Thursday, April 1, 2010

The hypocrisy and evil of liberals.

The latest diatribe by the left just has me completely disgusted and I'll admit down right scared. The hatred, anger, stupidity, and promotion of evil is just staggering and how they disguise them as acts of benevolence, justice and moral is downright insane. I've gone through a few articles and comments and what I'm discovering is not only has Obama broken his promises in extreme levels, but most are over looking one that the media has made and though their justification isn't overlooked, the original promise has: that Obama will unified the country. The country is more divided than I've ever seen and perhaps the most since the Civil War and possibly worse. Just look at people's attitude, especially the left's, and there's no unity at all. Just hatred, class warfare, racism against whites, bigotry against religion (except Islam and though many on the left claim to hate them and their God, they sure don't show it publicly). It's sad that the very principals that they claim to enbrace, freedom of speech, alms for the poor, equality are nothing but buzz words to mesmerized the populace to over look the liberties they're forking over.

First, I'll start with a comment that was written by a person in the SF Gate (not best reading, but gives insights into the mind of one of the most insane cities in the country) by someone with the handle Trudat3. I'll state a comment made about an article where the tea party was being sued for libel by one of their donors:

Tea Baggers are just plain white sheet & burning cross racists hidden under a thin facade of inaccurate and unintelligent political rhetoric. As a conservative Republican, they are an embarrassment of such a degree that I am seriously considering registering as an independent unless the RNC cuts all ties and disavows their hate-filled politics and tactics.

Obama could have destroyed al Qaeda, insured every American, saved us from recession, reversed the mortgage disaster, and made our borders secure and the Tea Baggers would still want him out of office.....because he isn't WHITE.

To be fair, I've read some of his other comments and though he's or she takes a lot of conservatives stances, when it comes to racial policies, this person is as bigoted as they come since this person is racist against whites. I say to this person, do us all a favor and leave the Republican Party because we have way too many RINO's as it is.

To the leftist racist points. The comment about Obama. I don't know if he's kept up with current events, but Obama hasn't destroyed Al Qadea. In fact, he's en bolding them with his stupid policies to coddle terrorism. He's insured every American now and over 60% don't like it because it takes from their liberties, will, despite the fantasy that the government is promoting, is going to skyrocket rates and put people in jail if they refuse. In other words, at a great cost that can't be afforded both financially and to our liberties. Not only has NOT saved us from recession but made it worse nearly doubling the unemployment rate and endangering us to hyper inflation with the tripling of our debt and it's only been 15 months while eliminating the Bush tax cuts so don't blame Bush for it, jobs are still being shredded, and all the while spending are to obscene levels. To give how bad, the average economy in the world is $300 billion. Obama's deficit for just this year alone is 4 TIMES HIGHER and that's just the deficit. What testimony does it gives when you needed the entire economies of 4 average countries just on the EXCESSIVE SPENDING? The mortgage crisis, despite all the bribes to the public in the tax credits and "stimulus" hasn't reversed it at all and in fact is going to create another bubble as the slowing down will end once these end and then what? Crisis part 2. Instead of making our borders more secure, they're even more poresous as big sis goes after patriotic Americans that only want to see our laws enforced all the while giving the largest terrorist threat, no not the Christian right as the leftist see all religion as evil except Islam only because the Muslim will actually kill them if they say so, the Muslim get free passes. They're not checked nor will they be subjected to the full body scans as it "offends" their faith of modesty. In that case, why not just surrender since what makes them terrorist is grounds for exempting them from security checks. When it comes to national security, this groups is as incompetent as they come. You see Obama is a complete failure on all these issues, yet this person with their great wisdom doesn't see that it's not his failed policies that the issue with the tea party, it's his color. What other defense do Obama supporters have to explain the opposition to the man other than to cry racism because his policies don't support his legacy so far. This shows not only the left's contempt against the people they supposedly represent, but their bigotry to only see white people where there are many of different colors at these tea party but the media doesn't show them and thus make the claim it's only white people and it's not because BO's policies are a failure, it's because he's black.

