Monday, February 22, 2010

The Federal Courts war against edcation.

I had 2 court rulings that I felt were the bane of making our public education system being functional. The biggest being all children are "entitled" to a free public education, though for those that don't want it, I ask why? More on that later, as well as the ending of silence prayers. Now a federal court has made what has to be one of the stupidest rulings all in the guise of free speech. This ruling could well put the final nail in the coffin of a function, if down right, the survivability of our K12 public education system.

To give background, a student didn't care for a teacher and decided to use her Facebook to slander the said teacher. The Principal, finding out about the rant, suspended the student as being a disruption in the classroom and on the attitude on campus as those that read the rant tended to side with her rebellion. The parent (I love those parent who child refuses to learn, but defend them to rebel) sued the school stating that her free speech was impeded. Two years later, the court ruled that as long as it's opinion and doesn't threaten anyone, it's free speech and the school had no right to suspend or discipline the student. Now the child, who's now an adult, and the parent are suing for financial damages. This completely defies logic and the meaning behind freedom of speech. What's going to results, I fear because I was witness to such indiscretions, is more contempt for education by those that just plain don't want it.

First of all, lets go over what, in my opinion, free speech was meant to protect: political speech. The purpose of which, since I've actually have studied the constitution, more than some in office have, and it was to protect the voting citizens from ramifications from the government. I can go and say, though not for long if this current administration have anything to say about it, Obama sucks. The government doesn't have the constitutional empowerment to come and arrest me or infringe on any of my liberties. However, if I was to go to some dork with an Obama sticker on his car and make such a statement, I'm most likely going to get a few choice words in response. That's free speech as well. You see, the liberties that were laid in the foundation of our constitutional republic was such that you're free to do as you will as long as it doesn't impugned another's freedom. There is no freedom without responsibility. This is what is meant in the brilliant statement of "these inalienable rights as endowed by our creator." We're all endowed to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, as long as we don't take such traits from others. Minors, which are under the jurisdiction of their parents, though the government have been assaulting that for the last 50 years, aren't under such freedom. They're young, inexperience, immature, make rash and silly decisions. That's why we have laws making parents responsible for them. If said minor commits transgressions, then they, if they're mature enough to know better, or the parents are held accountable. Now to claim that a high school student, as defined by our laws, is mature enough to appreciate the power and the responsibility to exercise free speech is down right silly. Just listen to the kids on the street and it's enough to make you shake your head. Now we're giving those minors a "right" to undermine a person that has been authorized to educate them as mandated by law just makes no sense. Especially for someone that, by law, isn't mature enough to fully appreciate the very right the court has just given them over the authority of an educator.

What this means now, if a student doesn't like what a teacher is educating, he has the right to talk back. If a teacher, one of their duties is to provide a safe and learning environment, is exercising what is one of his responsibilities, the student has a right to state otherwise and refuse. This freedom without responsibility completely undermines the teacher, as well as the administration's, job to provide that safe and learning environment, because a CHILD that can't appreciate the right they have now can use it to undermine that goal and incur no consequences. Teachers now are going to have to watch what they say or do because now the children have the right to make statements undermining it. If they don't like the lesson, they can talk trash because it's now free speech. Don't like history as it's written, you can make up your own and claim free speech, if a student thinks 2+2 is 5, it's now free speech. If you want to call him or her a stupid racist fill in expletive here, it's now free speech. I know, because I went through it for a year and got very little support from parents and administration as it was over the threats, racists statements, and down right disinterment of the subject matters. The argument now is they only have the right to do so on social sites like Facebook. I say they're wrong because it's going to grow and believe me, those that hate education aren't stupid. What's to stop them from going to test the waters and start texting in class out in the open and scream free speech? What's to stop them from going to speak out profanities to teachers and administrators and cry free speech? What's to have them advertise drug sales, ok, I know it's illegal, but to make the claim? Free speech? I've witnessed such transgression and with this ruling, it's going to get worse because when Vallejo went Bankrupt, the gangs knew they had advantage with law enforcement being undermined by the financial constraints and just went crazy knowing they're likely to get away with their crimes and they did.

Freedom without responsibility is the definition of anarchy. Now with minors now given the gift of having power over the authorities to use free speech in their defiance of educational goals can lead to nothing but more problem in a system that's already dysfunctional. When silent prayers were taken out, that took out values and we ended up with a valueless education system. The moral reletivism that has lead to not even being able to call a terrorist a terrorist or a mass murderer a murderer and we have political correctness to the point we can't even defend ourselves from the most exgregious threats. When the courts ruled that everyone was entitled to a public education, that allowed those that hated or didn't want to be educated to ruined it for those that do. Now with the power to shut down the education system with the power of free speech, or basically giving the students the right to shout down or filibuster teachers should such rulings allow them to exercise their right during school hours, what is a teacher or educator going to do? Teaching is a difficult enough job as it. Most don't realize how hard or even dangerous it is. Most think it's a part time job at 30 hours a week (never mind the hours of non-class time work involved) with 3 months off with holidays (never mind we still have to take extra classes to maintain our credentials) and they just stand and talk (while half the class is on their own tangent and/or threatening each other). They don't see the contempt or the fighting to maintain the safe and learning environment which often is futile. You can't educate an unwilling subject. They don't see the threats, the chaos, or how those that have disdain for education just reap the energy and ability for those that want to teach or learn or how much work they make for them. Or how they have to tip toe over issue worrying about a lawsuit or physical harm (two teachers were assaulted while I was in Vallejo as well as 3 cars of teachers were stolen and nothing was done to the students involved). Now the courts just gave the students the right to have speech over them. How are they suppose to educate now? I know one thing, I sure don't want to teach in this environment. Perhaps if we had judges be required to do the job for just one week or if these same punks were allowed to make slanderous statements about them, perhaps they would wake up. Preserving civil rights of children is one thing. Giving them freedoms without responsibilities, because this is what this ruling does, gives them speech without incurring any consequences for anything said, is only going to lead to anarchy. Given by how many adults support this ruling (about 2 out of 3), not many adults appreciate or have the maturity as well. Perhaps its because they too were publicly educated.

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