Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Government, not the insurance industry, is the real enemy.

Reading about how Obama is attempting to make reality illegal over the issue of health care, one commenter made a comment that demanded a response. That the reality is that insurance companies are price gouging and the government is the only way to stop them. To see such ignorance and class warfare hatred, I felt a need to counteract that statement. After all, this person, other then their own prejudice had nothing to back up their claim that the evil insurance industry is colluding in the dark rooms and fixing prices. I however, worked 15 years in the financial industries and had to work on quite a few insurance audits and learned the workings and using my mathematical and statistical talents, to find out if such premiums were reasonable for just plain outrageous (and don't get me wrong, some were, but by far a vast majority weren't). Allow me to go over what I saw was the main contributor in ascending order of what is the real causes of the costs of insurance premium.

#5) Technology costs. When it comes to health and disability care, we're blessed with having the latest and highest technology in the care of our health and disabilities. Anyone ever watch those crime or forensic shows and how investigators and scientist use all those fancy equipment with so many syllables that it turns the tongue into knots and frankly I'm not going to attempt to spell. Does anyone think these technological advances come cheap? The other side of this double edge sword is that with great advances, comes great costs, especially in their infancy. Now the government wants to penalize medical facilities or manufactures by setting prices or taking away deductions for investing in such technologies. That will only discourage their research and usage.

#4) The abuses by the non-productive. When it comes to the debate that having financial security, whether it be health care, car insurance, etc, the main flaw is rewarding the unproductive at the expense of the productive. Those that refuse to insure their vehicles, who also tend to engage in the riskiest behaviors, or know that hospitals are mandated by law to treat anyone regardless of ability to pay, will abuse the system and use it as a right for free care or that the productive should pay for the action of those that aren't. As times get harder, those that must choose over having that Xbox, drugs, or being financially responsible by having adequate insurance, well, you figure it out. As more and more people abuse this "right", the costs go up and the revenue has to come from somewhere. Unlike leftist that truly believe money grows on trees, it doesn't appear out of thin air.

#3) Illegal Immigrants. Illegal immigrants have more rights when it comes to health care, education, and social services than citizens. Don't give me the malarkey that they live in the shadows or fear deportation. They've been given amnesty twice already, smuggle drugs and if stopped, the border patrol gets prosecuted like Ramos, or the case in AZ and TX where ranchers lost their ranches when illegals "claimed" to be threaten. Go to DMV and see how many, most not able to speak English, are getting license or registering to vote. Go to an ER and see how many are getting care without insurance and for every little sniffle. Tell me this doesn't add to the costs to health care. I got rear ended by an illegal in 2002. Not only did nothing happened to the guy, he had no insurance and his truck took little damaged compared to my car. Guess who had to pay for it? Guess who's insurance, since he had neither insurance or a license and was released and allow to take his truck, had to pay for it and who got a rate increase? Like I said before, money doesn't grow on trees, unless you're a liberal, and the revenue has to come from somewhere. Here, in California, they want to give (and give is the correct word because their standards are going to be far lower than for citizens) driver license to illegals so they can get car insurance. Pleaaaaaaase. If they're not paying for health care, education, social services, or in other words, not taking financial responsibility as it is and having no regard to our laws and lets face it, we're not enforcing the ones we have on the books now, do you really think by giving them licenses, they're going to cough up what little money they have for car, health, disability, etc. insurance? If so, I got swampland to sell you.

#2) Lawyers. Tort law and fraud are even more costly than the abusers and illegals. If anyone thinks the government is the cure and private insurance is the enemy, come to California and take a good hard look at our Worker Compensation Insurance system. Though it's a government "option" where private insurance are allowed to compete, why would they. It's so full of corruption, fraud, and regulations that make it expensive as heck with little to no benefits to the injured party, very few (I only saw 3 companies that were willing) private companies will even participate in the rigged system. John Edwards made millions suing hospitals and doctors for "malpractice" and CP cases claiming that the facilities and employees were to slow to do C sections and that caused the CP. Turned out that it's caused by a viral infection that had nothing to do with the doctors actions, but that didn't stop Edwards from lying and manipulation juries to the tune of hundred of millions of dollars. 1/3 of OB's will be sued in their lifetime having them to pay massive malpractice insurance. Add any little grievance with our victimization mentality we have in our society, and it doesn't take much to have a major lawsuit headache. Lawyers and parasite have no restrains in their reasons and numbers of times they can sue and often do. Many people make a living suing people, mainly professionals and hospitals. Many now aren't going into the profession, my wife included, because they don't want the threat or hassle of a lawsuit by an reasonable or unrealistic person to take everything they've earned. Who, other than a bitter class warfare liberal, doesn't think this doesn't escalate the costs of insurance. Take fake soft tissue lawsuits, scoop and swoops frauds (where a car is boxed in by 3 cars involved in a scam to have the front car slam the breaks and the victim with nowhere to go but into the rear end of the car to make an insurance claim for damages and pain and suffering). And for those that think this "health care" bill will lower costs. The bill has NOTHING to stop these lawsuits. That not only will do nothing to lower costs, but most likely increase scarcity because nobody in their right mind will become doctors or nurses.

#1) Government mandates. All, but #2, wouldn't even be an issue if it wasn't for government mandates requiring care and services for the said groups. Obama was quoted, "that for those that fear our medical system will be come socialized, I have news for you. It already is." He's right. What is failed to be presented by the government and their complicated media is that is why health care is in the mess that it is. With "everyone is entitled to health care regardless of their ability to pay" is what allows #5-#3 to proliferate. There's an old saying, make a system that even a fool can use, and only a fool will use it. That's what we're seeing. We allow fools and irresponsible people to use our medical and legal system and it's predominately being used by these fools to escape the consequences of their action. The government mandates they accommodate these fools and suffer the consequences for them. This is why so many hospitals are going bankrupt, why so many drivers drive without insurance, why dumba$$es can put hot coffee between their legs and sue McDonalds for having coffee that's hot. One consequence of a mandate just seems to lead to more. After the coffee incident, the government mandated what temperature coffee can be. When a child gets hurt at a playground, the government mandated what equipment children can play on (which isn't much), when illegals abuse our medical system, they make more mandates to see that the industry doesn't take step to save themselves financially by making more requirements to treat them and giving illegals more legal rights to sue and have interpreters. It's no mystery why the costs go through the roof as the problems progress. As the problems progress, the government make more mandates that makes it worse. It's no mystery why rates go up, because the costs are going up. Medical costs have the highest rate of inflation of any industry. As it become abundantly clear, it's not that the insurance industry is making up numbers and charging more because they can like the banks (that get government money I may add), but because they're responding to the market forces that have been colluded by the government. For anyone that sees private insurance as the enemy and not the government is in for one rude surprise should the government gets what it wants: socialism. Then and only then, will they realize how expensive it is to be ignorant to who the real enemy is and how expensive outlawing and denying reality. Not only in financial costs, but to our liberties. Haven't we paid enough already?

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