What else I see is how the abortion, or what I'll call the protection of innocent life as this will become prevalent in the health care bill that was just passed. The comments and hatred against Christians over the death of an abortion doctor just shows the vile hatred of anyone that isn't towing the moral relativism line. First of all, to beat a dead horse yet again, the conflict of women's liberties over life of new born. I'm not going over that as it's been done to death. It's the counter arguments by the left that should disturb anyone with moral fibers what so ever. Their hatred of Christians as they want to end abortions (I personally keep the exception for rape, incest and mother endangerment) while supporting the death penalty. What the left doesn't get and why they make the hyprocrisy claim is that we believe in protecting INNOCENT life. This is what I find evil about the left. They hate innocent lives. They're all for aborting babies, defending murders and terrorists all the while hating the military that defends the country. Those that have done no wrong or committed no sin are to be protected, but the left does the opposite. They like abortion on demand while seeking to eliminate the death penalty unless it's for what they perceive as Christian intolerance. Then the government needs to execute them, like the one that executed the abortion doctor. Unlike those of Christian faith, we condemn those that commit heinous acts of murder like him. Try getting that from those that commit terrorist acts from the Islamic community (you won't because they believe in terrorism) or from those that kill in the name of leftist causes as they're branded as freedom fighters. Just look at how those that murder in the 60's and 70's in the name of liberal causes. Patty Hearse is viewed as a hero, never mind that marry band robbed banks and murdered an Innocent bystander. Oh, the person was INNOCENT, therefore ok. Shoot, one story that I found in amazement was a woman suing a school that took her daughter to have an abortion without her consent. The mother was outrage not because her daughter had an abortion, or killed her grandchild, or even had a major medical procedure on her minor child. Not, it was because her parental rights were violated in her opinion. You see, she was all for the killing of her grandchild, it was the fact that she didn't need to be consented that she objected to. The anti-Christian bigotry was all over the comment boards til the fact the mother was pro-choice . . . oh sorry, an abortion right advocate as they're called now. It was only the fact that the school was able to have it done without her consent and you know what, surprising as it, I agree with her. I don't agree on her reason why as she wanted her daughter to have the abortion, but as parents since we're responsible for our children til they turned 18, we have the right to consent to such major medical procedure as they can't have an aspirin without such, but can have abortion.

This gets to a core of an issue that doesn't come up. My wife said once as the average Filipino family has 6 children that Filipinos loves their babies, especially the mothers. Here in the states, the women hate their babies or surely don't really love them. I hate to admit she's right. Frankly, we don't seem to have much love for our children here. Look at how the left treat them. They're to be killed before they're born. Afterwords, they get sub par education, the bully and terrorists are supported while the Innocent are left to their own devices. They usurp parental authority and left to slaves of their own passions and tyranny of their peers. I know, I've seen it myself when I was teaching. We take any guidance and authority in the name of freedom for the children when they're not ready for the consequences and responsibility of those freedoms and yet the left called those of us that want to instill discipline and guidance cruel and controlling. Heck we try to encourage our adults to not have any. That they're a burden and obstacle to our liberties. Heck, many on the left feel parents are too stupid and incompetent, and many leftest parents do demonstrate that just look at Britney Spears or Billy Ray Cirus and how poorly they are, and they want the state to be the providers. Oh I fear that on so many levels.

The health care bill is now law and much of what the tea party stated, you know those evil right wing conspiracies that was from those racist crackpots that was making things up because they really just want to see the first black president fail. Well, it was confirmed lately that there are indeed death panels in the law. A reporter went so far to defend it (again, let's kill the Innocent again) as the panel make the decision to deny care it will save the government money. Meanwhile, til the single payer system is enacted, though I take a leap of faith here as the single payer system isn't really in the law but the option is, we're paying by force of the gun in 2012 to pay or be jailed. Who knows what this will lead to as this law gives the government say in activities and policies that affect health. Since that has such a broad range, it can come down to telling us what to eat, what recreation we can engage in, what car we can drive, and it will be the poor that will be stifled the most since the rich can afford to pay. So much for justice for the poor or for those that can't afford to pay. So much for the horror stories of those that were deny care by the insurance company because now all that has been done is that the denial of care will go from the evil insurance company to our benevolence (until the Republican is elected) government. What hypocrisy.

Finally, what is truly evil and hyprocritical is these cries of racism over anyone who opposes Obama. Frankly, racism is playing a huge part in the dissimulation of our country, but it's coming from the left, not the right. Opposing the One's policies because they're proven failures and haven't done anything to get our country out if it doldrums isn't because of racism. Frankly, this man is getting away with so much is because he's black. Racist you say. Well, health care was finally passed. When Clinton and Bush tried, they were soundly defeated by opposing parties. Obama got one of the worse version through using bribes, blackmail, secret deals, arm twisting and some of the most corrupt methods used. He succeeded where white men failed using techniques that would had gotten white men arrested. If it wasn't because of his color, then what was different? His oratorical skills? Nope, Reagan would had passed it. We have a president that can put naked Marxist and radical leftist into position of power in the form of Czars, and yet doesn't really get questioned as to what they're doing or what empowerment's they have. A few have been ousted but only after great outcry from such extremist posturing. If Bush or Clinton had even attempted such exgregious acts they would had been stomped right there.

The gist is such a great deal of corruption, evil, oppression, and tyranny is elevating in our once free republic. The left is behind most of it and much of it was set up by Bush and the final nails are being pounded by Obama and the radical left in congress like Poloski, Boxer, Reid, Durbin to name a few. RINO's like McCain and Bush led the way. Those, especially white liberals, are going wake up and realize we have a broken and balkenized society and we have allow ourselves to slip into a 3rd world status as a banana republic. Perhaps, but I doubt it, that many conservatives have warned and worked against letting this transpire. Perhaps then, the left will realize that the tea party was conspired of sheet wearing (though I like to see one) racist that opposed Obama because he's black. Perhaps they're see that they let Obama turned our country around because he was black and to appear otherwise, they let our republic die. That would be the worse act of hypocrisy.

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