Monday, January 11, 2010

The hidden effect of CA budget crisis.

There has been enough said about the failure of the school system, including myself from what I've experienced personally and hence why I believe the public school system is going to die out. As the current budget crisis continues to deepen I'm starting to see crack in the amour of the system. One side effect is something that I've often believe is what is being lost in liberal education and from the culture wars themselves. I just didn't think that it would be in the school athletics one can public see how the effect of the financial disaster brought about from out school system would be manifesting itself.

To demonstrate what I mean, I've been thinking of becoming an official and starting at the high school level. The thing I've been doing is observing some games and see how they're officiated and what mechanics and techniques are used. What I'm witnessing is, again, giving me the education and one that I would expect. School athletics can get "spirited" at times. After all, it's school spirit and pride that such events are held in the first place. However, with the tough times that are being endured by today's economy as well as trying to appease the Narcissus society that we have that everyone thinks they're all that and a bag of chips, the reality is somewhat hard to over look. What I'm seeing from coaches and their treatment of the kids, officials and the game itself is really leaving a lot to be desired. In fact, it seems that Bobby Knight has open his own coaching school.

If anyone doesn't know who Bobby Knight was, he was a college coach for over 27 years for Indiana University and later Texas A&M. Though he was one of the winning est coaches, that's not what he'll be remember for most. It will be his horrid temper. This is a man that got thrown out of many games for tramtrums that would embarrass a colicky toddler. His rantings has become legendary as well as throwing chairs and other items. A couple of times he was so disgusted that he had this team walk off the court in the middle of the game and forfeited. It got so bad in the later years that Indiana had enough of the bad press, much less people not going to their games (they were 4 games under .500 at the time) that they finally gave him his pink slip. I would had hoped the bad example that he demonstrated would provide others with the wisdom to avoid such public embarrassment (it didn't for him, it happened twice at his two years at A&M and they had him "retire"), but now I've seen it hasn't.

From what I've learned from officials and some coaches I've spoken too, the number of games are declining and not for a lack of fans, but budget issues. For those that haven't kept up, in California things are so bad that not only are class sizes increased 50% as well as all the other issues like lack of books, modernization, maintenance, repairs (I can't tell how bad some of the bathrooms are. To say they stink would be a compliment.), but they are cutting into the athletics as well. So bad, one school district here, a rather rich one at that too, is looking to vote this spring whether to cancel All Athletic Programs in the District! Allow me to repeat that, they are looking to cancel all their athletic programs, football, basketball, softball, baseball, track, soccer, you name it. Some thought I was crazy when I mentioned this but two weeks ago they confirmed it to the press. Most aren't looking at such drastic measure, but one thing is clear, all freshmen athletics will be cancelled and many Junior Varsities programs will as well. This isn't a well kept secret and another not so well kept secret is that Fresh/JV coaches are always looking to move up for better money and prestige. Now half of them, if not more, are looking at pink slips so they are even more desperate to look "good" on paper to keep their jobs or move up should their program gets cut and the sad part is that the kids are losing big time because of it.

Because of this desperation, the coaches are acting like Bobby Knight, but not just at the officials. The officials know that such discourse comes with the job. Even on a perfect night, one team or the other will think you're the worse official ever. However, many are taking their aggression and frustrations on the children. The screaming, intense irate and down and out hostile instigating by their coaches towards other teams with a win at all cost mentality just not only makes me feel bad for the children, but makes me angry. Officials getting abused (ok, sometimes they do deserve it, I know I've done it at times. I still think the NBA officials are incompetent, but there's only so much abuse that can be allowed) they know it's part of the job (to a point), but for 14, 15, 16 year old children? Don't they have enough on their plate with the education system as it is? Do they really need the pressure that comes from a coach worried about their job as well. As far as what I've experiencing, these coaches (not all, but a lot) are committing child abuse. Degrading, ranting, chastising and the one that would make me worry if I had a child playing, instigating aggressive behavior to nearly the point of fanaticialism is just plain abuse. It's only a game. It's suppose to be about school and team spirit. Most of all, it should be fun for the children. To make it a contest among adults to see who should keep their job just makes the whole thing sad, depression, and somewhat dangerous for them. If this is whats going on during their time on the court. It makes me wonder how bad things are for them on the campus's. What about those teachers looking at pinks and with the PC mentality of the education system and the realities that are about to hit them. what's going to be the consequences when the fantasy of the liberal world that those holding their positions (be it coach, teacher, administrator) realize the reality doesn't match their perception of the fantasy? What is going on the courts maybe just the beginning. Children have enough reasons to hate school. The dilapidated state of 80% of the buildings, the gangs, the violence, drugs, as well as all the fun things that I had the privilege of, shop classes (I had auto which I still use to this day), arts, music, drama, heck even culture that don't exist today has taken the fun that motivate kids to learn the language, history, and math. Now they're taking the fun out of athletics as well. If things are this bad in the public school system, isn't it time we demanded a new system. Our children have a hard enough time as it is in this society.

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