Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pride cometh before the fall: Obama and 2010.

Marion Bailey, a man that obviously has a brain that works, is seeking to retire because things are looking too much like 1994 when the democrats got a shellacking at the ballot box after Bill Clinton, like BO, went too far too fast and the American public put on the breaks and did a cleaning of the house and senate. Bailey's assessment has a lot of history to back him up. In 1994 the Democrats had control of both house (though not a super majority like today), had slick willie in the white house. Slick willie went to the far left promoting their agenda at the time, mainly higher taxes as he found out (shockingly, gag) that he couldn't balance the budget without breaking his promise for middle class tax cuts after all (duh, even Quale warned against it). Gridlock was suppose to be over, but wasn't from infighting as to how far to the left the country should go. As well in 1994, health care was the big ticket item of the day which bred discontent. The one thing slick willie had in his favor was the Supreme Court that was 5-4 towards the liberal side which thanks to the replacement of Reagan's biggest mistake, Sara Day O'Connor with a somewhat conservative Alito, is now conservative, Obama pretty much has the same scenario as in 1994. Seems Obama is either overlooking one of two things: his overinflated ego or the consequence which was a huge voter backlash that saw the house and senate go Republican.

Obama pretty much shows, being the "smartest liberal in the room" that he's overlooking both. He's quoted as saying that the difference of now and 1994 is that the democrats have him. Boy, I've seen some big ego, but this man really thinks his poop doesn't stink. Can't completely blame him with the protection he's gotten from the press (another common trait from 1994 as Clinton could do no wrong in the media, even when his AG murdered nearly 100 people, including over a dozen children at Waco, but then again, we have Fort Hood) that he really thinks he's the messiah. The reality he's overlooking is that the press is starting to turn on him. Bush didn't read newspaper (and I didn't blame him as I don't either), but this man doesn't watch the news or the satire that's going on in the media as they're waking up to the illusion of salvation of the liberal cause this man demonstrates. He's ignoring that despite the media on their side, the Democrats have lost every election (except D23 and that's debatable) since his coronation. Heck, even Indonesia wants to tare down his statue of him as a child after one month. Iran has basically said FU to him. He's been snubbed by Copenhagen. The only ones left in love with him is the Nobel Commission that gave him a very undeserved Peace Prize and I'll wager they're regretting that decision. Asian markets are snubbing him as the Chinese are no longer buying the rhetoric and God knows if they stop buying our treasury notes. His approval ratings are falling faster than an object in a black hole, and yet he still thinks that he's an asset to the Democratic Party Machine. As a conservative, I can't but be delighted that the socialist leftist machine have a friend like him. We're not going to need teabaggers a term which the media has stopped using since Brown's election.

Obama is so in love with himself that not only can't he see the forest through the trees, but is in denial that there are even trees to be seen. He still thinks he's the darling of the world and the media while everywhere you look they're woken up to the illusion that he's not the man they thought he was. His policies are a disaster and heading us to fiscal disaster, if not downright to 3rd world status. Many liberals are turning from him as a state as blue as MA has elected a Republican to the senate for the first time in over 30 years and only the 2nd time of that seat in a century. If that doesn't wake him up to how those in his party have had enough of him already, nothing will. Many Democrats are jumping ship because seeing reality as it is, they know they're going to get creamed so they rather go out on their own terms than the humiliation of a lopsided defeat. They understand history and what's coming ahead. Clinton learned his lesson and shifted towards the center to gain some concession. On that I give Clinton credit though I thought he was an immoral and embarrassing President. He choose his battles and wisely. With more conservative fiscal and regulatory positioning with the aide of the techno boom, the economy recovered (til that bubble busted in Feb of 2000), and he got the country to tilt towards the left. He knew his limitations. The current President hasn't got a clue. He thinks he's the messiah, that people really love him and everything is Bush's fault. He thinks because it's him, history is going to be irrelevant and things will turn in his favor in November. It will be too interesting to see what happens when reality hits him in November and he has to finish his first and only term with a hostile congress with a Republican majority and a conservative supreme court. He's his own worse enemy. So delusional this man is he's quoted as saying he rather have one good term than two bad ones (referring to Bush there). This man isn't even smart enough, or is so delusional to think that there's no other option, to realize that he's not going to have either.

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