Monday, April 19, 2010

Doctor Apathy: the bigger dangers of socialized healthcare?

My wife's mother passed away on Saturday (Sunday in the Philippines). The drama that lasted two years and was so unnecessary has me thinking. How much of a problem is the apathy that drew out this drama prevails to in our medical system. what started as a simple pneumonia infection and up being drawn out into a two year drama that eventually will lead to the death of my mother-in-law. what's worse is the fact that her death will be officially to be determined as caused by natural causes. The mitigating circumstance that eventually led to take a so called natural causes won't even be a footnote in her death certificate. The cause that lead to her secondary infections that will eventually lead to her death won't even be mentioned. It is this hidden danger that really has me wondering and and how big it of a problem this really is in the medical profession.

This tragic story begins two years ago from what started as a simple high fever which led to a visit to the hospital and eventually lead to the prognosis of a pneumonia infection. As it turned out, the infection got severe leading to the need to use massive antibiotics. During which her blood count that low and thus a blood transfusion was needed. Little did anyone know at this time that this simple procedure was to have major and dramatic consequences. It seems that the quality blood supply in the Philippines are quite to the standards as we take for granted here in the united states. Shortly after she recovered from her bout with their infection she started having new symptoms of another aliment. For several months attempts of a follow-up check up mainly with her blood work fell on deaf ears of her Physician. She'd wrote them off as either side effects or just plain harassment of a difficult patient. Even after she started getting jaundice. At this point, my wife, who has had medical training, started to suspect she may have contracted a liver disease. For months she to tried to get her mother to either get her doctor to do a post check up, which her doctor refuse to do, and in fact stopped seeing her, or to get a second opinion from another doctor. After seven months her mother, with intervention from other family members, from the get her to another doctor and within a week was able to confirm that she contacted hepatitis B. To make matters worse there was a notification from the blood bank that some other blood had been contaminated with the hepatitis B. virus. However, her first doctor refused to test for it. having been left unchecked for seven months the virus had done its toll of damage. Treatable when detected early, the long term effect after one year of treatment though eventually did defeat and removed the hepatitis virus, the damage to her liver was done. She ended up with chirossis with 80 percent of her liver damaged beyond repair. Two months later, she died from complications resulting from there of.

What has got me thinking is how in the end on her death certificate the cause of death is going to be natural causes. There is going to be nothing mentioned about how what led to this natural cause was completely preventable. There will be no footnote mentioning how they doctors denial of a patient's symptoms and a lack of care lead to those natural causes. This has me wondering how much of a problem this is currently in our own medical system. How many people have deaths ruled as natural causes when the cause It's something that's completely was treatable or curable, but because of neglect, incompetence, are just plain apathy, a lack of medical care or improper medical care lead to these deaths and they're just not documented. Since such causes don't have any paper trails or just plain may be missed simply because it causes look like natural occurrences, I suspect this problem is much higher than we realize.

What should be troublesome to think about is we have people directly involved and much of this is undetectable as it is. Soon bureaucrats are going to be in charge of our health care and I just got a good example of how damaging apathy can be. How apathetic are bureaucrats gonna be once they're in charge of our health care and on who gets what and when? Who's Gonna be accountable is such negligence apathy are incompetence or involve the Health care that leads to death are it greater sickness. We Already have one reporter the confirmed that there is indeed going to be death panels in our Health care system now so now they have a system that may even encourage such lack a protocol And by design the less. As of now all there are some means of making health care workers accountable for such lack of due diligence. This doctor will be able o bypass such lack of diligence because several family members work for this doctor and do not want to lose their jobs. What's it gonna be like when it's the government in control and they can by mandate indoctrinate such lack of protocols? When by law to cut costs, will be required as means of fiscal responsibility, to be encourage to have such tragic events unfold? Will Use the argument that their time has come and natured just took its course? Can they justify creating these natural causes by improper protocol's We're in a climate of unaccountability, such lapses will be deemed as this infallibility Of the human body all are of the human systems and thus are just the facts of life as we will know it?

I fear that more these unnecessary tragedies will just be commonplace when our new socialist medicine star take effect in 2014. As I've just seen it could be commonplace right now but is well hidden to keep those responsible from suffering the consequences of their acts. With government takeover and implementation, the fear of consequences will be eradicated. Then what will be the determinant against those who have ill will against their fellow man or two and still due diligence in the medical profession? As it's well established that and government accountability is a word that is not well used or implemented. Those that don't use due diligence can now just come out of the woodwork. There will no longer be any motivation for such diligence. I'm sure a great normal of medical professionals applied by great standards and excellence in their protocols but as history has shown all it takes is one or two to do a great deal of damage to the entire industry. All it took to take the life of my mother in law was one. All it took to take the life for my mother in law a delay of a few months. We may even not have the option to seek other opinions are in may take so long that by the time we get it, tragically, it will be far beyond the window of opportunity to alleviate the crisis.

My mother in law was a good hard working woman, who after being willow ed, raise three fine children on her own. She deserved far better treatment and had many more years to contribute. Now that she's gone, I pray now that the lesson from her untimely demise doesn't go unheeded. However, given the apathetic and arrogant attitude of our government and the bureaucracies that are going to be created, I fear more stories like mine are going to be the norm and not the exception.

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