Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Liberals Stupidity on passage of health care.

I've been looking through the comments about the passage of the health care bill, or the death care of America as I see it. What I find unbelievable and stupid are many of the comments by the left about the historical day and the century long struggle has come to an end. How Obama has given the financially downtrodden a much needed boost and how the national deficit is finally going to be cut. HUH? Boy, that free medical marijuana must had been issued really quick because they're smoking some good crap. I'm going to cover the costs aspect.

First of all, this statement of how the downtrodden are getting a boost. I often find contradictory statements by these fools. I've read more than once of how those financially struggling are going to lifted out of their quagmire because they won't have to worry about expensive health care costs or premiums. They make the statements that only those making over $200k are going to pay for it and how it's a good thing they're being forced by the gun to pay for those of us that aren't as "lucky" or how they need to pay their fair share that they took for those that work. They still think economic cost vs. benefits are zero sum games so if they're wealthy, they took from someone that isn't. If that was the case, 3rd world countries would be the richest in the world because their government takes from everyone and produces . . . nothing. Oh wait, that's why they're the poorest. The argument that taking from the rich to give to the poor makes economic prosperity is just absurd. What's worse, it just makes everyone equally poor. If this system is such a Utopian model, then why is congress, their staff, bureaucrats, and unions not obligated to participate?

What's even more stupid is after they make this statement of socialist Utopia that is to come especially for the working class (unless unionized for they're exempt til 2018) and poor is how you still have a choice. If you opt out or you just can't afford to buy insurance, it will only incur a reduction of$695 on your tax refund. Uh wait a second. Didn't they just say that only those that make over $200K are paying for this? I hate to bring it to these dolts, but if you're paying $695 in additional taxes, that's a cost. Seems that the left thinks all the money is the government and any reduction of refund, as most of us seem to get, isn't costs, but a reduction of revenue from the government to the people. This shows how ignorant they are of taxes and how the government system works. Government revenue in the form of taxes isn't the government's money. It's the people's money. It's earned by the people and basically taken by the government to provide for public services. It contributes nothing to the GDP and in fact takes capital out. Some GDP is gained by the spending provided it's goes to some productive enterprise like services for national defense, fire protection, construction of schools and road, etc. These health care taxes are nothing but a transfer of wealth which does nothing for the GDP and if anything will diminish by disincentives. It keeps the private sector (more on that later) from expanding and hiring more workers (including unionized workers). So getting $695 less on our return is a tax and thus, the poor are paying as well.

What's worse, this assume even the poor who's getting free care for their $695 have the money to pay in the first place. You see, those that think refunds are revenue given by a benevolent government don't really understand how the tax system works. Having 13 years of payroll and income tax experiences working for an Enrolled Agent, I had to deal with the IRS and tax issues (don't make me tell stories of the research through the IRS codes I had to do, it gives me horrid nightmares!). Those that get refunds, with exception of tax credits like Worker's Tax Credit, had paid the government more in taxes than what they owe. One of the sneakiest codes put into our tax system was the pay as you go. You see, when income taxes are enacted in our misguided 17th amendment, most people that never paid taxes suddenly had tax liabilities coming due on March 15th, 1919. However, nobody was saving up. What was the government going to do, put 5 million new tax payers in jail? They did the pay as you go where you pay a portion out of your check every time you get paid. That number next to the term FED is the federal income tax. After the year is over, we do our returns and find out what our total liability is. That's the tax that the government, by our IRS codes and laws, is entitled to take from us. If we pay more, as often is the case, we get a refund. If not, well, you know that story. You send a check with your return. So to say that the poor isn't paying into this "free" system is just plain nonsense. It's not a reduction of free money from the government (unless you get tax credits which most of us don't). It's just a plain lie that only those making $200k is paying for it as those that they claim is helping the most is also getting hit with a nice penalty that equates to over $55 a month.

What about those of us without jobs? I've been looking for over 2 years. I'm nearly at the end of my rope and trying not to take the only work that is being offered to me: overseas. What reason would I want to stay now with this additional burden, and I'll tell you right now, I won't be able to pay it. It's taking everything I have just to keep from sinking. So now I'm going to look at a possible jail sentence over this "free" health care? I'm to be imprisoned for being poor and out of work? Uh, does Biden FU mean anything? This pretty much has sealed my fate as I don't want to leave my family or children who live with their mother, but I'm not finding much choice being left here. How does this expand my freedom when I'm being forced to leave, unless a decent job here in the states happen which isn't looking very likely anytime soon as businesses going to be looking to downsize even more to provide the taxes for this "free" care.

Worse even still, it will do nothing to grow health care. My wife is studying for the medical licensing exam, but she now has no intentions to practice here in the states. Not only does she not want to have to deal with God knows how many bureaucracies (159 news ones to be added to the hybrid that now exists), but she is completely terrified of the evil and greedy lawyers in this country. There is no tort reform in this law and lawyers will still have free reign over any PERCEIVED wrongs and who's going to back them? You guessed it, the government. Remember Edwards made millions for blaming doctors that later proved they weren't any way shape or form responsible for and Edwards still had no qualms about how he destroyed them. You think it will be any different now that this law has passed. If anything, it will get worse as government will be working against their own interests and create rationing, deny care and say tough luck like monograms for anyone under 50. If you get breast cancer, will it's not the government's fault, but sue the doctor any ways. You know wage controls are coming since theirs no real free market anymore. She wants to practice in Asia somewhere afterwords, and I'm sure I can blame her though I'm trying to convince her New Zealand or Australia.

What gets me is that this system is suppose to be a great Utopia, but the government, bureaucrats, and unions are exempt (union til 2018 anyways, make sense of that) and we have to pay the taxes and incur the penalties for the next 4 years while the health care plan doesn't kick in til then. Why not do it now. The private sector doesn't exists or prosper because of government. That's akin of saying without government there is no private sector. Well, without the protection of life and property, that's correct. But the government can't exist without the private sector for they don't produce anything. All goods and services that contribute to the GDP all generate from the private sector and 1/6 of that GDP has just been, abet slowly, going to be nationalized which means that capital produced into the GDP by the health care industry is going to be gone. Given the recession we're undergoing, this couldn't come at a worse time. With 16% of the economy going to the way of a nonproductive entity, this is going to hammer our economy worse and going to slide us into a deep depression unless something is done to counter it. Frankly, I would rather have a $200K job and pay for this service myself than to be unemployed and have it "free" provided I can come up with the $695 tax payment. Frankly, this isn't what I call the hope I needed or the change the country needs. This is just the financial costs. There are more to costs than financial and that's political and Liberian costs and we're about to find out how high those are going to be. Perhaps those fools that are praising this will learn a harsh lesson of life: there's more to life than just money.

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