Friday, February 5, 2010

Why the founding fathers distrusted political parties.

Retard: cause to move more slowly or operate at a slower rate. I've decided to look up the word "retard" in the dictionary. For those of you who don't know what a dictionary is, as it seems apparent by the latest conservancy brewing with Palin and Emmanual, it a book that defines word. Sarcasm aside, it also is a history book of sorts as the definition appear in order of their evolution. In other words, the definitions listed first are the oldest use of the word. The one stated in the opening line is the oldest use of the word "retard". The reference of the handicap is listed 6th, so there are 5 other reference that were in use long before it was used to define someone of a mental handicap. In my physic class, we refer to the word when a force is opposing another saying the one force retards the effect of the other. According to Palin, I just committed a bigoted act.

I don't care for the current Administration and the cabinet members. I think they're one of the most evil people ever to occupy the executive branch of our government, if not the most evil. However, Emmanual's comment, though stupid, had nothing to do with Palin's son Tig. I seriously doubt as this Chief of Staff was making his exclamation of frustration that he had her son in mind and was making comparison. For Palin to take it as a dig on her son just demonstrate why I don't like the woman: she's just as arrogant as Poloski and just as Narcassitic as Obama in this case. Only an Narcissist would think that statement was directed at her and her family. Now this woman is going on the warpath to have the word banned in government. Uh, I thought conservatives were all about free speech (as long as it doesn't infringe on another person's rights) not censorship. How is this different than when Obama and company wanted to "restrict" the speech against gays or their administration? If anyone has the answer, please tell me because I don't see it. Are we in Physics not going to be allow to use retard when discussing opposing forces? Seems Palin is taking a page out of the liberal's playbook: claiming hate speech over an offense. Well, the first amendment was ratified to protect offended speech because non offensive speech would need no protection. She's just shown me to be no different than the current occupant of the White House.

Now with Rush Limbaugh, rightfully so, defending the fool to make a fool of himself has put Palin in a rather awkward position: attacking the opposition party while embracing one of the conservatives most recognized icons. The fact that many conservatives are confused and ambivalent about whom to side with shows a fact about why the founding fathers distrusted political parties. If anyone remembers when Cheney used the F word during a Private conversation with an opposing party member of congress how the media just went ballistic? They wanted the Cheney removed and many found such a statement unsuited for the office of the VP. Conservatives were all defending him while the left went on their tirade of hate speech. Now that the tables are turned, it seem its the conservatives that want to enact an enforcement of hate speech while the left is doing the defending of free speech. This is the double edge sword that lead the founding father's to hate and distrust political parties: nepotism. We're all for or against an issue based on what a member of a party who is in power thinks. To give a prime example, take the medicaid prescription drug program. When Bill Clinton tried to enacted it, the Republicans stopped it cold. When Bush enacted it 6 years later, all the Republicans voted for it. Same bill, Same idea, same financial disaster in the making, but the difference was now there was a Republican (actually a RINO, but that's for another day) in the White House. Parties tend to think what's right or wrong based on who's in office. How is this much different than the Islamic world where they fight for what thug is in charge other than we don't kill each other?

Now Palin wants to lead the Tea Party. Fellow Tea Partiers, if we let this woman take the lead, then we're slipping right into the same mentality that got us the corrupt two parties we have now. The mentality of we're good, they're bad and whatever we do is always good and what they do is always bad. To let a woman that has this diatomic thinking will do us no good, and will just bring the apathy that has infected the two parties to our cause. Frankly, why would we want a woman that gets so easily offended to lead us. After all, she now wants to ban certain speech which is what we've been fighting the current administration over. To let this woman get away with this and become our leader, well, I dare to say it, that would be beeping retarded.

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