Friday, February 19, 2010

The IRS plane bomber and the leftist media.

As I stated in an earlier blog, the left doesn't believe in absolute truth and defines any moral imperative with anything they want. One of the subject was terrorism by believing they've combat it by defining it as something else. It seems now that one lone nut job may demonstrate this truth while derailing everything the "Tea Party" has fought to expose over the corruption that has engulfed our republic. Now one man, who reached his breaking point, and goes out and does an act of insanity, will drive the leftist slander machine to a consequence that this "person" never even considered would be a variable in the equation.

Unless someone has been cave exploring the last 24 hours or totally isolated themselves from civilisation and its medias like Tom Hanks character in the movie Castaway, it's well known that a man that had a beef with the IRS decided to take matters into his own hand and decided to take his own life and as many of agents of the IRS with him. What I find predictable and at the same time worrisome is the leftist media reaction to the whole incident. That it's a right wing terrorist plot.

First of all, I agree that this was an act of terrorism by one lone nut job. Anyone that intends to fly a plane into a building for the sole purpose to murder them over a political objective is, by definition, a terrorist. Though all the evidence so far has shown that it was the act of one man frustrated and riled up over years with his disdain over the tax code and its enforcement, it isn't stopping the media to slander the Tea Party and their supporters. A media that refuses to call 9-11 an act of terrorism by Islamic Fanatics and still are making claims that it was an inside job by the Bush Administration, that still refuses to call the Fort Hood massacre that was committed by a radical Muslim shouting Allahu Ackbar (God is Greatest) while murdering "his" fellow soldiers, an act of terrorism but a mental illness that sounds made up (most likely because it is) of pretrumatic stress disorder, and refuse to call the Christmas day Fruit of Kaboom attempted bomber a terrorist, but a lone criminal act with all the rights and privileges under the constitution, but at the same time will call Mr. Randolph (the abortionist bomber), Tim McVeigh, and now this lone man a terrorist. Well, it's clear as to why, the first group are colored Muslims, while the latter are white. Now the media are saying they're all right wingers and Christians with the exception of Randolph, is completely false. Randolph was a radical Christian right winger, he was, unlike the Muslim counterparts, condemned and disfellowship for his high crimes.

Now the media, following either Axelrod or Emmanuel, I forget which, policy of not letting a good crisis go to waste are going to use this to smear and slander the Tea Party. They're now associating this man as a representative of all those who are followers of the Tea Party: White, racists, crazy, anti-government, anti-tax, murderous. The left has been looking for a reason to be able to hammer down the Tea Party as a terrorist threat so the government can crack down on them because they were not only making too much noise, but were starting to expose the corruption involved with our current political climate. Health Care is going down, ACORN has been exposed as the criminal enterprise that it is, more conservative candidates were breaking the chain of the amour as Brown's election has demonstrated as well as a mass exodus of democrats willing to quit than go through the embarrassment and humiliation of a lopsided defeat that is coming in so many district and state. The Tea Party had been breaking a lot of ground against the leftist movement of the liberal and statist Democratic and RINO machine. Now this terrorist act is done by none less than an insane anti-tax and government lunatic and now the left has what it needs to paint the group that has given them so much trouble and was becoming a real and major threat. Given history's lesson, it's going to work. Look at McVeigh who still branded as an example of Christian extremism though the man wasn't a Christian and never claimed to be a Christian (He was a panist). Look at what happened at Waco when the government using military equipment, a blantant violation of the constitution, when they went against the Branch Davidians and they had committed no criminal act other than they owned too many guns by the Clinton Administration's view. Or even how 1/3rd of Americans don't believe that 9-11 was even committed by Islamic extremist but by the Bush Administration. The media still has a great influence on the weak minded and ignorant and there are still plenty of them.

In the Terminator series, the main premise is how one man can completely turn the course of humanity. In this series, it's the salvation of humanity in its war against the machines. Now one man can change the course of events because now one man has given a radical party and movement the crisis it needs to paint their political enemies as "terrorists". Though they won't call real terrorists as such, they can successfully paint truly concerned and patriotic Americans as such because of this one said incident, then one man can derail the entire progress and movement of the Tea Party. The only movement that is having any real consequence against a radical and destructive movement in the breakdown the liberties and constitutionalism of our republic. Nothing will please the left more than to have this one man become the savior of their socialist and statist goals and thus we will see the media do all they can to define, paint, and slander the said conservative group. Time will tell if indeed this one lone nut job will succeed. Then perhaps we'll learn that what we may perceive as an insufficient act, may end up having major consequences that we couldn't conceive.

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