Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Mass. election and a lesson in history.

As things continue to get ugly in tomorrow's special election in Massachusetts, Obama and his minions are sensing a major defeat and making a major threat that he will become combative. Many are taking it as meaning he'll work harder to achieve his goals despite the setback. I fear that threat is literal and history is the reason I have such a fear. This election is a direct threat to Obama, a man that never has been told no in his entire life. He's never suffered a political defeat and is now facing his first. The elections in New Jersey and Virginia were of no real consequence as it had no effect in the super majority in the house and senate, but a loss here would be a major threat as the filibuster proof super majority gained by the fraudulent election of that clown Al Franklin will be neutralized.

Obama, politically, has done a blitzkrieg politically getting many of his radical socialist agenda through. We have racist, radical and anti-American socialists in every major post in the executive branches. How else can an evil racists like Holder be AG or an complete incompetent boob (no reference to her anatomy ewwwww) and clown like Napolanto keep her job after such incompetent failures? It's not the objective of BO to defend the constitution or the people of the republic but to change the country to a Political Correct socialist state. So far everything seems to be going his way, the enactment of racists enforcement, Muslims completely free to move and do about, the nationalization of our auto industry and financial institutions, dispute some wanting to get out. The complete complicity of the media and their war against those that oppose them like Fox news. EPA is now empowered to call our existence deferment to our well being and to the environment, mainly because we breath what they view as a toxic gas Carbon Dioxide, and thus we can have our activities regulated. We've seen spending for whatever other than for the productive skyrocket as government is now growing exponentially. His big prize is health care. Health care is going to be the golden calf that will allow him to gain everything else. With health care, anything that effects health (which is most everything we do) can be attack and regulated. Cigarettes (though I don't smoke), alcohol consumption (remember prohibition and its results?), how much we drive, too much stress so can regulate was stresses us say like listening to a conservative radio show or what "minorities" see as hate speech or what music or TV shows you watch, what we eat. Just you watch, the lawyers are drooling over a lawsuit against the fast food industry which, dollar wise, is a Goliath in comparison to cigarettes. Where you can live, how much exercise we must have, you're occupation, and the one that worries me most genetics, you name it. If it effects your health, the government will have a RIGHT to regulate it for "cost" reasons. Simply put, health care is the gateway to tyrannizing the United States.

Now what history has shown, if a dictator, or a dictator wanna be, sees a threat to their power or empowerment, they create a crisis. This is why Emanuel made the statement of never letting a crisis go to waste. Crisis, whether they be real or imagine, gives a tyrant a reason to reign in power and control. Take 1933 Germany. Hitler is rising but he's still facing a lot of opposition, mainly from Communists in the country so then a mysterious fire burns down one of their theaters and then the game is on. Martial Law is declared and Germany isn't the same til Hitler's defeat in 1945. Mao feels the threat of the loss of power in 1968, so began the Cultural Revolution that resulted in the worse mass murder in human history. Pol Pot threat by what he saw as western ideas and the killing fields began. Amin's threat of assassination by his opposition and his murder spree as he raised to messiah of the Ugandan people. Heck, just look at anything that's view as a threat to the tyranny of Islam. Heads literally roll. What results is Martial Law and the tyranny and oppression.

If anyone doesn't think this defeat won't be a major crisis to the socialist democrats haven't been paying attention to the political arena for the last 6 years and especially the last year alone. The resistance and voter remorse is escalating by the day and at times by the hour. The American people are waking up to the fact that they elected a hard core socialist anti-American narcissist to the White House and his all willing cronies in the congress are going to rubber stamp any legislation he wants. This bill isn't just about health care or alms for the poor. It's a stepping stone to socializing our entire economy as well what can be the country's greatest regret: a totalitarian state. Socialism don't work in a free society because freedom is the antithesis of socialism. Health care if the golden child for an over reaching government. Canada is a prime example as things have gotten so bad for the economy and the over expansion of government that people there are trying to reverse the socialization of their medical care. A free republic and a socialized economy can't co-exist and Canadians don't want no more of it. America is attempting to go in the other direction.

So Obama isn't just ranting, he's making a threat to the American people. Basically he'll give us the middle finger, he knows better, and is willing to cram things down our throats if we don't agree with it. We, fortunately, still live in a republic but it's being weaken on all fronts and the massive expansion of government should socialized health care become law can be the crack that makes the republic crumble. People are waking up to this, even in uberliberal Massachusetts. If Obama can't get one of his cronies elected there, then he's finished and becomes a lame duck president. Given how radicals like him don't take to being rebuffed, and how history demonstrates how narcissists socialist take such rebuffs, this threat should worry us. I hope I'm wrong and we have an anomaly of history, but the past shows such socialist will create a crisis and declare Martial Law. I like to think it can't happen here, but I never thought I see a foreign nationalist socialist elected President either. I never thought I see the day that any industry, much less our auto and financial institutions, get nationalized here in the states like Chavez in Venezuela. Worse, I never thought I see the day the people make their desire known and the government basically says F*** YOU.

But here we are today and that is the situation we have. The only thing we have going for us is our military is still loyal to our republic given that socialist liberals hate them so much that they don't enlist. Such tyrannies have been debacle by military coups and mutiny. Romania is a prime example when the military refused to fire on the people and turned on the government. However, our military is loyal to the Constitution. Does that mean they'll stay loyal to the ideas and principles of the constitution or the President and the congress? What if Obama gets his civilian force that's only loyal to HIM? With national security as it and that bozo at DHS, who knows. They do list military personal, as well as conservatives, Christians, and patriotic Americans with guns and religion (other than Islam) as the real potential terrorists. In 1775, in Massachusetts, the short heard around the world was fired and the revolution began. We may hear a similar shot tomorrow. The question will be what will result from that shot as the people of Massachusetts will give make a statement. Either Obama can continue with his socialist agenda and not worry about the consequences or even in such a liberal state, even they're not going to take it any more. More importantly, will Obama follow through with his threat. As history has shown, it's not a threat that should be taken lightly.

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