Monday, February 8, 2010

Troubling sign from England.

A little known story from the Mail Online News has one that we should take note of since we're about two steps behind England when it comes to our policies regarding the practices of Islamics. The story, that can found here: Basically stated at teacher, who was Christian, was fired from is teaching position because he was too intolerant of his Muslims bigotry. Seems, and keep in mind, these are 4th graders, we're praising the 9-11 attackers as heroes and myrtars. When he complained, his principal sided with the little terrorist and basically told me to shut up. After 3 more times, he needed to instill more discipline. When they protested that he needed to be killed because he was a Brit and Christian, it was the last straw. England is an ultratolerent nation and for it they're starting to die out as a nation as the radical immigrants from the Northern African countries are pouring in, they are importing their hatreds, bigotry, and 3rd world mentality with them. As having been a teacher myself, this kind of attitude, by both the students and the administration, should be intolerable, but instead are running rampage.

Why I make the statement that we're just a couple of steps behind. First of all, having a year under my belt in the public education system, I can tell you such apathy towards teachers that don't toe the PC line are treated with such contempt and disdain. I can't count the times that I received such indignation's. I remember when it finally hit me and realize how futile instilling discipline and educating my student were as the gangs were the ones running the school and they knew it was when the Assistant Principal demanded that I stop sending trouble student to them. You see, they were giving them detention, but they were refusing to show up and the parents refuse to intervene. Well, heck, what am I suppose to do? As we import more 3rd worlders (1/3 of my students were ESL's), they were bringing their gang and contempt against America with them. Add the PC of minority racism, like the overwhelming times I was being accused to oppose them because they were acting "too black" or "too Latino" or fill in the blank. The treats I would get if I dare to intervene or prevent violence should they decide someone offended their "honor (what honor they had is beyond me), it left many teacher paralyzed. Nobody wanted to confront or oppose the gangs or their mentality. Now think would be going on if the pluralists were Muslims. I can tell you, it would be exactly as this man is telling. Just change Islamic mentality and prejudice with the black, Latino, etc and it is a repeat of what I and other teachers went through.

This incident should be troubling because now we have an administration that not only would agree with these students, though I doubt they would admit it in public, but don't believe that Islamic terrorism even exists. They man made disasters. A skunk by any other name will still stink as badly, and so will this delusion of the facts. Any such resistance will be met with government intervention to protect the rights of the minority. I've seen it too many times. Add that this administration wants to have a lottery to issue out "diversity" vista and to mainly terrorist sponsoring countries, well, I'm speechless, but what results do they really expect from this program? What? We don't have enough deversity or is it that one whitie is one too many? Given that they seen Christians and Conservatives as the real terrorist threats, not the Islamics, who do you think the government will defend?

There are troubling signs in England and we're heading down the same path. How soon will be so appeasing to our enemies that they will become open and brazen like they are in England? What does this say about a culture that breed children that want to kill and have such hatred for people and a race at the age of 8? What does this say about the future of the West? I fear we're going to find out if we continue down this worn and broken path. As for I, it has made me more relieved that I no longer teach and grateful my ex-wife grew a brain and got our two children out of public education.

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