Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The question liberals refuse to answer.

One blogger was asking the question of what would happen if Bush dissed the press like Obama with his fake soccer game diversion. The question is rhetorical as we all know what would happen had Bush done such a stunt. Frankly, I don't think Bush was that smart as I found him to be either the biggest RINO in American history, or perhaps the stupidest president in history. I favor the first. The gross bias of the media is so self evident that unless you're either in complete denial or so far left that you find them to be too warm and fuzzy for your taste, that Obama can go to a nursery school, shoot it up and the media will defend him to the bitter end. The question that liberals I've found refuse to answer is why they hate George Bush. They give the same ole rhetoric but when you get down to it, they say because he was a conservative, but he really wasn't. When one looks at Bush's record and compared to their messiah of the One, Obama, there really isn't much difference between the two.

First of all, when it comes to spending, Bush and the Republicans were like drunken sailors at a whorehouse. With the Democrats, they're sober sailors at a whorehouse. Obama has quadrupled Bush's spending and the democrats find that benevolent while claiming Bush's was irresponsible in its magnitude. Huh? What reverse logic are they using there. Bush was crucified in the press over the Medicaid prescription plan mainly by the Democrats and now we have this monstrosity that makes that pale in comparison, both in cost and liberties, and yet Bush is hated as being fiscally irresponsible, but liberals find this new monstrosity, though in lower numbers, barely a majority, a godsend.

Much hatred of Bush escalated during the closing days because of his bailouts, and rightfully so. However, Obama extended the nationalization of not only of our financial institutions that still mostly is still under government ownership, but extended it even further. Now they've nationalized the auto industry as well is working on nationalizing our health care. When Bush just did a few health care regulatory bills, the left went ballistic, now that Obama is hijacking the whole thing, they give praise to the one. When arguing the point, they use "Bush did it".

When the Patriot Act was enacted, civil liberties unions went into overdrive. Over a bill to intervene FOREIGN plots against the people of the United States. In fact, when I ask them to name one right they lost during that period, they couldn't name one. They couldn't name one person they even knew that was effected by this bill. Though I found the Act to be disconcerting and to be vigilant over it, what's going on now should scare us. Obama quadrupled the power of the Patriot Act to include domestic terrorism which can mean anything since it's by the discretion of the President, the minute of the bill that gave me the most concern. I remember what I told fellow conservatives, "there's going to be a Democrat president someday and how do you think that person will use it?" Well, we now have our answer, against his own citizens that they find to be a threat to their empowerment. Obama now wants to regulate the internet because he doesn't care for what's coming from the blogosphere, is making his play against talk radio, his war on Fox News, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh. Anyone starting to see how Bush's liberal approach to fighting the war on terror is coming back to haunt us. Obama has quadrupled and the assault on liberties, and who knows how much further he'll go with the press in his boat. The left finds them benevolent because they're now going after the REAL terrorists, mainly conservative white Americans while the Muslim threat gets worse.

With 3 exceptions, national defense, taxes and supreme court nominees, Obama and Bush are the same. If anything, Obama is Bush on steroids and yet he's loved by the press, liberals, and the left while bush is vilified in the worse I've ever seen in my life time. Yet, it seems the main reason liberals refuse to answer is that Bush was a leftist or left of center president, he just wasn't to the left enough. They seem to refuse to answer because it shows their true colors, as if it's not transparent enough now. That they're anti-American, anti-West, radical, hateful socialist that want to transform the country to those they envy, despotic 3rd world dictators. They're all about control, and nothing about liberties. They're all for rights, as long as they only applied to their like minded socialists. Perhaps most of all, it goes to their moral and intellectual bankruptcy as they manipulate reality to be what ever it wishes it to be. The fact is Obama is Bush on Steroid with the 3 exception. Perhaps the 3 exception is why as liberals don't believe in defending this nation, everything need to be control and taxed by the government and having judicial activist on the bench. This would explain why they refuse to answer why they hate bush, but why conservatives can be critical of Bush when he did socialist agenda while the left and liberals refuse to give criticism of any kind of Obama. They see him as God while Bush, not being leftist enough, is the Devil.

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