Monday, January 4, 2010

Exercist in Governmental Stupidity: Brenner and the DHS.

Frankly, I try to be civilized and let everyone have a say in my life. As long as it makes sense, I can agree to disagree. However, what's coming from the DHS and their defenders has me wondering as Ripely said during her interrogation in the movie Aliens, "Did every one's IQ dropped while I was gone?" I'm to the point now I don't want to hear from our leaders who's constitutional responsibility is to protect us from foreign enemies that mean to do us harm do the worse imitation of Keystone Cops I've ever had the displeasure of witnessing. The statement Brenner made has me ready to kick my dog (if I had one), throw out my TV (if I ever watched anything other than sports), and just my eyes and ears and gouge them out because I just can't take having my intelligence insulted anymore.

The statement that there were no red flags are any "clarity", which is political speak for proof, that there was any intimate danger. I suppose if a terrorist put a gun to his head after shooting another hostage before hand he would be making that same statement. Let's see, the father, THE MAN'S VERY OWN FATHER!!!, stated that his son had been radicalized, is making contact with members of Al-quada, going to Mosques that promote Jihad, bragging about an attack on the US by destroying an civilian aircraft with the Web Postings and text messages to prove it, our embassy deemed it serious enough to send to the State Department who put him on the watch list, yet there's was no reason to believe he was a threat to American lives should he get on a plane. What more evidence do these incompetent dunces need? I don't think a confession with video evidence brought directly to the White House would do it if this isn't enough. Red Flags and proof was everywhere, but our political body isn't only blind, deaf and dumb, but paralyzed as well from the disease of Political Correctness to act on the obvious and by the Grace of God (No, not the evil Allah) this terrorist was so much stupid and incompetent that he was able to succeed where our leaders failed: stopping his lunactical death march by improperly detonate the bomb. But hey, thanks to Crazy Lady Napolantano, everything worked after he failed. Now I feel safe that we can protect ourselves from stupid and incompetent terrorist that don't know how to detonate a bomb.

DHS was created after 9-11 to prevent terrorist from accomplishing terrorist acts on our soil, especially by our civilian airplanes. This failure, one of the worse since the failings of 9-11, demonstrate that we're not only no more safer than we were before, but perhaps worse so because we're aware of such plots having one succeeded to hit 3 targets and killing nearly 3000 Americans while the 4th failed, like the ones on this flight, because the passengers intervened and prevented the terrorists from accomplishing their goal. If a man can be out in the open in his intentions, be forewarned by a family member, and get on a plane with an expired visa and NO PASSPORT with explosives in his drawers, then by what standards is DHS using to claim they're securing our airplanes. Using cash, a one way ticket, no luggage, no money and no passport from a country that is on the war path with Christians and the West yet get on board with no scrutiny? The standards of Hamas, Hezbolla or Al-quada? Even the left isn't buying into it any more. Now, after 11 long months of this nonsense, the media is starting to ask some hard questions of these buffoons. DHS failed miserably and heads need to roll (pardon the Islamic pun).

DHS also is responsible for our borders as I learned being married to a foreign wife. I've had my share of dealing with DHS bureaucrats. Now here's the 64 Trillion Dollar Question: If DHS can't keep an obvious terrorist with an expired visa and no Passport from boarding a plane, how can they secure a border thousands of miles long with millions of illegal entrance coming from God knows where. It's well known that Hezbollah is sending sleeper cells by Spanish speaking members by crossing our borders. Not only have they shown no desire to stop the illegal entries, but encourage and reward it with rumors of amnesty. The only resistance the illegal aliens are getting are from local officials that have had enough of the stupidity and invasions. How many Hezllobah members will be among those getting citizenship to clandestinely proceed with their plans? Given DHS track record, do we really want them to try?

The while underwear bomber have made the Obama Administration look like the weak fools that they are. The Blame Bush mentality is only going to embolden them more and frankly, it's his watch now. After 9-11, we never were hit on our soil again. Since Obama, it's now 5 times and they're escalating and getting more bold. Do we, the American People, just sit back and watch the circus of this Administration and their lack of desire continue or call for real reform, real security? Or do we allow White Americans have their underwear checked while the Muslim men get on because DHS and the TSA don't want to offend Islamic sentiments all the while forgetting that Islam is at war with us. All of Obama's coddling and apologies aren't going to change that. Or we can continue with our policies that the terrorists incompetencies will continue.

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