Monday, February 15, 2010

Drawing dead: the exodus of the Democrats.

I remember when I was playing online poker and how one player was having a tirade about how stupid and inept we were and that's why he was losing chips. Because we didn't know how to bet. The truth was we did, it was that this man's "tell" was so obvious, that even bad players could read it and called his bluffs. Now we have democrat after democrat either staying away as far as possible from the poison of Obama, or just can see how bad their hand is and folding away the losing hand.

Obama after just one year is such a dismal failure, that it's resonating throughout the political spectrum. Those who got elected on the "anybody but Bush" mentality are realizing that people are having voter remorse and aren't going to make the same mistake again by allowing him to have his "friendly" and super majority congress. Especially in those that won in historically conservative district. This tell is obvious because if a Republican can win in a ultra liberal state like MA, then who's really safe? Unless you have the "nuts" as we say in poker (the cards to make the strongest possible hand), well, unless you live in a district of nuts (fanatically loyal party voters) like San Fransisco that most likely will return us the dunce known as Poloski, each and every Democrat in a conservative, and perhaps not so conservative, district is drawing dead (a hand with no possibility of winning) and folding their cards instead of wasting any more political capital investing in what's is egregiously a bad hand.

However, there are those "steamers" still out there. A steamer is a person after getting burned on a miracle hand wanting to regain the loss that "shouldn't" had happen, will make insane bets hoping to gain either their losses back or gain the miracle hand themselves. These are the "fish" that pros like to seek out knowing they'll make losing bets and gain more money for them. It seems that there are some so determined to believe that they know better than the people that elected them, or just plain don't care (there are some that don't care if they lose the bank, rare as it is), that they're going to push ahead with their losing propositions. So much so, that some are willing to let the constitution be damned and do so by force or just plain change to the rules like stating this hand we're playing low ball now, as Obama has stated by using executive orders. This is akin to the scene in Maverick where Maverick wins his hand but the gunfighter thinks that hand shouldn't count and he's willing to use brute force (until he finds out that Maverick is a better draw than he is).

The overall hand is this. The American people have seen that they have a losing bet with Obama, especially with the economy and national security. The smart democrats are seeing this and folding. The steamers are trying to have the rules changed so their losing hand is the winning one. Now the big question is will the conservatives take advantage and call their bluff or will they fold or create a worse hand for themselves by joining in with the Dems or worse, nominate Palin who says what conservatives like to hear, but has shown not to have the experience, skills, or even temperament to be electable (just like McCain wasn't). The pot is there for conservatives to win, the question is will they make the right move to gain it. Or will they just fold, like they have in the past, and play with a losing hand as well.

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