranny (again, from the human side). This was a fight for perhaps the oldest and most common reason why wars are fought: You have something I want and I'm going to take it from you.

Now many have taken this film as an assault on the military and how evil military are. I didn't get that since the military wasn't even involved. The "soldiers" that were fighting for the mining corporation were mercenaries. Soldiers of future. Basically ex military that hire out their "services" for a price. Basically, rental soldiers. People that were there just to fill their pockets, not like our military that fight for liberties (mostly), protection, or for our political interests. No government was involved so to call them "military" is a bit misapplied. These were greedy people fighting just to fill their pockets in support of the main premise of this is story against greed. All the outfits, orders, equipment all came from the corporation and since the mercs and the corporation only had one thing in common, money, that's what was being fought for. Soldiers in the military don't fight for money (as a principle).

Much has been made about the environmentalism of this film. Much of it isn't without some merit. The Na'ri did worship nature. However, this story was unique in that there was a logical and biological reason behind the adulation. Unlike humans that tend to worship because it fill what they don't understand or ignorant about. Pandora was a living planet unlike Earth. Every living creature is their own individual. All our thoughts, feelings, conscienceless are unique and only experienced and known to the individual. Pandora's ecology doesn't work that way. All the life forms can share and store their thoughts, feeling, memory, basically their very souls among the plant life to a main point. The center of this place has an electro-chemistry that allows the creatures to download and store for others to experience. It gives everything senescent awareness. Now the premise is a bit of a stretch, especially to apply on how nature works here on earth, but in sci-fi you work with a premise and have the story follow from that supposition. What follows made sense with what's given. With that kind of connection, it would make sense to have a deep connection with the nature that surrounds you.

Much also to note that the Na'ri did use plants and animals for food and materials. They weren't what you call fanatical about it. They had a respect for nature and for what it provided. This respect and the humans disrespect would prove, without giving away too much, be decisive in the final confrontation. There's a give and take mentality of the Na'ri that proves to be a great truth. The problem that conservatives have with the left is the left takes it to extremes as if it's a deity that will bless or curse based on our adulation. It's just simple logic and absolute truth that if you take more than you give, you'll eventually lose everything. Clear cutting will cause a logging company to go out of business because you destroy the product you make your living at. Too little and there's no wood to build houses, make baseball bats, or manufacture pianos or what products that are needed. Now trees are planted where the logs are cut down. It's must a matter of prospective.

What provides the great evil is how the greed for this mineral is so great that the corporation and their cronies will destroy the habitat and homes of people, that for the most part, just want to be left alone. They're happy with their way of life, primative and harsh as it may seem to us, and just want to continue as they've always have. It's common in sci-fi for protagonist to have a prime directive of non-interference in the development of a society or the advancement of technology and people. One of the great truths that liberals want to deny is interference, no matter how good it may be, often, if not always, ends in disaster. In this case, the end results is disastrous for both sides.

The thing I got of this picture is that Liberals, not Conservatives should had been more upset about the themes of this picture. It exposed truth that goes against liberals. Libs like the "naturalist" side of the picture, but it wasn't really environmentalist. Oh sure, it gave the mining was evil, but the Na'ri weren't terrorists. They did no aggression against the "sky people" until they infringed on their territories and threaten their lives. They assaulted corporate greed, but the left believes in centralized control. Does the left believe this corporation could established a mining colony without government approval or do they think the government, who would gain trillions in taxes, would had just overlooked this and had them smuggle the mineral? Worse, the supposition of good intentions to get what is wanted, which is often the battle cry of the left, was exposed for the fraud that it is. The main plot point: I want what you have and I'm going to take it from you. This should offend liberals the most. How was Obama and the Democrats elected? What was the expectation of those that support them? The "poor" want to get wealth redistributed from the rich by force from the government and pay for what they want. That why you heard things like "I don't have to worry about paying for my mortgage or paying to fill gas in my car anymore" statements. Homosexuals want to have the "rights" that married couples have and will take from them "marriage" as it has stood for thousands of years. Environmentalist want us to live in huts and want to take our possessions from us. Basically, the non-productive want what the productive has (or doesn't want them to have it at all) and take it from them.

This is what the protagonists saw the antagonists were desiring and plotting. They, after learning and understanding them and most important, learned to empathized with them, found virtue in fighting against the corporate interests. Like the left that doesn't care for those that think outside that they do (the love of money in this case), they were vilified and determined to be traitors as they tried to explain and expressed their point of view and the reasoning behind the "madness" from the "blue monkeys". When faced with the corporation's policy of extermination of a sentient being and the unique ecosystem they live in, they found their virtue in fighting against them.

The virtue that the protagonist fought for are more found in the conservative mind than the liberal. The liberal have more in common with the antagonists if one takes the viewpoint from Corporate Greed and change it to Government Greed. Just looking at what was expressed in the film and putting assumptions and supposition aside, the true villain was greed. Liberals live to exploit greed and use class warfare to expand their power base. While conservatives, at the core of their values if they just learn to live by them, is about facts and letting facts and individuality determine the course of action. If one doesn't see that from the film then perhaps one should take a look at the filters they are using and see from what point of view they're looking. I for one just saw a story of people that wanted to be left alone, live as they've always live and were victim of greediness.

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